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The mountain gorillas of Rwanda – Rwanda safari news

gorilla -rwanda -newsRwanda in the contemporary times has been known to the world in negativity following the bloody genocide that befell the country in the year 1994, something that did not only destroy the internal cohesion but also affected the international image and eventually safaris to Rwanda.
However, as it is always put up that worst moments never last, the country has re-evolved to regain its status and even beyond. It is recorded as one the smart prospering nations on the African continent and as a result her international stature has started to elevate prompting international travelers to buy Rwanda safari tour packages. This resurrection has come along with internal unity, infrastructure development, people again taking pride in their heritage and Rwanda appreciating herself as a home to the critically endangered mountain gorillas.
One would wonder about the mountain gorillas of Rwanda! Noted as the descendants of old world monkey, the Mountain gorillas are known to be living in the Virunga massif where Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park is located along with Congo’s Virunga and Uganda’s Mgahinga. Other populations are found in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in the south west of Uganda. A count of 480 live in Virunga mountain chain while other 400 live in Bwindi presenting a ground for gorilla safaris in Uganda.
Rwanda has a count of ten (10) habituated gorilla families along with two (2) research gorilla groups. The research groups include the Pablo Shida and Beetsme. The other ten are fully habituated and are spread in different park landscapes including slopes of the Volcanoes where they are always visited by travellers on gorilla safaris in Rwanda.
Ranging from Susa A and Susa B to Amahoro, Umubano, Bwenge, Ugenda, Hirwa, Sabyinyo, Ubumwe and Kwitonda, Volcanoes National Park has the capacity to take eighty (80) people per day on Rwanda gorilla trekking safari since eight (8) are allowed to track each gorilla family. Undertaking a 2 – 8 hour gorilla adventure in the volcanic mountain of Rwanda presents a life time memory.
Encountering the mountain gorillas of Rwanda, one needs to be in possession of a gorilla permit and this costs $750. This therefore puts the total figure collected per day assuming all the gorilla groups have been fully tracked to 60,000 USD. This is a good foreign exchange earned by a developing country like Rwanda from a single export. This combine to make the mountain gorillas of Rwanda beyond the ordinary and as a result, by undertaking a gorilla safari to Rwanda is helping to build the local economy and contribute to its recovery.
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