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The best time to undertake gorilla trekking in Uganda and Rwanda – Uganda safari news

gorilla - ugandaThe issue when to undertake gorilla trekking in Uganda has been a matter of concern to many travelers world over as they try to think of which month they should always avoid and those months that they should plan their holidays depending on the suitability of the experience.
The truth is that although encountering mountain gorillas on Uganda gorilla safaris can be done at any time of the year in any of the countries, a range of world travelers often choose to undertake this experience in the period between June to September and from December through January to February.
In the destination Rwanda, the initial rains are noted to occur from late February passing through March to April and May and as a result Rwanda gorilla safari undertakers tend to avoid these months because of muddy and wet gorilla habitats. However, it should be noted that as a result of plenty of rain, there is always plenty of gorilla food on the lower slopes of the Volcanoes while the upper slopes are much colder. This in turn makes the mountain gorillas to dwell on the lower slopes thus presenting a relaxed hike by the gorilla trekkers on gorilla safaris in Rwanda. In fact, during this time all the trekkers to be back by 2pm.
In Uganda, although there is a recorded high volume of rains in the months of March through April to May presenting the challenging hiking through the landscapes of Bwindi, the rains fall for one to two (1 - 2) hours in a range of two – three (2 – 3) days and the tropical sun is back in action. This thus, makes gorilla trekking possible even in the rainy seasons.
It should be noted that the weather conditions of the originating countries also determine the time for gorilla safaris to Uganda and Rwanda. For example, the travelers from Europe tend to increase when it is summer and the reverse is true during the winter. The nature of jobs also tends to contribute the seasonality effect.
Additionally, the aspect of discounted gorilla permits has challenged the traditional thinking of the best time to visit the mountain gorillas. In the month of April through May and the months of November, the nonresident foreign gorilla permit stands at $350 from $600. The range of accommodation units in the gorilla destinations tend to discount their rates during this period and this in turn makes Uganda gorilla safari packages cheaper allowing travelers willing to travel low cost to take advantage and thus would consider it the best time to visit.
Therefore, with the above picture, one can note that gorilla trekking in Rwanda and Uganda can be done at any time of the year and the experience will definitely be the same.
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