Wednesday, 30 January 2013

“I Support Chimpanzees” has been launched to interest children in nature and the environment.

A new initiative to interest kids in nature and environment code-named “I Support Chimpanzees” was launched a week in Uganda week ago.

A resting Chimpanzee
The minister for tourism and antiquities, Maria Mutagamba During an occasion held at the Sheraton Kampala Hotel, took time to talk about the campaign.It is assumed that as the young ones grow up with love for the environment, then they public will have the initiative to protect nature and in turn this will promote the Uganda safaris or Uganda safari business.
This project will include a series of activities every year through educational programs in schools and communities, corporate plus small and medium enterprise partners, said Mrs. Maria Mutagamba.
The “I Support Chimpanzees” project will not only promote domestic tourism/the Uganda safari or Uganda safaris sector, but will help raise funds towards protection of chimpanzees as part of Uganda’s natural heritage.Definitely the more chimpanzees protected the more tourists will a safari to Uganda or a Uganda safari to trek these beautiful apes.
The minister, Maria Mutagamba appreciated the campaign as a way of raising awareness of endangered natural resources and their cultural heritage and will also boost international and domestic tourism or the Uganda safaris sector.
The minister further urged that,“It is time Ugandans visited museums, historical sites, game parks, climb mountains and have nature walks,” . “The ministry pledges support for the campaign and urges every Ugandan to support it.” If all Ugandans do as advised by the ministry then the Uganda safari or Uganda tourism will boost highly due to the increase in local tourist numbers or having many Ugandans taking on Uganda safaris to Uganda`s national game parks.
“We must also engage our children in programs like this one that will enable them fully appreciate their country while they are still young.” Maria Mutagamba further urged.
This event attracted several players in the Uganda safaris or tourism industry that included Sheraton Hotel, Uganda Wildlife Authority, SN Brussels, and Uganda Tourism Board. In addition were the children who have visited Ngamba Chimpanzee sanctuary and they testified about their visits.
The “I Support Chimpanzees” campaign starts from 2nd December with Chimpanzee Children’s Christmas carnival to take place at Sheraton Kampala Hotel.
Lilly Ajarova the Executive Director of Chimpanzee Sanctuary & Wildlife Conservation Trust (CSWCT) said; “We want to approach conservation education through the children who will be good ambassadors in the future and therefore this carnival will be a great opportunity for parents to informally interest their children in protection and promotion of wildlife as we seek to create new ambassadors for the future generation.”
Ajarov further stated that the carnival will be followed by a series of other activities to take place throughout the year.
Taking school groups to the island, having wild games and road shows are some of the planned activities that will take place through out out the year and certainly if these activities are carried out as programed shall lead to the growth in the Uganda safaris or Uganda safari sector better still the general Uganda tourism sector.
“I first went to the Island three years ago, and since then I have gone back there about five times but still feel like going there again and again. In my visits I have seen not only chimps but also varies species of birds, otters and reptiles like monitor lizards.”
“Through these visits I felt a good sense of relaxation, even if I saw the chimps in captivity, it was captivating. Being on the island was lovely and it taught me several things.

Martin Raymond Kikonyoga, a child visitor to Ngamba Chimpanzee sanctuary testified to his memorable visits there.
“I therefore urge fellow children to visit the parks and, like me, get to know about Uganda’s biodiversity which I did not know.”   Martin Raymond Kikonyoga finally remarked.

If the young have similar memories after touring Uganda`s attractions on several Uganda safari Packages, the Uganda safaris or tourism sector would definitely develop.

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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

UWA is seriously addressing the vice of poaching in Murchison Falls National Park

The Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) is seriously addressing the vice of poaching in Murchison Falls National Park from the neighboring communities.
The good news to the uganda safari/Uganda safaris industry or the Uganda tourism sector is UWA`s revelation that several poachers have been arrested and cautioned while others have been prosecuted.
UWA statistics reveal that between January and July this year, at least 104 poachers were arrested in the park and 75 were convicted.
How ever some leaders in Nwoya district have accused the authority of arresting their sons. They also accuse Uganda Wildlife Authority of taking suspects for prosecution in Buliisa district yet Gulu is nearer.
According to Mr.Patrick Okello Oryema, the district chairman, they shall not renew their relationship with UWA unless they (UWA) bring  the four people  they arrested in the park.He further intimated that they are telling their people not to sell  food to the park rangers until they tell them where the four people are.
The district Woman MP, Lily Adong, stated that they have given UWA one month to produce these four people otherwise they shall not revive the relationship with UWA which is not good news to the Uganda safari or Uganda safaris industry.
Some leaders however disagree with the district council. Mr. Simon Peter Oryem, the Anaka town LC3 chairman advised that, it is not proper to pass such a resolution. He said that they should find solutions together because the park is also helping Nwoya since twenty percent of the revenue collected  is shared among the parishes  around the park.Certainly any one interested in the Uganda safari business or the Uganda tour sector would fully agree to Mr.Simon Peter`s option.
Mr.Tom Okello Obong, the area conservation manager said: “We don’t kill the people who enter the park illegally. We arrest and prosecute or hand them back to the community.”
He further revealed that they have identified several poaching hotspots depending on the type of equipment used.
According to Mr. Okello at the peak of the poaching, especially during the dry season, they arrest at least 50 poachers per month.Numbers of poachers are high during the dry season due the fact that the locals look for alternative sources of livelihood due to food scarcity.
He therefore advised the leaders to work with UWA in sensitizing the people on the importance of wildlife conservation and showed journalists poaching equipment that was recovered from poachers over the last one year.
Richard Odong the minister without portfolio warned people against illegal entry into the park. He urged UWA to prevent animals like elephants and buffaloes from straying into the land of the local communities.
He further divulged that over 400 recruits were undergoing training to be deployed as rangers to fight the problem of straying animals.This is a boost to animal protection which in turn preserves the Uganda safari industry since many Uganda safaris such as a Gorilla trekking safari, birding safari, Uganda wild life safari by any one interested in having a safari to Uganda will be carried out as long as the animals exist.
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Monday, 28 January 2013

A Chinees firm wins Karamoja road contract.

The Uganda safari/Uganda safaris industry commonly known as the Uganda tourism sector begins the year 2013 with good news.After many years with dusty roads,  the Karamoja region in North Eastern Uganda together with all uganda safari business operators at differents levels will this year have reason to jubilet after government has finally completed all plans of tarmacking the main road from Moroto to Nakapiripiriti.

According to the communication manager for Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) Mr. Dan Alinange, the tender to tarmac the road from Moroto to Nakapiripiriti of Karamoja region was won by a Chinese construction company called China Road and Bridge Cooperation (CRBC),
Mr.Alinange said that the China Road and Bridge Cooperation (CRBC) won the U$70,769,231 million (Ush 184billion) tender to construct the road that stretches a distance of 90 kilometers.
He further devulged that the Uganda Government has already paid a 20 % deposit of the total cost for the project.This has move been warmly welcomed by all tour operators who run uganda safaris to Kidepo National Park that has been difficult to access due to very bad roads.
According to Mr.Alinange, the contractor is currently mobilizing land on which to establish their base before work starts in the two districts starting in March 2013.
He said that it’s the Government of Uganda funding the construction of this road 100% and that this project was supposed to have kicked off in 2012 but Government delayed to purchase land where the road is to be constructed.
For so long the Karamoja region has lagged behind in development due poor infrastructure such as roads and lack of access to power and safe clean water, medical facilities as well as good education facilities.
Because of poor roads,lack of electricity among other things increase the cost of doing business in a particular places, Karamoja region has not been able to attract investors for so long.
If the road network improves in Karamoja, it will help the Karamajongos participating in Agriculture, to have easy access to markets for their produce in nearby town centers in the region which has been so difficult especially during rainy seasons.Certainly Uganda safari companies will with ease run their Uganda safaris /a safari to Uganda in Kidepo and the region at large which has been so hard in the past and currently.
Once completed, the benefits that will accrue from this project will depict the value for the tax payer`s money that Government has injected in the Karamoja region through the office of the Prime Minister under the Poverty Reduction and Development Programmes (PRDP).
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Sunday, 27 January 2013

The Expansion of the Kampala by-pass to commence in April 2013

The Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) announced that the expansion of the Kampala by-pass into a four lane highway is expected to commence in April 2013 and not December 2012 as had been earlier announced.

According to  the Spokesperson of the Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) Mr. Daniel Alinange, this postponement is as a result of the delays in approval of the loan to be used for construction and expansion of the road.
“We received a loan from the European Investment Bank and a grant from the European Union. We are however still waiting for the approval of the loan by parliament.
So it is not possible (starting work in December) because of the delays. We expect work to commence in April next year,” Alinange said.
Mr Alinange further intimated that 60m Euros had been earmarked for the expansion of this Kampala Northern By-Pass and the Mbarara By-Pass in Western Uganda as well as another 10m Euros was to be used on compensating people who will be relocated in process.
“It’s true we bought the land but then we are expanding the roundabouts in the densely populated areas like Kalerwe and Kisaasi,” added Mr. Daniel Alinange .
Once this road is finished added to existing old and new roads will greatly boast the Uganda safari /Uganda safaris safaris or better still as commonly known the Uganda tourism sector.This is because it will ease connectivity of Entebbe airport to other roads that connect to all Uganda tour/Uganda safari  destination including the far Gorilla trekking safari or Gorilla tracking safari destination by reducing the traffic jam experienced on the current narrow roads.
The construction of the first phase of the Kampala Northern by-pass by Salini and works commenced in 2004 at a unit cost of $1.74m per kilometer and was  funded by the EU and the Government of Uganda.
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Uganda’s Tourism: Great past year and hopeful future.

Uganda’s Tourism/Uganda safari/Uganda safaris sector: Great past year and hopeful future. The players in the Uganda safari or tourism industry are optimistic about 2013 having experienced a remarkably fruitful year in regards to tourism during 2012. With marketing strategies being beefed up towards both domestic and foreign tourism, focus has been shifted to Uganda’s natural heritage.

2012 shall always be remembered as the year in which the Uganda safari/Uganda’s tourism industry shined. In December, MSN, Microsoft’s leading internet portal, voted Uganda among the top 10 must-see places come 2013 and in here Mweya Safari Lodge was featured.
MSN stated that, although Uganda’s name has become synonymous due to brutal dictators and civil strife, it is a nation on the rise, and a place that has more recently boasted of a stable regime and rising prosperity.
It further recognized Uganda as a, country filled with some of the most stunning beauty on the globe, right  from the headwaters of the Nile, which roar over mighty Murchison Falls to the peaks of the Rwenzori Mountains, which is one of the highest in Africa.What they forget to mention were her great Mountain Gorillas that have seen more gorilla trekking safari/gorilla tracking safari excursions increase in Uganda day by day.
Uganda went ahead to Flourish  in international media
While MSN continued to praise and narrate more about Murchison falls’ marvelous  beauty National Geographic in the same month of December, recognized Uganda as a home to some of the endangered rare mountain gorillas, which can be tracked at the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park or Mgahinga Gorilla Forest after acquiring a special permit.
The national geographic also complemented Queen Elizabeth National Park, which is home to the tree climbing lions and wide variety of wildlife species.On a Uganda safari  to queen Elizabeth if you lodge at the beautiful  Mweya Safari Lodge, you can ably watch hippos in the Kazinga Channel from the comfort of your room.
In December last year CNN International, the leading global all-news network , also highlighted the Kidepo Valley National Park a great Uganda safari destination, as the third park among Africa’s 10 best national parks where one would go for all your adrenalin-producing needs.
“Best for: Spectacular landscapes and great buffalo herds,” CNN explained in its appreciation, saying that Kidepo boosts of the sprawling savannah and soaring mountains and might be the most picturesque park in Africa.
It went on to say that those who take the trouble to get there are rewarded with phenomenal wildlife sightings and a level of exclusivity that can rarely be gained at any cost in other neighboring countries.
Remarkable figures experienced in 2012
Akankwasah Barirega, the principal wildlife officer, Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife & Heritage, says Uganda’s tourism/Uganda safaris sector increased employment opportunities as the  arrivals for the first time, in 2012, hit the million digit, and foreign exchange hit $805m from 600.
This presents a rear and rewarding opportunity, which according to Amos Wekesa, managing director of Great Lakes Safaris; Uganda should have used to its fullest advantage and driven a spirited marketing campaign.
In his words he said, “We have enjoyed a number of accolades and recognitions and as a country we needed to take advantage of this to go strong on marketing especially when our parks get recognised. Then we also lacked a communication strategy when we were hit by Marburg and Ebola. No one engaged international media. We should have gone out to CNN, Al- Jazeera to tell them Uganda was safe. You don’t know how many cancellations were made”.
More than wildlife
Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) Public Relations Manager, Lillian Nsubuga agrees and says that as the main body of tourism in Uganda, UWA will in its  endeavors  continue developing new tourist  products so that tourists have a reason to stay longer in the national parks while visiting.
She explains, “In 2012, Experiential Tourism was launched while plans for implementing bird watching safari activities went into top gear with a series of joint training in bird guiding with the Uganda Bird Guides Association. UWA will also be introducing hot air balloons and a canopy walk. Several other options for new products are being studied and will be made public at the appropriate time.”
This all came at the backdrop of a year that began highly with Lonely Planet, one of the biggest and oldest online guidebooks for travellers, naming Uganda as the best tourism destination.
And suddenly all of the eyes were turned to Uganda and tourists began considering it for their next holiday destination Nsubuga stated.
Last year saw Uganda being host for the Inter Parliamentary Union (IPU) Assembly for the first time since the organisation was formed. Nsubuga notes that many delegates participated in visiting to the national parks using various tour companies.
“It was a great opportunity to showcase our natural heritage especially the mountain gorillas. Delegates from many countries visited the gorillas and these included Sweden, Norway, Portugal, Switzerland, Mexico, Australia, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Canada, Hungary, USA, Finland and Qatar,” she added.
Uganda aggressively participated in two of Europe’s biggest travel fairs – ITB in Berlin and WTM in London. In Berlin, Uganda was voted third best exhibitor in the African region, which was such a great but new achievement.

Looking ahead
Mr. Boniface Byamukama, chairman to the Association of Uganda Tour Operators, noted  that this enabled them to plan as the tourism  sector and reap from these accolades.
“We are working with the minister and have a plan for 2013. We are going to exhibit in Berlin in March, we will be in Madrid in February for yet another exhibition and in Holland later in January,” Byamukama aired out the plan to exhibit Uganda’s tourism potential to the world in the first quarter of this 2013.
He adds that the ministry has established tour operators  training. Today there are about 130 tour operators registered under the Ministry of Tourism, which is a sharp rise from about 80 operators as this was about two years back.
Nsubuga reveals some of the tourism ministry’s plans for 2013by stating, “UWA will also be extremely aggressive in fighting poaching in the national parks especially of elephants. An Intelligence Unit that will be manned by 80 rangers will soon be set up, and these will be allocated to the different national parks. Their main job will be to gather useful intelligence that will help us in planning for security interventions,” the authority’s publicist disclosed.
She adds that new tourism markets would be sourced. “Currently, most of our marketing is done in Europe. We will look at beginning to carry out marketing in Asia, Australia and America, plus, increasing domestic tourism will also be a major objective for 2013,” she revealed.
Currently, its mostly Ugandan students who most visit the national parks but UWA will now target the corporate world through tailor-made tour packages for government agencies, international organizations and non-governmental organizations and entities.
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Tourism can be a key growth sector in Uganda!

Uganda’s tourism/Uganda safari sector/Uganda safaris sector`s potential continues to grow despite some challenges. In the past few years, there has been renewed interest in this sector in Uganda, partly due to the uprising number of local tour operators that have given the industry more visibility.

prime 220px-Gorilla_gorilla11The Ministry of Tourism has also started promotions and aggressive marketing to showcase the Uganda’s tourism prospects by using platforms such as the social media on the entire world stage
It is definitely great news that Uganda’s tourism fortunes continue to rise. A few weeks ago,  the flagship publication of National Geographic Society, the National Geographic — a leading travel publication listed Uganda on their “top 20 must-see places of 2013”.
This publication listed Uganda`s rich savanna, rain forests, enormous lakes, and the glacier-clad or snow caped Rwenzori Mountains as key attractions that make Uganda a superior world safari destination making a Uganda safari or a Safari to Uganda or as commonly known,having any ou Uganda safaris a greatly rewarding venture.
Rwenzori snow capped mountains
This development comes just after a year after another top travel website, Lonely Planet, listed Uganda as the top most country to visit in 2012, should give us more reason to jealously guard and preserve our natural environment.
|It is known that few Ugandans are interested in our local tourism. Because they have
e not taken interest in discovering how richly blessed Uganda`s nature, many prefer to go for a holiday abroad.
Uganda shoebill in a swamp
Uganda Shoe bill in a swamp
Bird life International, a global programme on conservation and protection of birds, named Uganda the best bird watching destination for 2013 a few weeks ago. Most of these accolades are significant because they reveal the unique features about our country that other countries, or even Uganda, do not know. Uganda, a country with 34 impressive bird watching sites having diverse bird species is obviously every bird watcher’s dream destination as well as a dream Uganda safari destination.
International listings are of great importance, Ugandans should not take them for granted. Being one of the top tourist destinations places responsibility on the government of Uganda  to increase funding to the tourism sector and engage in vigorous promotions and marketing plans already in place to attract more tourists to the country and increase government revenue as well as employment to many Ugandans that definitely improve lives.
It is important that all Ugandans must own this sector by promoting local tourism through visiting Uganda`s various tour destinations and individually contribute to preserving all Uganda safari/Uganda tour attractions. Ugandans must collectively make tourism a central growth sector.

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Gorilla Tracking in Bwindi-the ultimate safari!

It is amazing how one trip can change your whole attitude towards things you never thought about.

Uganda is one of only three countries in the world that still have mountain gorillas, besides being the Pearl of Africa. Many people around the world dream of an opportunity to come and visit them.

A Silver back gorilla in Bwindi
A Silver back gorilla in Bwindi
In the past, obtaining the permits to see the Gorillas seemed was a hard and expensive undertaking. How ever things have changed a bit now and the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) has made provisions for cheaper prices during the low tourist seasons. Their offices in Kampala are such an amazing start for a memorable trip. Their staff at the ticketing office, are welcoming and professional, have good advice on accommodation and transport modes for ones Uganda safari and who ever intends to have a safari to Uganda any time.
Opting to take a flight vs road transport
One may love to travel by road as most tourists that go for Uganda safaris do, but it is not only is it a long drive, but some parts of the road are seriously bad and result in reaching tourist destination late and very exhausted. The mountain Gorilla trekking safari destination –Bwindi impenetrable gorilla forest is a destination where you need all your strength to be able to hike and cross the hilly impenetrable forest climbing up and sloping down as you trek the mountain Gorillas. If you are to fly, there is a great airline – Aero Link with daily flights to Kihihi town just about 50 Km drive to most lodges in Bwindi.
It is a small aircraft that sets off from Entebbe Airport, for just one hour later; one will already be landing at a neat small air strip from where a tour car will be waiting to transfer you to you lodge.  The scenery around is breath-taking, but the state of the road in some parts is so bad that one may almost forget how beautiful the surroundings is due to the bumps up and down due to rough terain.
You will pass many rice fields and the drivers will draw your attention to little high shelters in the middle of the fields. Usually, early in the morning and before sunset, farmers  sit in these shelters making noise and clapping to scare away little birds that would otherwise feed on the grains.
Comfortable lodges.
Once you arrive at Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, an amazing forest which is actually a world heritage site and the residents of the area are taking this very seriously and struggle to be part of it all.
At Buhoma Lodge, Gorilla Forest Camp, Gorilla mist Camp,Mahogany Springs,Clouds Mountain  Gorilla Lodge and others offer a great reception of fresh juice and smiles awaited all gorilla tracking safari tourists. For all the couple of days you spend in these lodges, the lodge Managers and their team make you feel at home or even better. The lodge owners have done a great job with the rooms that are very beautiful and eco-friendly, inclusive of a spectacular panoramic view from the terrace. These lodges serve delicious intercontinental dishes.
Adventure in the jungle (Bwindi Impenetrable Forest Park)
To start you Gorilla trek, a UWA official briefs you about the tracking requirements- good hiking shoes ,long sleeved trousers, and lots of insect repellent plus instructions about how to behave in the jungle. Always try to adhere to all rules in the jungle. One has to have a high  level of fitness to be able to make the journey of Gorilla trekking as you have to track these gorillas in their natural set up/ habitat.You indeed have to very fit to enjoy this Gorilla trekking Uganda safari or at large all Uganda Safaris that have gorilla trekking as part of their itinerary package.
Evey morning, there are different groups tracking gorillas in the different parts of the forest. Ours was the H group. You may have a car ride to reach the edge of the forest depending on where your lodge is.
Once at the forest edge where Gorilla trekking starts, one of the most challenging yet exciting trips of your life starts, believe me this Gorilla trek will be your life time ultimate safari. After some hours of sweating, you will finally reach the spot where all the gorilla family will be feeding or having their rest in non assured numberd r anging from 3 to 30 menbers of the gorilla family under the protection of a silver back. Tracking these Mountain gorilla takes between 1-9 hrs depending on how far the Gorilla are, and once traked regulations allowed you only an hour near and photograph them,but this will be the best hour any safari/adventure addict will ever have in a life time.
As you walk back to the lodge, you will pass by tea plantations that are very close to the forest boundary wishing you would see more mountain gorillas here as you conclude your Uganda /Africa Gorilla trekking safari/tour and certainly you will want to have this amazing Uganda safari again and again as many tourists have intimated.
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On Jan 02, 2013, CNN publication lists Kidepo as one of the best national parks in Africa.

african male lion in Kidepo
Kidepo National Park located in north eastern Uganda is one of the 10 best parks in Africa according CNN Travel, a publication of Cable News Network, a US television of global repute proving that it is a great Uganda safari or Uganda tour destination.
Africa is regarded as a destination for safari, according to the publication, but the 1,442 square kilometres Kidepo Valley National Park, is one of the top 10 parks where travelers can find the most peculiar attractions on a Uganda safari or safari to Uganda and Africa at large.
The CNN Travel highly rated Kidepo due to its spectacular landscapes and great buffalo herds. The publication stated that, “With sprawling savannah and soaring mountains, Kidepo National Park might be the most picturesque park in Africa,”
This came after Uganda was rated as one of the top 10 tourism destination worldwide for the year 2013 by the National Geographic.
An international travel channel affiliated to the National Geographic Society, The National Geographic, plus the Lonely Planet, a world wide travel magazine, rated Uganda as the best travel destination for 2012.
The public relations manager of the Uganda Wildlife Authority- Lillian Nsubuga,told New Vision that these accolades lavished on Uganda portray the richness of the country.
She how ever pointed out inadequate infrastructure, particularly the road net work that undermines exploitation of places like Kidepo as great Uganda safari destinations.She further said that “Foreigners who have been to Kidepo rate it highly because it is one place that gives you value for money,” adding that poaching by the Toposa, a tribe from South Sudan, remains a challenge.
According to the publication, Kidepo is Uganda’s most beautiful, remote and least toured park, sharing borders with South Sudan and Kenya. Considered a hard-to-reach place in northern Uganda due to the poor state of the roads, Kidepo receives fewer visitors than any other National Game park in Uganda.
CNN Travel  stated that,“Those who take the trouble to get here are rewarded with phenomenal wildlife sightings and a level of exclusivity that can rarely be got at any cost in neighboring countries,”
“Kidepo Valley Park landscapes are never ending and simply take your breath away – and a stillness only broken by the cry from the wild,” stated a source who has visited Kidepo. “The sounds of the winds sweeping through the valley, you are amazed that such a place as Kidepo Valley Park even exists.”
He further added: “There is an abundance of wildlife, stunning scenery and an absence of people with no caravans of vehicles meandering down the game tracks.”
Away from huge herds of buffaloes, Kidepo is also endowed with lions, giraffes, elephants, leopards, cheetahs, ostriches, wild dogs, hunting dogs plus stripped hyenas.
Others on her list of dwellers are antelopes such as eland, bush duskier, bush buck, defassa water buck, jackson’s hartebeest and oribi bohor reed buck,. Adding to the ostriches, is aplenty of wild birds proving further that Kidepo is a must safari to Uganda or Uganda safari destination.
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