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The Uganda national forestry authority opening major forests for eco-tourism – Uganda safari news

mabira forest-ugandaThe Eco-tourism as it is always referred to  in form of tourism that considers traveling responsibly to natural areas with keen interest in conservation, supporting local communities and education. It has grown overtime and a good number of world travelers including those that undertake safaris in Uganda have picked interest in it.
The Uganda National Forestry Authority, the governmental body which is responsible for taking care of Uganda’s forests is undertaking the forest reserve mapping with the interest of opening them up for eco-tourism along with other forms of adventure that can always be visited by Uganda safari undertakers.
The range of thirteen (13) forest Reserves are under mapping including Mabira and Budongo and after the mapping licenses will be sought so as to undertake their development and management for tourism. At the moment, 20 licenses have already been approved by National Forestry Authority and the developments would commence immediately after the exercise. This will increase the counts of products that are visited by travelers on Uganda safaris and tours.
The range of other forests under mapping include; the Zoka, Otze East and Laura in the West Nile, Morungole, Nyangea-Napone, Lwala, Zulia and Moroto in Karamoja. The Busia’s west Bugwe, Hoima’s Bugoma, Kisoro’s Echuya, Bushenyi’s Maramagambo and Kasyoha-Kitomi.
The current eco-tourism sites which are apparently encountered by Uganda safari tour undertakers include; Kaniyo Pabidi in Masindi, Mabira in Buikwe, Kalinzu Forest in Bushenyi and Mpanga in Mpigi. There are other eco-tourism sites that are owned privately including the Kalagala in Jinja, Busingiro in Budongo, Kitubulu in Kalangala and Entebbe.
These sites have got unique features and attractions including a range of bird and tree species, butterflies and animals some of which are endangered and heavy sought by travellers on safari in Uganda.
The National Forestry Authority is also encouraging the players in the private sector to acquire licenses and undertake tree planting for charcoal. This is aimed at saving the natural forest degradation.
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The Bisoke Crater Lake Hike in Volcanoes National Park - Rwanda Safari News

mt bisokeMt. Bisoke is a dormant volcano, franked within Volcanoes National Park, and it also forms part of the famous Virunga mountain range that is shared by three countries of Rwanda, Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo. The mountain is about 3 hour’ drive from Kigali capital city of Rwanda to Volcanoes National Park were the mountain is located.
Exploring Bisoke Crater Lake Hike requires visitors on hiking safaris in Rwanda to be physically fit. Hiking begins you reporting to the park headquarters where you will meet your guide and group at the park reception. While at the headquarters, you will be briefed about the rules to follow while hiking o the summit of the volcano. Thereafter briefing, visitors on hiking safari tours to Rwanda will then be driven to the head trail were hiking activities start from.
The Bisoke hike is done under the guidance of an experienced guide who leads you to the top of Mt. Bisoke. The hike is bit back-breaking as gorilla trekking safaris in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park hence it need visitors on Rwanda safari tour to reserve whole day to participate only in hiking.
There are porters that can be hired to help visitors on hiking tour and safari in Rwanda’s Bisoke hiking destination. The potters help you to carry the hiking equipment to the top and hence it makes it easy for you to hike. It’s very beautiful and totally worth the effort when you reach the summit of the volcano because you are rewarded with magnificent views of the forest and the Crater Lake.
For travelers planning to under taking hiking safaris to Rwanda, you must book the hike in the dry season, otherwise be ready to contend with mud and slippery hiking trails of Bisoke Mountain. While hiking, you are heartened to keep your eyes and ears open because you may come across a group of mountain gorillas on the hike.
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Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda - Rwanda Safari News

gorilla trekking safarisMountain gorillas are the world’s most endangered ape species and these are only found in small portions of protected afro Montane forests in Volcanoes national park situated in northwest Rwanda. The mountain gorillas are some of the wild life species attracting many Gorilla safari tours to Rwanda. Despite of the fact that Rwanda is a home to many wonderful birds, primates species as well as water bodies, unique cultures, insects, plants, and mountain gorillas have larger account as far as attracting safaris to Rwanda is concern.
Hidden high among the forested, hilly areas of volcanoes national park in Rwanda, the mountain gorilla was not popular to science until 1902, when two mountain gorillas were first confronted by a German explorer who was on his hiking safari to Rwanda’s Karimbi and Visoke Mountain housed in Volcanoes national Park. This set up the beginning point for many researchers and tourists to undertake gorilla safaris to Rwanda in order to carry out further research about the apes. The outbreak of news about the existence of mountain gorilla in Volcanoes national park attracted researches like Dian Fossey to undertake safaris to Rwanda. Not so long after the arrival of the American zoologist Dian Fossey, information about gorillas in Rwanda started circulating and this attracted many Gorilla safaris to Rwanda. However, mountain gorilla conservation activities were put on hold when the conservationist Dian Fossey was murdered by unknown people who stormed her in her base in Karisoke research center.
Currently around 440 mountain gorillas representing half of remaining 840 mountain gorillas live in the Virunga Mountains of central Africa –distributed in three national parks of Volcanoes in Rwanda, Virunga in Congo and Mgahinga in Uganda.
Mountain gorillas in Volcanoes national park can climb trees, but most of times they are found by tourists on Rwanda gorilla safari tours on the ground moving in social communities of 25- 30 individuals. These groups are organized according to engrossing social structures. Gorilla Troops are led by one dominant male gorilla called a silverback because of the swath of silver hair that adorns his otherwise dark fur. Gorilla groups also include some other young males, females as well as their offspring. The silver back which is the leader of the group organizes group activities like feeding as well as nesting in leaves among others
While planning your Rwanda gorilla trekking safari tour, one should not miss out on the impressing chance to tour Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park covering an estimated area of 125Sqaure Kilometers of mountain forest and home to the six Virunga Volcanoes and the world famous mountain gorillas. The lush ever green forested slopes of the Virunga Mountains form an appropriately interesting natural setting for what is mainly considered to be the most poignant and memorable wildlife safari in Rwanda.
The most interesting climb to the mountain gorilla’s natural home characterized with shady bamboo forest provides tourists on Gorilla tours to Rwanda’s Volcanoes national park with fantastic views in all directions, before the trekkers are immersed in the mysterious intimacy of the rainforest, alive with the free entrainment from colorful birds and the chattering of unique golden monkeys all housed in Volcanoes National park. There is nothing one can organize for the wonderful life changing impact caused by an encounter with the mountain gorillas.
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Bunyonyi Safari Resort, Kabale – Uganda Safaris News

bunyonyi safari resort-uganda safarisBunyonyi safari resort situated in the Loviest Lake Bunyonyi in western Uganda is one of the best resorts in Kabale Districts which provides both local and international travelers on Uganda safaris comfortable lodging facilities and services in the rural a countryside setting of Bunyonyi. Bunyonyi Safari Resort locally owned and operated offers guests on Safaris to Uganda an opportunity to have taste of Ugandan local life while maintaining the current trend of Modernization.
Bunyonyi Safari Resort is the best lodging facility where travellers on Uganda Safaris can base while exploring Lake Bunyonyi .The Resort is strategically located in the middle of Uganda’s Main protected areas like Bwindi Impenetrable National Park where Gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda are taken, Ishsha sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park were the tree climbing lions are easily sighted in Uganda, Mgahinga Gorilla Park-which is one of the parks were one can encounter the gorillas and explore the impressing Batwa trail.
Bunyonyi Safari Resort located within distance drive of 430 kilometers from Uganda‘s Capital City can be reached by all visitors who are spending their holiday safaris in Uganda. The fascinating journey to the resort from Kampala enables travelers to have full wonderful drive experience of African roads.
Uganda Safari destination Uganda of Lake Bunyonyi recommends potential travellers planning for adventurous safaris to Uganda‘s Bunyonyi to book their accommodations with Bunyonyi Safari resort. The Resort has wonderful cottages which accommodate around  12 beds and the main hotel complex has a capacity of 92 beds. Booking your Uganda safari accommodation enables you to enjoy the comfort of the Resort’s well-furnished self –contained rooms which are constructed in way which is very unique.
Your stay at the Resort while on your Uganda safaris and tours will offer you that golden chance to have wonderful taste of unique African delicious traditional Cuisines .The Resort also organizes different tourists activities such as nature walk to the hill top above Bunyonyi Safari Resort were the conference hall of the hotel is situated.
Bunyonyi Safari Resort is perfect lodging facility for tourists planning to undertake Uganda Safari tour with their family members. The resort facilities and services offered to visitors create room for visitors looking for places to conduct corporate retreats, team building and group meetings. In addition, the Resort is the right lodge where tourists on Safari tours to Uganda should opt for especially when they looking for places to escape from noisy, crowed City environments.
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Alur chiefdom starts museum renovation for tourism-Uganda Safari News

naliticsIn Uganda today, Museums are acting as sites where cultural heritage, historical events, as well as place were important information of the particular culture of people is preserved and hence this has given these sites an upper hand to attract cultural tourists on Uganda safaris to visit them in order to explore the cultural attractions housed in Museums. Therefore the move by NEBBI political and Traditional leaders in Kaal-kwonga chiefdom located in Panyimur Sub-county to renovate the Museum is a good move both to locals and the tourism sector because this will help to increase the cultural attractions where tourist on Uganda safari tours to Northern region can spend their holidays where exploring the northern part of Uganda.
The Museum’s renovation is good news to even the education sector in Northern region because schools can tour the site to learn more about the cultures of people, some can use the site as research Center and to tourism sector , the museum will help to promote the unique cultures of the local people living in this part of Uganda.
The refurnishment of the Museum which is estimated to cost Ugandan Shillings 20 million looks to be expensive as per now but the project will in long run become of much more value to the people of Northern region. This is mainly because the museum has potential of attracting tourist on Uganda safaris that will bring in revenue and it will also help to protect and preserve the unique cultural heritage that is kept in this part of Uganda.
Being the first museum in the West Nile region to be renovated, this will help to create need for other unique but undeveloped tourism attractions within the Alur chiefdom located in Panyimur Sub-county.
As expressed by Ms Rose Nkaale -the Commissioner of Museum and Monument during the lunch of the renovation of the Museum by the Kaal-kwonga chiefdom, indeed there is need for the government of Uganda to document other important cultural sites that benefit Ugandans. The Documentation of the sites will help to avail information about the unique attractions which are of interest to different travelers on Uganda safaris. Documentation would make it easy for Different Stakeholders in the tourism sector to source for funds to help promote Uganda as number one destination in Africa.
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What to know about Lutembe Bay Wetland in Uganda –Uganda Safari News

lutembe wet land-safarisLutembe Bay Wetland is one of the best birding destinations in Uganda where travelers on Uganda safaris enjoy bird watching activities. The Lutembe Bay Wetland dubbed to be Ramsar site in Uganda is protected in shallow bay that is situated on the northern shore of Lake Victoria –the third largest fresh water body in the world and the largest in Africa.
The famous birding site Lutembe Bay Wetland is conserved and Protected from the third largest lake in the world-Lake Victoria by large extension of Papyrus Island in Wakiso district .The well diversified vegetation found in the shoreline and muddy islands sheltered in the Lutembe Bay Wetland offer the best nesting as well as roosting sites for different stunning species of birds and other unique bio-diversity that influence many travelers to undertake safari tours to Uganda.
The wetland is one of the main migration stop-overs for various bird species migrating from different countries in Africa. The spectacular site is best Eco-tourism site in Lake Victoria Basin visited by various tourists while on their bird watching safaris in Uganda. Lutembe bay plays great role of housing both native as well as millions of Palearctic bird species migrant’s especially large numbers of White-winged Terns and Grey-headed Gulls. The other delightful bird species which can be of interest to birders on Uganda safari tours to Lutembe Bay include the Hottentot Teal, Caspian Tern, Great Knot as well as Broad-billed Sandpiper and the species of Temminck’s Stint .
Lutembe Bay Wetland which is also part of the famous Murchison is not only birding watching site, but it’s also significant wetland providing local communities with raw building materials, craft materials mainly used for making local art and craft sold to tourists on their safari tours to Uganda. In addition, the wetland also acts as source of water and fish to local people living around the banks of Lake Victoria.
The site can be easily accessed by all tourists on their Uganda safari tour because its strategically located close to Kampala the capital city of Uganda –the pearl of Africa. The wetland is high tourism unexplored potential in Uganda and therefore your Uganda safari toward will greatly reward you with the views of unique wonders housed in Uganda –the number  one destination in Africa.
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The move to boost tourism in eastern Uganda

sipi falls-uganda safarisEastern Uganda that stretches from Jinja up to the arid landscapes of Kidepo Valley National Park is one of the rich havens that have got great Uganda safari products with the potential to attract counts of world travelers to undertake safaris to Uganda.
Jinja lying on the eastern side of the mighty Nile River and a the home to its maiden source has a range of adventure activities like the famous bungee jumping, quad biking, white water rafting and the newly unleashed Kagulu hill whose adventurous hiking challenges have prompted even the local Ugandans to try their luck.
The region of Eastern Uganda is also a home of the Sipi falls with is beautiful Uganda safari tour feature that flows romantically in three separate falls in the district of Kapchorwa, Sironko and Mbale close to the other mighty feature – the Elgon Mountain 4321m which is the largest the largest Mountain Caldera in the whole world and the largest Volcanic base on the same scale. The Mountain boasts of its ancient position as the highest mountain in Africa before it lost its status to number eight and number four in East Africa as a result of forces of erosion. The mountain is among the commonly toured sites by travelers on Uganda safaris and tours.
Other remarkable features in the mid-eastern Uganda include the famous Tororo rock which is positioned at 5km distance in the east of Tororo town, 48km from Mbale and the distance of 210km from Kampala. The Busitema Forest with lots of primates, tree species and birds and the rich cultural heritage encounters such as the Imbalu circumcision ceremonies among the Bagisu whose festivity has always pulled a number of travelers to come on a safari in Uganda to attend it.
In the Far East, there lies the protected areas of Mathenilko Bokora, Pian Upe, and Kidepo Valley National Park with counts of unique wild life some of which is found nowhere else in the country such as Ostrich and Cheetah. These instant destinations have not experienced the full benefit for their natural endowment as the Uganda safaris to those areas have been limited due to cases of instability and poor infrastructure.
At the wake of the time when everyone when the country is getting to realize the importance of tourism, the plight of the tourism potential in the greater eastern Uganda is beginning to gain ground. The hike to the Tororo rock is marked as one of these initiatives that would contribute to the mission. With the company of 27 Tourism beauty Queens, the Hon Minister Mutagamba as the chief hiker and other corporates participants not forgetting the UTB Officials, the hike of the Tororo rock has been more than just a hike and other people including travelers  on Uganda safari tours could not be left out.
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The Uganda conservation foundation gets its first general manager

anne marie-uc-managerThe Uganda Conservation Foundation is one of the reputable organizations  that have held the mantle of biodiversity conservation some of which are Uganda safari sites like National Parks ensuring their continued existence.
Following a lengthy recruitment exercise, the  Conservation Foundation is proud to have got its first General Manager in history. The Board and Trustees of this Non-Governmental Organization in a press statement announced Anne- Marie Weeden as the successful candidate for the position.
It was a moment of pleasure to hear the Director and Trustees of the Uganda Conservation Foundation break the news about the recruitment of a General Manager, a position that was competed for worldwide. This was welcomed by members of the public including those that have keen interest on bio-diversity conservation not forgetting the travelers that tend to undertake safaris in Uganda.
The General Manager Anne-Marie Weeden brings with her a great deal of related experience much in the aspects of tourism, business development, writing and publishing in the conservation and travel media which has at times prompted world travelers to think of planning safaris to Uganda.
Anne-Marie Weeden has been a resident in the country Uganda for couple of seven years with deep seated love for the wild, pragmatic understanding of the immense flora and fauna pressure brought to them by the range of changes of Africa. She worked at Red Chilli hide away, Paraa Safari crossing in the Uganda safari destination of Murchison Falls National Park serving back packer tourists on safari in Uganda and eventually with Journeys Discovering Africa
The Uganda Conservation Foundation team welcomes the new member as it embarks on the professionalization and expansion. As conservation continues to remain significant in Uganda to favor wildlife based tourism that lay ground for wildlife safaris in Uganda, there is no doubt strengthening of such conservation body is a positive step to increased returns.
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Uganda equator; exciting must stop point for Uganda safaris undertakers – Uganda safari news

equator-kayabweThe Uganda Equator at Kayabwe along Masaka Road 77km from Kampala is a re-known must stop for travelers on safaris in Uganda. This magnificent natural feature breaks the planet earth into two equal parts from the north and South Pole presenting a point of meet between these two hemispheres.
A range of tourists on Uganda safaris and tours while making their way to the destinations of Lake Mburo, Queen Elizabeth for the wildlife safaris in Uganda or extending to the Bwindi Impenetrable and Mgahinga Gorilla National Parks which are Uganda gorilla trekking safari tour destinations tend to make a stop at Uganda Equator crossing Kayabwe not only because of its natural history and beauty but also of its convenience in breaking the long journeys.
The range of craft centers, coffee shops and other artistic collections also extend the experience at the time to beyond the equator its self. Also there is an exciting water experiment where a flower or any other item in the bowl of water swirling on the magnetic forces between these two poles justifying the geographical divide between the south and the northern hemispheres. The travelers also take remarkable photos at this site contributing to their general experience on Uganda.
As a result of its significance and attractiveness, the Embassy of Ireland opted to paint it green during their famously celebrated St. Patrick’s Day which requires them to enhance a feature around the world. This initiative was welcomed in good faith by officials from Nature Uganda, Uganda Tourism Association, Association of Uganda Tour Operators and Uganda tourism Board.
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What to know about Uganda Martyrs Shrine Namugongo –Uganda Safari News

namugongi shrinesUganda Martyrs Shrine Namugongo is one of the best religious and cultural sites in Uganda drawing many travelers from Africa and all over the world to undertake safaris to Uganda especially on 3rd of June every year. The shrine is the place where a total of 32 young Ugandan Christian coverts were martyred on denial to condemn the new religion by then (Christianity) which was out spreading at fast rate in Uganda the pearl of Africa. This annoyed the Kabaka of Buganda by then King (Kabaka Mwanga II,) and he decided to order his loyalties to execute or murder the 32 young men who refused to denounce their religion.
The Shrine is famous for its splendid as well as unique interior and exterior shape which is eye-catching to various travelers on Uganda safaris especially those that have spared time to visit the site. The shrine is also notable for its shape and architectural plan which is unique and only found in the site in the whole of Uganda.
Taking Uganda safari to Namugongo Shrine will enable you to view the 22 copper pillars-standing over the one hundred feet long that support the shrine. Your Uganda safari will also allow you enjoy the sights of the shrine which is constructed in way that looks like an African hut. The wooden doors venerate the shrine truly express the history of the Martyrs.
The Shrine is decorated with 1000 seats which can be used by travelers on their Uganda safari tour to Namugongo Martyrs shrine.
The construction process of the famous Uganda Martyrs’ Shrine was started in the year 1967 and it was completed in the year 1975.The shrine which attracts many people to undertake safaris to Uganda was officially opened by the special Papal envoy, His Eminence Sergio Cardinal Pignedoli on the date of 3rd June 1975.
Pope John Paul II’s six days safari tour to Uganda’s Namugongo on the month of February 7, 1993, it helped to raise the status of the Shrine to level of a minor Basilica.
The big spectacular Shrine covering Namugongo today stands perfectly on the point where the ancient small parish church used to be. It is the very place where Charles Lwanga one of the Martyrs was burnt alive.
The unique lake found in the garden Centre of Namugong is another unique feature which visitors on Uganda safaris should not miss to explore .The Lake is depiction in memory of the work done by St. Charles Lwanga while still on good terms with the King Mwanga’s palace. Various pilgrims while on the safari tour to Uganda’s Namugongo have often fetched water from this historic lake and some of them have  come to testify that the water in the lake heals different diseases.
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Uganda Reptiles Village in Entebbe - Uganda Safari News

uganda-reptile-village-entebbeUganda Reptile Village located in Entebbe-Uganda’s main entry town, is the best recommendable sites where tourists on Uganda safari tour can pleasantly enjoy the views of various African Reptiles that are protected in the part of Uganda. Uganda Reptile Village whose main aim is to sensitize and educate the local community to protect and conserve different reptile species as well as other important environmental resources like forests as well as swamps and water bodies are playing great role of saving the unique natural resources which are under great threat from human behaviors.
Taking your Uganda safari tour to reptile village in Entebbe will offer you golden opportunity to come close to total of over 50 reptiles with twenty reptile spices which are on direct display in the site. The unique reptile’s species which are on display include the boomslangs, skinks, chameleons, cobras, monitor lizards and tortoises. Your Uganda tours and safaris to the Reptile village will offer you that unique chance to touch and spend time with Africa’s most poisonous snake - Gaboon Viper.
Sparing time to take Uganda Safari Tour to the reptile’s village will allow you to explore the two famous basins in the site. The first place you will explore is an open basin which is home to the non-climbing species and the other basin is habitat for four distinctive species of tortoises.
The interesting part of the site is that it caters even for travelers on Uganda safaris and tours with their young children. They will enjoy the thrilling experience of watching these slow but fun animals when they are feeding on their vegetables. As you are walking down slowly under the guidance of an experienced guide, you will reach the current place were the color changing chameleons are protected. At the extreme edges of the site’s compound, one can enjoy the sights of the swampy areas which are habitat to different reptiles, birds as well as monkeys.
In the swamp area, tourists on safari tour to Uganda’s Reptile Village will enjoy adventurous activities like sport fishing as well as canoe cruising in the man-made river stream which is three kilometers. In addition, one can also undertake wet land walk to explore the areas around the Repitle Village and along the way tourists enjoy sights of different bird species as well as wildlife.
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Exploring Nabajjuzi Wetland in Uganda-Uganda Safari News

birding at nabajjuziNabajjuzi wetland situated in Masaka is an important birding destination in Uganda- the pearl of Africa. The site acts as permanent home to threatened species such as the Sitatunga swamp antelope as well as the endangered species of the Shoe-bill which are all interesting species requested by many visitors while on their safari tours to in Uganda. The wetland is also permanent place for the spectacular Papyrus Yellow Warbler bird species.
Highly endowed Nabajjuzi wetland is strategically located close to the main route linking tourists on Uganda gorilla trekking safaris to the western Uganda were gorilla trekking activities are conducted in Bwindi. Nabajjuzi wetland has a great potential to satisfy tourists on their Uganda safaris because it’s highly diversified. The swamp also offers breeding grounds for lungfish and Mudfish. The famous site is positioned in indigenous Buddu County which is one of the famous counties in the cultural endowed Buganda Kingdom. The beautiful flora and fauna distributed in the areas occupied by the wetland has an attachment to Buganda cultural norms and traditions, mainly the totems of the Buganda.
Nabajjuzi Wetland is a very significant wetland in Uganda and the world at large because it protects the world endangered wildlife and bird life species. For birders on Uganda Safaris, Nabajjuzi is the best site where you can encounter the rare species of the Shoe-bill which are supported in the wetland areas of Nabajjuzi. Besides the Shoe bill, travelers on Uganda Safari tour to Nabajjuzi also have high chances of enjoying the sights of the two papyrus endemic bird species such as the Papyrus Gonolek and the Papyrus Yellow Warbler which are Lake Victoria Biome bird species.
The wetland is also an important water source to almost half one million population of people living in the nearby towns of Masaka. It also provides fish, clay used by locals to mold unique pots, papyrus used by different locals to make art and craft materials sold to different tourists on their Uganda safaris and tours. Despite the existence of unique natural features housed in the wetland, the uncontrolled illegal human activities such as waste disposal as well as the over extraction of materials from the wetland and illegal hunting of the threatened species, is critically great threat to different natural species housed in the wetland. Therefore, your safari tour to Uganda’s Nabajjuzi will help to conserve this wetland because part of the fees you pay on your safaris to Uganda is used to conserve the important sites like Nabajjuzi Wetlands.
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Enjoying a memorable hike to Mount Karisimbi in Rwanda-Rwanda Safari News

mt karisimbiRwanda dubbed the land of thousand hills is the best hiking destination for tourists searching for hiking destinations in Africa. The famous Karisimbi Mountain is one of the mountains in Rwanda where tourists on their safaris to Rwanda can easily enjoy memorable hiking experience while on their holiday safaris and tours to Rwanda.
Mountain Karisimbi is the highest volcano among the eight volcanoes that form the precious Virunga massifs which are shared between three neighboring states of Rwanda –land of thousand hills, Uganda- the pearl of Africa and the nature richest Democratic Republic of Congo. The volcano’s highest peak stands at an elevation of 4507m above sea level and this makes it to qualify to be the fifth highest mountain in Africa. Hiking to the top of the volcano is hectic but ones who hikes on Rwanda safaris reaches the top he/she is highly rewarded with the wonderful views of the natural surroundings of Rwanda, Congo and even parts of Uganda.
Mountain Karisimbi was named after the indigenous Kinyarwanda word ‘amasimbi” which directly means “white shell”, representing the white-capped top of the Karisimbi volcano. The popular mountain is surrounded by other Virunga Volcanoes namely Mikeno volcanoes located on the northern parts and Mountain Bisoke on the eastern direction, Nyiragongo Volcanoes –an active volcano which erupts after each and every two years on the west direction. Karisimbi Mountain-the highest Valocanoes among the eight Volcanoes is strategically positioned in the areas covered by Volcanoes National Park and this offers it an opportunity to be hiked by visitors on their mountain gorilla trekking safaris to Rwanda.
Hiking to the top of mountain Karisimbi takes visitors on hiking safari tour to Rwanda about 2 days and the hike which starts at 6:00am local time takes hikers through other sister Volcanoe-Bisoke Mountain before trekkers access the first camping area where trekkers rest before advancing with the marvelous hike to the peak of the Volcano. Hiking Karisimbi Volcano does not only reward hikers on their hiking Safari tour to Rwanda with the sights and view of different unique bird species but it also gives hikers a close account to different primate species housed in Volcanoes national park where Karisimbi is located.
Hiking Karisimbi Mountain requires hikers who are physically fit because the hiking trails used by tourist when accessing to the peak of the mountain are very slippery, muddy and hence unfavorable for unfit visitors. In addition to fitness, one needs to hire porter to help him/her to carry the equipment and some other Luggage.
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Exploring Dian Fossey Tomb in Volcanoes National Park - Rwanda Safari News

dian fossy-rwandaThe famous Dian Fossey was an American researcher who dedicated her time to conserve and protect the endangered species of the mountain gorillas which are today attracting many gorilla safari tours to Rwanda. The American conservationist settled in Rwanda’s Volcanoes national park in the year 1967 when she even established Karisoke Gorilla Research Centre where she used to base to sensitize masses not to poach the gorillas.
Dain Fossey who was dubbed Nyirmachabelli, by the local Rwandan people played great role in conserving mountain gorillas up to the year 1978 when she was murdered by the local poachers whom she was against their acts of poaching the mountain gorillas. Today her tomb or graveyard lies in Karisoke Center just 30 minutes’ drive from Volcanoes national park. The tomb deserves to be explored while on your Gorilla trekking safaris to Rwanda’s Volcanoes.
The one hours trek from Volcanoes park headquarters to Dian Fossey’s Tomb is that rewarding experience which should not be left out by any traveller on Rwanda gorilla trekking safaris to volcanoes. The trek exposes you to unique scenic views of the areas around volcanoes national park. In addition, tourists who spare time to explore the tomb are also exposed to different wildlife species like the species of the forest hogs and forest elephant plus even some primate species.
Sparing time explore Dian Fossey’s tomb while on your Rwanda gorilla trekking safaris offers memorable intellectually, physically and emotional experience. The safari tour to Rwanda’s Volcanoes allows you to learn more about the American Dian Fossey who decided to give her life for the sake of the mountain gorillas. While at Karisoke Research Center, you will have a golden chance to tour the tomb where the conservationist was buried, listen to the experienced guide explain to you the history of the fallen conservationist and also visit the house from where Dian Fossey was mysteriously murdered in 1978.
Dian fossey tomb tour is an activity which tourists on Rwanda gorilla tours should directly include in their itinerary because it will help them to know the back behind gorilla conservation in Volcanoes national park.
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Must See Cultural Places in Kampala City-Uganda Safari News

cultural -celebrationsKampala is a tourism destination of its own which deserves to be explored by any visitor planning for safaris to Uganda. As it’s the case with other developing cities in Africa, Kampala Capital City of Uganda is serviced with number of world-class hotels such as Sheraton, Serena, Imperial Royal, and Grand Imperial among others. These accommodation places offer the best places to base while on your Uganda safari tour to Kampala. The city is also surrounded with collection nice modern shopping Malls, Art and Craft shops, reputable safari operators that can organize your Uganda safari tour to Kampala at minimal cost.
Kampala City is one of the best cities in Africa where you will never be bored while on your Uganda safari tour. The city located in the central part of Uganda is endowed with different cultural attractions like Uganda National Museum which is taken to be oldest Museum in the whole of East African region. The Famous Museum located on Kiira road in Kamwokya, is register of various cultures and heritages of all the 52 different tribes that are distributed in different parts of Uganda. Your tour to the museum will expose you to the interesting history of  Uganda the pearl of Africa right from colonial era up to date. The most fascinating part of the Museum is that it has collection of traditional or Indigenous musical instruments from different parts of Africa.
When you talk of cultural tour in Kampala, Kasubi Tomb strategically positioned on Kasubi hill, within Kampala is the first site you should explore while on your cultural tour to Uganda. The site is a place where the first Kabakas of the largest Buganda Kingdom were buried and today the place is where Buganda’s complex cultural hierarchy frequently organizes significant centuries-old Ganda rituals. Besides Kasubi, there is also Wamala Tomb perfectly located on the crest of a low hill 12km northwest of central Kampala is one of the cultural sites within Kampala which deserve to be visited while on your Safaris and tours to Uganda. The popular Wamala Tomb is housed in an attractive, traditional, thatched domed building, slightly smaller and older than its counterpart at Kasubi. The hill is the former palace and sacred resting place of Kabaka Mutesa 1’s father and predecessor Kabaka Suuna. The tomb provides unique array of royal artifacts, shields, spears, drums plus other traditional musical instruments which tourists on Uganda Safari holiday must see.
The other impressing cultural attractions include Naggalabi coronation site located in Budo-the site is placed where the Kabaka’s (Kings) of Buganda are coroneted when they are assuming power. The site is one of the respected cultural sites in Uganda. Ssizbwa falls in Mukono is cultural destination of its own which cannot be left out while planning Kampala Cultural tour. The site is famous Buganda Heritage Sites where many natives flock for blessings, wealth, and fortunes and hence your Uganda safari tour to this site is highly recommended.
A visit to Ndere troup Centre will allow you to enjoy unique cultural performances that are presented to visitors on Uganda safaris to Ndere troup Centre. Remember music, dance and drama form constitute the largest percentages of all Ugandan cultures.
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Friday, 24 April 2015

Gorilla Tracking in Mgahinga - Uganda Safaris News

gorilla in mgahingaMgahinga Gorilla Park is of one the safe havens in Uganda where travellers on their Uganda gorilla trekking safaris can confront the mountain gorillas in their natural home of the Virunga massifs which cover the most part of Mgahinga Gorilla Park. With Uganda having around 400 mountain gorillas, Mgahinga is a second park in Uganda where one habituated gorilla group has been opened to be visited by tourists on their gorilla trekking safaris to Uganda.
Under taking Gorilla Safaris to Uganda will provide you that awaited time to confront the mountain gorillas in the African Continent. Your safaris to Uganda’s Mgahinga will bring you closer to Nyakagezi gorilla group which is the only habituated gorilla group in Mgahinga. Trekking Nyakagezi gorilla group is more interesting than trekking any other mountain gorilla group in Uganda. Mountain gorilla trekking in Mgahinga just like it’s in Bwindi, the activity starts early in the morning by visitors reporting to the park headquarters for briefing about the does and don’ts when trekking the mountain gorillas in the hilly areas of Mgahinga Park.
While at the park headquarters, travelers on Uganda gorilla Safaris to Mgahinga are divided into a group of eight trekkers who are authorized to trek the only habituated group of mountain gorillas. The group of eight trekkers is then led by professional UWA ranger guide to the head trail where Mountain gorilla trekking activities start from. The process of searching for golden monkeys leads you to hike the hilly areas and slope the valleys of Mgahinga Gorilla Park while looking for mountain gorillas. Once up close, visitors are allowed to spend one hour enjoying the views of the mountain gorillas when they are feeding on the fruits, leaves of bamboo trees, shoots of bamboo and also caring for the young ones.
The experience gained by visitor on Uganda gorilla Safaris while trekking the Mountain gorillas is life time experience which cannot be under rated and compared to any other safari experience in Africa. The two to eight hours of trek while looking for the mountain gorillas is very interesting both to first time trekkers and even second time trekkers. This is mainly because whenever tourists enter the forest to trek the Mountain Gorillas, they are rewarded with new experiences which are totally different.
In addition to Mountain Gorilla trekking experience, your Uganda trekking safaris to Mgahinga will offer you that unique chance to encounter the local Batwa in their ancient natural environment of Mgahinga. The safari tour enables you to explore the Batwa Forest Trial which is rare cultural trail that enables one to explore the real life of the local Batwa. Mountain Gorilla trekking is must do activity to each and every tourists on Safari tours to Uganda.
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More to Ngamba than Chimps - Uganda Safari News

ngamba island -sactuaryFor so long, travelers on Uganda safaris to Ngamba Island visit the Island to enjoy the views of the rescued orphaned chimps that are protected in the Island, but  to your own surprise, Ngamba Island is also birding destination with over 130 different bird species .These are very delightful and every charming to visitors on their Uganda safaris .
The different bird species housed in the Island include the forest birds which are supported by the surrounding forest vegetation in the Island, water bird species which survive in the water banks of Lake Victoria were the Island is located are all attractive and eye-catching to any travelers on Uganda safari tour to Ngamba Island. The bird list which venerate the areas with Ngamba Island include the species of Long-tailed cormorant, Greater cormorant, hite pelican, Pink backed pelican, Goliath heron, Ardea goliath, headed heron, Little egret, Egretta garzetta among others.
The famous Ngamba Island is also natural habitat to a unique plant life and tree species. Of the 100 acres of land covered by the island, almost ninety-eight percent is forested area and this offers room for different tourist’s activities like forest walks which are rewarding with the views of different birds, ever green trees and also nature walks in the forested areas of the Island.
In addition, the Island is safe haven to exclusive but unique reptile’s species such as different types of lizards, snakes and this makes experience to visitors on Uganda safari destination of Ngamba more than just chimpanzee experience but he or she will enjoy the views of different unique reptiles supported in the forest areas of the Island.
However, chimpanzee experience forms the highlight of your safari tour to Uganda’s Ngamba because the safari will expose you to the views of the human cousins when they are being fed in their supplementary feeding hours at 11:00am in the morning and afternoon at 3:00pm.Your safari to Uganda’s tour destination of Ngamba will avail you that unique chance to spend time viewing the chimps when they are struggling for food, collect their fruits and also care for their rescued young ones, the experience is life time experience to stay with these orphan species chimpanzees which have found life in Ngamba Island.
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Mountaineering experience in Uganda-Uganda Safari News

mountaineeringUganda is the best tourism destination to travelers seeking for memorable hiking and mountain experiences in Africa. Given the comfortable climate and some other rare physical features that greatly support mountaineering activities, the country has success fully fulfilled the interest of travelers who have under taken mountaineering safaris to Uganda and hence to those potential travelers they should look no further than Uganda the Pearl of Africa.
Uganda as mountaineering tourism destination has country a lot of potential to both expert and amateur climbers. Uganda‘s mountaineering destination of Mt. Elgon is one of the delightful destinations to travelers who are not seniors in hiking and climbing activities. Hiking this famous mountain leads you to Wagagai peak .The highest peak of mountain can be reached by help of four different trails which are all very fascinating. The shortest route but highly rewarding Sasa trail leads climbers on Uganda safaris to the community land giving them an opportunity to explore local BaMasaba farming settlements as well as unique cultures. The Piswa trail is the longest trail when climbing to Wagagai but also it’s also the gentlest trail. Mountaineering activities in Mt. Elgon are too pleasant and most importantly to note it caters for interest of all travelers on Uganda safaris be it experienced or starters.
The most interesting but challenging hiking experience involves hiking and climbing the popular Rwenzori Mountains also dubbed the Mountains of the moon". The highly rewarding Mountaineering activities in Rwenzori Mountains are mainly recommended to expert tourists. Hiking to the highest peak of Rwenzori enables you to explore the third highest peak in Africa. The trails to the peak enable climbers on Uganda safaris to view the glacial lakes, dramatic mountain passes, gorgeous viewpoints and lush valleys.
Mountaineering in Mountains of the Moon will enable climbers on Uganda safari tours to enjoy the views of rare bird species and hence visitors who are bird watchers but participating in hiking and climbing enables him or her to enjoy the Uganda safari. The other mountaineering destinations include Muhavura volcanoes in the Mgahinga national park.
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Chimpanzee Trekking in Uganda - Uganda Safari News

kibale -chimpanzeeUganda the pearl of Africa is truly number one tourism destination because of its delightful tourist activities which are organized in distinctive safari packages like Chimpanzee trekking safari tours in Uganda plus Mountain Gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda, Primate Safari tours to Uganda as well as Uganda wildlife safaris. Uganda is endowed with unique national parks like Kibale national park also dubbed the primate capital in the world because it’s the only park in East Africa and Africa in General which has the highest number of Chimpanzees that are habituated for tourism and research purposes .
Chimpanzee trekking Safaris in Uganda are one of the most enjoyed safaris in Uganda because the country has the highest number of destinations where visitors on Uganda safaris can enjoy the views of the human relatives protected in the jungle of the forest. The process which trekkers pass through when trekking these interactive as well as communicative and intelligent, pleasant primates in Uganda is very fascinating to each and every traveler on Uganda safari tours. The activity which starts early in the morning takes visitors in the natural jungle of Kibale forest which is the only forest supporting the survival of the highest number of chimpanzees in the world.
The only way you can enjoy the one hour allowed to chimpanzee trekkers in Kibale is by under taking safari to Uganda’s primate capital i.e. Kibale national park. Once you are in Kibale, your chance of meeting face to face with the stunning species of the Chimpanzees are 98% .The memorable experience of viewing these stunning primates when they are communicating to each other is unexplainable and can not be shared to you by a friend because its requires you as an individual to experience it.
Kibale Forest Park located in western park of Uganda is one of the most vital parks in Africa where visitors planning for primate encounter can have their dreams fulfilled. The park boasts total number of 1,500 individual species of the Chimpanzees. In the forest of tracking the Chimpanzees, visitors on their Uganda safari tours will be exposed to different bird species which venerate the forest and also the rare plant life which is only found in Kibale forest.
Chimpanzee trekking safaris in Uganda are the most taken after Gorilla trekking safaris and to your own advantage the two safaris can be explored in one safari to Uganda. While in Uganda, you enjoy chimpanzee trekking safaris and thereafter link-up to Bwindi to do memorable mountain gorilla trekking.
As it’s the case with chimpanzee, tourist on Uganda safaris can also stand a chance of enjoying the sights and views of other primate species like L'Hoest's monkey, olive baboon, red colobus, black and white Colobus as well as Red Colobus, Red-tailed monkey among other 13 different primates that are housed in Kibale forest.
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