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mountainingFor all along the mountain biking adventure has been cherished among the thrilling tourist activities that travellers normally engage in while on their tours. The encounter has grown overtime and other destinations have discovered the need to tap into the rising niche and some of these are in Uganda where biking trails have been set up for travellers on Uganda safaris and tours to have a memorable encounter.
This comes at a time when the tourism industry is aiming at diversifying the products that can lure the Uganda safari tour undertakers spend more time in Uganda. Considering the well-structured landscapes of Uganda full of undulating hills, rolling plains, deep valleys, raised mountains, plateaus among other landscapes; the mountain biking encounter can be conducted with ease for travellers on safaris and tours in Uganda to have a product of their wish.
Apparently, Mountain biking is well developed in the eastern side of Uganda on the foothills of Mount Elgon - the fourth tallest mountain in East Africa that was once the tallest in Africa before it was eroded by denudation forces to its current position. The biking trails run to the Sipi falls and the surrounding areas offering great scenic sights which make it interesting to encounter while on Uganda safari tour.
Like most of other micro-destinations, the mountain biking encounter in Sipi area is also under its infancy stage though with great potential to touch the limit. The other areas where mountain biking is conducted in Uganda include Bwindi Impenetrate National Park which is also famously known for gorilla trekking safaris and tours in Uganda and Lake Bunyonyi commonly referred to as the lake of a thousand Islands. The mountain biking in the Mpanga tea estates has also been developed offering tourists a memorable experience while on safari in Uganda.
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mabira-imageCovering an area of 306km’s, Mabira Forest Reserve is one of the interesting Uganda safari tour attractions that should be encountered by travellers in Uganda. Positioned along Kampala- Jinja road by branching off at Najjembe trading center, the Mabira Forest Reserve has presented its self as an ideal stop en route to the adventure destination of Jinja where most travellers tend to go while on Uganda safaris and tours.
With its counts of 312 species of trees including the endangered species like Warbhugia, Cordia, Mililia Exclesa, and Millenii with medicinal component to cure close to forty ailments along with vulnerable Prunus Africana that cures prostate cancer and known for boasting Human’s Immune system, Mabira Forest presents perfect eco-tours at a close range with the capital city  Kampala. The forest is also a habitat for 315 species of birds including; the Red Headed Blue Bill, the Shining Blue Kingfisher and the Blue headed Crested Monarc, Seed Cracker, Francolin, Tit Hylia, Cassin Hawk Eagle, the Black bellied, the Forest Wood hoope, the Purple throated Cuckoo and Some of these species can only be found in Mabira making it an ideal birding destination for birders on safaris and tours in Uganda.
The Mabira Forest Reserve has got the potential to generate ultimate Uganda safari tour experiences that can be derived from its range of offers such as Environmental Education and Research , Biking on forestry hills, Bird Watching and Butterfly Identification , Camping and Picnics, Primate Watching and lastly Forest Walks with over 68km of well-developed Trail length and general Forest Exploration.
Besides Mabira’s rich biodiversity, the local communities that have lived around it for centuries have greatly become part and parcel of the forest. And in this, they have got Mabira Eco- tourism drama group that present impressive cultural performances and impressive crafts for the consumption of travellers on safari tour in Uganda.
The accommodation establishments in Mabira Forest Reserve are well laid to provide overnight stay to travellers on Uganda safaris. The Mabira Rain forest lodge and local self-catering Bandas combine to serve this role.
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mgahigaMgahinga Gorilla National Park placed at the extreme end of the south west of Uganda in the district of Kisoro, is one of the famous Uganda safari tour destinations that have made their way to the must visit micro destinations in Uganda.
Forming the Ugandan section of the Virunga massif incorporating the ranges of Muhabura, Sabyinyo and Gahinga, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park is the second refigium of the world’s critically endangered mountain gorillas that only thrive in Bwindi and Virunga massif in the whole world making the region a hot spot for gorilla trekking safaris and tours in Uganda and Rwanda.
Stretching over 38km2 of raised landscape, Mgahinga continue to form the border with the countries of Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo adjoining the parks of Virunga and Volcanoes which are also haven s for gorilla trekking encounters in their respective countries.
The fertile volcanic soils that mark the slopes of the towering volcanoes have facilitated the growth of luxurious vegetation that is interesting to encounter while on safari tours in Uganda. The unique features like the Sabyinyo gorge, the swamp crater on Mount Sabyinyo and its rugged peaks among others make Mgahinga an interesting destination to encounter.
Being the ancient home of the Batwa forest people which are considered to be among the last groups of the short surviving people, it has got rich heritage sites including the Garama caves which acted as their center while still in the forest before their eviction. The golden monkey populations that thrive in the bamboo zone are among the unique species that Uganda has got to offer to the travelling world. The golden monkeys only thrive in the Virunga Massif and Giswati forest Reserve in Rwanda in the whole world thus a remarkable product that can be encountered by travellers undertaking a safari tour in Uganda and Rwanda.
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albertine rift valleyStretching from Red sea to the northern lands of Malawi, the great East African Rift Valley is one of those geographical wonders that have ever shaped the continental lands of Africa. The western arm of this East African rift valley commonly referred to as the Albertine rift deriving its name from the long stretching Lake Albert that mark the northern tip of this natural feature, is a great landscape that has inspired a range of world travelers to undertake safari tours to Uganda in the process of encountering it.
Stretching from the north western part of Uganda running to the south with the Uganda boarder stopping within Mgahinga National Park that protect the landscapes of the three Virunga volcanoes namely Gahinga, Sabyinyo and Muhabura, the Albertine rift has for long become a center of researchers and leisure Uganda safari tour undertakes.
The beauty of the Albertine rift cannot be gauged on a single feature as there are wide range of features that make it a must visit destination by travellers on Uganda safaris and tours. Ranging from the snowcapped towering Rwenzori mountains also known as the legendary mountains of the moon as described by Ptolemy in 150 AD to the flat savannah landscapes of Queen Elizabeth National Park and Semliki Valley, the magnificent escarpments of Butiaba, Kichwanba and Kyambura that mark its boundaries, the series of lakes that fill the troughs that were left during its formation process including Albert, Edward, George among others, the pre-historic mature rain forest of Maramagambo, Kalinzu, Echuya and Bwindi Impenetrable with their great counts of biodiversity which was shielded from the last ice age enabling the rift to have one of the great endemic species globally including the world’s critically endangered mountain gorillas that form the ground for gorilla trekking safari tours in Uganda, Chimpanzees that form the ground for chimpanzee trekking safaris in Uganda and enormous wild game that form the ground for wildlife safari tours in Uganda and countless birds moist of which are endemic and are heavily sought after thus prompting world birders to plan safari tours to Uganda.
The Albertine rift has experienced various earth process including forces of volcanism and faulting that resulted into the formation of great scenic features including the range of explosion craters that mark the region of western Uganda offering magical scenic views to travelers on safari tour in Uganda. The amalgamation of these generates ultimate Uganda safari memories.
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gorillasDespite the fact that gorilla trekking encounters in both Uganda and Rwanda can be done all year round, the seasonal changes especially in terms of rainfall tend to create favorable times where the majority world travellers prefer visiting these gorilla destinations on their gorilla trekking safaris.
The Months of June to September and December to February are profoundly liked by various Uganda gorilla safari undertakers. The rain which are experienced in the months of March to May and from late September to November present challenging conditions for gorilla trekkers as the hilly landscapes which they are meant to hike become slippery and traversing the dense jungle like the impenetrable forest of Bwindi becomes intensely difficult considering the rate of vegetation growth and down pours that accompany the trekkers during the activity whose duration is not certain but estimated between 2 – 8 hours. However, it should be noted that being tropical Africa, despite the down pours that might present themselves every day, the sun has to appear for some good hours in a day.
The conditions in the tourism generating areas are also a factor when it comes on the question of when to visit. The varying climatic conditions especially in the close to Polar Regions marked by various seasons especially the extremes of winter and summer have got an effect on when to undertake gorilla safari tours to Uganda and Rwanda. For example, in the continental lands of Europe, the number of travellers interested in going for holiday increase during summer period and it decreases during winter seasons.
The promotional attempts of destination marketing agencies also have got an effect on when to visit and undertake gorilla trekking safaris and tours in Uganda and Rwanda. The tourism bodies in destination countries like Uganda Wildlife Authority in Uganda tend to offer discounted gorilla permits especially in the months of April, May and November from $600 from foreign nonresidents to $350 which is a good discount that in turn entices travelers to plan gorilla safari tours to Uganda. During these seasons, accommodation establishments also offer discounted rates for travelers on Uganda gorilla safaris and tours.
In Rwanda, the rains tend to appear towards the end of February, March, April including May and tourists too tend to avoid that period as the volcanic landscapes are slippery and the environment is densely wet that would challenge them while doing gorilla trekking.
However, it should be noted that during this period, mountain gorillas tend to keep on lower slopes to benefit from the plenty of food and relatively warm temperatures on the lower slopes. Thus, with these months gorilla trekking duration tend to be shorter than the later months.
To note however is that regardless of these variations, mountain gorilla trekking in Uganda and Rwanda can be conducted throughout the year and experience remain untouchably thrilling.
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Nyungwe forest is made up of a variety of habitats including montane forests, bamboos, grasslands, and swamps that are always traversed by travellers on Rwanda safaris and tours. This is a home to 13 primate species such as endangered Golden monkeys, Chimpanzees, Blue Monkeys, red tailed monkeys, black and white colobus monkey and grey checked mangabeys which form the ground for existence of various safaris including chimpanzee trekking safaris and tours in Rwanda. There are also about 300 bird species which offer birders’ on Rwanda safari tours a memorable experience.
Regardless of primate populations, Nyungwe National Park also has the flagship activity that has been termed as the famous Nyungwe canopy walk. This walk has positioned itself as the first of its nature in East Africa and the third on the continent of Africa which has in turn aroused the interest of world travellers to plan safari and tours to Rwanda to have such an amazing encounter.
Besides primates, Nyungwe Forest National Park also features great counts other wildlife including; Golden Cats, Wild Cats, Mongoose, Congo Clawless Otters, Civets, Genet, Leopards, Duikers, Hyrax to mention but a few. This makes it all-round and capable of generating a diversified experience for Rwanda safari tour undertakers. The lush flora especially the flamboyant orchids are among the wonders that Nyungwe presents to travellers on safari tour in Rwanda. The park has 68% of the Orchid concentration in the whole nation of Rwanda.
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birding in ugandaUganda, a tiny land locked country is Africa’s most complete bird watching destination supporting more than 1000 bird species which inspire various world birders to undertake birding safari tours to Uganda. Uganda which is the same size as Great Britain can be dubbed as the ‘birder’s Eden’.
Specialists  in  birding safaris and tours in Uganda in the western region routinely notch up an incredible tally of 400 species in a two weeks’ period while the starters can come up with 300 species with in the same time. Uganda ‘s prime attraction is the presence of more than 100 west African forest species and therefore a short trip here to soak up the bizarre and mind blowing shoebill is an incredibly rewarding.
Bird watching in Uganda is throughout the country but the most key sites that are always encountered by birders on Uganda safaris and tours include; the Semliki National Park which is Uganda’s extension of the Congo’s Ituri rainforest and special interest to ornithologists for some 40 Congolese bird species including forest birds and 80 central African species found in few countries. The bird species that can be encountered in this micro destination include; the Black dwarf, hornbill, blue king fisher, broad billed roller, black-rumped button quail, papyrus gonolek, African fish eagle, western-banded snake eagle, white-backed night heron, black bee-eater, shoebill pel’s fishing owl.
Spanning the equator is the vast varied landscapes of the Uganda safari tour destination of Queen Elizabeth National Park which boasts an impressive scenic crater field, vast savannah combretum, tropical forests, papyrus swamps and counts of wildlife and a diverse array of birds. The park features 610 species of birds which seems to be incredible and a record of 296 species can be made in a single day while on a safari tour in Uganda. The opportunities of spotting the Harlequin and Blue Quails, White winged Warbler, Small (Common) Buttonquail, Martial Eagle, African Crake, African Skimmer, Papyrus Gonolek, Verreaux's Eagle-Owl, Amur Falcon, Ovampo Sparrowhawk, Greater and Lesser Flamingo, Lowland Akalat, Black Bee-eater, Terek Sandpiper, Caruthers's Cisticola, Temminck's Courser and Secretary Bird to mention but a few exist in Queen Elizabeth National Park.
The community-run guided trial through Bigodi wetland near Kibale forests where chimpanzee trekking safari tours in Uganda are carried out also presents a great opportunity to watch the Blue Turaco and other colorful forest birds. Murchison falls for savannah such as the Red-throated Bee-eater, Abyssinian ground Hornbill and Denham’s Bustard. The Lake Bisinia in the east of Uganda is a rich habitat for bird species the endemic Fox’s weaver’s as well as Papyrus-dwellers.
The Uganda gorilla trekking safari tour destination of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is famously known as the number one birding spot in Africa and has got impressive bird species some of which are endemic to the park and the Albertine rift.
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bakerUganda has for long been a land of wonder dating back to the ancient whose great interest was sparked off by the historical Nile River that flowed the continental lands of Africa including the dry lands of Sahara supporting millions and millions of people and livestock making its source a question of the time prompting the great explorers of the time to undertake safari tours to Uganda in search of it.
Sir Samuel Baker was among those that set out to find the source of the mighty Nile River that has proved to be longest river in the whole world that is always encountered by travellers while on safaris and tours in Uganda. With his wife Florence Baker, Sir Samuel Baker resolved to grasp the source of the Nile from the North i.e. from its month in Mediterranean Sea following it down stream.
Their historical trail still stands in hearts of living explorers and historians and in the world book of records. The 805km about 500 miles across the mountain plateaus and deserted  river beds with pain and pleasure, is a tale that any living traveller would wish to explore by planning a safari to Uganda.
The Baker’s great expeditions stretch to the discovery of Lake Albert 150 years ago which he named after the late husband of Queen Victoria and is the northern tip of the western arm of the great East African rift valley that is hardly missed by travellers on Uganda safaris and tours.
The Baker’s historical encounters stretch to incorporate the natural wonders like the world’s powerful Murchison falls where the mighty Nile River is squeezed to pass through a less than 8m ravine before falling 43m below creating a thunderous roar and a plume of spray not forgetting a trade mark rainbow that gives it a natural distinction. This is a unique feature that is always encountered on Uganda safari tours.
Sir Samuel Baker was a great British explorer, writer, engineer and an officer is known for fighting against slave trade in various parts of the world and thrived on this planet from 8th June 1821 – 30th December 1893.
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Mrs-RuthMakerere University in its batch of 65th graduation ceremony that started on 21st January 2015 incorporated the honoring of one the world’s re-known mountain gorilla conservationist and philanthropist Mrs. Ruth Keesling with a honorary doctor of science for the great work in the world on conservation especially the Uganda’s mountain gorillas that have formed the rich ground for gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda.
Mrs. Keesling at 84 years of age is credited for having dedicated her efforts for over 30 years including time and finances for the cause of mountain gorilla conservation and enhance the lasting legacy of the world’ re-known mountain gorilla conservationists Dian Fossey. Keesling’s works are exhibited in the recovery of the populations of the world’s critically endangered mountain gorillas that are highly sought by travellers on Uganda gorilla safaris and tours from about 248 to the current 880 of which a half of these thrive in Uganda.
The accreditation and honoring of Mrs. Ruth Keesling attracted a wild applause and great affirmation at one of the upmarket Uganda safari tour accommodation establishments in Kampala – the Sheraton Hotel on the Thursday 22nd January 2015.
Initially an American based Journalist who later turned into a conservationist and a philanthropist, Ruth Keesling is credited for extending her utmost hand for the conservation of mountain gorillas from the verge of extinction. Mountain gorillas are the prime product that is normally looked up to by travellers on safaris and tours in Uganda.
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elephantElephants are among the big five of the land animals that are normally sought by travellers on safaris and tours in Uganda. They thrive in broad expanses of savannah vegetation and forested landscapes of western Uganda as savannah and forest elephants respectively.
The killing of elephants for their ivory is one of the tragic things that have characterized Uganda for years and ivory trade has been a major cause of this anti conversational endeavor that would eventually lead to extinction of these Uganda safari tour products.
Of recent, the nation was hit by terrible news of the missing ivory that had been stolen from the Uganda Wildlife Authority strong room close to 1335 Kg something that resulted into suspension of five Uganda Wildlife Authority officials including the executive director Dr. Andrew Seguya calling for the responsible security organs to embark on the investigations to ascertain the root of the problem.
Now several months down the road, the government under the Ministry of Tourism Wildlife and Antiquities is in the preparations of involving the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) to track the ivory that disappeared form Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) strong room. It is noted the confiscated ivory has got a mark of a unique number that allows it to be identified easily. Thus, circulating these numbers across the member states could help to track the missing ivory whose trade is threatening of continued existence of elephants which are among the main products encountered on safaris and tours in Uganda.
Uganda is confident that CITES cannot put any sanction on it since it does not officially engage in ivory trade. And Uganda as part of the CITES composition, has got laws that make trade in wildlife and its products illegal. This in turn ensures the continued thriving of Uganda safari tours including wildlife safaris and gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda.
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gorillas-imageUganda is a diverse tourism destination and has continued to draw increasing number of world travellers to undertake safari tours to Uganda. Considering its a wide range of attractions and activities that range from the snowcapped Rwenzori mountains – the hub of mountain trekking adventure in Uganda, the endangered mountain gorillas that form the ground for gorilla trekking safaris and tours in Uganda, wild game including the Big five of land animals which form the ground for wildlife safari tours in Uganda among other attractions, Uganda qualifies as a great destination for world travellers.
The United States Super Model Marlina Moreno is with in Uganda dubbed the pearl of Africa to explore its tourism potential. This American star is a celebrity who is known for perfect models that are fancied by multinational organizations including Samsung, NIKE, Virgin Atlantic, Siemens and Canon. She is also a TV host and formerly a National Football League Cheerleader. Her fame is expected to draw a cross section of world travellers to undertake safaris and tours in Uganda.
The National body responsible for promoting Uganda as a tourist destination – the Uganda Tourism Board has a target of 40,000 tourists that will generate 32 million dollars to boast the tourism industry this year. The campaign named Climb Mountain Ruwenzori with Marlina Moreno is intended at branding Uganda as a top mountain climbing destination.
Standing at 5,109m above sea level, the Rwenzori Mountains formerly known as the mountains of the moon as noted by Ptolemy the Greek geographer in 150AD has five vegetation zones that pose a diverse climbing experience for Uganda safari tour undertakers. The mountain has the potential of pulling 40,000 foreign trekkers per annum something that has to be taped for the benefit of Uganda’s tourism.
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Fly-saxThe Fly-Sax Airline with its CRJ Plane that carries 50 passengers including Uganda safari tours undertakes launches flights to and from Entebbe International Airport. The Entebbe International Airport space has been a fancy of many airline carriers most of which are foreign which is in turn help Uganda to connect to outside world.
The Fly – Sax is a private carrier which has resolved to launch flights from Nairobi and Mombasa to Entebbe two times every day. This will greatly facilitate travelers that would wish to connect to Uganda to undertake Uganda safaris and tours.
The growing demand for low cost carriers in the region with safe and efficient travel especially between Uganda and Kenya has motivated the Fly – Sax carrier to launch this initiative according to Don Smith Founder & CEO of Fly Sax.
With the promotion of East Africa as single tourist destination, such low cost carriers will facilitate the easy transfer within the individual destinations. The travellers who wish to view wildlife in Kenya but also interests in gorilla trekking safari tours in Uganda can connect easily in between these two destinations.
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tourismUganda is not only gifted by nature but also a range of beautiful and hospitable people  that has made it a unique destination with in the region for travellers in Uganda safaris and tours. In fact, people have always remarked that they come here wanting to see mountain gorillas and leave talking about people.
It is from these people that the country choose the beauty angels to represent the tourism sector and among these include; the Patricia Babirye Ntale, Roberta Jean-Marie Magoba, Aisha Nagudi and Florence Namwase who went ahead to represent Uganda at Miss Tourism International in Malaysia, Miss Tourism World in Caracas, Venezuela, Miss Heritage International in Nepal, and Miss Heritage World in Johannesburg, South Africa with the aim of show casing Uganda and invigorate world travellers to undertake safari tours to Uganda.
Though the beauty Queens did not make it to the top, there was a reason to welcome them back in awe. At Ranchers Bar in Kololo, the Ugandans gathered to welcome their own daughters and appreciating them for the promotional work they have done for the country. One of them  Aisha Naggudi who made to the top ten in Miss Heritage World noted that she encouraged people to check out mountain gorillas in Uganda which would in turn invigorate gorilla trekking safaris and tours in Uganda.
The beauty Queen also noted the significance of early preparation which was also emphasized by the Minister of Tourism Mariam Mutagamba as an avenue that will help Uganda to position herself in the global travel market so as to increase number of travellers that undertake safaris and tours in Uganda.
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rwanda air-imageRwanda is one of the prime tourist destinations in the region considering its rich diversity of attractions and activities that range from cultural and heritage tours to gorilla trekking safaris and tours in Rwanda, Chimpanzee trekking safari and tours not forgetting wildlife safari tours in Rwanda. The country’s varied protected areas that are distributed across the country including the Akagera National Park in the east, Volcanoes National Park in the North West and Nyungwe National Park in the south west combine to satisfy the interests of travellers on Rwanda safaris and tours.
The Aviation industry is a foundation to Rwanda’s tourism industry. Rwanda is gifted to have one of the successful national carriers in the region – the Rwanda Air. The national carrier has helped to promote Rwanda’s brand worldwide and has facilitated easy transfer of travellers interests  in Rwanda safari tours.
Taking account of what transpired in the Rwanda’s aviation sector in the year 2014, one can note that the year laid a strong foundation  to the industry. The major aspects included the upgrading of Kigali International Airport, upgrading of Kamembe Airport and construction of Bugesera Airport.
The year saw the government’s announcing the initiative to secure $1billion Euro bond for Bugesera International Airport construction something that was welcomed by both local and international actors and is one of the main projects in Aviation sector to be looked up to in the year 2015.
Kigali International Airport was ranked as number seven best Airport in Africa and the best Airport in East Africa by the UK based firm Skytrax. Experts are arguing that position will boast the enterprise in the sector in 2015 which can in turn increase safaris and tours to Rwanda. No wonder, the passengers rose in 2014 to 600,000 from the 2008 figure of 263,264. With the modifications at Kigali Airport, the figure could rise to one million in the subsequent years.
Besides construction, other airlines penetrated Rwanda’s aviation market in the year 2014 including Fly Dubai an International Commercial Carrier which numbers on eleventh position to operate  in Kigali. Other Airlines that reinforced their presence in Kigali include Air Rwanda, KLM, Qatar, Kenya Airways, Ethiopia Airlines and Turkish Airline. Rwanda Air also expanded to new routes including Juba in South Sudan, Doula in Cameron, Mwanza and Equatorial Guinea in 2015. Rwanda is also at the forefront of harmonizing air travel along the routes Nairobi – Entebbe and Entebbe – Kigali route under the project of COMESA air space harmonization. The certificate of Air worthiness was issued to Air Rwanda following the passing of IATA operational Safety audit. This give it more chances of having code sharing. This will in turn facilitate travelers interest in undertaking gorilla safaris in Rwanda along with other safaris to connect easily from their different regions.
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flying -imageAviation is one of the prime components of the tourism industry as it facilitates tourists to travel form distant regions to their destinations for safari tours including safari tours to Uganda. Countries like Uganda that are land locked would heavily depend on Air travel to connect to the overseas world as they are deprived of sea connections.
It is thus significant to note that Uganda will have the first ever aviation expo that is directed at interesting young people to develop interest in exploring the careers and opportunities in Aviation which is regarded as an important economy segment. The event which has been termed the Uganda Aviation Expo will stretch from January 15th – 19th at the Kimaka Airfield assisting the public to explore new trends, air crafts, and market developments and acquiring aviation memorabilia. The travellers of Uganda safaris and tours can also attend the event to explore the Uganda’s aviation industry.
The head of the Vine Air Mr. Katendeigwa asserts that many Ugandans would wish to uptake careers in Aviation but do not have information of what to in terms of training opportunities and educational backgrounds in Uganda and the East African community. The issues of the employment opportunities and their related aspects in the aviation industry are significant to be known to the emerging labor force of which the expo is determined to address. The sessions featuring flight crew careers, training, jobs and earnings, engineering and maintenance are to be conducted at the expo.
The expo involves $1,500 about 4million Uganda shillings per participant which will include; transport, two night accommodation, full day aviation career workshop and not forgetting one hour flight experience in the cockpit. The Aviation industry is expected to grow by 6% per year for the coming 20 years arising from improving incomes, increasing urbanization, demographic boom and emergence of middle class.
The development of Aviation sector is seen as perfect move to facilitating Uganda safari tours including Uganda gorilla safaris and tours, wildlife safari tours in Uganda among others. This is because the travellers will be facilitated to transfer easily to Uganda and within Uganda.
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Tuesday, 13 January 2015


wildlife safarisThe three countries under the Northern corridor Integration umbrella have waived off the Visa fees for the foreign residents in these states to freely undertake safaris in different destinations without hassle including safari tours in Uganda and Rwanda.
Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya resolved that these people should stop paying the $100 fee for the Single Tourism Visa for East Africa which is always valid for 90 days starting the 15th date of December last year. This is seen as a perfect move to enable these travellers to explore the range of attractions and activities in these countries including gorilla trekking safaris and tours in Uganda and Rwanda, Wildlife safari tours in Uganda and Kenya, cultural and heritage encounters in Uganda and Rwanda among others depending on their interests.
The move is intended at reaching out to the world as a unified destination with diverse experiences. This will be followed by joint marketing efforts like joint road shows and attempts will be made to lobby for a single stand during International tourism marketing events so as increase safari tours to East Africa including safari tours to Uganda and Rwanda.
The implementation of this initiative will follow an issuance of an interstate pass upon exiting the host state and visitor’s pass put in their passports upon arriving after presenting valid resident/work permits. However, other immigration procedures will be maintained.
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gorilla -safari-imageIn 2012, the famous lonely planet ranked Uganda as the number one tourism destination for the year which aroused a lot of interest among world travellers about Uganda and a cross section of them opted to undertake safaris and tours in Uganda. Two years have elapsed and despite various destinations emerging and creating a new image that would be more attractive to the world, Uganda is still counting among the top 10 tourist destinations.
According to the Bloom Consulting which is based in Madrid Spain, Uganda is ranked as number 8 for the 2014/2015 travel rankings something that still hails Uganda’s potential as a great destination for travellers that have interest in Uganda safaris and tours.
Such position is amazing considering her landlocked position unlike other countries that have got coastal advantage. The Uganda’s advantage like other East African countries lies in natural wonders and safaris.
The study also features the branding of the country and her availability on line as key notes to enhancement of client’s awareness. It amalgamates the unique variables like online search demand that measures the country’s online appeal and the country’s brand strategy. This ranking comes at a time when tourism has taken over the mantle as the Uganda’s chief export. The range of safari packages that range from gorilla trekking safaris and tours in Uganda to wildlife safaris and tours not forgetting adventure and culture combine to make tourism in Uganda resourceful.
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gorilla-imageUganda is by no means an ordinary destination considering its range of attractions and tourist activities which are featured in different safari packages like mountain gorilla trekking safaris and tours in Uganda, wildlife safari tour, chimpanzee trekking safaris and tours and cultural tours in Uganda. However, it should be noted that continuous marketing efforts are needed to fully exploit this potential and enhance the destination image. In this, Marlina Moreno - the American super model is anticipated to undertake a safari tour to Uganda with a group of high profile Americans to trek the 5,109m Margarita peak on the mystical legendary mountains of the moon – the Ruwenzori on 17th Jan, 2015.
The Los Angeles based super model, Marlina Moreno is also a TV host and former cheerleader of the National Football League alongside modeling for other companies like NIKE, Canon, Samsung, Siemens and Virgin Atlantic. Therefore her safari tour in Uganda is by means not ordinary.
Moreno desire to travel to experience the “Pearl of Africa” as described by Churchill in 1908 is significant move towards the showcasing of Uganda’s beauty. She is meant to profile the major attractions of Uganda that can attract world travellers to undertake Uganda safaris and tours like, culture and heritage, chimpanzees, wildlife, scenery, mountain gorillas among others for a documentary production which will be aired to the counts of Americans through Moreno’s travel platforms including the Huffing ton, and along with her travel blog Brunette
The media campaign will also feature a range of videos and travel articles to appear on at least two top websites of lifestyle and travel including filming of an Eco-travel show as part of pitch about Africa travel series.
Along with the chief climber – Maria Mutagamba the Minister of Tourism, the American model will summit the snow capped peaks of the legendary mountains of the moon as described by Ptolemy a famous Greek geographer in 150AD which are one of the great activities normally undertaken by travelers on Uganda trekking safaris and tours.
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Monday, 12 January 2015


rubaga cathedralAlso known as Saint Mary’s Cathedral, Rubaga Cathedral is the main center of the Catholic Church in Uganda and has got a rich heritage and architectural design that makes it worth encountering while on Uganda safari tour.
Situated in the west of Kampala , Rubaga cathedral is within Rubaga division 3km from the Kampala city center and lies along the coordinates of 0°18’09.0″N, 32°33’08.0″E. Thus, the site can be visited by travellers on safari in Uganda as they transfer to south western Uganda destinations like Queen Elizabeth National Park known for wildlife safaris and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park known for gorilla trekking safaris.
The Kabaka Muteesa I the King of Buganda who ruled from 1856 – 1884 abandoned the hill after his palace had been consumed by fire. The land was later to be given freely to catholic missionaries by his son and successor Kabaka Mwanga II in 1889 and by 1914, the catholic missionaries had begun construction which came to an end in 1925 and on 31st December, 1925, it was declared St. Mary’s Cathedral Rubaga.
The Cathedral has a cemetery where a range of religious prominent servants including the first African catholic Bishop Joseph Kiwanuka lay in rest and can be visited while on Uganda safaris. Besides the exterior magnanimous architecture of the cathedral, it has got impressive interior d├ęcor with great attachment to the Uganda Martyrs and other symbols of catholic significance thus worthy of being included on traveler’s while planning a safari to Uganda.
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Sunday, 11 January 2015


kontik hotelUganda being a vast country with her tourist attractions spread all over the country, it sometimes poses long transfer distances for Uganda safari undertakers to connect from one destination to another. A case in point is Murchison Falls National Park which is in the North West and Kibale National Park in the west with 441km in between taking approximately nine (9) hours’ drive to connect between the two.
This kind of setting requires travellers on safaris in Uganda to have stop overs en route in order to avoid exhaustion on their leisure holidays. That’s why Kontiki Hotel in Hoima has positioned its self to serve this purpose for the comfort of travellers on Uganda safaris and tours.
Situated at 2km distance from the Hoima town center, Kontiki Hotel is a calm and cozy accommodation establishment that has got a partial setting similar to other Uganda safari lodges in protected areas which enables the guests to maintain the touch of wilderness.
Offering its accommodation in eighteen (18) cottages that are well furnished with 25 rooms in total which are all self-contained, Kontik Hotel has the capacity to accommodate big travel groups on Uganda safari tours. These cottages include; one family cottage, four double cottages and one twin cottage. Interestingly to note is that every room has a Television with piped music that will give you a glimpse of the urban environment since Kontik is within the urban environs of Hoima town. The Hotel also has camping grounds for clients interested in camping.
Kontik Hotel also has a modern Gabbie’s restaurant serving local and international dishes and Amooti’s bar that is well stocked with beers, spirits and wines. The conference facility is also available. This combine to make Kontik Hotel worth a stopover accommodation center as one transfers between Kibale and Murchison Falls National Parks and among other related destinations that attract travellers to plan safari tours to Uganda.
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mabira forestMabira forest is a mature tropical rain forest that lies along Jinja road with great biodiversity concentration that is usually encountered on Uganda safaris and tours. Stretching to 30,600ha in the districts of Buikwe and Jinja with an altitudinal level of 1,070 – 1,340m above sea level, Mabira rain forest is one of the closest Uganda safari destinations to Kampala which is the country’s capital.
The Mabira Rain forest is 60km from Kampala and has got verdant bio-diversity concentration thus offering a perfect escape for both domestic and international travellers on safari tours in Uganda. The forest gets about 62% of the forest reserves’ visiting tourists in Uganda and the trend is increasing. It is also a great water catchment for Lake Victoria and Lake Kyoga and River through River Sezibwa and Musamya. Mabira is a unique forest of its size, richness and quality in central Uganda.
Mabira has got 315 bird species with 74 of the 144 Guinea-Congo biome species that occur in Uganda including; Nahan’s Francolin which is listed as endangered, White-spotted fluff tail, Cassin’s Hawk eagle, Afep Pigeon, Dusky long-tailed Cucko, grey parrot, Speckled Tinker bird, Fire-crested Alethe, Red-Capped Robin-chat, honey guide greenbul, green breasted pitta, Jameson’s and chestnut wattle-eyes, yellow crested, spackle-breasted brown eared, buff-spotted and grey wood peckers, Cassin’s honey guide, sooty boubou and grey-green bush shrike among others which inspire birders to plan safaris to Uganda.
Besides birds, Mabira forest has other nine (9) species that are restricted in range to the forest including the newly discovered Mangabey species Lophocebusalbigena johnstoni and short tailed fruit bat. This combine to make Mabira forest a must visit place for travellers to encounter while on Uganda safaris.
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Saturday, 10 January 2015


equator-imageUganda is indeed gifted by nature as her marketing slogan goes. One may wonder that after having the half of the endangered mountain gorillas that form the basis for gorilla trekking safaris, the amazing wildlife including the Big five that form the ground for wildlife safaris, great counts of common chimpanzees that form the ground for chimpanzee trekking safaris, wide range of cultures in the whole of Africa, great mountains, rift valley and gigantic lakes that form great scenic viewing tours, Uganda goes ahead to have the world’s main latitude – the Equator which divides the world into two parts.
At Kayabwe 72km from Kampala along Masaka road, Uganda safari undertakers have chances of encountering the equator crossing. They have the opportunity of engaging themselves in educational geographical experiments where water is used to demonstrate the geographical divide between the south and northern hemispheres.
Besides the water experiments, the site has got two cement pillars that form a circle marked Uganda Equator which offers great photography encounters that would increase your memories while on safari in Uganda. Kayabwe also has a good restaurant offering a perfect coffee break and impressive craft shops where you can get yourself a souvenir to take home. The encounter would surely create lasting experiences and encourage other travellers to plan safaris to Uganda.
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Friday, 9 January 2015


primate -kibale imageDubbed the primate capital of the world, Kibale National Park which is usually encountered on Uganda safaris and tours has got great concentrations of primates in the whole of Africa. Positioned in the west of Uganda, Kibale National Park is 358km about 7 hours of drive from Kampala, the country’s capital. It stretches over 795km2 of land surface most of which is forested land scape.
A range of thirteen (13) primate species thrive in Kibale National Park including; the common chimpanzees that have been habituated to form the ground for chimpanzee trekking safaris in Uganda. Besides Chimpanzees, Kibale has got other primate species with roots of Central African monkey and these include; Uganda mangabey (Lophocebus ugandae), the L'Hoest's monkey and the Ugandan red colobus (Procolobus tephrosceles) which are also highly sought for by primate travellers on safaris in Uganda.
Kibale Forest National Park is also a habitat for other primate species including; the black and white colobus monkeys, vervet monkeys, olive baboons, blue monkey, grey-cheeked mangabey, potto and bush baby which combine to make Kibale worth encountering while planning a primate safari tour to Uganda.
The Primate tour in Uganda features other destinations like Bwindi Impenetrable National Park where the mountain gorilla trekking is carried out and Mgahinga National Park where the golden monkey tracking is conducted.
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uganda -imageEstablished in 1908, the Uganda National museum is the custody of Uganda’s past. It is such a thrilling building that houses a range of artifacts that were collected from different parts of the country overtime making it worthy of encountering while on Uganda safari tours.
The Uganda National Museum is positioned along Kiira Road, Kamwokya and forms one the must-visit attractions in Kampala city for travelers undertaking safaris in Uganda. The Museum contains a collection of ethnographic items that feature the traditional and natural-historic life of the native Ugandans along with various developments that the country has gone through up to this far. The music instruments that can be freely played, hunting equipment, entomology, archaeology and weaponry also exist in the museum.
Uganda Museum boasts of being the oldest museum in Eat Africa and its creation dates back in 1902 when George Wilkerson called for objects of interest to establish a museum and was officially established in 1908 by the British Protectorate Government. The museum initially started in a small Sikh temple at Lugard’s Fort on the hill of Old Kampala. After extensive excavations by Church Hill, Bishop J. Wilson, E. Lanning, E, L. Wayland and P.L Shinnie from 1920 to 1940s, the initial site became too small to hold the artifacts thus they were transferred to Margaret Trowel School of Fine art at Makerere University in 1941. The funds were raised and the current structure was put up in 1954 on Kitante hill.
Besides, permanent exhibits in the museum gallery, the Uganda National Museum also offers educational tours inform of demonstration lessons, workshops, outreach programs and complimentary services. The museum also has a canteen that features Ugandan traditional cuisine and an internet cafe not forgetting gift shop where various handicrafts are on sale to travellers on safari tours in Uganda. The Uganda Museum also has a range of traditional houses for all the tribes of Uganda and the respective materials that used to be inside those houses.
The architecture of the Uganda Museum was designed by a German architect Ernst May who designed the building putting in consideration of enough natural air and lighting to enable the preservation of artifacts that apparently have great travel significance in terms of influencing travellers to plan safaris to Uganda. The Museum receives visitors both domestic and international all year round including the festive seasons.
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lake mburoOne would wonder about the nomenclature of Lake Mburo National Park which is known for the populations of Impala, Burchell’s Zebra, buffaloes, elands, topis among other wildlife that are encountered in Uganda wildlife safaris along with impressive savannah landscapes marked acacia woodland with protruding ancient Precambrian rocks which combine to make Lake Mburo National Park among the desired sites to encounter by travellers on safaris in Uganda.
The naming of Lake Mburo like most of the African areas has got a legendary connotation. Initially, the two brothers, Mburo and Kigarama lived in the low-lying savanna plains that mark the area which is traditionally referred to as Kaaro Karungi – the beautiful land where the counts of the Bahima pastoralists and the King of Ankole converged to graze their magnificent long horned cattle that were bestowed to them by their godlike ancestors – the Chwezi centuries and centuries ago. One night Kigarama, one of the brothers dreamt that the area in which they lived was to receive substantial amounts of rainfall that would cause flooding thus consuming their lives and property. In the morning, he shared it with his brother – Mburo who took it for granted and trashed it.
Since in the traditional Africa dreams were respected, Kigarama decided to vacate the place for the overlooking hill leaving his brother behind. Unfortunately, the dream came true and area experienced flooding, drowning Mburo and his property in the Lake that was formed by a pool of floods. In return the Lake was named after Mburo while the adjacent hill was named after Kigarama in commemoration of the two brothers. These features exist up to today and can be encountered by travellers on Uganda safari tours.
Lake Mburo apparently offers recreational boat encounters while the entire savannah park facilitates impressive nature walks and game drives and horseback safaris. The protected area can be explored en route to the gorilla trekking destination of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park among other destinations of south western Uganda.
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Wednesday, 7 January 2015


lion -imageDubbed the King of the Jungle, it is one of those memorable life moments to encounter a lion hanging on a tree branch like a monkey but since surprises never cease to happen, Uganda safaris opens your door to this world of amazement.
Thriving in the southern sector of Queen Elizabeth national Park famously known as Ishasha, the tree climbing lions are unique species that only exist in Uganda and Tanzania’s Lake Manyara in the whole world. The Ishasha section which is also endowed with great counts of other wild game including; elephants, buffalos, Kobs among others normally encountered on wildlife safaris in Uganda thriving across the rolling savannah combretum, has got amounts of short fig trees that are scattered all over the section facilitating the climbing of lions which in turn generates remarkable memories by travellers on Uganda safari tours.
The cause behind the climbing of lions is not yet clear and various arguments range from escaping the hot ground conditions to escaping from the bites of tsetse flies on the ground. But as researchers are still contemplating about the cause, the world leisure travellers continue to plan safari tours to Uganda to encounter these tree climbing lions alongside other attractions and activities like Chimpanzee trekking, gorilla trekking along with other activities.
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RwenzoriThe Mountains of the moon (Lunae Montes) as described by the Greek geographer Ptolemy in 150AD stand in the west of Uganda marking the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo form one of the epitome attractions that are always visited by travellers on Uganda safaris and tours. The Rwenzori Mountains besides being the third highest mountains in Africa towering to 5,109m above sea level, they are also the highest mountain range in Africa since Mountains; Kilimanjaro and Kenya are stand-alone features.
The Rwenzori Mountains have got amazing and unique feature about them. Despite their closeness to the world’s main latitude – the Equator meaning that it close to the sun, the mountains have got dense ice sheets that have for long formed the reservoir for the prominent glaciers which have always left Uganda safari undertakers in a state of wonder.
Strolling down the slopes of Rwenzori Mountains marked by world impressive flora that qualified it as a world heritage site in 1994 by the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the glaciers marked by natural clear waters make their way down forming glittering streams on the mountain slopes that appears to be like lime painted on an object creating a lasting impression that will take the memories into the another world full of natural beauty refreshing past routine and opening you to another chapter of encounter with nature. This is one of those encounters that should not be left out while planning a safari to Uganda.
The Rwenzori glacial rivers drain into the adjacent Lake George which has got Kazinga Channel as its outlet. Unfortunately, as a result of climate change and global warming effects, Rwenzori glaciers are receding and there is a threat that they might disappear altogether if the trend remains like this.
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