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Looking at two interesting transportation types in Kampala – Uganda safari news

boda bodaif we were not able to move from one place to another, we would not be able to transform our dreams into reality. Uganda has discovered the importance of transportation in daily human lives a reason why she has a diversity of transport means. Our transportation system is one intentionally and unintentionally designed to fill you with a deep sense of fascination while on your Safaris and Tours to Uganda. Choosing the right transportation type for a specific errand is the trick behind enjoying your time in Uganda
Whether you travel in one or not, commuter taxis are something you will have to see. Our taxis are something you have not seen before; or maybe doing what they are designated to do in Uganda. The majority are white vans with blue stripes which go to practically any part of the country. They are designed for 14 passengers but the operators tend to squeeze in a few more people, just to get a bonus on top of the rightful revenue kilometers.
The advantage about our taxis is that they rarely charge basing on mileage but prices change depending on the time of the day and seasons of the year. In Kampala, Prices are higher in the mornings and evenings as people travel to and from work respectively. While on your Uganda Safari and Tour you will be impressed at how skillful the drivers of these blue-striped boxes are. A more fascinating place, which may require you to take a photo of, is the taxi park in the heart of Kampala. This place will have you questioning how they even get in and out.
Number two are the motorbikes, which have a number of names in Uganda. Let’s see if you can say this; boda – boda; (bo – da bo – da). Or we also call them Piki-Piki (pee-kee pee-kee).
Perfect! That was easy. So make sure to surprise someone when you come for your safari experience in Uganda.
Boda bodas are the best alternative if you want to quickly get through the traffic or simply just want to travel faster. There are so many of them that you will not have to look so much to find at least fifty to choose from. Boda bodas should be left to the adventurous ones because the “boda boda pilots” tend to do stunts that might make the less daring people uncomfortable. It is also highly advisable that you choose one who has a helmet for the passenger or just purchase a helmet for your safety.
Don’t beat yourself up if these two transportation alternatives sound to outgoing for you. There are a number of Car Hire agents who also offer chauffeurs to drive you to your desired destinations. In the comfort of your air conditioned vehicle you can enjoy your Uganda Safari experience and can still look through the windows to be entertained by the fascinating taxis and the boda bodas.
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Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) Ends Uganda hotels classification -Uganda Safari News

paraa lodgeFor a number of years we have classified hotels in Uganda by the prices they charge. If it charges Shs 5,000, then it is considered lodge, and if it charges from Shs 150,000 and more, then it's a considered a hotel. This has been affecting the image of Uganda as safari destination since the hotels couldn’t offer services and facilities in regard to their assumed stars. However, a new drive started for Kampala’s hotels last Friday - with government rising up to its role to classify hotels will help to categorize the hotels in accordance to their suitable stars.
The classification which is the first of its kind in Uganda was carried out by Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) a body responsible for marketing Uganda as number one  safari destination. The classification was done in accordance to the mandate of 2014 Uganda Tourism (Registration and Licensing of Tourism Accommodation) regulations. From the classification results, the country described as the pearl of Africa has three (3) five-star hotels namely the Kampala Serena hotel, Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort and Sheraton Kampala hotel.
The four-star hotels in the country include: Protea hotel, Imperial Royale hotel, Hotel Africana, Royal Suites Bugolobi and the famous Speke Resort Munyonyo.
Addressing at a special dinner evening organized at the Kampala Serena hotel, UTB's deputy CEO John Ssempebwa put it clear that for the beginning, the assessment, classification was carried only in Kampala-Uganda’s Capital city. According to the assessment process, 73 hotels were scrutinized, of which 70 per cent never met the requirements of the regulations and only 26 hotels qualified for the stars.
The hotels were evaluated or assessed on sixteen (16) grounds, with emphasis put on hotel location of the facility. Ssempebwa clearly noted that a five-star facility can't be situated in a dusty and noisy place.
The team in charge of classifying the hotels also considered the hotel's front office, which must be delightful- with a receptionist who can fluently speak both English and Kiswahili. The restaurant must be sufficient in regard to the capacity of the hotel, on addition of being well furnished and clean. The other places they considered at hotel were the bar, bathrooms, guest rooms, hygiene and sanitation as well as human resource and kitchen, among others.
The chairperson Uganda Hotel Owners Susan Muhwezi, congratulated UTB for the drive noting that: "It is easier to market a classified hotel." She also added that for many times we have been accusing UTB for not marketing our hotels but where would they market unclassified hotels?"
I belief that, the move taken by UTB to classify hotels is good move which will help to improve services and facilities offered by hotels to visitors on Uganda safaris. The drive should be done country wide to help identify the particular hotels with specific facilities and services.
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Serena hotel tops the ranking of hotels – Uganda safari news

Kampala_Serena_Hotel_ugandaKampala Serena Hotel which is located at the heart of Kampala city presenting a remarkable stay for traveling world including those on safaris in Uganda is in moments of joy after securing the top position in the hotel rankings that were concluded on last Friday.
The ululations and celebrations were at the peak in Victoria Hall of Kampala Serena Hotel when the Ministry for Tourism Wildlife and Antiquities was announcing the outcomes of the ranking of hotels in Uganda. The first ever hotel classification to ever happen in Uganda caught every one by surprise and it was considered as one of the positive move towards a sustainable service industry that will see travelers that plan safaris to Uganda increase.
The classification which were issued in the categories two (2), three (3), four (4) and Five (5) star were ranked by the East African Assessors under the Uganda Tourism Board, a governmental has responsibility of maintaining quality assurance in the country’s tourism sector so as to ensure continued satisfaction of Uganda safari undertakes.
The hotel classification featured among others the efficiency and quality, buildings, location, lunch, buildings, restaurants, lobby and bars. Kampala Serena Hotel fortunately rose to the best position in the five (5) star category along with Munyonyo Common Wealth Hotel and Sheraton International Kampala Hotel which are other upmarket accommodation establishments that travelers on safari in Uganda tend to use.
The Minister of Tourism Hon Maria Mutagamba who presided over the function noted that the initiative to recognize and standardize the hotels aims at scaling up the tourism industry and as a means of ensuring the International travellers that there is safe, secure and confortable accommodation, food along with other while on Uganda safaris and tours.
The move which started with Kampala will roll out to other parts of the country and the hotel located there will be graded also according to Mr. Asiimwe Stephen, the Executive Director of Uganda Tourism Board. The President of the Uganda Hotel Owners Association Mrs. Susan Muhwezi noted that the initiative will see the marketing of the ranked hotels made easier since their standards would be recognized and known like other hotels of International stature.
The total of 76 hotels was tried out and inspection carried out. Unfortunately most of these were left out and only 26 were categorized. Those that missed out could not meet the standards that were required for the ranking. However, some of the big hotels did not take part in the ranking exercise. Other hotels that tend of awarding themselves stars were warned of the act as it considered illegal and thus risked prosecution.
The categorization of Hotels in Uganda is one of those new endeavor the sector is attempting to bring the sector to the minimum level and consider the minimum international standards to match with the standardization of the product that has become common on the global market and in the minds of the regular travelers not forgetting the aspect of uniqueness that would definitely give a selling preposition for individual establishments and the country as destination. Uganda is a rich destination for a range of safari packages including Uganda gorilla trekking safaris.
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golden monkeysRestricted to the highland bamboo areas of East and Central Africa in four National parks, can we only find the world’s endangered Golden Monkeys. Tourists will only see these monkeys in three African countries of Uganda, Rwanda and Congo DR. Like many other monkeys, the local people call them enkima in Uganda and the Banyarwanda use the word Inkima to mean the same.
Mgahinga Gorilla National Park is a refuge to these little adorable creatures, a total of sixty (60) habituated golden monkeys which can be seen by tourists during the Mountain Gorilla Safaris and Tours in Mgahinga National Park.
Like their name, these monkeys really glitter like gold. They have a round face, dotted with two cute bright eyes and with a soft golden fur coat. Their faces also have a golden color and when illuminated by the sun, your camera can never fail to capture the golden “golden monkeys”. The males are darker than the females.
A Uganda Primate Trekking Safari and Tour will lead tourist to the highlands where these “pieces of gold” like to stay. They have the resilience to live at an altitude higher than any other primate (4,500 meters) although a number of times they bring their settlements lower when the conditions become too cold up high.
Incredibly, the golden monkeys give birth to live young ones; which are born with their fur and eyes open unlike a number of other mammal . Also at birth, the mother eats the placenta and cleans up its young (you wouldn’t expect Golden monkey to be a bit gross); no need for a midwife.
Like the mountain gorillas’ families, the golden monkeys live in communities ranging from 3 to 62 members. They never walk alone and therefore build strong social ties with other members of the community. Mgahinga’s habituated group is becoming more and more used to people with an increase in Primate Trekking Tours and Safaris in Uganda to Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. Their swift nature of movements makes it challenging to click at the right time to take the perfect photo, but once trapped by the lenses, a tourist will have taken a photo to remember.
The golden monkeys are the perfect complement of the famous mountain gorillas in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. Seeing the Nyakagezi mountain gorilla family and then seeing the golden monkeys; or seeing the golden monkeys and then seeing the Nyakagezi mountain gorilla family paints a beautiful magical image of silver and gold in the mind of the tourist about a Uganda Safari and tour he will never wish to forget. It doesn’t matter in which sequence you see the mountain gorillas and the golden monkeys; either way, tourists should prepare to make jaw-dropping observations of the beauty in Uganda’s smallest National Park (Mgahinga). The golden monkeys share their illuminations with Mgahinga National Park, lighting it up and making it glitter as beautiful as Gold.
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Ziwa rhino ranch; a home to the fascinating white rhinos – Uganda safari news

Ziwa RhinoWhen the world “only” is used to explain something, then that particular “something” is worthy exploring. Located 176 km from Kampala using the Kampala – Gulu highway is the “only” place in Uganda where wild rhinos can be visited in their natural habitat. And to our advantage the sanctuary is open to Uganda tours and safaris. Ziwa Rhino Ranch was established in 2005 in a bid to reintroduce the wild rhinos which had ceased to exist in Uganda. Thanks to the efforts of Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) and the Rhino Fund, Uganda today  has a total of 15 wild rhinos living in their natural habitat.
Unfortunately, a number of people in the past have not seen the value in keeping them alive. Rhinos have continually been hunted down because of demand in Asia for their horns. A number of doctors in Asia have claimed that the horns can be used to cure diseases like epilepsy, malaria and impotence but this has not been proven to work, yet so many rhinos have been lost in the process.
Let us talk about few interesting things about white rhinoceroses. The rhino is a very interesting mammal; one the most fascinating animals you will see while on your safaris and tours in Uganda.
White rhinos in particular are the largest land mammals after the elephants. They are plant eaters and use their senses of smell and hearing more than they use their eyes. Despite the size of their brains which is very small compared to their body size the rhinos are very wise animals which cannot easily be fooled.
Surprisingly, female rhinos carry their babies for a time way longer than many other animals (15 to 16 months); including the dearest lionesses which only suffer the burden of pregnancy for a mere four (4) months, often less. After giving birth to her calf, most mother rhinos will never introduce their young ones to their fathers.
If fortunate enough, but from a distance, tourists will confirm that rhinos are awesome sprinters while on their Uganda Safaris to Ziwa Rhino Ranch. It is highly advisable to keep a reasonable distance away from the rhinos because if annoyed, man cannot out run them. Researchers have established that rhinos accelerate to a speed between 30 and 40 miles per hour (mph); faster than Usain Bolt’s 23.7 mph record. I was also able to establish that the rhino’s horn is not made out of bone, but is from a protein called Keratin, which is the same material in our hair and nails. Under the leadership of a ranger guide, tourists can enjoy rhino safaris in Uganda’s Ziwa Rhino sanctuary without putting their lives at risk.
Adding to the rhinos, Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary has over 250 bird species including the rare shoe-bill, crested francolin, the African morning dove and the Abyssinian ground hornbill making it an ideal destination for birders.
Tourists on their way to Murchison falls National Park can also make detours to Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary to encounter the amazing creatures. Visitors should not worry much about where to stay because the Rhino ranch offers accommodation to her clients in its guest house and campsite. Meals are also served in the restaurant. Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary is a place worth visiting. It is one of the few places around the world where wild white rhinos can be seen in their natural habitat.
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Kibuye town- The Home of tranquility in Rwanda –-Rwanda Safari News

kibuye -rwandaThe land of thousand hills may be famous for its unique landscape, but its diverse lakes are too splendid and provide the best get way for domestic and international visitors on Rwanda safaris.
As one of the outstanding water bodies in Africa, Lake Kivu is not ordinary; the wonderful lake is located on the western corner of Rwanda and forms the frontier with DRC. Dotted or distributed a
long the shore lines of the lake are delightful, charming towns and villages ranging from bustling Gisenyi suited in the north, to the industrious Cyangugu in the south.
These two towns are more popularly visited by tourists on Rwanda safaris, but there are some unexplored or less visited places along the lake. Among these include Kibuye town, which is without any thinking or doubt the perfect home of tranquility in the land of thousand hills.
Located on the western province of Rwanda just 2-3 hours’ drive, Kibuya town strategically lying between Gisenyi and Cyangugu is blessed with breath taking views, relaxed atmosphere as well as picturesque sunsets. The first thing you notice as you drive to Kibuye is Nyabarongo River with the picturesque water falls, past historical Nyange and Murrambi famous for the 50,000people who were mercilessly killed during the bloody 1994 Genocide waged against the Tutsi.
The town offers views of spectacular Lake Kivu and its convenient location in hills offers wonderful views from all over vantages /viewing points. The town has tranquil feel, helped or assisted by relaxing way fishing boats, nestled with natural beauty and landscape that will take visitors breathe way. Kibuye is the only place in Rwanda that can refresh and rejuvenate souls.
For those planning to undertake Rwanda Safari to explore the tranquil Kibuye, the town has number of accommodations options that cater for all kinds of travelers .The most outstanding include Cormorant Lodge, Moriah Hill resort and Rwiza guest house.
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ndahura’s family called bitukura- uganda safari news

ndahura silverbackMore and more facts about mountain gorillas continue to unveil as the days go by, especially facts that denote some traits of similarity with man. Today we will take our minds on a Uganda mountain gorilla trekking Safari to the Ruhija sector of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.
Bitukura was named after a stream of clear water where the group was first spotted. This mountain gorilla family surprised Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) experts at how fast it was habituated. The average habituation period is around two years but this group’s habituation started in July 2007 and by October 2008, just 15 months later, they were set to receive their first guests on a Mountain Gorilla Safari to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Perhaps this speedy habituation was because they often saw UWA rangers heading to the Kyaguriro mountain gorilla family when it was still undergoing habituation.
At its first sighting, the family had up to twenty four (24) individuals previously led by Karamuzi as the alpha silverback. However Karamugi has grown old (over 40 years) and the group needs a stronger and a more agile leader. Normally the leader of the family is the oldest silverback but this is not the case for this mountain gorilla family; the group’s second youngest silverback called Ndahura is now the leader.
Sadly, the big numbers have been reduced to 14 members over the years, with cases of some traitors joining other mountain gorilla groups. Ndahura is followed by three other silver backs including Karamuzi, Rukumu and then Rukara the 4th silverback. They have two infants a number of females, juveniles and two stubborn blackbacks.
Amusingly, about two years back tourists got to physically see the wrath of an angry mountain gorilla parent. Just as parents sometimes give their kids a spanking for misbehaving, so did Ndahura give Obia (one of the blackbacks) the beating of his life. Ndahura was in his solitude times but Obia kept on pestering him, like he was suggesting a fight. Well he will surely not be seen doing anything similar pretty soon because of the weight of wrath and strength that he felt descend on his body from the mighty Ndahura silverback.
Basically the family is nonviolent especially with an alpha silverback like Ndahura who leads like he has the perfect blueprints to leadership at the back of his head. The group schedules termly, sometimes monthly get-togethers with their neighboring mountain gorilla family called Kyaguriro. Today tourists can purchase tickets in order to enjoy a Uganda Mountain Gorilla trekking Safari to Ndahura’s Bitukura family in the Ruhija sector of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.
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Here’s what our lovely flag means – Uganda’s safari news

Uganda_Flag- primeMany symbols in this country tell a story, or two or three ranging from the spears, cooking pots, musical instruments, clothes; to mention just a few. These in addition to the many that cannot be mentioned today tell a bulky mixture of stories which if someone sat down to listen to, they would not exhaust. This is an attention-grabbing country and for this, many people continue to schedule Tours and Safaris to Uganda.
The Ugandan Flag however helps to give a brief summary of Uganda’s main components. You could easily mistake it be like the German flag which features the colors of black, red, yellow; Uganda’s flag instead showcases black, yellow and red as the dominant colors with a circle in the middle and an elegant crown crane, all purposely chosen to tell a short story about this country that “flows with milk and honey”.
Black represents the skin color of the Ugandan people similar to what you can expect to see in an African country; but we are definitely not that dark. On your Uganda Safari and Tour you will be able to agree with me that there are many shades of black, explaining the diversity in color, tribe and kind.
Yellow signifies the sunshine, which we are blessed to see every day. Even on rainy days, the sun comes out to provide the light of day and to keep us warmed up. Our climate is one that you would love to take home with you after your Safari Tours in Uganda; we have average temperatures ranging between 16°C/61°F in the morning and 27°C/81°F after midday. It’s so nice to have equal days and nights all night long, thanks to the equator along which our country is located.
The red denotes the essence of friendliness and brotherhood which is a characteristic of Ugandan people. These guys do not have to go to school to take a course in hospitality management; it is inborn, and is perhaps another ingredient in their genes. From the time your Safari in Uganda sets off, to your checkout time you will see smiles, a sense of attention and utmost conviviality from the few Ugandans you will meet; who are just a sample of the greater hospitable Ugandan population. We will love you like our own blood brothers and sisters on the very first day irrespective of your skin’s color, or your nationality.
The crown crane, a carefully chosen gentle bird species echoes a message about how gentle and calm the Ugandan people are. This is a true description of the political stability which Uganda boasts of today. Ugandans do not push people around; they know the true meaning of the word kind.
The bird is seen standing on a single leg implying that Uganda is not a boringly stagnant country. Developments in infrastructure, economics, social and political spheres continue to unveil themselves with the day ensuring that tourists will enjoy each and every Safari that they book for Uganda. The beautiful Ugandan flag explains a lot about its people; but more of the beauty has to be physically experienced. This is Uganda “a medley of pleasantness”.
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Mountain Gorilla trekking Safaris-Uganda Safari News

gorillasA Gorilla Trekking in Uganda is done in two national parks of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest Park and Mgahinga Gorilla national park. Mountain gorilla safaris are the highlight of all safari tours to Uganda and certainly mountain gorillas are the major reason as to why very many visitors under take safaris to Uganda. On the other hand, Uganda is considered as a very secure and more so safe, hospitable country in the whole world where one can see these worlds endangered Mountain Gorillas in serene surroundings.
Almost half of the mountain gorilla population is protected in Uganda. According to the November 2012 census results released by the Uganda's Minister of Tourism Wildlife and Antiquities, the number of mountain gorillas is increasing. The results showed that there is a minimum of 400 Mountain gorillas from the 302 of 2006 in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park alone and about over 80 in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park making total number of mountain gorillas to be over 480 in comparison to a world total of 880 which are shared by the three (3) African countries i.e. Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo.
Currently, there is a total of 36 gorilla families or groups in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, however, only eleven (11) of these are habituated and can be visited by travelers on Gorilla trekking safaris. The other migratory gorilla group lives in Mgahinga Gorilla Park. This gorilla group in Mgahinga is considered to be very nomadic always roaming between Uganda and the DRC and very unpredictable. However, good news is that the group is now settling in Uganda and ground news shows that since last year it has not crossed borders and hence this too can be trekked by visitors on Uganda gorilla safari tour to Mgahinga Gorilla National park. Gorilla habituation is a process that usually takes 2 years. During this time Mountain gorillas get used presence of human beings .This is continuously done in the wilderness to make the ape species used to human trekkers. In regard to UWA conservation rules, only eight (8) adult visitors on gorilla safaris to Uganda can be allowed to track one or each of the habituated gorilla family or group each day.
I therefore hearten all world travelers to come and be included in the list of few world travelers who have had chance to encounter the world endangered apes in the pearl of Africa –Uganda.
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Foods to try out before you leave Uganda – Uganda safari news

SONY DSCDo you like to eat; well I personally love to eat. And I have a few favorite dishes that I could uncomplainingly eat for the next many years of my life. We travel a lot, and the familiar and unfamiliar foods we eat while on the road greatly add or reduce on our levels of pleasure.
There are just so many unique known and unknown foods that define countries, regions and continents around the world today, ranging from the Italian Pizza, El Salvador’s baby shrimps, the authentic American burgers, to the spice in Mexican tacos and tortas and Indian Panjabis. Well it doesn’t matter whether you love or don’t love to eat; I am putting up a dining to-do list for you while on your Uganda tours and Safaris. But the first precaution I have for you is to make sure that you can order the dishes from a descent and clean eating area.
Matooke is one of the common foods you’ll most definitely hear Ugandans ordering for on a daily basis. Matooke is similar to plantain and perfectly resembles a yellow banana but in a green color. It is harvested in a bunch, and then peeled excellently mostly by ladies. Some people prefer it boiled, others fried while the majority prefer to cover it with banana leaves and just steam it. The result is a yellow soft tasty cake which can be eaten with almost any sauce. You will get a better opportunity to eat this food when your Safari and Tour in Uganda is still around the Kampala region.
Kalo is a dish made from mingling millet and cassava flour with well boiled water. The result is a brown (sometimes sticky) piece which can be eaten with sauces like fish, beef stew and chicken.
Nsenene (the luganda word for grasshopper) is a seasonal dish due to the migrating nature of the dominant members of the recipe (the grasshoppers). If you ate these fried grasshoppers while being blindfolded, you wouldn’t believe the lip-licking crispy taste. If your Uganda Safari Tour is scheduled at a time when they are in plenty, you’ll be lucky to enjoy at least a thousand grasshoppers.
Make sure to find some well-done Muchomo/Nyama Choma (barbeque). Like preparing marshmallows, pieces of meat (whether cow or goat) are placed on a stick or metallic rod and then put over the fire to roast. By calling it barbeque, I am not being honest about the real taste. I have tasted both barbeque and Muchomo, and I am still researching on what it is that these chefs put in the Muchomo that makes it so tasty.
My shortlist ends with a few fruits. On your Uganda Safari, try to inquire from your guide about where you can get some good Fenne (jackfruit). Fenne is actually the biggest fruit that is tree-borne, so don’t be bashful; have as much as you can. I also recommend paw paws, mangoes and the authentic taste of the ripe yellow bananas. After tasting Uganda’s bananas (which actually are available almost everywhere you go) you’ll agree with me that inorganic bananas taste pathetic! So that’s my long-short dining to-do list to guide your holiday.
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Cow’s are more than a mere source of beef or cheese in Uganda – Uganda safari news

cattle naming in ankole ugandaFortunately or unfortunately, I find myself biting through some delicious pieces of African beef as I write today. In many families around the world, meat seems to feature on mum’s daily recipe in a varied number of shapes and sizes. It could be a few meatballs with spaghetti, minced meat in a samosa or kebab, talk about violently tearing through some well-done pieces of steak, or just swallowing a burger; yummy! We even teach our kids to politely ask for an extra piece of meat.
I could easily say that we love meat, but I cannot be certain enough to utter that all men love cows. But guess what; my long tours and safaris in Uganda have introduced me to people whose love for their cows is better than life. To them, a source of beef is just a mere supplement.
Forgetting the few hundreds that you might see crossing the streets of Kampala Uganda’s Capital, in the countryside a number of people have for long reared cattle in several thousands and have passed on a wealth of deeply captivating traditions and customs through the cows to future generations. There’s much to discover on a Uganda Safari and Tour to famous pastoralist regions in the northeastern, western and southwestern parts; among the Karamojongs, Banyankole and the Bahima.
With sincerity of affection, Ugandans named and still name their cows. Children at the age of seven (7) already know how to apportion names, guided by the cow’s character, its skin outlines, its size, horns’ shape and sometimes the manner in which it is born.
Even with the dominance of global currencies, a number of traditional Banyankole men still barter cows for items they need and in most Ugandan communities, a bride is bought at a price of several heads of cattle.
A Safari in Uganda to the districts of Bushenyi and Ntungamo will lead you to the Nshenyi people who believe that the only heroes in the community are those with the most heads of cattle. The Nshenyi people compete in gathering these animals and when a man makes a herd of 100 animals, he is offered a bell to tie around his most loved cow of that herd. When he moves with his cows through the village, the bell is sounded, signaling that “a rich man is in the community”. Unlike the people of Buganda Kingdom who slaughter a bull or two to celebrate, and then use its skin to make drums, the people of Nshenyi are fine with eating weeds and letting their cows live.
Cows also had kings infatuating on them. One of the stories you will hear on a Safari to Igongo Cultural Center in southwestern Uganda (along the same road that leads to the western National Parks), is about a cow called Mayenje ga Ishinjo Rutanyuobwa Bigomba which won the heart of King Kabundami of Buhweju. When this gorgeous cow was stolen by the covetous king of the neighboring Nkole kingdom called Ntale IV; King Kabundami sent an army led by “Muguta Ya Butaho” to salvage the cow in a battle that claimed up to 4,000 lives.
It’s obvious that the majority of tours and safaris in Uganda lead to the undoubtedly blessed National Parks, but there’s a lot more showcased in this small land locked country for everyone to add to their next month’s itinerary including a visit to Uganda’s cattle rearing communities.
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Work hard, play harder; this is Kampala – Uganda safari news

The modern saying goes, “work hard, play hard”, but in Kampala we say “Work hard, play harder”. Making tours to other cities of the African continent and then comparing findings with what Kampala has to offer will surely lead you towards a conclusion that Ugandans play a lot. A Safari to Uganda should offer participants a chance to play so hard that sometimes it will pain.
Well it should be obvious that Kampala; Uganda’s Capital City, is the country’s business hub; with so many arcades and shops `parading the roads making a continuous corridor of roads filled with motorists of all levels; some on two (2) wheels and others on over eight (8) wheels, not forgetting others who walk to work.
Yes, in preparation for your Uganda Safari adventure, you will want to buckle-up for a lot of daily hooting and screaming as people try to maneuver their way to arrive at work in and on time. Ugandans are a hardworking people with many folks toiling for over 12 hours, five days a week, while others keep their shops open all seven (7) days of the week. It is just in their genes to work hard and even immigrant residents do not need a lecture before they take up a similar behavior.
But how about the bigger playing bit of the Kampala City story, here it is! The city does not seem to sleep; a trot through Kampala especially on a Friday night would have you wondering whether people even have beds. The art of losing stress is something Ugandans have perfected. Kampala’s night packages are offered in bars and clubs lined up one after the other in frequented places like Kololo, Kabalagala and Bugolobi; where you can also showcase your groove skills.
Guys who like to catch the coolest and newest movies in 2D and 3D are also catered for in Kampala’s four major cinema halls at Naalya shopping mall, Garden City shopping center, Acacia mall in Kamwokya, and Cinemax just outside Makerere University main gate. Cinemax boasts of a 5D cinema, but I am not so sure about that. You could confirm that for me while on your Safari and Tour in Kampala.
Gaming is one other thing that we love to do. There are bowling alleys at Garden City shopping mall, a couple of fitness centers throughout the city; and for the golf fanatics, you’re all sorted with the presence of an expansive grass-green carpet of the Kitante Golf Course. Adding to the list, there are a number of casinos with popular ones located in Kabalagala and a mega Kampala Casino along Colville Street in the heart of Kampala.
After a long day of play, you need not to worry about where to comfortably rest your body. There are very many secure and high quality guest sleepover units ranging from luxurious five star hotels like The Kampala Sheraton and Kampala Serena to mid-range and budget accommodation centers. Having slept like a baby, you will very much hope to go through the same Kampala Safari and tour you had the previous day. Let your gut know that playing is never a difficulty in Uganda’s Capital City Kampala. Welcome to the team of “hard workers, but harder players”!
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Heritage safari lodge; beyond the ordinary – Uganda safari news

heritage-safari-lodge - murchisonPositioned in the north of Uganda at the northern section of the Uganda safari destination of Murchison Falls National Park, Heritage Safari Lcodge present an amazing and yet affordable overnight stay that is indeed beyond the ordinary.
Set up by the Husband and life team from the local neighborhood, Heritage safari lodge features traditional Acholi hut architectural design that is blended with modernity to derive ultimate comfort to travelers on safaris in Uganda. Accommodation is provided in round huts that are spread apart from each other with considerable degree of privacy that everyone fancies while on a safari in the wilderness.
The units enjoy a rich cross-sectional view of the Nile River as it makes its way from Lake Albert heading to Sudan and eventually the Mediterranean Sea making it the longest River in the whole world. The cottages are self-contained with modern flushing toilets, eco-friendly bath room fixtures and an impressive shower head. The arrangement of the accommodation is given in luxury, cottages and standard cottages along with tents. There is an ideal camping ground for the camping travelers on Uganda safaris and tours.
The remarkable early morning view of the rolling savannah along with a fresh breath from the adjacent Nile River combined with the possible sightings of elephants that tend to roam around present an ideal first sight through your window of a cottage at Heritage Safari Lodge.
The accommodation is configured in single, double, twin, triple, Quadruple and family arrangement. Heritage Safari Lodge features an expert team with dexterity in service and Kitchen thus serving considerable meal that features modern standards with consideration to the respective dietary requirements of the respective clients. The stand-alone restaurant also features a bar and is within the reach from every individual cottage.
Most significantly, Heritage would be like any other safari accommodation establishment without William. William the owner is a great man that will not only offer you a remarkable welcome but identifies his time to chat with you in your free moments. He is an educationist and a parent with considerable experience in daily life and adventure. He is an all-round and meeting him will never be a disappointment but a remarkable memory that will contribute to your general experience of your safari in Uganda. Travelers who have met him have testimonies to tell as it can be viewed from the trip advisor page. Thus, it can be your turn too and you encounter the man that has made Heritage Safari Lodge beyond the ordinary.
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The primates’ planet; kibale national park – Uganda safari news

kibale safaris parkPrimates include monkeys, apes and humans; yes humans too! It is not easy to give a full account of the total number of primates today, but the truth is that many of the living things that we see most often belong to the order primates. The majority of people today, with no exception of myself live with a stereotype that primates only exist in the jungle somewhere, swinging from branch to branch and eating “green stuff” (vegetation). Well I intend not to change that mindset; at least not today. Let’s take a Safari and tour to Uganda’s Kibale National Park, the true interpretation of “the Primate’s planet”.
Located next to bigger national parks like Queen Elizabeth (named after the queen of England), Kibale National park is the ideal place to enjoy a chat with our brothers who fortunately are still enjoying the wild. How fun it is to listen to the black and white colobus monkeys gossiping among themselves; to watch the hilariously notorious baboons as they chase after one another; or to just converse with our closest brothers the chimpanzees in their natural homes!
The National park has thirteen (13) recorded species of primates of which the chimpanzee is the most famous. The park has over 1450 chimpanzee individuals, the largest population of the red colobus monkeys in East Africa. It is therefore the best place to see the knuckle walking chimps and the endangered red colobus monkeys while on a Uganda Tour and Safari. Also tucked in this forested national park are the non-gregarious bush babies which tourists might be able to see using a bright flashlight while on a guided night forest walk.
Although there are a number of other wildlife species like the leopards, 500 elephants, and giant hogs, Nature walks at any time of the day present opportunities to see more of the primates than the other mammal species which make periodic excursions to and from the neighboring Queen Elizabeth National Park.
The melodies, chanting, echoes, clapping, together with the dances that welcome you during your Uganda primate safari and tour in Kibale National Park are just many ways to communicate a single message “welcome home”
Satisfied with the heavy full course meal of primates, tourists are served to a sweet dessert course of up to 250 colorful butterfly species and a few creepy and cute amphibians.
Like many other National Parks in Uganda, you are destined to leave Kibale National Park with a personal life story; one that may have you licking your fingers, and an experience that won’t stop lingering in your mind. I would not be surprised if you made a couple more Tours and Safaris to Uganda with your family and friends. Kibale National Park is truly “the primates’ planet”!
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Mweya safari lodge; the plush in the wilderness - Uganda safari news

mweya safaris lodgePositioned in the Uganda safari destination of Queen Elizabeth National Park, Mweya Safari lodge is one of the notable luxury lodges in the Uganda’s wild. Overlooking Kazinga Channel Lake Edward, the legendary Rwenzori Mountains and the rolling savannah plains of Queen Elizabeth National Park in the Albertine flats, the lodge offers an up market accommodation to a range of upmarket travelers that visit the park while on safaris in Uganda.
Mweya Safari Lodge boasts of varied accommodation units that do not only differ in setting, facilities, amenities and comfort but also on price thus suiting a range of traveler categories. The lodge has the standard rooms, deluxe rooms, suites and Cottages which is the top most. These rooms feature various configurations that make them unique from each other.
The standard rooms which include single, double and twin feature a level of comfort that is well enough never to disappoint. They carry electronic safes, balcony doors, telephone, en suite bathroom and fans.
The deluxe rooms feature the standard room amenities and go ahead to feature superior furnishing, Air conditioning, large windows with the views of Kazinga Channel and they also have single, double and twin room configuration with King sized beds making them suitable for travelers on Uganda safaris and tours who would wish to maintain the view of the water.
The suites feature a more relaxed environment that has a living room filled with sofas that can be used for entertainment and relaxation. They also feature a minibar; fold up sofa bed, natural wooden doors and large windows with panoramic view of the channel waters.
On top of the rest, there lies the cottage. These are configured differently with the family cottages named the Rwenzori Cottage for the families traveling together on safari to Uganda not forgetting the Royal Cottage for the same purpose.
The more plush and top notch Queen’s cottage and the Presidential Cottage leave nothing out of range. Therefore the choice of which room to stay in at Mweya Safari Lodge would definitely be determined by your interest in the level of comfort and willingness to pay the required price.
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china southern airTransport is one of the essential components of tourism package and as thus is deemed to have a special consideration when discussing about the tourism sector and tourism experience in particular including the one experienced by travelers on safari in Uganda.
The China Southern Airline’s move to launch flights to Uganda can be considered as one of the prominent new dawns in the second half of 2015. The Southern Airlines is noted to have entered an arrangement with Kenyan Airways one of the carriers in the region that has been transporting passengers to and from the region including those on safaris to Uganda to intensify the number of flights to China which is the biggest economy in Asia.
The code sharing agreement between these two carriers will see twenty (20) flights be operated in a period of one week between Guangzhou and Nairobi route. Guangzhou which is noted to be the best city in commercial terms in whole of China presents a lucrative point for the route to flourish.
This arrangement will see its start on 5th August flying every Monday including Wednesday and Friday. The nonstop Nairobi – Guangzhou flight services will mark the second service of its stature on the African continent.
The China’s Southern Airline Vice President in charge of Marketing Wells Zheng notes that the strategic position of Uganda and Kenya in Africa presents a rich attractive ground for the airline to grow its clientele base. The growing number of Chinese business people in Africa not forgetting the expatriates presents an ideal ground for the carrier operations.
The Chinese also are increasingly gaining interest in the leisure travel including undertaking safaris in Uganda. The popularity of Uganda as a gorilla safari destination along with impressive culture, wildlife and scenery combine to draw the attention of the Chinese to the region. This in turn attracts the operation of major airlines like China Southern Air lines which end up launching flights to Uganda. The China’ s Southern Airlines move comes in at a time when Etihad Airways a United Arab Emirates based carrier vowed to increase its capacity on its routes to the far east from Entebbe International Airport.
For the previous six (6) years, China has rose to become the largest trading partner for Africa and the trade volumes between these two regions have increased expeditiously to an excess of $221.8billion a year. The officials at Uganda Civil Aviation Authority welcomes the move and attribute it to the country’s move to oil production while the Southern Airline officials note that people are being attracted by the tourism opportunities in the country. The figure of 3 million passengers is recorded to have traveled to Africa from China for tourism purposes including Uganda safaris.
The Chinese tourists that undertook outbound travel were given at 98million in 2013 which was an 18% increase in the 2012 figure. With this, it can be concluded that the launch of the China Southern Airline into Uganda is an opportunity that need to be fully tapped for the benefit of Uganda’s tourism industry.
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Lake mburo a story of two brothers – Uganda safari news

Lake-Mburo-marketBy the time you decide to drive four (4) and a half hours west of Kampala, you are surely looking for something that cannot be offered in the heart of Uganda’s Capital City. I guess you just want to see a few stripes of black and white, some crocodiles and a large number of hippopotamuses (I love that word) compacted in Uganda’s smallest area of a Savanna National Park. And now here you are, arriving at the Sanga gate of Lake Mburo National Park, there and then you hear the “whispers of the wild”; the climax to your Safari in Uganda has just started. I won’t let you go in without hearing this story.
Long time ago there lived two (2) brothers called Mburo and Kigarama who both reared their own long horned cattle migrating within the grassy paddocks of this area. One night as Kigarama was in his sleep, he dreamt of a sudden water outpouring that was going to flood the land which he and his brother called home. Kigarama thought this to be a caution from the gods of a calamity that was to befall the land.
In the morning, he narrated the dream to his brother Mburo and suggested that they migrated before the disastrous floods came. However Mburo saw no sense in his brother’s story and just went on with his daily duties. Kigarama however quickly left the fertile grasslands with his property and moved to a nearby isolated hill.
It was not too long until the floods began to swallow the area. Mburo and his property were covered in the water while Kigarama and his property survived on top of the hill. The water increased in quantity and formed a lake which the succeeding generations chose to name after the man it had swallowed, “Mburo”. The floods also formed a series of other swamps which have attracted a number of animal and bird species over the years, many including antelopes, shoe-bills and baboons, which can be seen on the long awaited Uganda Safari to Lake Mburo National Park.
The nearby hill where Kigarama hid from the floods was also named after him and will also be viewed as part of the safari and tour package to Uganda’s western park which got its name from Lake Mburo.
Even at the time of gazetting Lake Mburo National park in 1983, the Obote government chose to maintain the Lake’s legendary name which until present tells a recurrent story of a man who failed to heed to his brother’s advice. Fortunately, today Mburo’s involuntary sacrifice echoes loudly in the abundance of life that surrounds his lake therefore supporting successful tours and Safaris in Uganda. Now that you know where the park’s name originates from, I can let you enjoy your Safari. Bon Voyage!
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Thursday, 25 June 2015

Kampala’s Most Luxurious Hotel-Speke Resort Munyonyo-Uganda Safari News

SPEKE RESORT MUNYONYO - ugandaSpeke Resort Munyonyo is a luxurious hotel located just 12 kms from the Uganda’s Capital City Kampala. The super modern hotel was constructed to accommodate the group of Prime Ministers and Presidents who were on Uganda safaris to attend the 2007 Commonwealth Conference (CHOGM) in Kampala-Uganda. Conveniently located in the shores of Lake Victoria, the hotel offers visitors on safari tour to Uganda a wide choice of luxurious accommodation that conveniently suits individual’s travellers, Married couples, families or groups on long or short Uganda Safaris tour.
In addition to one bedroom, two bedroom apartments, studio rooms and cottages, the Resort hotel consists of fifty-nine (59) Presidential suites with a unique blind of traditional Ugandan d├ęcor as well as ultramodern furnishings.
Speke Resort & Conference Center Munyonyo also provides 10 state-of-the-art conference rooms including a 1,000-seat ballroom and 9 multi-functional meeting rooms that accommodate groups of 10-300 individuals. Therefore if you are business traveler on safaris in Uganda looking for the best hotel to hold your international or local business meeting, then Speke Resort Munyonyo is the only hotel to contact.
The Resort hotel offers a number of amenities & facilities that are free to be used by the visitors staying in the hotel. Among the unique facilities offered include Swimming pool (Olympic size), Equestrian Center, Business Center, Boat hire, 24 Laundry services, Grocery shop and Secure Parking, functions like parties & weddings, Free Internet Access, Satellite TV, Telephone ,Bar, and restaurant which serves both Local and international drinks and so on.
The world class hotel offers arrange of activities such as water sports, Gymnasium, Swimming Pool as well as Horse Riding. All these can be explored by visitors on Uganda safaris while staying in the hotel. For bird lovers, the hotel is perfect place because you can enjoy the views and sights of different bird species with in the hotel gardens and the surrounding environ. Speke Resort's exclusive setting and outstanding service and cuisine are the most engrossing complements for a magical storybook wedding or special event and the best/finest hotel for your luxury Uganda safari.
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Apoka safari lodge; luxury in the true African wilderness– Uganda safari news

apoka_safari_lodgeOur decision to get on board a Safari often means that we want to experience something beyond the usual, and to cool off the weight of the stress that our daily routine tends to pile on our shoulders. Our holidays are a time to enjoy the fruits of the tedious days of work that form the bigger part of our year. We invest a lot in our holidays and we should therefore enjoy an equally high quality experience. This experience should never fall below this bar.
With the mind and heart of the traveler as the source of inspiration for crafting customized extraordinary services; a Lodge in the heart of Uganda’s lonely Kidepo Valley National Park continues to excellently provide accommodations for guests. Apoka Safari Lodge is undeniably the finest luxury accommodation lodge for visitors on Uganda tours and Safaris to Kidepo; a national park in the country’s northeastern corner.
Majestically engraved in a rock outcrop Apoka Safari lodge is the best spot to stretch your limbs out wide, rest your head, enjoy delicious meals or simply have a frigid revitalizing soft drink, not forgetting the fine views of the gold-green savanna plains that stretch continually, filled with African wild game including the majestic lions, spotted leopards, huge ostriches, towering giraffes and the gigantic elephants.
The beauty of this lodge’s ambience will overcloud the love you had for the city. Here you will not miss anything in the city, because Apoka serves you to modern city amenities juxtaposed with traditional pleasantness. The mega-sized beds in Apoka’s ten (10) rooms, the woolen floorings, the huge soft towels, modern toilet facilities and the skillfully molded furniture, not forgetting the skillful and friendly members of staff, are just a few things that you should not be surprised to see while on your Kidepo Safari in Uganda.
The lodge offers ample room for guests to lounge, read a magazine or simply find a quiet place to peruse through the pages of the best book on your kindle. I won’t forget to mention the massive swimming pool which was artistically dug into the adjacent rock outcrop. With its deep and cool waters, even the least skillful of swimmers will be attracted to just step in, to cool off from the regular heat in this semi-arid region of Uganda.
Apoka’s only recurrently committed sin is to offer high-class comfort to her visitors; I hope you can forgive her for that. The lodge attracts all tourists to “Come and drink in the view, Come and feel the lion’s roar in your chest, Come and stay a while”. Why look further when seeking a topnotch lodge to enjoy a sweet dream in the center of Africa’s prime Safaris and Tours destination. Apoka Safari Lodge is the comprehensive package!
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The arcadia cottages mburo – Uganda safari news

arcadia-cottages-ugandaAccommodation is listed among the major elements of a tourism package. Therefore taking a safari to Uganda requires a right choice of the accommodation that would make your stay in the country memorable.
Arcadia Cottages Mburo is positioned in the Uganda safari destination of Lake Mburo National Park in the south west of Uganda providing midrange / standard accommodation to the travelers on safaris in Uganda. The lodge is perched at a stone slow distance from Lake Mburo of which the park is named, Arcadia Cottages enjoys a fresh breath and cool air from this lake which is fully positioned within the park boundaries filled with the gigantic Hippopotamus, Crocodiles and counts of birds including the African fin foot and the beautiful African fish eagle.
The lodge is 2km drive distance from Rwonyo which in the tourism center of the park and most of the activities start from there including the nature walks, game drives and a close point for the launch trips on the leak just below it.
Accommodation at Arcadia Cottages Mburo is offered in eight cottages that are self-contained which are aligned around a central lodge building where the travelers in a safari in Uganda settle to enjoy the thrilling dishes in the impressively set restaurant. The open fire in the evening presents an ideal ground to sip a sundowner overlooking the impressive savannah woodland inhabited by counts of Impala, warthogs and the Hippos that tend to move out of the lake in the evening.
The Arcadia Cottages Mburo is part of the Arcadia cottages which are in various tourist destinations in Uganda including the Arcadia Cottages Bunyonyi. They offer standard service with remarkable quality to ensure a memorable stay for any traveler undertaking a Uganda safari. The Prices are affordable and the value for it is guaranteed.
Lake Mburo National Park boasts of the Impala Antelope in the whole of Uganda, the large counts of Burcell’s Zebra, being among the three protected areas with Eland antelope in Uganda besides other remarkable wildlife like Topis, Wart hogs, Buffaloes, Bushbucks among others. The Lions are speculated to make occasional visits in the park and with the introduction of Rothschild Giraffes, Mburo National Park would be by no means ordinary and as thus worthy encountering on Uganda safaris and tours. Exploring th bety would be much more delightful when you choose Arcadia cottages Mburo if traveling Midrange/standard safari plan.
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