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namugongoNamugongo Martyrs Shrine is by no means an ordinary Uganda safari destination. It is re-known as an execution ground of Uganda Christian converts who lost their lives at the hands of Kabaka Mwanga of Buganda. After their canonization as saints by the pope in 1966, the shrine has since a great religious significance that on every 3rd June, a large pull of Christians from across the world approach the site for pilgrimage which at times increases safaris to Uganda.
Unfortunately, the Namugongo Martyrs Shrine has lagged behind its tourism potential for the facilities at the site and the products themselves are not developed to tap the opportunity from the visiting pilgrims. This has made the site to generate less from those who visit while on safari in Uganda.
Happily to mention is that the efforts to uplift the site have been kicked off with government partnering with the church to achieve this. The Uganda’s Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi is the lead in this move and the mobilization for UGX 36billion was kicked off by the President Museveni at the Kampala Serena Hotel. This comes at a time when the country is expecting to host Pope Francis in celebration of 50 years since the massacred converts were declared saints in 1966. This celebration is estimated to attract many pilgrims to undertake safari to Uganda.
The efforts are directed at increasing facilities at the site and develop products that can always be encountered on Uganda safaris.
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By Siima Simon Peter

Friday, 29 August 2014


uganda safarisBusoga is one of the traditional regions of Uganda heavily occupied by the Basoga Bantu ethnic who are primarily farmers. The largest town in Busoga is Jinja which is also among the big towns in Uganda usually encountered by those undertaking safaris in Uganda.
Busoga is gifted by a range of natural attractions alongside the cultural heritage of the indigenous people. It is worth mentioning that Busoga is the source of the longest River in the World that perplexed the quests of early explorers like Speke, Grant and Baker who later paved way for many Europeans to undertake safaris to Uganda.
Busoga has a range of rocks some of which are strong impermeable rocks that have shaped the course of the Nile and the features that define it. These have led to the formation of waterfalls like Owen Falls and Bujagali falls  that were utilized to establish mass power plants to supply the country with power an attraction in its self, the overhanging cliffs form the ground for adventurous Uganda safari activities like Bungee jumping. The rapids are great encounters to do water rafting while other activities include kayaking and the great boat cruise to the source of the Nile to witness Nile waters as they make their 90 days journey to the Mediterranean Sea. All these attractions and activities have made Jinja and Busoga in general a fancy of many travellers undertaking safaris in Uganda as many encounter it on their start of their gorilla safaris Chimpanzee trekking safaris in Uganda.
It is from this background that the Basoga spearheaded by their leader Rabecca Kadaga who is also the Speaker of the Parliament of Uganda are crying for the government to construct an Airport in the region to facilitate easy transfer and connection of Uganda safari undertakers to the region citing that surface travel makes the travellers tied and they tend to desist from it.
This comes ahead of the November 13, Jinja Nile Adventure where a lot of activities will be participated in including white water rafting and boat races in order  to raise money for the rehabilitation of Walukuba Health Center under the umbrella of Tourism Cares Initiative as noted by Uganda Tourism Board.
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Thursday, 28 August 2014


ugandaUganda is one of the Africa’s prime safari destinations which prompt many travellers to undertake safaris to Uganda. It is very rich in tourism products ranging from nature to cultural products which have set a good ground for various tourist activities like gorilla trekking, wildlife safaris, Chimpanzee trekking among other activities. This in turn enables it to earn a lot in terms of foreign exchange.
Uganda’s economy has been deriving its export earnings from the remittances of workers backed by coffee. However, this has been brought down by the tourism sector which has emerged as number one foreign exchange earner bringing $1.4bn in the year 2013/2014 according to the monetary policy statement released by the Central Bank.  This is a great pull from the last year’s figure of $1.1bn.
This kind of performance has been attributed to the positive and shining publicity that has transpired in the international travel catalogues including Lonely planet - the famous online travel magazine that identified Uganda as number one destination for 2012 citing wonders like the source of the Nile, meeting point for West African Jungle and the East African Savannah, snowcapped mountains of Rwenzori, the endangered mountain gorillas and a conclusive remark that Uganda summarizes all Africa tourism attractions – something that have contributed to increase in safaris to Uganda.
Uganda is considered a great destination for birders with about 1,058 species of birds equaling to 11% of the world’s birds and half of Africa bird species. This always lures birders and bird lovers on safari in Uganda into a memorable safari encounter.
The increased safaris to Uganda meant increase in revenue and foreign exchange generated thus explaining the rise of tourism sector as the top forex earner for the country in 2013/2014.
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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Gorilla trekking activity in Uganda and Rwanda-Gorilla safaris

gorilla safaris in ugandaGorilla tracking is the most exciting activity that is enjoyed by tourists while on their safaris in Uganda and Rwanda. Gorilla trekking is done in different National Parks like Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in Uganda and in Rwanda it is done in Volcanoes National Park. This is an activity that always leaves tourists with memories of their safari visit in Uganda and Rwanda.
Gorilla permits are booked by your tour agent that you book a safari through. You then get ready for the activity as you start your safari in Uganda and Rwanda. On your day of tracking you head to the park headquarters for briefing and also get a family of gorillas to track. You will then head to the forest with the park rangers who help search for you the assigned family of gorillas and chase away the dangerous animals. Hiking the forest is a difficult exercise that needs you to be energetic but porters are always there to support you on an affordable price.
After reaching the gorillas the difficult time that you passed through is always forgotten. You will have an hour with the gorillas as you see how they eat, play, communicate, walk and also have their photo shoots to show your friends back in the country and also have memories of the gorillas. You will always have a nice gorilla tracking safari in Uganda and Rwanda as you see different families of gorillas and enjoy the unique experience.
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Enjoy the best safaris in Uganda- Uganda safaris News

birding safarisUganda is the best country that gives tourists the best safari visits. The country gives tourists on Uganda safari tours the priority to enjoy birding safaris where you will visit different birding Islands and birding sites, wildlife safaris as you visit National Parks, cultural safaris where you will visit kasubi tombs, kabaka’s palace and many others, fishing safaris where you will go to fishing grounds, gorilla safaris, city tours, jinja tours, adventure safaris, hiking safaris and so many others. These can all be organized in Uganda according to the interest of the tourists therefore having the best time in Uganda and having the best memorable safari.
Uganda safaris can take as many days as you may need since there are a lot of wildlife attractions that you can watch while on your safari in Uganda. Uganda is geographically located with a cool temperature, green vegetation and good wildlife that tourists can always view while on their safari visits. Your safari tour to Uganda is rewarding since it pays you a visit to the largest River in the world that is River Nile and also see its source, you will see Lake Victoria and also get to know much about them, you will visit different waterfalls, National Parks and historical sites.
The Uganda safari visit  will expose you to different wildlife animals like the gorillas, chimpanzees, buffaloes, hippos, giraffes, antelopes, cheetahs and so many others. There different activities that are carried out on a Uganda safari including sport fishing, gorilla tracking, chimpanzee tracking, cultural encounters, nature walks, participation in orphanage works, tracking tree climbing lions, boat cruise, game drives, hiking, white water rafting, swimming and so many others that make your safari in Uganda the best.
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Tuesday, 26 August 2014


gorilla trekkingMgahinga Gorilla National Park is positioned on the top of south western Uganda in the astonishing landscape of Virunga volcanoes. It hosts the peaks of the three volcanoes that adjoin others to for the Virunga ranges and these include; Mount Gahinga, Mount Sabyinyo and Mount Muhavura which are also an important attraction for those on Uganda safaris.
The hilly landscape is covered by the lush of green vegetation that has ensured the survival of wild gorillas for  many  centuries . These gorillas have been considered endangered by the world conservationists and thus requiring keen assistance to help them not to face the extinction. This led to gorilla habituation which eventually resulted into gorilla trekking activity so as to act as an alternative for income generation and in turn ensure their survival. In Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, there is one gorilla family called Nyakagyezi which has 10 members and one silverback named Mark. This group is always encountered by travellers undertaking safaris in Uganda as an alternative to the gorilla tracking in the adjacent Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. This wild gorilla family has a tendency of crossing border to the adjacent Democratic republic of Congo though it tends to have settled.
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igongo cultural centerPositioned over 12km from Mbarara town the largest town in the sub region and over 272km from Kampala - the country’s capital, Igongo cultural center is a paradise for heritage of South Western Uganda that is normally sought for while on safari in Uganda.

Being located on a perfect highway that connects Kampala to the Uganda safari destinations of south western Uganda like Bwindi Impenetrable and Mgahinga known for gorilla trekking, Queen Elizabeth National Park and Lake Bunyonyi, Igongo cultural center is a great stop center for many travellers. They normally make a stop to have lunch at its famous Kahwa Kanuzire restaurant before transferring to their respective destinations.  Igongo is a home to Erijukiro Museum where the collections from all cultures of South Western Uganda are showcased, some of which include amazing works of art like the sculpture of Muguta ya Butaho – a famous traditional warrior and Mayenje g’ Ishinjo – a famous ancient cow; splendid gardens and a cultural village all which combine to generate ultimate safari memories to those on Uganda safari. The Inauguration of the 1520AD eclipse monument is a land mark to celebrate. This historical phenomenon happened during the ancient times and Biharwe – Igongo was the site of this great eclipse. The opening of Igongo Country Hotel is great opportunity to Uganda’s tourism as it would increase the bed number and more importantly provide an overnight stay en route to Kampala. All this would definitely increase safaris to Uganda.
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Monday, 25 August 2014


Lake-Kivulake kivu is Situated in the west of Rwanda, it is by no means an ordinary Rwanda safari destination. Lake Kivu is one of the prominent lakes in the great Lakes region with several islands, bays and peninsular that always astonishes travellers undertaking safaris in Rwanda.
There are two encounters through which one can encounter Lake Kivu. These include; Rubavu destination and Karongi destination. These two centers contain a range of tourist products that those planning safaris to Rwanda should include on their list.
In Rubavu destination, one can encounter serene beaches suitable for swimming, boat riding, sun bathing and a range of water sports such as kayaking. One can also extend to see the Nyamyumba Hot springs, Methane Gas to Electricity plant, the residence of Bishop Bigirumwami, Bralirwa and Nengo cemetery – the First World War graves.
Karongi destination usually defined by its counts of 16 islands where 5 are around Kibuye such as Napoleon island, Amahoro island, Mpembe island and peninsulas like Nyakarwa peninsular and Mpembe peninsula. Others like crystal clear water and rocky beaches are among the products that always leave Rwanda safari undertakers astonished. The extension to Bisesero Memorial, Kibuye power plant, Kigarama Children Village , Ndaba waterfalls, Kadasomwa River Bridge and Ikigabiro.
A combination of the above makes  Lake Kivu basin a favorite destination to encounter on Rwanda safaris.
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cultural tourismThe governor of the Bungoma area – Kenneth Lusaka and the governor of the Trans Nzoia area – Patrick Khaemba attended the launch of the Imbalu festival, one of the famous Uganda safari products. These hail from the neighboring Bukusu community of Kenya who are believed to be the brothers of the Bagisu people of Uganda.
The Imbalu ceremony is a historical event that marks the transition of a male person from childhood to adulthood. This year’s imbalu ceremony took place at Mutoto grounds in Bulambuli district and it is believed to have pulled crowds to undertake safaris to Uganda most of which were domestic tourists.
The two Kenyan governors were accompanied by a team of Bagisu elders, officials from the Ministry of Culture and soothsayers with the sole aim of learning how the Imbalu ceremony can be developed as a tourism product in their land since it has proven to be among the Uganda safari products in the country so far.
The imbalu involves a lot of dancing, rituals and practices which appear to be interesting thus worth attending while on safari in Uganda.
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Friday, 22 August 2014


Unlike other sectors like Oil and Gas where the income generated can be confined in the hands of the few individuals, the tourism sector is far beyond in terms of trickledown effect. Uganda is a diverse country with different sectors that back up her economy including agriculture, mining, manufacturing and tourism that is considered in terms of Uganda safaris. The issue of the trickledown effect is considered in terms of how money flows down the chain up to the local person on ground and it is with in the tourism sector that travellers undertaking safaris in Uganda have to pay for the accommodation and meals of which the raw materials have to be purchased from the local communities thus allowing many pole to share on the tourist expenditure.
This has been evidenced at the recent launched Imbalu ceremony among the Bagisu of Eastern Uganda where various foods and beverages that are locally produced were sold in large quantities, hotels and other accommodation units were filled up to teeth while the transport operators including the local boda bodas and the bus companies gained a lot from those who wanted to visit the festival as part of their activities while on safari in Uganda.
In addition, cultural Uganda safaris were heavily acknowledged to have a role to play towards poverty eradication. Eradicating poverty is considered to be a key for cultural preservation otherwise people will abandon their cultures in search for survival. Therefore, it can be argued that developing culture products for tourism would increase safaris to Uganda and contribute to poverty eradication.
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Uganda is a prime safari destination with attractions and tourist activities scattered all over the country, which are sometimes too distant for Uganda safari undertakers. Some of these activities include gorilla trekking in Bwindi and Mgahinga, wildlife safaris in Murchison, Queen Elizabeth, Kidepo and Lake Mburo National Park, Chimpanzee trekking in Kibale, Budongo and Kyambura, Mountain hiking in Mount Elgon and Rwenzori.
These attractions and activities can be easily reached to while on safaris in Uganda through the use of charter flight services. Uganda is fortunate to have a number of airline companies operating air charter services to these destinations and they are based at Entebbe airport or Kajjansi airfield. These include; Kampala Executive Aviation, Eagle air Limited, Ndege Juu Ya Afrika, Air Serv Limited, Aero Link, Fly Uganda and Asante Aviation. These offer a wide range of services apart from transporting those on safari in Uganda. They engage in Medical evacuation, cargo handling and Aerial Uganda safaris.
Some companies like aero link operated daily flights to these destinations while others are available on demand. Most of them operate Cessna Grand Caravans which are well designed and filled by courteous cabin staff to make your safari in Uganda memorable. Therefore with the availability of these services, it implies that every person willing to undertake safari to Uganda whether he is too old or disabled to manage the surface transfer, the charter flights are always available at relatively reduced prices to transfer him or her to the desired Uganda safari destination.
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Gorillas in Uganda – Gorilla safaris

gorillasUganda and Rwanda are the countries blessed to have gorillas and tourists always find it interesting to carry out gorilla tracking in Uganda and Rwanda. Gorillas are the most attracting animals that tourists always want to track while on their safaris in Uganda and Rwanda. This has therefore boosted tourism in Rwanda and Uganda as the number of tourists has increased over years.

Gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda are so interesting therefore tourists like visiting them. While gorilla tracking in Uganda and Rwanda, tourists are helped by the park rangers who scare away wild animals and tourists way to the specify family of gorilla assigned to track. They usually spend one hour with the gorillas as they get to see how they eat, play, communicate, walk and some of their daily activities. Tourists are also allowed to have photo shoots of the gorillas using a zoom lens camera, this helps them to have memories of their safari in Uganda and Rwanda and also show their friends back in the country.
Gorillas are wild animals therefore do not need to be disrupted since they may cause harm. Tourists are always briefed at the park headquarters before going to track. This helps them to get the rules and regulation while in the forest with the gorillas however the park rangers are always there to guide you while in the forest so as to enjoy a great safari while in Uganda and Rwanda.
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bamasabaThe Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) has partnered with Bulambuli District – the district responsible for arranging this year’s ceremony with a purpose of making this Imbalu ceremony colorful so as to increase safaris to Uganda.
This Imbalu ceremony is a traditional Bamasaaba practice in which males undergo circumcision in the process of transiting to adulthood. This practice is mandatory among the Bamasaaba and the absconders are hunted and circumcised involuntarily. It is a very memorable event across the eastern region especially in areas occupied by the Bagisu as it involves a lot of dancing – Kadodi their famous dance and other great feasts. The event occurs every 2 years in the leap years and looks interesting to encounter on Uganda safari.
This year’s function will be held at Mutoto Grounds on 19th August 2014 in Mbale District. Fortunately, this Uganda safari offer comes at the exact momentous epoch when the Uganda Tourism Board is strengthening its efforts to develop domestic tourism with regional clusters being the core. This was cleared in the preparatory meeting between these two parties earlier on 29th -30th July where the UTB’s position was emphasized in developing Imbalu to complement other attractions in the region such as Mount Elgon, bull fighting, Agro tourism, Wanale hill, Sipi falls among others which will create a diverse encounters for those undertaking safaris in Uganda.
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lakelake Mutanda is Situated in Kisoro District in south western Uganda, its  one of those rewarding encounters that you will ever have on Uganda safari. This magnificent lake is over 20km north of Kisoro town and lies on the geographical coordinates of 01 14 06 South, 29 40 12East.
The lava dammed lake is positioned on the foothills of Virunga volcanoes overlooking the three Ugandan ranges of Muhabura, Gahinga and Sabyinyo. lake Mutanda has several islands that give in impressive views that are quite stunning to be encountered while undertaking safaris in Uganda.  This magnificent lake is drained by River Rutshuru that flows northwards into Lake Edward. The adjacent tracts of the tropical rainforests are the ancient dwellings of prehistoric species including the endangered mountain gorillas that have favored gorilla tracking activity in the area.
Additionally, Lake Mutanda is an ideal habitat for a range of birds like the grey crowned crane, kingfisher, kites among others; plant species and fauna which combine to make one’s Uganda safari tour to  memorable. Other species available include; Chameleon, snakes, frogs and monitor lizards.
There are a range of tourist activities that one can do while on a Uganda safari visit including; hiking, fishing, Canoe riding, mountain biking and scenic viewing.
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chimpsMost Uganda safari undertakers are used to chimpanzee trekking activity that involves one hour face to face interaction with these close to human species. This is well with time constrained travellers who also want to encounter other activities like gorilla tracking .
However, some travellers have some good time at their disposal that can allow them to undertake a whole day chimpanzee habituation experience. This is an amazing activity that commences off early before dawn in the company of the ranger guide to head into the forest to catch up with chimpanzees leaving their nests. The activity is by no means easy encounter but can be regarded as an adventure since it involves spending the whole day in the wilderness as you depart with your breakfast and lunch to sustain you throughout the day.
Gazing at Chimpanzees as they disintegrate their previous night’s nests, setting off for feeding on the beautiful and nutritious fruits amidst their sounds, playful young chimps and finally watching them as they put up new nests for sleeping is such amazing safari activity that will fill your memory, generate for you countless photos in your camera thus prompting you not to leave it out while planning your safari to Uganda. This chimpanzee habituation activity is best done in March, April, May and November when the traffic is low.
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lionsThe conversational speculations and the safari news have soaked the move of the Akagera National park’s management to re-introduce lions from the sister state of Kenya; something that everybody was cherishing that it would result into increased safaris to Rwanda.

The manager of Akagera National park had earlier noted that the attempts to achieve this are nearly bearing fruits thus they are preparing to receive these great species that are highly sought for on Rwanda safaris.
However, this has been turned down by the Kenya conservation Authority (Kenya Wildlife services) as noted by its Director William Kiprono. He noted that Rwanda has just made a request and the matter is still being contemplated upon at the highest government levels. He made these remarks at the celebration of world Elephant Day in Voi.
Additionally, the request is still being criticized the conservation bodies in Kenya which claim the issues that caused lion extinction in Rwanda have not been sufficiently addressed.
Kiprono further noted that the export of any wildlife species in Kenya is not an easy exercise as it is subject to president’s approval and consensus of several line ministries.
The re-introduction of Lions in Rwanda would enhance the products that travellers always enjoy while on safari in Rwanda thus complementing the traditional gorilla trekking safaris, chimpanzee trekking safaris and the existing wildlife safaris.
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Empaako explosion; a move to strengthen tourism in fortportal region – uganda safari news:

chimpanzeeFort portal region is one of  Uganda safari destinations that will always leave the travelers mesmerized. It is the primate capital of the world  - Kibale National Park famously known for Chimpanzee trekking and habituation experience plus bird watching safaris; Bigodi wetland sanctuary famously known for bird watching safaris and cultural encounters; the Ndali – Kasenda crater area famously known for sightseeing; Amabere g’ Nyinamwiru caves, the Karambi royal tombs where the Kings of Tooro lay in rest, the palace of the King of Tooro Kingdom and the splendid Fort portal town without forgetting the overlooking magical views of the mystical mountains of the moon – the Rwenzori mountains. A combination of these makes Fort portal area a hot spot for every traveller undertaking safari in Uganda.

Therefore, it is from this regard that the Uganda Tourism Board in partnership with Uganda Tourism Association are arranging a tour operators’ and general stake holders’ encounter on 23rd and 24th August, 2014 to Fort portal titled empako explosion with an aim of building  awareness about the attractions in the area with emphasis on culture, birding including adventure.
With this move, several strategies will be generated on how to tap the products in the area to increase safaris to Uganda and incorporating them on the tourist packages such that they can also receive a share of travellers on Uganda safari.
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rwanda safarisThe Minister of Trade and Industry, Francois Kanimba asserted that the 2017 Rwanda Expo will take place at Kagarama in Kicukiro district. He made these remarks while closing the Gikondo Expo an International Trade fair that pulled a range of participators among which were Rwanda safari undertakers.
The move to host the 2017 Expo at Kagarama is designed to allow a great number of exhibitors to participate in the Expo since a standard ground will be setup on 18 – hectare of land for this cause. The visibility studies have already commenced and the construction is anticipated to have ended by 2017. This means that a range of products will be showcased thus availing various options of things to encounter while on safari in Rwanda.
It has been noted that Rwanda International Trade fair is one of those notable  trade fairs that pull both International and national exhibitors to showcase their products. However, most of them have always been turned away due to limited space; something that can be seen to be hampering the increase of safaris to Rwanda.
The Gikondo Expo attracted exhibitors from various backgrounds of commerce including; agriculture, Information technology, Construction, Tourism among others.
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Wednesday, 13 August 2014


gorilla trekkingBwindi impenetrable National park is one of the gifted parks that one would always wish to encounter on Uganda safari. Bwindi is famously known for its gorilla tracking activity which takes place in its four main regions namely; Rushaga, Buhoma, Ruhija and Nkuringo.
Bwindi Impenetrable national park contains a half of the population of worlds endangered mountain gorillas leaving a few to the adjacent gorilla safari parks of Mgahinga in Uganda, Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda – famous on Rwanda safari and Virunga National Park in the Democratic republic of Congo. It contains twelve (12) habituated gorilla families of which eleven (11) are designated for gorilla trekking while undertaking a safari in Uganda.
Habinyanja gorilla family is found in Buhoma area in the northern part of Bwindi and was habituated for tracking by travellers on gorilla safari in 1997 and the first encounter with humans was in 1999. It has been having 18 members with two silver backs but now its great news to hear that a new born baby has been added to the family. Thanks to the conservation efforts backed by facilitation gathered through organizing gorilla tracking activity which has ensured the safety of these gorillas leading to their increase in number. This sends a good signal for sustainability and long term gorilla safaris to Uganda.
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vetsDr. Gladys Kalema Zikusooka, the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Conservation through Public Health (CTPH) have been recognized as the most Influential woman in the area of Medical and Veterinary in East Africa accruing from her efforts in conserving wild gorillas.

CTPH is an organization in the gorilla tracking destination of Bwindi whose sole interest is to work towards the conservation of Mountain gorillas through empowering the health of the community and the other livestock. It is a broader approach to conservation of the endangered wild gorillas that are always sought for on Uganda gorilla safaris.
Gladys Kalema received this on Saturday at the CEO communications dinner at Hilton Hotel – Kenya. This is meant to recognize the significant effort that women have in the societal transformation. Since its inception in 2000, the CEO communications has enhanced initiatives to applaud women and it has evolved in to a prominent for women. This intends to uplift women across African continent, recognizing and celebrating their achievements regarding their positive effect on the continent.
The Ugandan born, Dr. Gladys is re-known for starting the CTPH that aims ensuring the health of wild gorillas suitable for gorilla trekking and also the lives of the community surrounding their habitat. This in turn makes the lives of the surrounding communities better, reducing their dependence on the gazette area thus ensuring the survival of the endangered mountain gorilla and eventually gorilla safaris in Uganda.
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After partnering with Uganda Tourism Board, the Kampala Arts Trust’s idea of organizing a visual art exhibition started smelling the scents of success as a big function that would not only suit the interests of the exhibitors but also promote the country image so as to enhance safaris in Uganda. With its commencement on August 1, 2014, the art festival has pulled a multitude of artists including; sculptors, painters, and photographers from over 16 African countries. This has opened an opportunity to view art in different forms and backgrounds thus a great Uganda safari product for artists and art lovers.
According to Elizabeth Mbabazi, one of the organizers of this event, she asserted that art biennale is a famous event in continents like Europe and has had an influence in west African states like Senegal therefore Uganda having the opportunity to host such a thing is a great encounter that is historical and tourism players can capitalize on it to increase safaris to Uganda.
The art takes one back to history inspiring the nostalgia and the blend of the background music makes it astonishing to attend thus diversifying the Uganda safari products in addition to gorilla safaris. The art lovers like South African Musician Senzo Shabangu also acknowledged the festival. Due to this initiative, Makerere University Art gallery and Nommo gallery have joined the celebrations to exhibit their art thus can also be visited during this month long art biennale while on safari in Uganda.
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uganda  toursAfrican Travel Association (ATA) and the Ministry of Tourism Wildlife and Antiquities are to collaborate and launch a road show in North America intending to entice North Americans to plan safaris to Uganda.The African Travel Association expressed that a high caliber tourism entourage from the Uganda’s Ministry of tourism under the umbrella of the Tourism Minister Maria Mutagamba is meant to involve itself in North America promotional road show making stops in cities of Los Angeles, Washington DC, Atlanta, New york and Toronto in Canada at the beginning of September. This is a portion of the promotions for 39th ATA annual World congress that will take place from 11 – 16, November 2014 in Kampala Uganda which will directly or indirectly increase safaris in Uganda.

The purpose of this Road show is to structure business connections and affiliations between Ugandan tourism industry players and American tour operators and travel agents. This would in turn shape a brighter future as the travellers will be prompted to buy Uganda safari packages such as  gorilla safari.
The schedule for this attempt is as follows; 6:00 pm September 2nd in Los Angeles, 6:00 pm September 3rd Atlanta, 6:00 pm September 4th in Washington, D.C., 6:00 pm September 8th New York and 6:00 pm September 10th in Toronto. There will be an evening networking reception in every stop city hosted by African Travel Association and local tour operators in order to publicize the 39th Annual World Congress and the destination Uganda in particular. On similar occasions, Brussels Airlines which have been identified as the official Airline of this congress will issue out tickets to be won by those in attendance. This initiative is predicted to publicize the safari destination of Uganda in the region of North America and eventually leading to increased Uganda safaris.
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