Monday, 23 June 2014

Elephants in Uganda-Uganda safari News

elephantsElephants are among the big five animals which attract safaris to Uganda and are found in different National Parks.  These have two species including the Asian elephant and African elephant s. The African/savannah elephants are found in Murchison falls National Park and Queen Elizabeth National Park so tourists on Uganda safaris can see these animals when they visit the park. Elephants are found in the areas of savannah, desert, marshes and forests and they like staying where water is available.
Elephants are normally identified by their long trunks which are used for breathing, lifting water, search for grass, fruits so many others which helps them feed on all the food stuff they want hence having a good health and attract more safaris to Uganda, they have large ears which help in controlling their body temperature, they have incisors which serve as their weapons and the pillars help carry the elephants with their weight hence help in movement.
Elephants have different colors including grey, red and brown. The skin of the elephants has a bad experience whenever they are exposed to heat and therefore they always smear themselves with mud to cool the temperature. The elephants have their limbs vertically so as to top the elephants while walking. They can walk backwards and forward but however cannot jump. These are good animals and serve a unique experience to tourists while on their safaris in Uganda.
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Nature walks and hiking in Uganda-Uganda safari News

nature walkNature walks and hiking are other activities that tourists enjoy while on their Uganda safaris. This is carried out in different trails of different National Parks. While on these walks tourists are guided by the game rangers who help them travel to different parts of the park as they are telling them different history of the parks and the different trails. Tourists carry out hiking as they are walking around the forests since some places are hilly and therefore just hiked.
Tourists on Uganda safari also get the chance to see different animals as they are carrying out the nature walks in the forests. These include the zebras, lions, buffaloes, birds and so many others. This is carried out on different trails like the sabinyo gorge Mgahinga National Park, kaniyo pabidi and Rabongo forest in Murchison Falls National Park and so many others. This helps tourists to also stretch their legs therefore having good experiences on their safaris in Uganda.
Nature walks is carried out in almost all National Parks of Uganda. This is also done while birding because it exposes tourists to different birds  that you may need to know therefore enjoying your Uganda safari. While on your Nature walks you will also meet different local people in different local communities that tourists can associate with and also get different information about how they live their lives. This will give you the good image about Uganda therefore attracting more safaris to Uganda.
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Saturday, 21 June 2014

Maramagambo Forest found in Uganda-Uganda safari News

maramagambo forestMaramagambo forest is located in the southern part of Queen Elizabeth National Park and is found in the Bushenyi part of Uganda and this attracts many safaris to Uganda. The name Maramagambo derives from the local tale where a number of people got lost from this forest as they failed to get the paths out for some good days. After finding their way out they reached the village and they were speechless which made a conclusion to the name Maramagambo which meant “end of words”.
Maramagambo forest has a lot of attractions that tourists on Uganda safaris watch which include the crater lakes like Nyamasingiri and Kyasanduka which enables the kayaking activity, mammals also attract tourists like the chimpanzees which enable tracking, monkeys, antelopes, elephants and others, there are birds like the pigeons, bat cave that give tourists on Uganda safari the chance to see the bats and pythons, Tourists also carryout guided walks and un guided walks through the forest as they see different attractions.
The bat caves in Maramagambo forest at one time were visited by a tourist who later died and it was said that it were the bats who spread the Marburg virus to her. This therefore reduced safaris to Uganda because the news had spread. The caves were then closed because of the incident. However later it was known that the bats were not the problem because they are many in Uganda and they always fly and interact with the local people but nothing like that report has come up therefore the bat cave is now visited by tourists while on their safaris in Uganda.
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Representatives from tourists have encouraged government to tighten security-Uganda safari News

tourThe terrorist attacks in Kenya have alerted Uganda to tighten its security so as to have comfortable safaris in Uganda so that tourists are ensured of their safety. This is because Kenya is near to Uganda and therefore terrorists in Kenya can easily branch to Uganda and also cause harm on people and tourists which may register a bad record to tourism in Uganda hence leading to less safaris to Uganda.
The Al-Shabab in Kenya is targeting the hotels where tourists always spend their nights while on their safaris   because they know that  hotels accomodate many people. The chairman of Association of Uganda Tour Operators has encouraged the government to set up much security on the roads and the hotels of Uganda which tourists on Uganda safaris use so as there are no terrorism threats in Uganda.
He also advised government to protect the hotels, lodges, and all accommodation places where the tourists sleep so as they are safe and the tourism sector in Uganda is also protected. This will ensure protection in Uganda therefore increasing more safaris to Uganda. The chairman of Uganda Tourism Association also encouraged the East African countries to merge together and fight the Al-Shabab and all terrorism acts in their countries so as to make these countries the best places to live in hence more safaris.
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Game rangers contributing in poaching activities-Uganda safari News

poachingThe park rangers in Uganda’s National Parks are among the people who participate in poaching activities therefore reducing the number of animals in the park hence leading to reduced safaris to Uganda. These kill animals like the elephants, buffaloes, gorillas, chimpanzees and so many others. However this act is being fought since it reduces Uganda safaris therefore a threat to the tourism sector in Uganda.
Game rangers assist the poachers to trap the animals in the forests and they are given bribes due to the reason that some are paid less salary and some not paid. They find this easy because they best know the weaknesses of each animal, where they feed from, what they feed on, where they gather from and therefore can easily get the knowledge of killing these animals.  This has therefore resulted into increased loss of animals hence reducing gorilla safaris to Uganda due to loss of wildlife animals.
The game rangers kill the animals using traps, poison and many ways. The poachers get meat from this, horns, ivory and also money as sell all these. However as they get all this and are happy, the tourism sector is just declining because the tourists find no reason to come for Uganda safari due lack of attractions . The Uganda Tourism Board is therefore working hard to arrest the game rangers and poachers as well who participate in this act so as to teach others a lesson and make sure poaching is no more so as to have more gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda and boost the tourism sector as well.
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Thursday, 19 June 2014


CRESTEDCrested crane is Uganda’s most beautiful bird which is represented in the national flag. The bird has very unique and beautiful characteristics which attracts safaris to Uganda.
The grey crowned crane has wings which are predominantly white with contain feathers having very many colours. The head of the crested crane is having a crown of firm golden feathers. The sides of the birds face s are white, with a bright red expandable throats pouch. Their bills are grey and short with legs that are long and black. The birds use their feet for balancing because they are large.
Their breeding is displayed in dancing, jumping and bowing. Dancing is an essential part of courtship. While dancing, both sexes are involved and even the immature birds join the adults. They make successful calls which involves rising of the red qular sac.
They are omnivores that feed on plants, seeds, grains, frogs, worms, insects, small fish eggs of aquatic wildlife among others. They also associate with herbivores animals as they grab preys disturbed by antelopes and gazelles. They spend their day time looking for food and night time sleeping. The birds attracts safaris to Uganda especially the bird lovers.
The birds face threats to its habitats due to drainage and overgrazing. The birds are seen in swampy places of the country and they can be seen in Murchison falls along the Nile at delta region.
Uganda safaris offer you the chance to see the beautiful birds which portrays Uganda’s humble culture and people.
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lakeKabaka Lake is the Uganda’s and perhaps one of Africa’s longest surviving man-made lakes. The lake has brought in many safaris to Uganda
The water body is at one of the royal place of kabaka, in Rubaga. The lake was built by Mwanga, the King of Buganda in 1886 to create a channel which was to take him to his palace in Lubiri and in Munyonyo.
Kabaka Mwanga II is one of the previous kings known in history for his ruthlessness. The king seeing that his people were disobeying and no longer respecting him decided to order for the arrest and killing of the young Christians who refused to denounce their faith he did this to scare his people form turning away from him. The killing of these young men who are now known as the Uganda Martyrs worldwide has led to increase in safari visits since Christians from all over the world comes to attend the masses held for the memory and perseverance of these young men.
The king is known for his ruthless and this has made people not to consider his good performances. The lake was one of  his greatest achievements and now the lake is attracting very many safari visits to Uganda and it is being use to host big events in the tourism industry which shows how great his lake is to the country and to the Buganda Kingdom the activities in the lake includes ferry for transporting passengers and giving tourists the experience of the lake, water sport activities plus other activities which provide tourists with the experience to take home hence attracting safaris in Uganda.
The man-made lake is very important as it accommodates various bird species and thus a birding spot for tourists. Various bird species can be seen flying from all over the lake. This beautiful lake is leading to increase in the number of safari tours.
Safaris in Uganda give you the chance to enjoy this beautiful man-made lake
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Monday, 16 June 2014


Makerere-UniversityMakerere University is the largest university in Uganda and the second oldest institution established in 1922 as a technical school, in 1963 it became the East African University and later 1970, and the university became a national university. The university is known of its good history and producing brilliant and knowledgable students and thus has attracted very many safari visits to Uganda.
The university as set a record in providing potential and capable leaders who lead East Africa in the post independent period and up to the present day. These leaders are, the Independent President of Uganda Milton Obote, the late president of Tanzania Julius Nyerere, the current President of democratic Republic of Congo Joseph Kabila among others. The brain behind the success of these presidents was Makerere University which makes it a center of attraction thus increasing the number of safaris in Uganda.
The university stands on one of the Kampala hill known as Makerere hill. On the hill Makerere looks very beautiful with good roads, accommodation and other facilities. The main building, the university's oldest building gives tourists the good view of Kampala city from the tower.
Makerere University have 9 halls of residents for students. The structure and design of these halls alone is amazing. Each hall of residence has its unique structure and designs and along that each has a logo that represents the halls. These logos tell you the history of the halls which is very interesting. The university has one of the biggest libraries in Uganda which has attracted a lot of tourists coming for research purposes and thus increasing safaris to Uganda.
Apart from its academic excellence, the university accommodate very many tree species which are habitats for birds and velvet monkeys. A lot of bird species can be seen around the university and the commonest ones include the Marabou storks, Hadada ibis among other bird species thus increasing safaris in Uganda.
Uganda safaris offer you the opportunity to visit this remarkable University and be part of the culture.


shoebill  The shoe bill also known as shoe billed stork is one of the Uganda’s rare bird species found in the wetland areas and thus attracts a lot of safaris to Uganda. This bird is a very large stork like bird and it derived its name from its massive shoe-shaped bill.
The birds’ true affiliations with other living birds are unclear and they are known to be humble. The unique characters of these birds attract very many safaris in Uganda.
The birds are known for their slow actions and tendency to stay still for long periods which make them look like statues. They birds are very sensitive towards the disturbance of humans and this can make them to abandon their nesting place. The birds feed in muddy waters and stays in swamps. The birds in addition feed on preys like water snakes, frogs, baby crocodiles, lung fish, and cat fish. These pre historic birds have attracted very many safari visits to Uganda.
The shoe billed stork lays two eggs per year which make them endangered. They do not nest in colonies because of their solitary nature. The birds are commonly seen in Murchison falls national park down the Nile, Ishasha Island in queen Elizabeth, and Mabamba wetland.
Uganda safaris provide tourists with the opportunity to see these pre historic birds along with other unique bird species. Uganda is a home for a half various part species and the best birding destination in Africa.


riverRiver Nile is Africa’s longest river and the second longest in the world. The river is an international river as it is being shared by eleven countries. The history of the River has attracted very many safari visits to Uganda.
The source of the river Nile was discovered by the early explorer and adventurer John Hanning Speke in 1858. The experience of the Nile provides tourists with an exciting experience to take home and thus increase in safari tours.
The Nile has formed waterfalls which are outstanding and have powerful waterfalls in nature for example the Murchison Falls, Ripon falls, and karuma falls. Along the Nile are various types of animals that can be seen.
Most activities done on the Nile includes bungee jumping and white water rafting.  These activities attract a lot of tourists to the destination and thus increasing safaris to Uganda.
Now the Nile is being seen as a source to raise money to create awareness for conservation.   According to Ms Carvell, the general manager Nile River Explorers, The three weeks expedition will enable her raise money and create awareness for the Uganda Conservation Fund.
 She added that the expedition will be a rare chance for the tourism and conservation fraternities to come jointly and highlight Uganda. According to her the mission will also highlight efforts by other valuable conservation organizations within Uganda.
Conservation in Uganda needs the focus of every stakeholder in order to come up with the best and successful strategies. Conservation will protect the natural resources on with tourism depends this will lead to increase in safaris in Uganda and benefit of all stakeholders.
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Saturday, 14 June 2014

Rwanda to attract Tourists during her Events-Rwanda safari News

ltaRwanda is among the good countries which have attracted many safaris and are developing their tourism sector. Rwanda has many attractions that tourists visit while on their Rwanda safaris but however today it is marketing its events that a taking place in the country in July. These are going to attract very may safaris in Rwanda hence boosting the economy of Rwanda.
Rwanda has the launch of the Rwanda’s gorilla naming. This is known as Kwita Izina and it is the tenth edition of the activity and this has attracted very many tourists coming for safaris to Rwanda. This will be on the 1st of July and these will attract many people from the different countries therefore marketing tourism in Rwanda hence more Rwanda safaris.
There will also be a Gorilla Conservation and Community exhibition and this will also attract more safaris to rwanda. There are very many activities that will be done like the launch of Basumba primary school and carrying out community activities like cleaning water reserves, health centers and so many others. This will therefore make tourists happy while on their Rwanda safari.

The new budget is not in favor of tourism-Uganda safari News

ugUganda had her new National budget 2014/2015 read yesterday. The tour operators and the Uganda Tourism Boards were however not happy with the Budget because it did not favor the tourism sector. This is so because higher taxes were imposed on the sites used by the tourists while on their safaris in Uganda therefore making tourism in Uganda expensive hence hindering more Uganda safaris.
The VAT of 18 percent on the accommodations where the tourists stay while on their Uganda safari. These include the hotels, lodges, camps, and tents near and within the National parks and tourists attractions where tourists stay and relax from while on their safaris in Uganda. There also been an increase in the price of fuel by 50 ugx. This is also going to increase the charges for transport of the tourists on Uganda safaris.
The changes of the taxes with an increase are therefore going to make safaris to Uganda expensive and this will make it hard for Uganda to compete with other countries that participate in the tourism sector. This is therefore going to reduce Uganda safaris therefore under develop the tourism sector hence making Uganda’s economy poor. This is so because in Uganda tourism is the major foreign exchange earner and considered as an invisible export.


gameUganda is the home for the big games of Africa. The tourism destination is blessed with ten national parks which have various types of wild animals and offers tourists’ diversity of choices to enrich their experiences and thus attracting a lot of safaris in Uganda.
The national parks are known for the number of wild games they accommodate. These national parks are known for specific type of wild games which they accommodate because of the climatic conditions and the vegetation types. This alone gives tourists amazing facts about each of this national parks and therefore increasing the number of safaris to Uganda.
 Safaris to Kidepo valley national Park gives you a promising view of the lions,  the beautiful leopards and cheetahs plus other animals to enrich tour experience. A trip to Murchison offers you the amazing view of the African elephant in their natural habitats, Rothschild giraffes the rear species of the giraffes, school hippos along the Nile, heads of buffalos plus other animals. Exploring these savannah national parks makes tourists to discover the beauty in them which enriches their experience and therefore increasing the number of safari visits to Uganda.
Taking a trip to Bwindi impenetrable national park offers tourists the most wonderful experience as they meet eye to eye with the critically endangered mountain gorillas. These animals are unique in its kind as they present 98% of the human DNA. Trekking down through the forest provides you with the chance to see this animals and therefore enriching you experience. This activity has led to increase in the number of gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda.
A tour to queen Elizabeth provides you with the opportunity spot the tree climbing lions, to Rwenzori Mountains you can see how beautifully the mountain elephants climbs the mountains, to Lake Mburo, the sight of the beautiful Zebras and impalas gives you the view of an African wilderness and to Kibale National park you will love engage in chimpanzee trekking and learning their ways of living and at your resting time in your room you will discover the glory of the real African wilderness as beautiful sounds of birds surrounds you. Therefore increasing your safari tours to Uganda
Discovering the big games of Uganda gives you a beautiful memory to take home and a reason to come and visit Uganda again. 

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Uganda safaris the most interesting-Uganda safari News

climbing-lionUganda is a good country for tourists to have safaris since they get a chance to see different attractions in the National parks, Museums, and so many others. The country also provides you with the green vegetation that shows the pearl of Africa which you will like while on your safaris in Uganda.
Uganda has a good culture which is distributed in different kingdoms of Uganda since each kingdom has its own culture. This therefore surprises tourists while on their Uganda safaris as they get to know different cultures in the different kingdoms and tribes. This therefore makes Uganda unique from any other country hence attracting more Uganda safari visits.
A Uganda safaris exposes you to the community walks where you will see different communities making hand crafts like the pottery, baskets, bracelets, bangles, mats, cloths and so many others. Tourists always buy these and take to their loved ones back in their countries who are also attracted to come and have safaris in Uganda.
Tourists visit different places where the drums are made and they get to know how the drums are crafted and used. The food of Uganda also amazes many tourists on their Uganda safari as they taste the true African food like Luwombo which is so sweet. There many things that tourists on safari in Uganda hence attracting them to make more safaris to Uganda  thereafter developing uganda as a tourist destination.

Uganda loses a man friendly giraffe-Uganda safari News

tangiUganda tourism sectors had a certain death of the giraffe that was free to tourists and had attracted very many safaris in Uganda. This was a bad moment for the tour operators and the Uganda Wildlife Education Center who were shocked about this news. The giraffe has been attracting many safaris to Uganda and many people have been having a good time with the giraffe hence enjoying their Uganda safari tours.
The giraffe has been known by the names of Tangi and it has been lovely to the local people and tourists as well. Tourists have been feeding the giraffe with lots of foods and having photographs with it while on their Uganda safari. The giraffe had got ill the doctor treated it well but however it was a surprise to the rangers who found the giraffe dead. It is said that the death was because of intestine blockade.
However, much protection is going to be given to the wild animals in Uganda concerning their health so as to maintain their number and attract more safaris to Uganda. More animals will be brought to Uganda Wildlife Education Center to be protected so as to boost tourism in Uganda through attracting more tourists to come for Uganda safaris.