Wednesday, 31 August 2016


ugandaUganda – the Pearl of Africa as it is profoundly known has always kept her head above the odds. Positioned in the region of East Africa in the South of Sahara, North of Limpopo, West of Indian Ocean and East of Equatorial Jungle, Uganda is set to host the African birding expo from 18th – 20th November 2016.
The destination  is delighted to host the expo as it is anticipated to pull a range of bird watching community both local and international thus popularizing the birding safaris in Uganda.  At the venue – Botanical Gardens Entebbe, the expo will feature a range of stands containing  Safari products along with other materials affiliated to bird watching along with conservation of nature. Among others will include;  birding safari packages, the guide books, binoculars, clothes, cameras and foods.
The African continent’s expo runs every year and a myriad of participants including tour operators, the conservation organizations, hoteliers, Airlines and travel agents are anticipated to be in attendance.  The expo activities will include; Pre and Post expo Uganda tours, Talk shows, Comprehensive lectures, Exhibitions along with Entertainment. The lectures will be conducted in the adjacent hotels.
Uganda is a rich birding destination with 1057 species of birds forming 50% of Africa’s bird species concentration and the global’s 11%. The Uganda Wildlife Education center which adjoins the Botanical Gardens features 120 species of birds including the beautiful African Fish Eagle, Hammerkops, Great Blue Turaco, Giant Kingfisher and Shoebill Stork among others and thus can be easily explored during the expo.
 For those interested in shopping, the vendors will have in possession – the local art and craft, the outdoor gear, books, media and apps, birding Safari tours, photography equipment among others.
Other stuff like the Uganda gorilla trekking Safari or a visit to the savannah National Parks  can as well be arranged prior or after the expo to gain more in-depth understating of Uganda as a great diverse destination.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016


Rwanda’s kwita izinaFor the first time, the Rwf25 million has been raised at the RWANDA’S KWITA IZINA fundraising gala dinner making a profound landmark in the own efforts of Conservation in destination Rwanda worldly known for its Rwanda Gorilla Trekking safaris and tours.
The Kwita Izina Dinner event notably pulled a count of four hundred (400) attendees that included; Members of Diplomatic Corps, Government Officials, World’s re-known Conservationists and the Private sector players. Some of these people took a safari to Rwanda to be part of the development. It was a real fun filled night of remarkable dine and wine, jazz performance from Uganda’s famous Isaiah Katumwa, Mashirika arts with their Cameo performances and the Nigerian famous Singer Wizkid.
Interestingly, the Singer Wizkid did not only stop on singing but managed to join the auctioning encounter and successfully bid for the two paintings that looked so beautiful at US$2000. The Rwanda Development Board’s Kariza confirmed the reception of Rwf10 million from Auctioning and then an estimate of US$10,000 from the ticket sales.
The Rwanda’s kwita izina Ceremony marks the celebration of Rwanda’s conservation efforts every year. Amazingly, the 2016 turn seems unique as evidenced by the theme “Conservation is life”. Rwanda intends to demonstrate to both local people and international community including Rwanda gorilla safari undertakers that the efforts towards conservation are increasingly growing stronger which is proven by the counts of baby gorillas named per year.
Gorilla safaris in Rwanda still hold the mantle as regards the foreign exchange earner in the country. In the year 2015, the tourism sector generated US$318 million revenue rising by 4% from the 2014 figure.
The Kwita Izina product has been growing with time and this year has attracted a range of exhibitors from twelve (12) countries to show case their products including safaris and tours. All these are ongoing events to the eventual Kwita Izina Ceremony scheduled to occur at Kinigi Volcanoes National Park on Sept 2nd 2016.


UgandaThe destination Uganda of recent mesmerized the bird watching enthusiasts at the famous British Birding Fair that was conducted in Egleton, Rutland, in the English Midlands leaving them with nothing but a heated desire to take up birding safaris and tours to Uganda.
Uganda was honoured to be among the range of participants that gathered to showcase the famous bird watching safari products with the desire to invigorate new travel business.  With 10% of the total bird species in the world, Uganda became a center point for a range of bird enthusiasts that visited the stand – something that stakeholders believe that it might result into increased Uganda Safari tour arrivals.
The British Birding Fair is an annual three (3) day event that always attracts a range of serious birders world over but with the bigger draw being North America and Europe. The fair provides for business networking and birding talks and presentations stimulating both beginners and seasoned birders.
Uganda’s Team was represented by Kamageo which has been operating in support of Uganda Tourism Board and Uganda Tour Operators since its recruitment in May 2016 to market Uganda safaris and tours to the UK and Ireland.
The Fair which is conducted every year is dedicated to raising funds for a given cause. And this year’s initiative was inclined to raising funds in support of next generation of conservationists. The aim is to train and support young enthusiasts in areas where bird watching generates support for the conservation related projects. In particular, the African students are bound to receive financial support to assist in profiting conservation projects in their home countries.
The destination  boasts of 1057 species of birds which is 50% of the Africa’s species concentration. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park was ranked the number one birding spot in Africa while Murchison Falls National Park was ranked number nine by Africa bird Club. The  highly sought after bird species is Shoe bill Stork best explored along the Nile delta in Murchison and in Mabamba Swamp.

Monday, 29 August 2016


UGANDAThe Uganda’s State Minister for Tourism Hon. Godfrey Kiwanda initiated a move where a group of selected Ugandans will undertake a safari tour to Uganda‘s range of attractions to get an in-depth understanding of them so as to assist in their marketing.
This idea which was earlier disclosed at the launch of Rolex festival that held at the Uganda Museum was inspired by the notion that considerable Ugandans hardly know the range of Uganda Safari products thus hampering their capacity to market Uganda as a tourist destination.
The selected Citizens will travel along with the Minister for Tourism exploring the exciting Uganda tour sites and getting an in-depth understanding of them after which they will become country’s tourism ambassadors. The development will commence with the month of September.
The destination Uganda is endowed with a myriad of attractions including the abundant wild game thriving in her range of ten (10) National Parks namely; Kidepo, Elgon, Mburo, Murchison, Queen Elizabeth, Kibale, Semuliki, Mgahinga, Rwenzori and Bwindi Impenetrable National Parks, Game Reserves like Pian Upe, Katonga, Toro-Semliki among others which form a rich ground for not only Uganda Wildlife Safaris but also gorilla trekking safaris and tours in Uganda and Chimpanzee trekking safaris.
Besides wildlife, Uganda features 11% and 50% of the global and African bird population respectively including her only endemic Fox weaver along with other notables like vulnerable Shoe bill stork, African Green Broad bill, Red faced Barbet, African finfoot among others thus having a rich potential for the development of birding safaris in Uganda.
The Ugandan culture is unique and diverse. The festivities like Imbalu Circumcision among the Bagisu, the heritage sites like Nakayima tree, the Amabere g’Nyinamwiru Caves, the Kasubi Royal Tombs, the Bigo by’ Mugyenyi in Ntutsi among others present an exciting ground for the development of cultural tours in Uganda.
It can be noted that despite all these wonders, the domestic tourism is still at its infancy which can as well be attributed by limited publicity about these attractions locally. Therefore, the Minister’s efforts to familiarize selected representatives of the citizens with these attractions, the increment in visitor numbers may be realized.

Monday, 22 August 2016


nyungweInitially the local people surrounding Rwanda Safari parks including Nyungwe used to practice traditional means to extract resources from the forest including honey extraction. Because of rudimentary methods applied, the forest survival could be compromised as issues like fire outbreak were rampant and the production volume was really small.
It was not until 2009 after the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) intervention, that things began to change for good. The local people were encouraged to form the cooperatives where they could receive support to stimulate their trade through the revenue sharing scheme. The scheme had started in 2005 targeting the National Parks of Akagera (wild game), Nyungwe (Chimpanzees) and Volcanoes where gorilla trekking safaris and tours in Rwanda are conducted.
The government through the 5% revenue sharing scheme has put up schools, hotels, hospitals and roads in the areas around these National Parks. The scheme goes ahead to support the farmers and artisans cooperatives among other group categories. Undertakers of projects like bee keeping have been trained in the modern farming practices and given modern materials to enhance their ventures.
This was disclosed during the inauguration of the newly built classrooms at Groupe Scolaire Gasakura in Bushekeri Sector, Nyamasheke District where the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) through the scheme and in conjunction with the district put up four (4) classroom blocks costing Rwf27 million on which RDB provided Rwf13.7 million. This inauguration is part of the countrywide bonanza for the 12th edition of the Kwita Izina ceremony slated for September 2nd.
The communities around Nyungwe Forest National Park apparently feature thirteen (13) cooperatives that comprise of over 1300 members and these people appreciate the development noting that it has increased their output without compromising the survival of the forest. The cooperative now operates an office and feature over Rwf15 million as capital. The members are able to afford school fees for their children, build houses, pay medical insurance and keep livestock.
According to the RDB Chief Tourism Officer, a sum of Rwf2.6 billion has been disbursed to a range of 480 projects across Rwanda noting that this is not to stop soon as they aim to capitalize on it to solve the human wildlife conflict.


car rentalPrime Uganda safaris and tours limited offers a complete package of well-maintained safari cars, with competent and well-informed drivers who are well informed of Uganda. Our long time knowledge and experience of the whole country has helped us to develop safari products that not only suit Uganda’s environment but also ensures a lot of relaxation and comfort for both work and leisure.
Prime safaris and tours limited has enough and well maintained car fleet for city drives, upcountry drive, project and tour designed vehicles for both self-drive and chauffeur driven.
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Sunday, 21 August 2016


culturalThe Bamasaba Cultural Institution in conjunction with the Uganda Tourism Board – the main marketing body of Uganda Safari tour products has unleashed the plans to upgrade the Mutoto Cultural Site where the biennial circumcision rituals are conducted into a tourism center.
Mutoto Cultural Ground is a notable location within the Masaba land where the initiation of boys to men locally known as Imbalu is noted to have been first conducted by the Bagishu in the Elgon region which apparently feature five (5) districts making the place of a historical significance to the local people and a point of interest among travelers on Safari in Uganda.
Spread in the districts of Manafwa, Mbale, Bududa, Bulambuli and Sironko to the East of Uganda basically on the foothills of Mount Elgon which they consider to be the embodiment of their founding father Masaba, the Bamasaba conduct the Imbalu ceremony in every even year where the young boys are circumcised in a traditional style as a way of initiating them to manhood.
The Mutoto Cultural Ground was unveiled at the official launch of the 2016 Imbalu festival by the Inzu Ya Masaba Cultural Leaders. The ritual which have been at the center of the Bagishu Culture for over 200 years and not yet ready to compromise by all means would require a well developed ground where its uniqueness and strength can be demonstrated to attract the Uganda cultural tour undertakers and the tourism revenues to the region.
Fortunately, this comes at a time when the government has already picked interest in the Imbalu festival which it has elevated into a carnival and listed among the tour products that can be explored while on safaris and tours in Uganda. The government reiterated its position on encouraging cultural and heritage conservation in a speech read by the 2nd Deputy Prime Minister Kirunda Kivenjinja on behalf of the President.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016


RwandairThe Rwanda Air one of the successful carriers in East Africa known for transporting a range of passengers including Rwanda Safari tour undertakers has unleashed its plans to commence flights linking Lagos and Kigali and the Far East destinations of Guangzhou in China and Mumbai in India
According to Ibiyemi Odusi the Nigeria’s Country Manager of Rwanda Air notes that plans to deploy a bigger aircraft along the route has been fueled by the desire to give passengers value for money and to satisfy the increasing demand of passengers along the far eastern routes especially from Nigeria.
RwandAir is believed to deliver two (2) Airbus A330s featuring flat bed in business class, Mobile Network, free on-board Wi-Fi and World Class Flight entertainment in September and December to serve the new routes. It can be noted that the carrier has run a rigorous fleet expansion programme now boasting of eight (8) aircraft following four (4) years of service and this is expected to increase to ten (10) before the end of the year – something that has been welcomed by many including those planning safaris and tours to Rwanda.
The potential passengers have already been assured by the Carrier’s Country Manager that the baggage allowance will be nice on the new routes putting in consideration that the Aircraft is big and this will come in supplement of the competitive fares that will be extended to them along the route facilitating great travel especially those interested in medical tourism in India.
The carrier holds aspirations of expanding flights to a range of other African cities including Sudan’s Khartoum, Cote D'Ivoire’s Abidjan, Benin Republic’s Cotonou among others which will in turn facilitate easy transfer of passengers including those that would have come on safaris in Rwanda.
The open skies policy for Africa once reached upon by the member countries will greatly facilitate the expansion of Air transport on the continent as the barriers to inter country travel would have been minimized.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016


ugandaJust like the Mountain Gorillas, chimpanzees are also an endangered species, with about 150,000 individuals left in the wilderness. The chimps share 98.7% of human DNA and are considered to be our closest of the living relatives.
However in the wilderness, the chimps live in big groups ranging from 15-120 individuals, while communicating through systems of vocalization, body postures, facial expressions and gestures much like the human-beings do.
Uganda hosts the biggest population of chimps in the whole world, which are found in Kibale forest National Park, Ngamba Island Chimp Sanctuary, Toro-Semliki Wildlife Reserve; Kyambura Gorge in Queen Elizabeth national park and Budongo forest.
In Uganda it is possible to do safaris the traditional way and do chimp tracking or take part in a chimpanzee habituation experience with a ranger-guide.
Uganda’s temperate climate has made it easy for travelers on a uganda safari in that the chimps can be tracked all year round in any of the parks where they are offering a true wonderful safari experience while tracking them in the wild.
While in the forest, the ranger guide will lead travelers to the chimp and whereas some of the experienced ranger-guide will communicate with these chimps; mimicking their calls to locate where they are at that moment. After  trekking through the forests, it is so thrilling to see how the chimpanzees react in the wilderness.
“Kyambura Gorge” boasts of the so called lost chimpanzees of the underground forest. It has been noted to have 25 habituated chimpanzees, which are currently open for trekking.


uganda museumDuring the commissioning of the National Cultural Fair – the first of its kind in Uganda that was held at the Uganda Museum, Rebecca Kadaga the Speaker of the Ugandan Parliament decried to the government against sale of the Uganda Museum noting that it is one of the significant national assets and Uganda safari tour sites that need to be preserved keenly.
The Speaker noted that though at the moment many Ugandans including those in positions of Authority do not value things like cultural sites and local cultures, there is a strong need to preserve them as they form a base for cultural tours in Uganda.
The government had initiated plans to sell off the Uganda Museum something that was heavily protested by a range of concerned citizens including cultural enthusiasts, conservationists and the operators of Uganda safaris and tours.
The Speaker called upon the tourism players including the Ministry of Tourism Wildlife and Antiquities to package and promote community based tourism where even the fibre built houses can be packaged for the Uganda safari undertakers to experience the authentic touch of African traditional setting.
Uganda Museum features impressive ethnographic museum with over 100,000 artifacts depicting the Uganda’s history and heritage. The Music gallery is another great wonder as it avails a range of Uganda’s traditional musical instruments. The cultural village in the backyard presents diverse architectural huts of the Uganda’s tribal groups.
The National Cultural Exhibition was a public private partnership run event which attracted a range of Ugandans and foreigners. The destination Uganda also intends to host the East African music and Cultural festival in 2017 pulling a range of participants from the surrounding countries of Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan and Kenya showcasing their respective traditional dances, dress code, food and drinks.


RwandaAs destination Rwanda is arranging for the 12th edition of the Gorilla naming ceremony locally known as Kwita Izina – one of the annual popular Rwanda gorilla safari tour event products, the report from Rwanda Development Board indicate that the government has disbursed Rwf2.6 billion ($3.2 million) in the self help projects of the communities that surround the National Parks
The Kwita Izina event is noted to have been initiated through the Rwanda Development Board in the year 2005 with the intention of protecting the Mountain gorillas which are critically endangered world over along with their habitats. Interestingly, when the event was launched, the Rwandan President resolved that the communities that surround the Rwanda safari sites in particular National Parks were to keep the 5% of the revenues collected.
A range of 48 community based projects including water channels, schools, hotels among others are noted to have been established following the initiative according to the Rwanda Development Board Head of Conservation Department Télesphore Ngoga.  Apparently, over Rwf2.6 billion has been disbursed in these projects with the intention of stimulating awareness and development.
 Gorilla trekking Safaris and tours in Rwanda remain a dominant income generator in the Rwanda’s tourism sector as it constitutes 93% of the total revenues generated from National Parks. The figures from Rwanda Development Board indicate an 11% increment in the visitors to Volcanoes National Park.
The gorilla permit in Rwanda apparently costs $750; the foreign resident pays $350 while the Rwandan citizens pay Rwf30, 000 (about $42). This depicts that a gorilla safari in Rwanda is relatively higher in terms of cost compared to a Rwanda wildlife safari or a Chimpanzee trekking safari to Akagera and Nyungwe National Parks respectively where locals range from Rwf 5000 (about $7) while foreigners go for $50 and above.
Running under the Theme “United in driving economic growth through Conservation”, this years’ gorilla naming ceremony will occur on September 2nd at the Volcanoes Park grounds Kinigi and a range of 22 baby gorillas will be named.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016


HIRING A CAR IN UGANDACar rentals are a much loved concept to travelers mainly because of their convenience, flexibility and privacy. Remember today you can go in for a self-drive rental car lot and come out with your own choice in a few minutes.
Car rentals in Uganda are on a rapid growth due to the associated benefits that most of Uganda travelers opt for use during their tours in Uganda.
Prime Uganda safaris and tours limited has prepared a list of six things that we believe you must check out and do before hiring a car in Uganda in order to have an unforgettable experience:
Checkout the car condition thoroughly; this may seem usual but very crucial because one may be delayed by a few things which are not budgeted for.
It is crucial that you check the outside, interiors and underneath parts of the car before taking hiring it. Make sure that everything in the interior parts of the car works. Check the underneath of the car also for any visible damage and leakages. Make sure you report to the car hire company every scratch and bump you notice on the car properly.
Also check the validity of its registration forms and license: Registration certificate, valid insurance, All Uganda Permit, motor Third party and the driver’s license. Remember for a traveler opting for a self-drive, may need an International or Ugandan valid driving license to use self-drive rental cars in Uganda.
Compare the costs of renting the car, company’s policy especially in case of the car meeting with an accident on a self-drive in Uganda. Some companies insist that the traveler pays for the full damages and others post insurance claim, so pick your service provider carefully.
Fueling the vehicle, some companies deliver a vehicle with no fuel also known as dry lease or otherwise. However this is a good practice as it ensures that you return the vehicle as it was provided to you. Depending on a fuel gauge of the car for measuring fuel can be tricky and can lead to a number of avoidable burn. You may also ask for a full tank before taking delivery of the self-drive car which can be arranged.
With this entire check list you are now ready to go on any beautiful self-drive trip or rent a car in Uganda with prime Uganda safaris.
Be alert when you are on a self-drive, concentrate on the road and mostly notably do not drink and also drive.

Monday, 8 August 2016


car rentalsYou may be misled on where to find affordable means of transport while in Uganda, well! Uganda is a blessed nation with all the means of transport that will make your stay well-off. As a tour company in Uganda, we would affirm to offer a traveler more advice on how get to the car hire services in Uganda.
Prime Uganda safaris and tours limited has a variety of cars to rent for any safari and the capacity of these cars range from 3-67 individuals of which include the salon cars, mini vans, extended land-cruisers, coasters and buses.
Thus hiring a car in Uganda will definitely reckon on the number of travel companions you will have.
Factually, Uganda’s roads are not in good condition and some are undergoing maintenance and you are kindly advised to hire a car that will match with the terrain of these roads to help you access all the parks that you want to see on your safari to Uganda and a 4WD is always recommended. Uganda is quite adorable by virtue of its safari attractions, although this can never stop any traveler from getting an affordable car rental in Uganda.
All a traveler needs is to have longer trips and these are usually given attention so much and at a discount than traveler who is going to take short safari in Uganda.
Just like all the great trekkers do adventure the whole country, hire your own safari car and tour all parts in Uganda since it’s a country that can be explored.
However using public means of transport may be difficult for travelers because one can’t move to all the places he/she wants. Therefore one is advised to come willing to hire a car that will streamline your trip to Uganda.
Hiring cars in Uganda is something that can be done within no time, Prime uganda safaris and tours limited is always available 24 hours to offer you the best car rentals in uganda. Adventurous excursions in Uganda safaris can only be done perfectly well by using a car rental because of their spacious open roof that will enable catch a good glimpse of the park view. Rental cars in Uganda are affordable and will give you an ultimate African safari memories.