Thursday, 25 February 2016

Three Global Public Relation Firms Undertake the Role of Uganda’s Tourism Marketing

herdsA count of three (3) Public Relations Firms are apparently undertaking the role of marketing Uganda in her key source markets following their recruitment by Uganda Tourism Board – the body charged with tourism promotion including increasing the number of Uganda Safari undertakers.
This strategic move by the Uganda Tourism Board aims at increasing the tourist arrivals in the country and widening the opportunities for employment opportunities. The increase in the number of travelers undertaking safaris in Uganda would mean that the investment in tourism facilities and the products would increase which would in turn stimulate jobs.
The public Relations Firms undertaking this move include; the Kamageo for the British Market in the United Kingdom and the neighboring, the KPRN for the German Market and the PHG Consulting for the market of North America. These agencies are noted to be the first of their kind to assist Uganda in her tourism promotion in the major traveler originating areas.
The initiative which is being funded under the arrangement of the World Bank's Competitiveness and Enterprises Development Project (CEDP) is tasked with increasing the destination Uganda’s profile, improve the arrival numbers in the country and enhance the opportunities of investing in the tourism sector of Uganda.
Uganda’s image has been smeared by the tainted past including the turbulent times of Idi Amin which has at times posed a bad perception prompting various travelers to shun safaris to Uganda. Therefore, with the launch of the campaign, this negative image is set to be erased and give the true current picture of Uganda other than Amin and Ebola.
The current tourist figures arriving in Uganda stand at 1.3million as per the statistics of 2014 generating $1.4 billion (Shs4.9 billion) which is a considerable rise from the $600,000 (Shs1.2 billion) that were earned in the year 2006 from the travelers that explored the Uganda safari tours during that time.
The local proprietors in the tourism sector are positive about the development and appreciate the government effort in utilizing such agencies that hail from the very regions since they have an edge in understanding the respective markets much better. The move is also seen as a remarkable step to reviving the tourist numbers and the tourism sector where people would regain their jobs that were lost in the previous year as result of the sector’s poor performance.
However, a call for a detailed study of Uganda as a destination by these agencies to identify her unique selling propositions still stand as it would be significant move to proper marketing and attracting attention among the travelers as regards Uganda tours.

The Potential of Boomu Women’s Group in Promoting Uganda’s Cultural Tourism

hutsAt close to 200m from the southern entrance gate to the Uganda Safari destination of Murchison Falls National Park of Kichumbayobo, there lies a group of traditional Banda units spread in a lush green landscape that have always pulled the attention of the travelers on safaris in Uganda including those from popular travel regions of North America and Europe.
The Boomu is a group of local women who have acknowledged that even though the grass thatched and mud smeared huts seem to be a no go for local Ugandans, the foreigners find them authentic and thrilling to spend a night in while on the African soil.
The proprietors acknowledge that the center receives world travelers regardless of the season while on their safari in Uganda. The visitors are always amused by the village walks, the tasty local food and its preparation not forgetting the Bandas themselves.
Positioned in the village of Kigaragara, the Boomu community is 35 minutes drive from the nearby town of Masindi and a simple walk to Murchison and Kaniyo Pabidi the havens for game viewing and Chimpanzee trekking respectively. The Center is a typical demonstration of many other similar centers that have got the potential to up lift cultural tourism in Uganda.
The Boomu Bandas feature the capacity to host a count of up to 30 people that can be accommodated in huts arranged with double and single beds. The center features four (4) open air showers. The Center has the capacity to prepare tasty meals that are a blend of modernity and traditionalism so as to cater for all the dietary requirements. The modern food items like brown rice and eggplant stew along with traditional dishes like sweet potatoes and matooke combine to make the guests’ stay on Uganda tour memorable.
The travelers if interested can participate in the traditional food preparation process which they can then add on the village walk that allows them to interact with the community promoting a detailed cross cultural interaction completing one of the great expectations of the enthusiastic cultural tourists.
Like the aspiration of any other community tourism initiative, the Boomu Center has generated considerable benefits to the community including the market for their craft and art, the food stuff, employment opportunities and the cross cultural interaction itself. The proceeds collected have facilitated the construction of a nursery and a primary school.