Saturday, 31 May 2014

ATA Congress in Uganda to promote Uganda’s Tourism World wide-Uganda safari News

ATA is Africa Travel Association and is an association that deals with promoting travel and tourism to different parts of Africa. This helps advertise all the public and private dealers in tourism so as to have more safaris to Uganda and the countries contributing in tourism therefore boosting the tourism sector.
Uganda has therefore got a chance to host the Africa Travel Association which has always been the dream of Uganda to have these people work with Uganda so as to boost her tourism sector and increase more safaris in Uganda. This is therefore going to help Uganda compete with its competitors that is Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania and others so as to have more Uganda safaris.
The people in Africa Travel Association are going to safari the different tourist sites in Uganda as they are to arrive before the congress. This will help them market the sites to their followers so as to attract more tourists on Uganda safari. These will also advise Uganda on what to chance so as to make Uganda a tourist destination hence more Uganda safaris.
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Agriculture Sector is to boost Uganda’s Economy-Uganda safari News

agricUganda needs stable sectors that create foreign exchange earnings so as to boost its economy therefore increase more safaris to Uganda as a developed country. Here is Agriculture that has come up to get loans so as to have more investments in the sector so as to have more exports to export and earn foreign exchange earnings that can be invested in different sectors hence developing the economy of Uganda so as to attract more Uganda safaris.
When the Agricultural sector develops this will also encourage other sectors to work hard and develop their sectors so as to also be recognized by international countries hence making Uganda’s economy the best and increasing more safaris to Uganda. These include the tourism sector of Uganda therefore attracting many safaris in Uganda and making Uganda a tourist destination.
The improvement of the sectors will help boost the economy of Uganda as much income will be earned in the country therefore making Uganda the best place to live in. This will increase more investments in Uganda as tourists on Uganda safari will be attracted to invest in the sector of the developed country. This will market Uganda as a tourist destination hence encouraging tourists to come and enjoy their safaris visits in Uganda.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Uganda to have Tourism Pilgrims on 3rd June-Uganda safari News

matrysThe Uganda martyrs were the Christian believers who were killed by Kabaka Mwanga and other political leaders during their time of rule. The martyrs were killed for the sake of God and therefore they are highly recognized and remembered on the 3rd of June at Namugongo. This day therefore brings in very many tourists to come for Uganda safaris and celebrate this holy day mainly for the catholic believers.
Normally during this day the pope and other Ugandans as he leads the prayers. However today he is not around but many leaders are there to have the prayers successfully therefore tourists on safaris in Uganda will enjoy this day. As tourists on Uganda safari see this they also safari the place where the body of Bishop Hanninghton was placed before being taken to a permanent place, Namugongo shrines, there are also many places to visit.
To make tourists enjoy safaris in Uganda the Anglican Church and the Catholic Church want to make a Uganda Martyrs’ Museum at Namugongo which tourists will always visit as a tourist attraction on their Uganda safari visits. Many things will be put in the Museum and tourists will always enjoy having a look at these attractions hence boosting the tourism sector in Uganda.

Entrepreneurship is the solution to increase of domestic taxes in Uganda and Rwanda-Uganda safari News

enterEntrepreneurship is a skill that many people can get even while out of school. This is so good for the developing countries since it helps boost the economy of the country hence attracting more tourists to invest in the country as they come for Uganda safaris and Rwanda safaris. This is so because it does not require a lot of capital but however more rewarding. This makes it easy for people to star up these businesses hence developing the economy and attract more safaris to Uganda and Rwanda.
These small businesses are carried out in the country and this can therefore help the country earn a lot of domestic taxes therefore developing the economy so as to attract more Rwanda safari and Uganda safari. The taxes help to boost more sectors in Uganda and Rwanda which provides employment opportunities to people hence fighting poverty. This therefore makes Uganda and Rwanda a better place to live therefore increasing safaris to Uganda and Rwanda.
The domestic taxes are invested in the construction of the infrastructures in Uganda and Rwanda therefore making the countries the top tourist destinations hence attracting Uganda safaris and Rwanda safari visits. Infrastructures like Roads, hotels, lodges, restaurants, hospitals and the different tourist sites are developed therefore providing better services to the tourists on safari tours in Uganda and Rwanda hence boosting tourism in the countries.
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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Uganda is to have a Tourism Festival-uganda safari News

gorillaUganda has been privileged to host the tourism festival which will take place at Speke Resort Munyonyo on the 11th of November to the 16th of the same month. This will bring in over 500 delegates in Uganda who will help bring in new ideas that will help develop the tourism sector in Uganda hence attracting more Uganda safaris.
This is the opportunity that will help market Uganda's tourism to different parts of Africa which will help increase safaris in Uganda. The congress will help improve the private and public sectors in Uganda which will help boost the economy of Uganda hence attracting many investors to invest in the economy as they come for safaris to Uganda.
The new elected Uganda Hotels Owners Association ensured that the people who will be coming in for safaris to Uganda will be having a nice time that those of the congress will witness as they are going to have comfortable sleeps as they rest in the hotels of Uganda. This will therefore attract them to enjoy more safaris in Uganda hence boosting the tourism sector.

Chimpanzee increase to boost Tourism-Uganda safari News

chimpanzeeChimpanzees are one of the animals that attract tourists to come for safaris in Uganda  and track the funny wildlife animals. These are found in many places like Kibale and so many others. The chimpanzees are very nice to track as it is so good for tourists to see and interact with each other and also have pictures of them to show others and also attract them to come and enjoy Uganda safaris hence marking Uganda as a tourist destination.
The Uganda Wildlife Authority has therefore planned to increase the habitats of the chimpanzee in Uganda and this will help attract settlement of these animals in Uganda hence increasing the number of Uganda safari. The habitats will be placed in the areas where the chimpanzees are found so as to provide protection to them and therefore increase their health hence more safaris to Uganda therefore boosting the tourism sector.
 The increase in the number of safaris in Uganda will lead to the increase in more revenues in Uganda therefore will help boost the economy of Uganda. The revenues will help improve on the different sectors of Uganda that can be invested in together with the infrastructures like the roads, hotels, lodges and so many others. This will therefore attract more Uganda safaris hence boosting the economy and the tourism sector of Uganda.
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Monday, 26 May 2014

Roads to be developed in different areas of Uganda-Uganda safari News

roadRoads are one of the infrastructures that need to be developed in Uganda if the economy is to develop as well as increasing safaris in Uganda. These help in the proper transportat6ion of goods and services to different parts of Uganda and also help take tourists to different tourist sites without any accidents if constructed well. This therefore attracts tourists to come and enjoy Uganda safaris.
Many roads in Uganda have not been constructed well therefore have been having potholes therefore not good for tourists on Uganda safari. Fortunately the roads are going to be developed especially in the parts where people claim have been ignored like the North and Eastern roads since they lead to many tourist sites that tourists visit while on their safaris in Uganda.
The roads of the Western direction have also been developed since there are National parks and also Tourist attractions that are visited while on Uganda safari visits. The place also is the source of Uganda’s food and cattle that is transported to different parts of Uganda therefore the roads need to be developed so as to have good transportation of food and also serve good and comfortable journeys to tourists on safaris to Uganda hence boosting the tourism sector in Uganda.

AFDB Offered Rwanda $400 million to contribute to the development of Rwanda-Rwanda safari News

AFDB is the African Development Bank and this last week organized a meeting in Rwanda’s capital city Kigali so as to talk about the ways of developing the Economy of Rwanda so as to have more Rwanda safaris. Within this meeting the AFDB offered Rwanda $400 million which is going to be used very well so as to develop Rwanda and attract many safaris to Rwanda.
The funds will help improve the infrastructures of Rwanda like the roads so as tourists on Rwanda safari can move well to the tourist sites that they want to safari, the tourists sites in Rwanda will also be developed so as more tourists are attracted to come and have safari visits to Rwanda and see unique attractions on top of the Genocide Memorial Site, Dian Fossey, Volcanoes National Park and others.
The hotels where the tourists sleep while on their safaris in Rwanda are also going to be beautiful so as tourists can have more than they expect while in Rwanda. The funds are also going to be used to create jobs in Rwanda so as to fight poverty and the outcomes of being idle like thefty, gambling and so many others. The other sectors will also be developed and this will therefore attract investors inform of tourists to come and invest in the country hence more Rwanda safaris.
The increase in the number of safaris to Rwanda will also help develop the tourism sector as much revenue will be registered in Rwanda and this will be invested in tourism still. This will therefore make Rwanda a tourist destination therefore attracting many tourists to come and enjoy safaris in Rwanda.
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Saturday, 24 May 2014

Few things needed to make Uganda the better Tourist Destination-Uganda safari News

ugandaUganda is one of the best countries that have attracted many tourists on Uganda safaris. This has improved the economy of Uganda through the revenues earned from the tourists on their safaris in Uganda. This has therefore developed the economy of Uganda therefore making Uganda a better place to live hence attracting more Uganda safari visits.
Uganda should improve its source of the Nile and put their very many tourist attractions that tourists can always watch while on their safari visits to the place. The activities carried out near the attractions with water should be increased so that as tourists safari the areas they still carry out activities that they will always remember while on their safaris in Uganda. This will make tourism in Uganda the best among all countries hence attracting more tours to Uganda.
The roads to some tourist attractions are so dusty therefore they need to be constructed with tarmac so as tourists do not pick up different disease along the way as they visit the tourist sites. This will therefore attract them to enjoy safaris in Uganda without any regrets. Electricity and networks should be connected to all different corners of Uganda so that tourists can always access their internet and all networks. This will therefore make them comfortable and secure in all places that they can want to visit hence increasing more Uganda safaris.
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Friday, 23 May 2014

A fall in the price of materials for construction to increase Tourist sites-Uganda safari News

The Uganda Bureau of Statistics released a report saying that the price of the construction materials had reduced in the year 2014. This is advantageous to many people especially those who want to build tourists sites like the Buganda Kingdom with their traditional attractions hence increasing more safaris in Uganda.
Tourism in Uganda is going to be boosted because there are very many tourist sites that people are going to build up due to the cheap price of the construction materials. This will therefore attract more tourists to come and safari the new built up sites in Uganda hence increasing more revenues to the government.
The reduction will also help increase more hotels in Uganda as many people especially near the tourist sites will put up hotels because of the reduced prices and this will give tourists comfortable nights while on Uganda safaris. The constructions will also provide employment opportunities to the local people who engage in the activities and this will help them earn a living hence making Uganda a nice place to live in beginning with the very people around the country.

UWA has got a solution to improve Tourism-Uganda safari News

ridThe Uganda Wildlife Authority ( UWA ) is in charge of promoting the tourism sector in Uganda. This has therefore been done in all possible ways so as have more safaris in Uganda. UWA has decided to sign an agreement with Chimpanzee Sanctuary and Conservation Trust known as Memorandum of Understanding and this will help tourists on Uganda safari to enjoy tracking the chimpanzees without any problem.
This will help promote co-operation in the tourism sector hence boosting the sector and therefore make Uganda a tourist destination. The agreement will help many people in the industry look after the chimpanzees hence attract many safaris to Uganda to trek the chimpanzees hence creating much revenue to Uganda.
 The system needs to be pushed further to different sectors of the country for further development of the economy hence more Uganda safaris. The tourism sector needs a lot of land so as to place there a lot of attractions and wildlife animals that tourists can always visit while on their safaris in Uganda. This will therefore attract them to have more safari visits in Uganda hence making Uganda a tourist destination.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Boat Cruises one of the best activities in Uganda-Uganda safari News

boatBoat Cruise is at times called boat trip, launch cruise and tourists enjoy the activity while on their safaris in Uganda. The activity is done by the boat sailing on water with a helmsman inside plus the tourists on Uganda safari. The activity is so easy to carry out because it does not need energy but it is so interesting.
Boat cruise are carried out on the lakes like, Lake Victoria ,lake George and so many others. It is also enjoyed in the National Parks of Uganda by the Tourists on their safaris in Uganda. National parks like Lake Mburo National Park, Lake Bunyonyi National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park and so many others give tourists the best of this activity therefore having fun on their Uganda safaris.
Tourists that carryout the boat cruises are always exposed to the water animals like the crocodiles, hippos, birds and so many others. The activity also extends you to different wildlife attractions as you drive round the areas near the lakes. This is so interesting that all tourists on Uganda safaris should not miss this activity.
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Buganda Kingdom’s development to attract many Tourists-Uganda safari News

engaboBuganda is one of the most honored Kingdoms in Uganda and it has attracted many safaris in Uganda to see the Kingdom. Buganda Kingdom is headed by Kabaka that is King by the names of Ronald Muwenda  Mutebi and the Queen is known as Nabageraka. The people of Buganda love their kingdom and always praise it which therefore becomes a must see for the tourists on Uganda safaris.
There are a lot of attractions in Buganda although some like the ‘Amasiiro’ that is the tombs were destroyed by the unknown people. However there are still traditional things that tourists always see while on their safaris in Uganda. Tourists get to know more about the Buganda Kingdom when on their Uganda safari as they are explained to everything they may love to know.
The Katikiro (prime Minister) of Buganda Kingdom has therefore fund-raised money to put back the destroyed tombs and also build up more attractions in the kingdom. This has and will continuously attract more safaris to Uganda as many people will be coming in to see the tradition of Buganda Kingdom.
The increase in the number of Uganda safaris will help contribute much to the revenue of the country hence developing the Economy of Uganda. The revenues will lead to Economic growth in uganda and this will give room for employment to the local people hence help fight poverty in Uganda. This will help market Uganda as many tourists will be coming for safari visits and invest in the country hence making Uganda a tourist destination.
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