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Exploring the diversity of Lake Mburo national park – Uganda safari news

lake mburo national park -ugandaStanding as the smallest savannah park in Uganda, Lake Mburo has managed to beat the disadvantage of its size by diversity of what comprises it making it an ideal ground for safari in Uganda.
The park’s impressive savannah landscapes marked by great concentration of acacia vegetation that adjoins the open plains marked by savannah grassland that supports a range of grazers that make the Uganda safaris and tours to Lake Mburo National Park memorable.
Lake Mburo National Park is the only park among the ten (10) of them that are found in Uganda that has population of Impala antelope, the largest concentration of Burchells’s Zebra followed by Kidepo and a population of eland antelope one of the largest antelope species which only thrive in Lake Mburo park along with Kidepo and Pian Upe game Reserve. This continues to make it a unique Uganda safari destination. The park also boasts of populations of Rothschild giraffes, Topis, Wart hogs, water bucks, bushbucks not forgetting a range of nocturnal species including the aardvark.
Lake Mburo National Park is the only National Park in Uganda which has the lake fully in its boundaries. Lake Mburo supports counts of Hippopotamus and Nile Crocodiles. The water birds like the African fish eagle tend to perch on the shore trees targeting their prey. The African fin foot is also a unique Species of birds which is found in Lake Mburo National Park. In fact, the park contains 350 Species of birds with good concentration of acacia associated Species which has made it a darling for bird lovers prompting them to organize birding safaris to Uganda.
Lake Mburo National Park has got other impressive natural features including the ancient Precambrian rocks that date back to 500 million years ago. They are ideal habitats for rock dwelling species like Klipspringer. The surrounding communities have diverse cultural traditions that are centered on their traditional Ankole long horned cattle which are beautiful unique breed of cattle that make the Uganda safari tour to Lake Mburo memorable.
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