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Why Uganda’s tourism sector growing at a faster rate.Prime Uganda Safaris & Tours Safari updates

GRUganda’s tourism sector is growing at a faster rate mainly because of the increasing safaris which are operated in Uganda. Tour visits have increased due to the presence of tourist attractions like the mountain gorillas, wildlife in National Parks, culture and the city tours which are operated with in the country.
The tourism sector has grown because of increased infrastructure development in the country. That’s to say; the increased roads which are built especially to the tourist destinations. These have helped in improving accessibility to tourist destinations hence increasing safaris to Uganda.
The hospitality of the people of Uganda has proved one of the factors which has led to the over growing of the tourism sector in Uganda. The tourists who always come for safaris in Uganda say that Ugandans have so hospitable, hence encouraging more tour visits to Uganda.
The partnership of the government and the tour operators who are the private sector has greatly improved the tourism, industry in Uganda hence increasing on the number of Ugandan safaris; this is because the government has helped in funding some of the project which the private sector cannot fund.
The works of Uganda Tourism Board and Uganda Wildlife Authority has proved one of the success factors for the tourism sector in Uganda. These two organisations have helped in marketing and promoting the tourism sector at the same time increasing safaris in Uganda.

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Experience an adventure trip in Uganda.- Prime Uganda Safaris & Tours Safari updates

bujagaliUganda is a classic adventure sanctuary, and it has attracted many Uganda safaris which have been carried out in several places which are adventurous to the tourists. These places include the Bujagali falls which lies down the mighty source of the Nile and its located in Jinja, there are many activities which are carried out on the Bujagali falls , like swimming , kayaking, mountain biking, Quad- biking and bungee jumping above the Nile.
Uganda has always been an adventure experience to the tourists who come for safaris in Uganda; this is because of the presence of mountain Rwenzori which is hiked up to the top. Many mountaineers who come to Uganda have always visited the mountains of the moon for a safari adventure; The Mountain offers mountaineering opportunities since it has snow on its top which has always attracted visitors to have an adventure on top of the mountain.
gorilIn addition, mountain Elgon which is the eighth highest mountain also offers a wonderful and relatively a good introduction to Afro montane climates of the region and its vegetation, because of its wide volcanic calderas with small waterfalls, hot springs and the caves which have attracted Ugandan safaris.
More so, another hiking destination of Uganda is the Virunga Mountains, where the mountain gorillas trekking safaris can be added to the adventure safari at the volcanoes of Mgahinga National Park, this mountain has attracted many hikers to Uganda hence promoting safaris to Uganda.
There are however many other activities that can be engaged in by the tourists who come for safaris to Uganda and these include; Bird watching, chimpanzee tracking mainly in Kibale National Park, Cultural tours, city tours, and the mighty source of the Nile which have also attracted many tour visits.
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Why not a boat cruise on Murchison Falls.- Prime Uganda Safaris & Tours Safari updates

sngnnsnMurchison Falls which is also known as the Kabarega falls is located on the source of the Nile. It has attracted many Uganda safaris due to its wonderful experience. It breaks the Victoria Nile which also flows across the northern part of Uganda from the mighty Lake Victoria to Lake Kyoga and also connects to Lake Albert.
A safaris to the top of the falls in Boat will make your forget all your worries since, at the top, the Nile forces its way through a gap in the rocks, and then flows to Lake Albert west wards, this experience is so wonderful and it has attracted many tourist to have a boat on their visit to Murchison Falls National Park.
Murchison Falls National Park is considered as the largest park in Uganda with wildlife reserves and a wide variety of wildlife including wildlife, some primates and  bird species. The Nile which is the longest river in the world flows with in the park, all these attractions have attracted safaris in Uganda and this has helped in developing tourism with in the country.
Experiencing Murchison falls is the most interesting adventure one can have, safaris to Uganda have been focused to these falls because cruising up and down the river will offer you a forgettable experience on your safari. The boat cruises can be private, exclusive or regular, or scheduled trips according to your needs.
 There are many types of cruises that participated in by tourists during their safaris, these     include; scheduled waterfall trips, Un scheduled or private waterfall trips, The Nile delta water cruises, there are also fishing trips which are done by the whites mostly, the specialist trips which mostly are done according to the needs of the tourist, sun set and sun downer trips, mostly done in the evening time, there is also the one with cruising with meals so that you take your time to watch the falls.
Ugandan safaris have been attracted to these falls because of the many activities that can be carried from the falls hence many tourists have continued visiting the magnificent Murchison falls
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Uganda a mountainous country- Prime Uganda Safaris & Tours Safari updates

rweUganda safaris have been promoted due to the presence of mountains in Uganda. Uganda is a country located in central Africa and it’s considered as a mountainous country because it has got many mountains which have attracted tourists to come and have mountainous adventures hence exploiting Uganda’s tourism potentials.`
These mountains have increased safaris to Uganda and these include; Mountain Rwenzori, Mountain Elgon, Virunga mountains, mountain moroto, Mufumbira mountains and many more which have attracted many tour adventures to Uganda. These mountains are so interesting and have been hiked by many tourists.
It’s said that both in the east and west of Uganda, there are mountains, Rwenzori Mountain is the highest of all the mountains and it has got the highest peak which has attracted safari adventures/ tour visits from all over the world. The Rwenzori Mountain is snow-capped at the top of the mountain; these peaks include the margherita and Alexandra.
 A Uganda safari will expose you to Mt Elgon which is located in the eastern part of Uganda near the border of Kenya. This mountain has attracted many mountain climbers because of its volcanic hills. Mountain climbing is carried out in these areas although more other tourist activities like game viewing, nature walks cultural visits are also participated in. The mountain is also rich in biodiversity of flora and fauna which have attracted many tour adventures.
Uganda as a country is a unique safari destination to hikers who are mostly interested in taking mountain climbing and trekking tours over small hills and big mountains. The snow capped mountain Rwenzori famed in ancient times as the mountains of the moon and it offers great and wonderful opportunities to hikers. The mountain has been opened to travellers interested in climbing not only the tallest ranges of Africa but also of the world as well
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Gorilla trekking rules in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park-Prime Uganda Safaris & Tours Safari updates

Gorilla trekking safaris have been on an increase in Uganda due to the presence of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park which harbours half of the mountain gorillas in the world. Many tourists have been frequenting this park because of its diverse wildlife which attracts many tourists to travel to the western part of Uganda.
Gorilla tracking safaris have been carried out by many tourists who visit the park but some of them were not aware of the mountain gorilla trekking rules in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, and some of the rules to be followed during the trek include;
bwindi neDuring any gorilla  trekking activity, a 7 metre distance should be observed at all times from the gorillas so that diseases are not easily spread to the gorillas , it’s always said by the park managers that gorillas can easily acquire human diseases especially when they near to them.
When carrying out any gorilla tracking expedition, always tourists should end ever to keep their voices low all the time, but asking the guides questions in the low tone is okay. This is emphasised in order to avoid scaring away the gorillas so as to encourage proper trekking with in the park.
The park management always encourages the tourists not to smoke, drink or eat when they are near the mountain gorillas, this is done to avoid the risk of food/ drink morsels / droplets from falling which could also increase the risk of transmission of diseases to the gorillas. This will help in protecting the gorillas hence encouraging the increase of mountain gorilla trekking visits.
Always follow the guide’s example; this is because sometimes the gorillas change, it’s always advisable not to look directly in the eyes of the mountain gorillas and not to always run since such must increase the risk in the minds of the mountain gorillas.
There are many more rules that are followed by the tourists and these include; flash photographing is not allowed during the trekking activity, Always not touching the gorillas is encouraged, only one hour is allowed to the trekkers while with the gorillas, all these rules are encouraged by the park management to the tourists in order to protect and conserve the mountain gorillas in order to promote gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda.
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Reviving Northern Uganda for Tourism Development - Prime Uganda Safaris & Tours Safari updates

The northern region of Uganda has for a long time received limited tourism opportunities due to the wars that have been affecting the region. This has led to few safaris to Uganda directed to that part of the country. This is about to end since the ministry of tourism has really worked had to improve the region in order to promote tourism in the north.
indexThere is great potential of tourism development in this region and so that’s why the emphasis has been put to develop it for tourism development, this is because of its diverse cultures especially after the wars that happened that side, this will help to increase Uganda safaris.
Kidepo National Park which is located in this region has greatly attracted many safari visits from the outside world due to its diverse wildlife and the fantastic accommodation facilities which are always appreciated b by the tourists who tour Kidepo.
Uganda Tourism Board has a plan to promote the cultural properties and historical sites including the displaced camps which are occupied by the people. Other attractions which could promote tourism to the north could be the culture of the people, historical sites like the one of Baker’s fort Patiko, and the Arua falls, these can attract many safaris in Uganda hence promoting tourism in the northern region.
The board said the roads which lead to the tourists attractions have been constructed so that tourists who visit this place can easily access the attractions. This will help to promote Ugandan safaris and at last tourism development in that area will be realised in the northern part of Uganda.
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Uganda tour agents partner up to promote tourism - Prime Uganda Safaris & Tours Safari updates


Uganda Safaris are bound to improve in Uganda due to the partnership of tour agents in order to strengthen tourism in Uganda. This was agreed upon by the tour operators who are willing and ready to work together in order to promote tourism so as to encourage tourism development.
The Ugandan tour operators could generally benefit from marketing Uganda’s mountain gorillas so as to encourage gorilla trekking safaris to Uganda. The tour agents will do this through encouraging the government to support the initiative to promote tourism in Uganda.
In order to increase safaris to Uganda, the tour agents need to share experience with tor agents from other countries so as to share knowledge about tourism systems. This will help to enforce the development of the tourism sector.
By tour agents of Uganda coming together, they will be able to identify the tourism products which could be promoted and marked together so that safaris in Uganda can increase in number. They identified mountain gorillas as the most wanted tourism product in Uganda and they are working hard in order to increase gorilla tracking safaris to Uganda.
The partnership will help develop business deals which can help in increasing tourists numbers to Uganda and in the end this will help to improve safaris participated in with in Uganda.
Tour agents hoped the cooperate with the agents from the nearby countries in order to expand the market of the tourism products to the outside world, this is because Uganda has a lot to show case including ; culture, wildlife, nature and many more which are un exploited. This will in the end help to increase safaris to the country.
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Role of Uganda Tourism Board in the development of Tourism in Uganda - Prime Uganda Safaris & Tours updates

Uganda Tourism Board is a government organisation which is responsible for promoting the tourism sector to the outside world. This has helped in increasing the safaris in Uganda because of its continuous marketing of the sector to the outside world.
 The organisation has served Uganda in ensuring the success and growth of the tourism sector in Uganda. It has done this through its partnership with the Ministry of tourism, Trade and Industry since its inception. The board is responsible for marketing and promoting the pearl of Africa, show casing its nature, culture, wildlife, Accommodation and hospitality found in to the country. This has helped in promoting Uganda safaris to the outside world.
 In its mandate to develop the country as a tourist attraction, Uganda Tourism Board is committed t6o the inspection of all tourist services and facilities in order to ensure conformity with the international standards to the tourists. The continuous effort of the board in partnership with the ministry of tourism and many private sector stakeholders have directly contributed to the overall development of the tourism sector to both the domestic and international world hence promoting safaris to Uganda.
 The government has successfully supported the Board financially hence it has been able to carry out its obligations of both marketing and promoting the tourism sector of Uganda. The tourism sector has greatly improved and Uganda is considered on of the top tourist destination which has increased the safari visits in Uganda.
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Road Development to promote Tourism in Uganda-Prime Uganda Safaris & Tours updates

roadRoad development is one the fundamentals of developing the tourism industry in Uganda.  This is because most attractions are connected by the roads and this has helped so much to increase on Uganda safaris. This has been done to most of roads which led to National Parks but however, these roads still need improvement since most of them are not tarmaced.
There is need to improve roads going to game parks in Uganda  and other tourist attractions to make them easily accessible to visitors. This will help in improving safaris in Uganda since more visitors will be encouraged to visit the game reserves.
The government should partner up with the private sector in order to fund the development of Roads in Uganda. This will help to reduce the government’s burden since road construction is so expensive, the tour operators should come together in order so as to empathise the development of Roads since this will help in improving safaris to Uganda.
In order to take action on this, the government should increase the budget for tourism sector in order to enable the development of these roads especially those that lead to the tourist attractions and also to enable the ministry market Uganda as tourism destination on the continent of Africa.
Visitors who come for safari visits always complain about the poor roads especially those to specific destinations, this has reduced the tour visits to Uganda since some tourists with draw from coming to Uganda.
In addition, the tourism sector can’t only develop on roads but also on good marketing skills and promotion so that Uganda can be known as a tourist destination, skilled personnel who are capable of putting the tourism sector to another level thus increasing Ugandan safaris.
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Wonderful facts about Gorillas. -Prime Uganda Safaris & Tours Safari updates

Gorillas have got many amazing features which have attracted many gorilla trekking safaris to Uganda. Some of the amazing features of mountain gorillas include; Gorillas are the largest living primates and they include apes, monkeys and the humans. A mature male gorilla can be over 6 feet tall and weigh 300 to 500 pounds. This one can spread his arms 8 feet across and is as strong as four to eight men who are strong. Female gorillas are just half the size of the male gorillas.
BABYMountain gorillas have two legs and two arms like the humans, they have 10 fingers and 10 toes, they also possess small two ears on the side of the head, have 32 teeth and two eyes. The gorilla arms are longer and kinder muscular than their legs. Their all bodies are covered with thick black hair except the face, chest, palms, under their arms and the feet.
A gorilla tracking safari to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park will expose you to gorillas which normally walk while putting their feet flat on the ground and they normally walk on the knuckles of their hands. Gorillas usually stand upright in order to chest slap. They don’t usually beat their chest with their fists but they do it with open cupped hands and they always make a lot of noise.
Tracking gorillas is the most wonderful experience that is enjoyed by many visitors who come for safaris, this is because they can live more than 50 years and usually the new born gorillas are very small and always weigh about 4 and half pounds. They always depend on their mothers after birth and this takes about three years. Female gorillas usually mature at 10 to 12 years and the male gorillas mature at about 11 to 13 years. The young gorillas must learn from their group on how to feed and find food, how to make nests, and how to take care of their babies
Mountain gorillas always communicate with each other and they usually use gestures, postures of the body, facial expressions like the human being, they sometimes use sounds of chest slaps and also drumming. They are capable of understanding spoken languages and can easily communicate in sign language.
Gorillas are intelligent animals and share most of the emotions with the human beings; these emotions include; hate, love, fear, grief, joy, greed, pride and shame. All these characteristics have attracted many tourists to take on gorilla trekking safaris.
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Uganda and its attractive attractions. -Prime Uganda Safaris & Tours Safari updates

indexUganda is one of the top twenty tourism destinations and this has helped to increase safaris to Uganda since it is composed of many interesting features which attract visitors to engage in tour visits.
Uganda lies in the so called non- disturbed nature which is always green and thus welcomes any one the moment you enter Uganda the pearl of Africa, Any means of transport can lead you to this beautiful environment. This green nature has greatly attracted many travellers to come for Uganda safaris.
Uganda has a variety of birds which have attracted many birding safaris in Uganda, wildlife, and the mountain gorillas which have attracted several gorilla trekking safaris that have been the main tourist attraction of Uganda.
The pearl of Africa has wonderful scenery, wide variety of wildlife such as gorillas and it can easily be visited since the people of Uganda are hospitable, this has helped in presenting Uganda as the best tourist destination. Kidepo National Park is also a unique tourist attraction which has attracted many Ugandan safaris.
The boat cruises which are carried out on Uganda’s water bodies have also proved fantastic for tourists who have got involved with them. These activities have really improved safaris to Uganda.
A chimpanzee safari to Uganda will expose you to the most wonderful primates which are found in Kibale National Park which is located in the western Uganda. These primates have been visited by many tourists who have enjoyed their company and their humanic behaviours.
Uganda is improving in the tourism sector since it has got many tourist attractions which are exfoliated and are visited by the tourists and because of this, employment has improved in Uganda and the revenue generated from the attractions has greatly increased.
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Restrictions to free flow of tourists in East Africa-Prime Uganda Safaris & Tours updates

airUganda safaris are to be affected because some East African countries are not freeing their boarders to free movement of tourists to the respective tourist attractions in their countries.
Safaris to Uganda are bound to reduce because Tanzania and Kenya tourism personnel are restricting the movement of visitors by putting rules and regulations to guide their tour operators from stiff competition.
Uganda tour operators said that while Uganda as a country allows registered vehicles which are carrying tourists to enter the border of Uganda and access specific tourist attractions, Kenya does not allow those of Uganda to enter into Nairobi to access the attractions. This has affected Uganda’s tourism sector since safari visits have been completely reduced.
On the other side, Uganda doesn’t tax Tanzania tour operators who come to Uganda to either pick or bring tourists, but it’s just on the same for The Tanzania  tour operators who always charge 100 dollars for the Ugandan tour operators. Many tour safaris are bound to be rejected since tourists are burden to cross borders. 
There is always an assurance of Tanzanian vehicles entering into Uganda to access the sites, but Uganda’s vehicles are always taxed for entering with their vehicles to Tanzania. This is proving a problem since Uganda has always allowed both Tanzania and Kenya vehicles to enter Uganda freely. This will always affect safaris in Uganda since the rate of restriction is high.
This practice of restrictions to the movement of tourists is a poor exercise since it leads to underdevelopment of the tourism sector because there is always lack of tourist movements to view the tourists attractions hence affecting tour adventures.
In order to improve safaris in Uganda, the committee of East African Community has raised a concern over the several restrictions which are mainly posed by Tanzania and Kenya to stop since Uganda is being affected by such restrictions and also to allow tour operators from either Kenya or Tanzania to open up for competition.
More so, the committee has decided that the three east African countries to come together and define how to free the movement of all tour vehicles so that Uganda can also benefit from its safaris.

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The bird side of Uganda. -Prime safaris & Tours Ltd safari updates

birdwatching safariUganda is a home to many interesting birds which have attracted many birding safaris hence improving the tourism sector. It has got many birding spots which include; Budongo forest reserve which has 360 birds, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park with 357 bird species, Kibale National Park with 340 bird species, Kidepo National Park with 480 bird species, Mabamba bay wetland with 260 species of birds, Mabira forest with 300 species of birds recorded, Lake Mburo National Park with 317 bird species recorded, Mgahinga National Park with 115 species of Birds, Murchison falls with 460 bird species, 435 bird species found in Semuliki National Park and 210 species in Rwenzori Mountain National Park.
 Birding safari will expose you to the bird species which pour out the purest of rare music. So tender and serene is the harmony of nature in the old woods of Serenada Eco Resort that monkeys, both red-tailed and colobus join in the jungle tango dance. This experience will leave you wanting to take more safaris to Uganda.
A low breeze rustles the defiant trees. The old forest springs to life with jungle activities. Unconscious of its audience, a pair of blue turaco birds flies away from the branches of an old ficus tree, bursting into a priceless melody. Uganda is blessed with both forest and water birds which are so interesting to watch while on a birding safari.
Uganda hosts a considerable number of birds, butterflies, reptiles, primates and dragonflies and it was recently declared the preferred bird-watching destination (2013/2014), a development which upholds the country as a birder’s paradise. A network of canals has been constructed in the surrounding wetlands to enable bird viewing in the marshes while travelling by canoe. This composition of birds and wildlife has attracted many safaris in Uganda.
About half of all bird species in Africa can be found in Uganda. The country supports more than 1,000 bird species, representing about 50% of the bird species in Africa and 11% of the global population of birds. Records from Nature Uganda show that Uganda earns over $6m (about sh156b) from birding tourism, doubling earnings from gorilla tracking. Birding is a high-end tourism product where birders stay long, thus leaving more money in the country
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Jinja a Top Tourism Destination - Prime Uganda Safaris & Tours Safari updates

ZJHVBJHADJinja is one of the great tourism destinations in Uganda and it has attracted many safaris which have helped in improving the tourism sector. As early as the pre-independence era, Jinja town located 80 kilometres east of the capital Kampala was a favourite destination for both local and foreign investors. They established industries that consequently attracted multitudes of job seekers from all over the region in search of employment opportunities.
The increase in Uganda safaris to Jinja has been attributed to its strategic location along the Trans-African highway from the port coast of Mombasa, on the northern shores of Lake Victoria and eastern bank of the world's longest river Nile as well as the presence of European and Asian settlers, Jinja made great economic strides in the 1950s and 1960s.
The tourist destination was hit by a depression during Idi mans’ regime were by most tourist attractions were destroyed and many industries were washed away. This affected the tourism industry since the numbers of safaris to Uganda reduced. For decades, Jinja lost its glory as an industrial centre earning itself the unenviable name of a ghost town; it became a shadow of what it used to be.
The rotting infrastructure aside, many of the industries remained underutilized with overgrown grass and shrubs as a common feature. Some turned into hideouts for criminals. The tarmac roads that led to the industrial areas became synonymous with potholes. These problems greatly reduced Uganda safaris to Jinja.
 Safaris to Uganda can greatly expose you to the newly developed tourist destination since the trend has changed, several new industries have been established with many more are in the offing. A couple of those that had gone dormant have been revived for production. From steel plants to timber processing factories, oil refinery to beer brewing, paper packaging manufacture to corporate branding, tea processing to world class liquor distilling, plastics manufacturing to electricity poles treatment plants. The town is once again bustling with industrial activity.
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Uganda‘s tourism industry is on track.-Prime Uganda Safaris & Tours Safari updates

BABYUganda’s tourism has greatly improved due to increased safaris to Uganda which have contributed high revenues to the country. This is mainly because the media has started focusing on and allowing healthy debates on tourism.
For a long time, tourism was never given any attention and if any, it was focused on the negative side and that largely kept the Ugandan population out of trying to tap into the tourism potential that the country has. This delayed the development of the tourism sector hence low numbers of Uganda safaris.
Tourism and hospitality are bedfellows, for Uganda both tourism and hospitality are creating more meaningful jobs compared to any sector. The jobs created include: tour guiding, chefs, hotel managers, rangers, reservation officers both in tour companies and hotels, entertainers and many others. These have greatly worked hard to increase Uganda safaris.
The movement of Ugandans within the country has also created strong employment opportunities in upcountry towns like Mbale, Kabale, Kisoro, Gulu, Jinja, Fort Portal, Mbarara and Kasese. This movement has improved domestic tourism in Uganda hence increasing on safaris done by Ugandan citizens
Ugandans travel for various reasons, including sightseeing, business, weddings and seminars, which factors necessitate accommodation, food and entertainment which in turn empower individuals within those areas visited, thereby, reducing rural urban migration, especially to Kampala, in search of employment.
It adds that tourism is the fastest growing sector in Uganda with an annual growth rate of 21% on average, contributing 24% of the total foreign exchange earnings. It also says domestic tourism has increased by 50% over the last 10 years.
While the above statistics are true, the concern is how our potential was casually outlined. Uganda is not an average tourist destination where we can casually mention our potential. Uganda being only 0.18% of total land mass is probably one of the top 13 countries in the world in terms of bio-diversity. Bio-diversity being the relative abundance flora, faunaand the general ecosystem.
Uganda has 6.8% of the world species butterflies, 7.8% species of the world mammals, 53.9% of the mountain gorillas population, the source of the longest river on the continent with the most thrilling rafting opportunity on earth, 10.2% of the world’s species of birds, highest density of primates on earth, more in land water bodies as compared to any country on the continent, world’s largest caldera mountains on Mt Elgon, an average of 28% centigrade for weather, diversity in culture etc.
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Mingling with mountain gorillas in Uganda's remote south- Prime Uganda safaris & ToursPrime Uganda safaris & Tours

go5Gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is one of the wonderful experiences one can ever have. The park which is located in south western Uganda, at the junction of the plain and mountain forests, because of its exceptional biodiversity, with more than 160 species of trees and over 100 species of ferns. The park harbours many types of birds and butterflies as well as the endangered species, the mountain Gorillas.
This mountain gorilla tracking tour will refer you to Makara, the fearsome silverback and leader of the Habinyanja family of mountain gorillas that reside deep within Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.
The gorilla safaris will show how Makara the silverback climbs across his grey speckled back and playing with the juveniles. Once these spot people around them, they normally venture close, peering through the thick undergrowth with big brown inquisitive eyes. These will surely make your trekking safari interesting.
These mountain gorillas have got interesting features which have always attracted many people to come for safaris to Uganda, these have mainly engaged in gorilla trekking tours which they have enjoyed fully and always promise to come for more tracking adventures.
Gorillas sometimes change but they have never attacked a tourist and they are always friendly to people since they poses human characteristics.
Gorilla tourism is big business in Uganda, Permits cost $500 (£332) per day and demand far outweighs supply. A maximum of 64 are issued daily and trekkers are evenly split between the eight families of gorillas that have been introduced to humans over a two-year period. Time with these jungle VIPs is strictly limited to one hour. 
More so, of the 880 critically endangered mountain gorillas that remain in the wild, more than half are found in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, tucked away in a lush corner of south-west Uganda. The others are split between neighbouring Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. These have attracted many gorilla safaris to Africa.
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Chiang Mai Zoo takes two of Uganda’s gorillas- Prime Uganda Safaris & Safari Tours

Thailand’s ambassador, Ling Ping is to take two of Uganda’s mountain gorillas to Chiang Mai Zoo in order to promote gorilla trekking safaris in Thailand. Uganda and Thai have come to an understanding of promoting the tourism in order to improve their economies.

A Silver back gorilla in Bwindi
The director of the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation, Manopat Huamuangkaew noted that these two mountain gorillas from Uganda are gifts given by Ugandan government to Thailand in order to promote gorilla tracking safaris. These are male and female gorillas aged between three and five years old. The ambassador said that gorilla tours will soon be part of Thailand’s tourism sector.
The gorillas have been given to the zoo following an agreement reached between the Thai and Ugandan governments during Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra's official visit to Uganda. These gorillas will help in promoting Uganda as a tourist destination hence increasing gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda.
This comes as a result that Thailand has just one gorilla, which is resident at the private Pata zoo in Bangkok. Manopat said he is concerned about the living conditions for the incoming apes, explaining that gorillas are social animals. He added that Thailand is preparing to build a new home for these two gorillas. This will help to tourists to come and learn more of the mountain gorillas.
The Thailand Ambassador said that the management of the Park needs to study how to improve the environment so that it is more friendly for these two mountain gorillas. In addition to that, he also expressed his concerns at the living conditions of the gorillas at the private zoo.
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Uganda to promote Domestic Tourism- Prime Uganda Safaris & Tours Safari updates

rhinoDomestic tourism is one of the main factors which have contributed to Uganda safaris though it has been neglected by the tourism sector. Uganda Wildlife Authority, a body responsible for marketing Uganda as a tourist destination has mainly focused on marketing Uganda to the outside world instead of encouraging domestic tourism as well.
The minister of tourism, Hon. Maria. Mutagamba discovered that domestic tourism has been left out in Uganda; this is because the people have not been informed about the importance of tourism in the country. This has greatly affected tour visits or safaris to Uganda, since tourism only depends on international tourism.
In order to promote domestic tourism in Uganda, The ministry needs to put much emphasis on the events which take place in the country so that people of Uganda can also participate hence encouraging domestic tourism. These events can include; the coronation events which honour culture and traditions and many other events. These can help in increasing on the revenues generated from safaris to Uganda.
The minister emphasised the launch of Domestic Tourism Drive which will help to initiate the development of domestic tourism in Uganda. The tourism industry doesn’t flourish thus the reason why domestic support is required. This program has also come up because of the fact that there is increased reduction in the number of visitors and numerous cancellations by foreign visitors due to the recent reinstatement of 18% VAT on several tourism inputs which means the domestic market is needed to help the limping industry.
Domestic tourism in Uganda can develop highly since there are enough attractions that can be visited by the Ugandan citizens in order to promote Ugandan safaris. These include Gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park which encourages gorilla trekking safaris, chimpanzees which are found in Kibale National Park, viewing of wildlife in most Ugandan national parks, boat cruises which are carried out on many water bodies on Uganda and many more attractions.
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