Sunday, 30 December 2012

Gorilla Permits now are Available in Mgahinga!

A Gorilla feeding in Mgahinga National Gorilla Park
A Gorilla feeding in Mgahinga National Gorilla Park

The Nyakagezi gorilla group having crossed back into Mgahinga National Park has stayed long enough in the park. The good news to Uganda safari companies is that the park wildlife authorities have started issuing permits to track them again.
Despite their traveling around various national parks of Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo as well as Uganda they safely returned without loss and injury from this migration and have again settled back in the magnificent Mgahinga National Park.
On this note therefore,we are pleased to inform you that after them being monitored and resettled these Ugandan gorillas are now ready for tracking/trekking and viewing. Tourists can now buy gorilla permits accessed from the park headquarters and are welcome to book through prime Uganda safaris as gorilla tours/a gorilla trekking safari call it a gorilla tracking safari are one of our best Uganda safari or Uganda tour packages. The release of these gorilla permits is likely to boost tourism in Africa and to continue exhibiting Uganda as one of the prime tourist attractions and destination in not only Africa but the whole world!
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Uganda was declared one of the prime destinations for bird watching come 2013!!

Uganda crested crane
Uganda crested cranes
Uganda was declared one of the prime destinations for bird watching come 2013 this comes as result of the boost from the Lonely Planet 2012 award of Best Tourism Destination into the year.This is great news to all Uganda safari bird lovers since bird watching forms a big part of Uganda safaris.
There has been a team up between Bird International which is a global conservation organization that is based on protection of birds as well as their habitats and Nature Uganda a Ugandan organization. They are studying the bird population in Uganda but so far this research has highlighted more than 34 spectacular bird watching areas within the country each possessing a diverse variety of bird species.
The Uganda Shoebill flying with in its natural habitant.
The Uganda Shoebill flying with in its natural habitant.
Uganda thus possesses an important biodiversity as it not only holds 10 % of the world’s total bird species but an overwhelming 50% of Africa’s bird population as well. On the same note Bwindi Impenetrable National Park has been highlighted as Africa’s number one bird watching site/spot!
Honorable Maria Mutagamba in one of her speeches recently said,” Allow me declare Uganda a preferred bird watching destination as we begin our journey through the next 50 years as we mark the country’s independence jubilee celebrations”.
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Update on the Situation in Eastern DRC and Rwanda by now -December 2012

There are continuous efforts to bring about stability in Goma city as well as North Kivu province that lies in the Eastern province of the Democratic republic of Congo.

After the December 2nd incidence in Parc National des Volcans, reports show that the park remains calm as well as stable and gorilla tracking safari activities have kept running smoothly without interruption every day in all the national park areas.
M23 rebels leave Goma in eastern Congo
M23 rebels leave Goma in eastern Congo
All concerned parties such as the DRC government, the  M24 rebels, the Rwanda and Uganda governments are holding talks in Uganda and seemingly they are achieving progress toward permanent peace in the region- a great achievement for the uganda safari industry and the region (Rwanda,DRC, Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda) safari/tourism  industry at large.
Diplomatic missions have continuously assessed the situation on ground and we too as Prime Uganda Safaris and Tours have visited the park to check on the security situation in the area as its one of the best Gorilla safari destinations in Africa.
Updates from the UK and US travel advisories released three weeks back stated that tourists can now freely visit the park when they come to Africa for a safari. The Rwanda Development Board as well continued to assure tourists and the business community of their safety as they travel thought all parts of Rwanda thus this historical nation is worth a visit once in Africa so make it a point to safari in this area.
On this note Prime Uganda Safaris promises to keep all our clients updated in case of any new developments. We welcome all guests and clients on safaris to Africa thus kindly consult us for any inquiry on
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A Rwanda gorilla
A Rwanda gorilla
A statement has been issued by the Rwanda Development Board encouraging tourists and the business society that traveling to any part of   Rwanda is safe and encouraged as the country isn’t compromised by the situation near the Democratic Republic of Congo. The statement reads as follows;
The Rwanda Development Board today reassures tourists and the business community that it is safe to travel to any destination within Rwanda .The Eastern Congo boarder crisis has been contained as security has been beefed up and reinforced to avoid any re-occurrence on the Rwandan border,
Claire Akamanzi the company executive officer (CEO) of Rwanda Development Board said the government of Rwanda guarantees peace and security in all tourist destinations of Rwanda
“We would like to reassure all tourists that it is business as usual in all tourist destinations .Travelers in Rwanda continue to enjoy the magnificent scenery, the pleasant climate, rich culture and diverse wild life in our national parks including the rear mountain gorillas.”
The CEO continued to announce that tourism has for the past years been successful and continues to be Rwanda’s leading foreign exchange earner.
“While eco-tourism remains the key attraction for visitors coming into Rwanda which is commonly known as the land of a thousand hills. We are working to increase the conference and events of tourism, a goal that will be facilitated by newly registered hotel investments like the recently completed Sheraton, Radisson Blu as well as Marriott
As Prime Uganda Safaris we pride in security and safety being our prime focus in all our Uganda tours /Uganda safaris same to our Rwanda safaris. On this note we advise our clients intending have a uganda safari or Rwanda safari to inquire with our travel advisories and we look forward to planning a great safari with you!
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Tuesday, 25 December 2012


Serengeti National Park zebra family
Serengeti National Park zebra family
The largest national park in Tanzania-Serengeti National Park, has been named Africa`s 9th top wild reserve due to its being a habitat to a variety of wild game.
This reserve is greatly known and hence popular for its annual great wildlife migration, that has a variety of animals such as the zebras, a significant number of crocodiles, but significantly because it covers a huge area i.e about 15000square kilometers.
Serengeti national park is made up three different regions namely; the woodlands of northern Serengeti, the western corridor and the plains.
This park is known for its variety of accommodations that range from the very basic to luxury but where to sleep s chosen by the client`s interest.
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Friday, 21 December 2012



Fetching swamp water
Fetching swamp water
The president of Uganda-Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, in November 2012 invited members of youth go green campaign to state house Entebbe for a one day meeting.In this meeting the president presented a paper/document about environment degradation in Uganda.The environment minister plus several environment experts attended this meeting and shared a variety of Uganda`s environment concerns and forged a way forward.
According to the president ,Uganda is faced with several environmental/Uganda safaris-safari industry threats categories that include among others;global threats created by greed from developed countries that generate green house gases such as water vapor methane,regional threats generating drying of wetlands by conversion of wetlands into rice fields and the rampart destruction of vegetation and trees.This has consequently led to the silting of lakes rivers resulting into flooding as has been clearly witnessed in Teso region of Uganda  which greatly affects the Uganda safari industry.
Uganda rested Crane in a swamp
Uganda rested Crane in a swamp
The lack of electricity has also contributed to environmental degradation.The lack of adequate electricity forces people to use too much fire wood as fuel/gas.Ugandans use to a tune of 41 million cubic meters of fire wood per year an equivalent of 45,000 megawatts of electricity.Uganda therefore has to be fully industrialized so as to save the biomass.other than that, Ugandans will always encroach on wetland and forests causing global warming and destruction of animal habitats which reduces Wild life such as Gorillas in Uganda, a factor that negatively affects the Uganda safari or Uganda tour business.
The rise or increment in environmental challenges have led to rising concerns and impacts on the environment.The rising sea level water, deforestation and the reduction
 Uganda swamp fishing
Uganda swamp fishing
in natural resources are evident effects of environment degradation.Animals such as Mountain Gorilla, Baboons, Chimpanzees with in Uganda`s Forest National Parks have greatly been affected by man`s encroachment on the green vegetation because it is their source of habitat and food.
Air and water pollution have left the earth without air to breath for many years ,all living things that duel in mother planet earth depend on air, therefore all life on earth depend on the how the earth breathes.The better the air the better all life on earth.The environment is further degraded by enormous deforestation,it is how ever never too late to repair the damage caused.
Uganda shoebill in a swamp
Uganda shoebill in a swamp
It is how ever good to see that many people today are emphasizing the need to plantmore trees (go green)to save the environment from degradation.This appeal has been taken up by various giant corporate agencies as part of their corporate social responsibility programes to give back to the community.
This effort (program) has in effect increased positive public awareness with regard to environment degradation and management.It has high time all Ugandans take up all possible measures or means geared towards effective saving our environment to in turn promote Uganda safari and Uganda tours or tourism in Uganda.

Sunday, 9 December 2012



Uganda gorilla safari
Uganda is named among the 20 global tourism destinations come 2013,according to the national Geographic.Unlike the lonely planet,which named Uganda as the best travel destination for 2012,the national geographic which is an international travel channel affiliated to the national geographic society, listed Uganda among the top “new year’s (2013)20 must -see places.”
The pride of Uganda’s tourism lies in the undistributed green cover that welcomes you the moment you arrive in Uganda whether by land, air or water transport,stated the National Geographic.
They stated that getting out of the city on a Uganda safari or tour is a more rewarding experience as it provides one with a variety of bird species,wild life and the rare Uganda mountain gorillas that have been ‘a hot cake’ to Uganda tourists that tour Uganda.
uganda safari
The National geographic recommends a number of books and documentaries to watch about Uganda such as The Last King of Scotland and Gifted by nature.
Uganda safaris
Tourism experts explain that Uganda has beautiful scenery, unique wild life such as the mountain gorillas and is easy to visit or live in because of the hospitality of the people and government policy.
Uganda’s wild life has lots of untapped potential like the Kidepo national park,which is a unique destination but is still undiscovered by tourists.
Uganda safari-tour
In contrast to this a lot is known about Bwindi and Queen Elizabeth National parks but Kidepo is unique and truly wild,yet not many tourists visit Northern Uganda.
After a long Kony war that the Uganda government of Uganda brought to an end,The northern Uganda region and the entire country enjoys a piece full environment that has boosted not only the Uganda safari industry but other sectors too.
Uganda’s tourism industry is gaining visibility through massive campaigns to participate in the international world travel market so that many people get to know about Uganda but aggressive marketing is still needed from government.
With this great achievement more employment and income opportunities will be attained through the tourism industry or sector.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012



uganda bus accident in murchison

After the fetal accident that took place on Friday 16th November 2012 by an over speeding bus knocked and claimed a life an elephant plus many people, just after loosing an antelope in Busitema, Uganda Wildlife Authority has extended sympathies to the grieved families and individuals who sustained injuries as a result of this terrible accident.
Consequently in a bid to protect the Uganda safari or Uganda tours business, Uganda Wildlife Authority has reminded and urged motorists that the wildlife laws stipulate clearly that the speed limit when crossing/driving through or near a Uganda National Park and game reserves is 40km per hour.
Giraffes crossing
To this effect, some sections of the public and media have queried the Uganda Wildlife Authority`s in ability to keep wildlife animals from roaming in the streets.
Uganda Wildlife Authority has come out to inform the public and the nation at large that all animals in national parks have the RIGHT OF WAY, an explanation for why the speed limit was put to 40km per hour. Due the fact that some roads (high ways) were constructed crossing through national parks as seen on a Uganda safari /Uganda tour as well as on a mountain Gorilla trekking safari,its common sense that wild animals do exist in those areas and hence cannot be avoided.Motor car drivers are therefore expected and MUST to immediately stop in event of animals crossing highways that cross through national parks.
The Uganda Wildlife Authority has gone to remind drivers and cyclists that HOOTING of any nature inside national parks is restricted as well and if done is punishable by law.

Uganda elephants crossing
The authority further pledged to work with the Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) closely to put back all road signage warning motorists and cyclists as well as pedestrians to reduce speed when driving through all Uganda`s national parks.
The Uganda Wildlife Authority went ahead to clearly stipulate all roads that pass through Uganda`s national paks and these include; the Masaka-Mbarara highway, the Pakwach-Karuma high way,the Mbarara-Kasese highway and the Mubende-Fortportal.

Uganda monkeys sitted in the road
The Uganda Wildlife Authority further invited the public to make a Uganda safari/have several Uganda safaris or Uganda tours to the various Uganda`s national parks through out this festive season and enjoy some relaxation as they relieve the selves of a hustle full year.