Friday, 17 July 2015

Members of parliament in quest of nyakisharara airstrip face lift – Uganda safari news

air strip - ugandaThe Members of Parliament seating on the committee of National Economy in conjunction with the officials from the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority are advocating for the upgrading of Nyakisharara Airstrip in the sub region of Mbarara to encourage taping of increased resources and also facilitate the travel of travelers on safaris in Uganda.
The team led by Mr. Kyooma Xavier, Member of Parliament for Ibanda North noted that Nyakisharara with in its current set up cannot generate any economic returns nor can it make money to meet the costs of operation. Considering the direction where the region is heading, it’s very significant to upgrade the Airstrip expanding and developing its infrastructure and enhance marketing. This can in turn increase the Uganda safari tours in the region.
At the moment, it is noted that Nyakisharara handles the flights that are closely linked to the government and military but has the potential add commercial flights too once it is enhanced to handle them including the charter flights of travelers on Uganda safaris and tours.
The need to upgrade the airstrip comes in at a time when the government is planning for the expansion of Entebbe International Airport along with other regional airstrips of Kisoro and Kasese to manage the ever increasing flights to Uganda that brings in counts of travelers including those on safaris to Uganda.
The Members of Parliament believe that the region of Mbarara has a great potential economically especially in the field of tourism and thus if up graded contribute to the tourism development in the area and widen the Uganda’s tourism circuit.
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