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The forests of Uganda; a home to the ancient apes – Uganda safari news

forests - ugandaUganda is one of the few countries in the world that are still having a good section of dense forests that have acted as a habitat to the ancient apes including mountain gorillas which has in turn formed the ground for gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda.
Ranging from the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in the south west where a count of 400 mountain gorillas are known to be thriving to the Kibale Forest where 13 Primate Species including the Chimpanzees that form the ground for Chimpanzee safaris to Uganda present a remarkable habitat that have ensured the thriving of these endangered species that would not manage the dry savannah landscapes of East Africa.
Uganda presents the point of meet between the East African savannah and the Equatorial jungle from West Africa at her western boundary. The country’s western side has counts of these forests including Budongo Forest Reserve, the Semliki Forest, Echuya Forest, Kibale Forest, Maramagambo forest, Kalinzu forest among others presenting a natural home for these ancient apes.
Species like the mountain gorillas and Chimpanzees that trace their origins to the old world monkey are indeed ancient adjoining the past with the present and carrying the historical genes and ensuring their continuity which does not only ensure their continued existence in the world but also benefiting the generations that emerge as like the case of the present travelers that undertake Uganda safaris and tours to explore them.
The Apes thrive by munching fruit especially chimpanzees while others like Mountain gorillas do a lot of foraging and feed on specific flora species which are found in these forests. The existence of these forests means existence of the apes too. Thus, one cannot distance the apes from the forests which signify the forest’s significance as the home to these apes.
Budondo Forest Reserve on the margins of the Uganda safari destination of Murchison Falls National Park has over 800 chimpanzees. Kibale also has great counts of habituated chimpanzees. These two are supplemented by Kyambura gorge, Semliki and Kalinzu forests.
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