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The 1994 Rwanda Genocide Memorial Museums /Genocide sites-Rwanda Safari News

genocide-memorialRwanda genocide memorial museums are located in various areas which were mostly affected by the 1994 tragedy in Rwanda which left hundreds and thousands of people killed in the blood shade between the two tribes of Hutu and the most affected Tutsi. Currently the genocide sites in Rwanda are now acting as one of the very significant tourist attraction as many travelers from different parts of the world take safaris and tours to Rwanda to pay visit to any of the memorial museums.
Rwanda Safaris and tours organize itineraries for visitor to visit Gisozi Memorial site which positioned in the Gasabo District in Rwanda and its where  most of victims of Tutsi Genocide are buried from the year 2000. A visit to this memorial site will expose the visitors to the cemetery which is a house showing various events on Genocide section. Gisozi memorial site is an estimate of around 300,000 genocide victims were laid to rest. To visit this place while on Rwanda safari is very vital as it open the doors for you to understand the tragic ethnic conflict that befell Rwanda in 1994.
Nyamata memorial site is yet a very important genocide Centre located in the Bugesera district. Its place where most of people ran seeking for refuge in the Catholic Church but unfortunately on the month of April year 1994 they follow those who ran to the church and they were killed and about an estimate of 10,000 people were killed in this place. The place therefore acts as reminder of the scaring violence memories which took place in this place.
The other interesting site is the Ntarama Memorial site which is located just 30 kilometers south direction of the Rwanda’s capital city Kigali. Ntarama Church is where most un merciful killings of the 1994 Rwandan genocide occurred and to prove this the floor of the Church at Ntarama has never been cleaned right from the time the genocide took place and paying tour to this place will give one chance to see the remains of the people who were killed and among the remains are bones, pots, wallets, shoes, vertebrae, skeleton, mention but few.
Gisenyi Memorial site is one of the must see memorial sites in Rwanda and its where the grave of Madame Carr, an American who was running an orphanage for the genocide orphans which was called Imbabazi. Besides the a above, there is also Bisesero Memorial site which is positioned in the district of Karongi. In this site almost 27,000 victims were laid rest in this place ad these victims were killed after long resistance as well as self-defense they tried but later they sold by the French soldiers. This historical site made of nine small buildings which stand for the nine communes that constituted the Kibuye province. This offers remarkable memories on your safari in Rwanda.
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USAID donates tourism guide books to tourism stakeholders in Uganda – Uganda safari news

TOURISM BOOKSThe Tourism for Biodiversity (T4B) which is a programme funded by USAID under the implementation of Africa Wildlife Foundation has enhanced the Uganda’s tourism sector with a range of educational and information guide books featuring the three Uganda safari destinations of Lake Mburo, Kidepo Valley and Murchison Falls National Parks.
The information guide books which were produced in conjunction with Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) aims at educating people including travellers that intend to undertake safaris to Uganda about the three featured parks where Tourism for Biodiversity works. These books have already been delivered to the respective institutions of learning including Makerere University and Mbarara University of Science and Technology along with other respective organizations like the Uganda Wildlife Education Center (UWEC) and Igongo Cultural Center which is always visited by travellers on Safari in Uganda.
The books were received in appreciation by the respective institutional departmental heads. In fact, Prof. Philip Nyeko who is Makerere University Head of the Department of Forestry Bio-diversity and Tourism was quoted saying that “To us academicians, this is food, especially food that comes at the time of famine". Makerere University is one of the higher institutions of learning in Uganda that offer Tourism course at Bachelors level producing counts of Human Resource that have in turn ensured the flourishing and satisfaction of travellers on Uganda safaris.
The vice president Conservation Projects at African Wildlife Foundation Charly Facheux told the students of Mbarara University of Science and Technology that the organization is aiming at building a critical mass of Africans that would possibly take charge of the continents conservation issues. The body wants the African leaders talk about African Wildlife other than foreigners coming to speak about African Wildlife.
African Wildlife Foundation also carried out the Conservation Management and Training Programme (CMTP) two years back and young African leaders were paid for a two year conservation course in Nairobi Kenya who later took up various positions in different conservation organizations on the continent. This is seen as a positive step in ensuring biodiversity protection which will in turn ensure continuity of Africa journeys including safaris to Uganda.
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Batwa Experience at Bwindi Impenetrable National Park-Uganda Safaris News

bwindi forest-imageThe Bwindi Impenetrable national Park is popular because of its various natural biodiversity and so many travellers coming for Safaris in Uganda come with the intensions of visiting the exotic plants as well as animals characterize the Bwindi National Park. For decades of years the Impenetrable forest in Bwindi was habitant to the local Batwa people also called the Batwa pygmies.
When Bwindi Impenetrable Forest was gazzetted to national park, the Batwa where pushed away since then they started living miserable life but currently the traditional owners of the forests are enjoying the management of the park resources and now they developed the Batwa trails which is a community based tour products were tourist can visit the local owners of forest.
Tourists on Uganda safari have the opportunity to visit the Batwa community and the batwa trail which begins at Muhavura Mountain at 8:00am takes the visitors through the lower slopes of Gahinga and Muhavura volcanoes in the Mgahinga gorilla national park and the journey which takes roughly the full day pays visitors with the wonderful view of the vegetation and the wild life with the forests.
The most appropriate way to have a full Batwa experience is through booking Safari to Uganda and here one will be taken to Bwindi to have face to face encounter with the Batwa pygmies who are endowed with the interesting history about how they managed and adopted live in jungle of Bwindi forests. By the help of Batwa guides, tourists will have chance to see the huts constructed of branches, leaves, and also the history of the batwa which involves how these people managed hunting ,surviving in the forest.
The impressing experience comes when the visitors are led to the Garama cave, which is about 200m-long under Gahinga Mountain. In this cave visitors will be entertained by the Batwa women group who perform traditional songs, dances to the visitors, the Batwa are known for their dance and music performances and hence the garama cave provides memorable experience.
The Batwa trail explains the celebration of the first local people who lived in the forest for over 60,000 years and experiencing this Batwa culture will give someone an over view the past Batwa and even the show the modern current Batwa.
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Birding Experience in Budongo Forest-Uganda Safari News

Budongo-ForestThe Budongo Forest reserve is an Eco-tourism site in Uganda and it’s included in the list of places in Uganda where birders who are in their bird watching safaris in Uganda can easily enjoy birding in Uganda. The wonderful birding destination in Uganda is positioned on the nice looking escarpments located in the northeast direction of the prominent Lake Albert.
Budongo forest covers an area of 42800 hectares of land and the forest is composed of the wood land and savanna vegetation characterized with semi deciduous verdant forests as well as being located in rolling landscape. The nature forest is supplied water by the three small rivers surrounding the forests and among these includes Sonso, river, River Waisoke and also Bubwa River. The existence of these rivers has favored the survival of different bird species which stay in the forest and sometime enter the rivers to take water and are always encountered by travellers on Uganda safaris.
The best birding destination is Budongo forest because the forest has different bird species which are unique and endemic to the forest .Visitor’s tour to this area will reward him or her by having chance to view most of the birds among the total of 360 recorded birds in this area. Besides birds, the forest is also endowed with a total of 290 species of butter flies as well as 130 species of moths, all which can be found by Uganda safari undertakes while in this forest.
Safaris in Uganda planned for bird watching avail birders with the chance of watching the special two species of birds which are endemic to only the Budongo forest and hence such types of birds cannot be watched in some other parts in Africa a part from Budongo in East Africa. According to the Ugandan ranking the forest come second as best birding destination after the mighty Semliki National Park located in western part of Uganda. One of the best reasons as to why Budongo forest is ranked among the best birding destination is that the forest is blessed with the rare species which cannot be seen in other forests in Uganda and among these species include Ceratogymna fistulator, Zoothers camaronensis as well as, Neafrapus cassini and Batis ituriensis
Being diversified forests tourists under taking a safari in Uganda can also enjoy the different five main forests that make up the Budongo forest and these include Cynometra-mixed, swamp-forest, as well as Cynometra. The existence of various forests offer guests chance to carry out other activities such as identifying tree species, tracking some primates found in the forest.
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Climbing and trekking the volcanoes-Rwanda Safari News

volcanoesRwanda a country of thousand hills is the best climbing and trekking destination as earlier described by the French traveller while on her safari to Rwanda Dian Fossey. Dian Fossey on his own words expressed that the heart of Central Africa is so high up that hikers first have to shiver before they sweat and this great experience to the experienced hikers.
The stunning volcanoes indeed prove as an evocative example for a guided climb. As hiker makes his or her way along the ascents, trekker will pass through various types of natural vegetation and this ranges from thick green bamboo forests as well as the rare giant lobelia plant species which are only in places with high altitude especially in the alpine meadows. The most significant reward especially if the weather is very favorable, visitors on Rwanda safari can enjoy beautiful spectacular views of the mountain surroundings.
Travelers on Rwanda safaris and tours interested in hiking experience to climb and trek the prominent Visoke Volcano and mountain Karisimbi and the two Volcanoes offer climbers various routes to climb to the peak of any of the two virunga volcanoes. The treks usually take time of approximately two days to reach to the summit. During this hike guides are provided to direct climbers and also potters help to carry climbers hiking equipment. The climbing activity leads the tourists through the interesting natural vegetation but climbers are requested not cut down the trees but they can set fire in the designed camp site.
The most exciting bit of trekking and climbing the volcanoes is that visitors are awarded abundantly with various opportunities to view the different unique species of Primates such as the golden monkeys, Chimpanzees as well as human like brother the gorillas that form the ground for gorilla trekking safaris in Rwanda. Besides the primates, climbers will also have the chance to watch the mainly common herbivores living in the Volcanoes Park.
Climbing and trekking the Volcanoes while on a safari in Rwanda also offers visitors an assurance of the inspection of the hollows of trees for example hydraxes as well as genets, and forest poached rats. The trek further avails the trekkers with a precious opportunity to enjoy bird watching in the different zones when one is climbing from one zone to another and among the rare species one can see are francolins, as well as the various hawks and buzzards and also the wax bill.
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Having a magical experience with Mubare Gorilla Family in Uganda-Uganda Safari News

gorillas-imageUganda is habitant to over half of the world’s total estimated numbers of the Mountain Gorillas. Most of these rare animal species are found in different sections of Bwindi Impenetrable national Park which is also world heritage site and one of the most popular destinations in the African Continent. Taking gorilla safari tour to Uganda offers you the opportunity of having a magical experience with one of the Uganda’s oldest habituated group called the Mubare gorilla family.
Gorilla Safaris in Uganda offers an impressing trip to visitors who confirm their safaris to Bwindi Impenetrable National park in western part of Uganda. The interesting experience comes from the face to face interaction between visitor and the Mubare gorilla group located in the Buhoma region .The Mubare gorilla family also called the M-group is the oldest habituated gorilla family in Uganda. The group was habituated in year 1991 and it was open and exposed to tourism in the year 1993 which is the very year it received its very first time trekking visitors.
Gorilla trekking safaris and tours in Uganda  is very interesting because it avails visitors the chance to trek the Mubare gorilla group which was named after the beautiful Mubare Hills in which the group was found. At first the group was made up of 18 individual members who were led by one silver back called Ruhondeza. Unluckily the group which had many members started losing its members one by one and by the year 2012 only 5gorilla members were left. The loss of the group members was attributed to number of factors such as death of baby gorillas, death, moving of members to join other groups,
In the year 2012, the Mubare group was attacked by a wild gorilla group who ended up breaking Ruhondeza’s leadership and took away some of the females. The occurrence or the attack forced Old Ruhondeza to take asylum in a nearby community forest where the researchers continued to monitor him, until when lost his life in his sleep on 27 June 2012.
Currently the group has 8 individual members and confirming your gorilla trekking safari in Uganda provides you with maximum opportunities to have one golden hour of interaction between the tourists and the rare gorillas and in the face to face encounter the tourists will come to sweep away the wear they have towards gorillas because the they will come to prove that human beings share 95% of the their behaviors and characteristics with the gorillas.
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Exploring Akagera National Park in Rwanda-Rwanda Safari News

kagera national parkBesides being place of thousand hills, the Republic of Rwanda is blessed with a varied natural beauty and wild life and it has been one of the very important pulling factors for travellers taking their safaris and tours in Rwanda. The natural beauty and wildlife is exhibited in the country’s national parks which are constantly visited by different travellers from all over the world.
Exploring Akagera National Park is one the experiences travellers should not miss with in their safari tour to Rwanda. The well-known national park in Rwanda (Akagera) is located near Rwanda-Tanzanian border and it’s surrounded by the magnificent waters of River Akagera and the park also acts as home to the typical grasslands of the African Savannah.
The best option to explore Akagera National Park is by booking Rwanda Safari and here visitor will be explore the pictorial natural beauty of the fresh waters of the rivers and lakes in which the park is located. The well-know Akagera National Park boats of wide combination of wildlife and therefore visitors can enjoy different activities such as game watching, chimpanzee trekking, and also visitors can have chance on good days to set eyes on the King on Jungle (Lion) roaming in the forests vegetation of the park. Among other animals which are housed in the Kagera national are the giant elephants, zebras, leopards, and sometimes human like brother the gorillas. The most interesting bit of exploring this park is that ,the visitor will have chance to see one of the largest antelopes which are only found again in the statuesque Cape eland in the whole world.
For travellers on safaris in Rwanda interested in birding, the best park to explore is Kagera because the park is habitant to some unique bird species which cannot be easily viewed in other national parks and some of them include the fish eagles, as well as papyrus ganolek and bizarre shoebill stork. The strategic location of the park near water bodies provides tourists with the opportunity to view birds while swimming in lake water, bird watching can also be done in the beautiful vegetation of the park
The national park which is estimated to be covering an area of 2, 500 square kilometer has one unique accommodation place where tourists can be receive relaxation and refreshment services which are rated to world standards. The accommodation place name is called Akagera game lodge along with others like the Ruzizi Tented Camp.
Taking Rwanda safaris and tours offers visitor chance to see the other ecosystems of Uganda’s precious Kikati game reserve as well as the unique wild life found in the Ibanda, Rumanyika game reserves of Tanzanian origin.
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Trekking the legendary Rwenzori Mountains in Uganda- Uganda Safari News

Rwenzori mountainsTrekking the mystic Rwenzori Mountains also called Mountains of the Moon is a surely an impressing and fantastic experience which can only be got by taking safari tour to Uganda. Having face to face encounter with the wonderful glaciers found at high altitude of the mountains of the moon and experiencing the beautiful valley composed of nine lakes is an experience one should not just read or wait to be narrated too by friend but rather it should be you sharing the memorable experience when you confirm your Uganda safari tour and i guarantee you the experience you will get from the trip will keep meditating on your mind for the rest of your life time on earth.
The diverse beautiful flora and fauna with various biospheres as one goes through distinct vegetation zones offers the ultimate experience for trekking. Trekking the mystic mountains of the moon of the famous destinations usually encountered on Uganda safaris is beautiful, impressing and rare trek that has never existed before time immemorial and it’s undoubtedly and unspoilt trekking places in the whole world.
World Heritage Site as recognised by UNESCO is really the award the park deserves because it offers the various chances for visitors to see nature at its natural and beautiful state. The unique beautiful vegetation changes from one zone to another depending on the altitude and the vegetation ranges from the diverse tropical rainforest to bamboo forests as well as montane cloud forests and lastly at the top alpine vegetation which hosts rare plant species which cannot live in the any of the lower vegetation zones. The scenery is surely attracting and at an altitude above 4,500 metres the white like snow and glaciers top up special ingredient to the beautiful views throughout the pristine mountain range – something that would leave you mesmerised when encountered on safaris and tours in Uganda.
The visitors on safari in Uganda interested in trekking should not be scared of the trekking facilities and services because Rwenzori Trekking Services provide different climbing and trekking equipments, options right from one day to last twelve’s day and these equipments ,options fit every style of trekking adventure and time schedule. Mountain Rwenzori is really a true mountain range with various climbing routes as well as the hectic adjacent and all this combined together in hike makes the mountain to have tough climb but besides that beautiful scenery is incredible. Travelling to Rwenzori Mountains is actually unique memorable experience because ones travellers reaches the park he or she starts to experience the changing climate characterised with high rainfall that is always more than three months per year, the rocks which are fully covered with moss as well as the high peaks and cliffs towering above the valleys which are meandering all over.
The sealing impression from the trek comes when visitors reaches Bamwanjara through the Kilembe route and here he or she is reward with the panoramic view of the main mountain peaks such as the Margherita peak which is the highest with the great tooth as well as the Elena peak in the middle is Mt. Speke, while on the left hand side Mt. Speke and from this you gain turn left to climb to Wiesmanns peak in order to have clear view of the Mt. Beker. All this can be encountered by undertaking Uganda safari tours.
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What to know about Lake Kivu in Rwanda-Rwanda Safaris News

lake kivuRwanda also called a home of thousand hills is proud of wildlife and a varied natural beauty and the country which is positioned in the Great Lakes region and composed of five distinguished lakes surrounding the entire region. Lake Kivu is the biggest numerous freshwater body of the great Rwandan region. The lake is also one of the Great Lakes in the whole of the African continent and therefore paying a safari to Rwanda specifically to this beautiful lake will offer total memorable excitement to the tourists.
Lake Kivu is an ultimate beautiful fresh water body which is covered on all sides by huge green terraced hills which is vertical and the serene lake is positioned the Rwanda- Congolese border. Lake Kivu supplies its water to River Ruzizi and it further flows in the southwards direction into the great Tanganyika Lake in Tanzania. The lake approximately covers an area of 2700 square kilometers and falls from an estimated height of 1460 meters above sea level. This can be evidently encountered by travellers on Rwanda safaris.
The beautiful Lake Kivu is worth a visit because it has unique attractions such as the Idjwi Island which is the number eight among the largest inlands in the whole world. The lake is surrounded by number of beautiful cities among these include Bukavu, Sake, as well as Kalehe, Goma and Kabare all in Congo .The cities in Rwanda that are situated on the shores of the serene lake Kivu include Kibuye, Gisenyi .These cities have distinguished world class hotels, lodges, beaches, and other recreational centers where tourists can enjoy warm charming tourists facilities and services while on their Safari in Rwanda.
The prominent Lake Kivu is one of most exploding lakes which are affected by fierce lake overturns and its characterized by timely volcanic activities which periodically occurs in the lake and the outcomes of the volcanic activities are that the dangerous chemicals from the volcanoes get inter mixed with the fresh lake’s water and hence cause serious threat to the aquatic life surviving in the lake. Lake Kivu which is the largest lake in Rwanda usually encountered on Rwanda safari tours is also said to be having big amounts of methane gas which is being said to be extracted gradually.
Lake Kivu which is one of the serene Rwanda Lakes offers memorable experience to visitors who take tours to Rwanda and the interesting experience comes from the scope of various tourists activities such as swimming in the fresh waters of the lakes Canoeing, participation in water gliding and also tourists can experience water –skiing.
The three resort towns of Gisenyi as well as Kibuye and Cyangugu which are positioned close to Lake Kivu are linked to the lake with the help of a roller-coaster road and this route passes small patches of the rainforest and luxuriant beautiful plantain field and the journey from Lake Kivu to any of the three resorts provides visitors with a memorable experience of the most astonishing journeys in the whole of African continent.
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Encounter the beauty of Echuya forest in south western Uganda – Uganda safari news

echuya forestThe Uganda safari destination of Echuya Forest is located in the south west of Uganda along the road to Kisoro from Kabale in the shadows of the Virunga Mountains one of the unique features that Uganda is gifted to have shared that in turn prompts various travellers to undertake safari tours to Uganda.
The Echuya Forest is one of the mature tropical forests in Uganda thus it contains great counts of bio-diversity dome of which is rare on other areas. Its position in the famous Kigezi highlands makes it a high altitude forest with remarkable species of high altitude dwelling species. Considered to have a population of 152 species of birds with 18 of these being listed as endemic to the Albertune rift valley  such as the endangered Grauer’s Swamp-warbler which is among the highly sought after birds by birders on birding safaris and tours in Uganda, Echuya forest is a rich birding destination.
Stretching to cover 3,400ha filled with remarkable flora and fauna, Echuya Forest is greatly covered by the mature Hagenia abyssinica and Macaranga kilimandscharia to over 80% of its land surface while the remaining is occupied by Yushania alpina - mountain bamboo. The Bamboo is also common in the hilly forested landscapes of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park where gorilla trekking in Uganda is carried out.
Within Echuya forest, there lies Muchuya swamp perched on a more raised altitude which makes it unique and besides that it contains 30 – 50 counts of endangered Grauer’s swamp warbler which makes it to be listed among the Uganda’s 30 Important Bird Areas by the prestigious Birdlife International.
The forest is also a habitat for the Batwa Pygmies, the forest people and one of the last groups of short surviving people on earth and though they were evicted, they live close to the forest margins and thus can be encountered by travellers in safaris in Uganda.
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What to know about Butare in Rwanda-Rwanda Safaris News

Rwanda museumButare usually visited by travellers on Rwanda safaris and tours is Rwanda’s intellectual city has population estimate of 77,000 people as of August 2002 statistics and located in the Huye district Southern Province of Rwanda. It is one on the traditional cities and also colonial capital of the former Province of Butare, Rwanda, that was separated in January of year, 2006.
It is a town in Rwanda where North Gate University of Rwanda is located and also holds the prestigious Nyakibanda Seminary which is Rwandan National Institute of Scientific Research, therefore tourists, researchers interested in finding or doing researcher in Rwanda can visit Butare and due to its strategically location for universities, its often regarded as university city in Rwanda.
Butare is also a place on interest to visitors because it’s where Ruhande Arboretum and a cathedral is located and hence tourists interested in religious tourism as part of their Rwanda safari package can visit the place to experience the holy blessing from the cathedral and it’s also home to the Butare Stadium (stade Huye). In this stadium one can enter to relax and enjoy the local foot ball matches as well as watching some music performances which are always organized in the stadium.
The city of Butare mainly considered as the intellectual capital of the country does not hold political powers unlike its counterpart city Kigali which holds most of political powers. Historically Belgian colonial rulers named the place to astride city and this was done in respect and remembrance of Belgium Queen Astrid.
The most interesting thing in this place is the National Museum of Rwanda which was built in the early years of 1990s and the museum houses almost the best ethnographic collections in whole of East Africa. Absorbing displays of traditional artifacts are illuminated by a selection of turn-of-the-century which shows photographs, providing insight of the current developments of Rwanda’s modern developing country in Africa. Butare also boasts craft shops as well as a botanical garden. Hence Butare is a good place for tourists interested on the cultural history of the country and the region at large and thus can offer memorable experience to travellers on safaris in Rwanda.
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Sharing the sorry experience at Kigali Genocide memorial Centre-Rwanda Safari News

genocide memoriesIt’s now close to 20years since the 1994 Rwanda Genocide occurred and this genocide was one of world’s most terrifying persecutions that took lives of the people. Different genocide memorial centers were established in different places and these are acting as one of the important pull factor as to why tourists from all over the world take their Safaris and Tours to Rwanda to pay visit to the sites in order to share the sorry experience .
Kigali Genocide memorial was started in 2004 and the site plays very important role in showing the events as well as the victims of the genocide. Taking a safari tour in Rwanda and Kigali city in particular will offer the visit chance to share the sorry experience with the fellow Rwandese who lost their friends, relatives during the genocide. A visit to this site offers also the visitors with chance of seeing the numerous faces of various victims which are portrayed in the Centre’s displays as well as photos of slain children that have heart-rending impact. In this Centre photography is mainly used to help inform and personalize as well as humanize the impact of the killings.
In the month of April year 1994 was terrifying year when the world received aggressive mass killings within the smallest country in Africa (Rwanda) unfortunately little, though something was done to stop this killing. To those staying outside Rwanda understood the genocide as tribal-based ethnic violence, with the tribe of the Tutsis who were the most affected. In short the number of people  who where  killed is estimated to be between 500,000 to 800,000 but no really figure is proved to be correct. The sorry full experience comes when the guide explains painful story how women were raped by men who had HIV, among others while on Rwanda safaris and tours.
Rwanda Safaris enables visitors to visit the Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre so as to have clear understanding of the modern Rwanda as well as how citizens in Rwanda relate with each other today and the visitors can also relate depending on the knowledge of what occurred during the period of the 1994 genocide. The museum plays a very significant role of putting the past 1994 Rwandan genocide to appear like other recent genocides that occurred during the twentieth century.
The Center’s audio guide and displays offer the real information about what actually happened during times of the 1994 genocide, it also shows events of 1994 as well as insights to its legacy. The museum also shows Photographs, the stories and videos of the people who were there during the genocide. The most important part of the site is the one called Tomorrow Lost and this one specially gives highlights on how they used to murder the young children and it also provides real insights of some of the personalities of young children who were killed.
The best option of sharing sorry experience is by confirming a Rwanda safari tour specifically to the Kigali Genocide Memorial which is strategically located in the place where the left overs of roughly a quarter of one million human beings were buried .
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Trekking the golden monkey in Uganda - Uganda Safari News

golden monkeyUgandan national parks are endowed with different primate species but the common ones to be trekked are the Mountain gorillas and Chimpanzees in Kibale national park .Taking safaris and tours to Uganda mainly in the country’s smallest part Mgahinga national park offers you chances to trek the undisturbed park ‘s rare species of the Golden monkey.
Besides gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda, there is a great opportunity which no traveller should miss of having a direct eye contact with old world monkey species only now found in the Mgahinga national park in south western Uganda and other Virunga Volcanic mountains of central Africa. The rare species is only restricted to the high land forests, mainly ones dominated by the bamboo vegetation.
Trekking this opportunistic feeder primate makes the trekker to have golden experience which comes at cost of trekker booking a safari to Uganda, but the reward got is better than the cost. Finding out that IUCN endangered golden monkey mainly feeds on the young bamboo leaves, fruits, flowers, shrubs and bamboo shoots and what is so unique with it is that its diet is mainly determined by the availability of the fruits.
The golden monkey will move in between areas depending on the season and this makes trekking this species very interesting because it involves tourist moving in the jungle of forest and in the process they come across different birds, wildlife species and also enjoy the natural beauty of Mgahinga national park one of the Uganda safari destinations in which the golden monkeys are found. During the season where ripe fruit is available they will remain in those areas. When the seasons of rain pour starts, shooting of the bamboo start to be seen and this means that the golden monkeys will rarely move and hence can be easily trekked in such seasons and areas. Research found out that areas with many bamboos and fruits attract most golden monkeys and always they will regularly visit that area.
The endangered golden monkey is endemic to the areas of Albertine Rift valley, and the strategic location of Mgahinga provides a rare chance to track these unique striking natural creatures, especially in the high altitudes where the dense green bamboo forests on the Gahinga trail are found. There is an estimated 3000-4000 individual in the Virunga area which 42-60 are habituated in Mgahinga.
The Park's varied medicinal plants and fascinating Garama Cave can be explored with a Batwa guide – this tribe of hunter-gatherers was the region's first settlers, and their traditional know how of the forest remains unrivaled. When you visit this important park while on a safari in Uganda, the guide will know which areas are most frequented by each species of animal.
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Trekking Nkuringo Gorilla Family in Bwindi National Park - Uganda Safari News

bwindi gorilla familiesWith rough estimate of 400 mountain gorillas being kept in the scene environment of Bwindi impenetrable forest national park, Uganda is habitant to almost half of the total population of Gorillas surviving in the whole world. Gorilla tours in Uganda are done in two national parks i.e. Bwindi and Mgahinga but the most reliable park is Bwindi which is also partitioned into different gorilla trekking regions.
Trekking Nkuringo Gorilla family while on Uganda gorilla trekking safari tour is very enticing because the group is composed of 19 individual members including even the two silverbacks who are the leaders of the group. The group is also located in the Nkuringo gorilla trekking sector and the habituation period of this wonderful group of gorillas was finally completed in the year 2004.
The name Nkuringo in the Rukiga traditional culture means round hill and therefore the group was given name basing on the hill they first sighted the group. This particular group of the gorilla was commonly got in the beautiful gardens of the surrounding villages not within the park and the management of the park decided to habituate this group of gorillas.
This specific gorilla group always encountered by travellers on gorilla safari tour in Uganda had a habit of encroaching on peoples’ crops like sweet potatoes, bananas, and other tree leaves, roots among others. Due to the fact the group could spend much time in the gardens eating local communities’ crops, the management of the decided to open the group for tourism so that even the local villages could directly gain from the contribution tourists pay to trek gorillas in this particular group and the management of the park could also gain in the way that gorillas would be protected and conserved by the local people not killing them.
At first the group was under the leadership of silverback Nkuringo who finally rested in the year 2008, but on his death he left two dominant silver backs known by the names of Rafiki and Safari. From that time safari who was very sharp, intelligent, and energetic took over the role of being the leader of the group and short period of time roughly seven months, the family received blessing of newly born twins identified by the names of Muhozi and Katungi from the lovely mother Kwitonda but unluckily one of the twin called Katungi passed away at age bracket of 1.5 years old due to serious illness. This can be evidently encountered by planning a gorilla trekking safari tour to Uganda.
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Cultural Encounter at Wamala Tombs in Uganda-Uganda Safaris News

Wamala-tombSparing time to take safaris and tours to Uganda is really very rewarding because your time and resources will not be wasted but rather paid with true African cultural encounters that are soul touching, inspiring, interesting and above all memorable experiences that will never get off from the traveller’s mind.
The pearl of Africa as earlier named by the worlds significant personality Winston Churchill while on his safari to Uganda, the country is gifted and endowed with different interesting cultural sites which are of valve to cultural tourists interested in knowing the cultural history of the Ugandans before colonial times.
Taking cultural safari tour in Uganda avails the traveller with the chance to have cultural impressing encounter with the Wamala Tomb that is located on the crest of a low hill almost 12km in the northwest direction of Uganda’s capital city Kampala. Wamala Tomb is protected in a traditional thatched domed building which is to attractive and bit slightly smaller and older than its counterpart at Kasubi.
The hill is the traditional palace and sacred resting place of Kabaka Mutesa 1’s father and predecessor Kabaka Suuna. The impressing part of the tomb and also reason as to why visitors should pay tour to the tomb is that it provides a diverse array of royal artifacts, spears, shields, drums and other musical instruments which visitors taking their safaris in Uganda Must see.
The interesting Uganda safaris and tours enable visitors to know in details the exciting history behind the wamala tombs which is displayed in front of the bark cloth drape that veils the tomb its self. On the other side opposite to the major build one can see the former palace and tombs of the Suuna’s mother, called by the names of Namasole Kanyange, who was described to very beautiful woman accompanied with high ability to influence.
The country made up of many tribe means that a visitor on Uganda safari will not only be limited to Wamala tombs but he or she can be taken around to visit other interesting cultural sites such as Kasubi tombs, Uganda museum which has collection of almost all tribes different art and craft, also visitor will have chance to visit Nagalabi coronation site where the Buganda kings are coroneted among others.
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Spending one magical hour with the Rushegura Gorilla Family in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park - Gorillas Safari News

safari gorillasGorilla trekking in Uganda particularly in Bwindi ranks among the most important reason as to why travellers travel to Africa. The impression attached to the first time a visitor meets the rare mountain gorillas is always challenging to explain. Gorillas are exciting animals that possess the unique behaviors from those exhibited by other wild animals and therefore trekking these impressing animals is an experience which no visitor should underrate.
Gorilla trekking safaris and tours to Uganda’ s Bwindi national park are always conducted in the different areas or regions and in these regions there are different gorilla families or groups habituated and exposed to tourists visit. Rushegura gorilla family is located in Buhoma gorilla trekking region and this region was the first to be set for gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.
The group is made up of 19 individual members of gorillas including one silverback and is more impressive is the gorilla’s size and attitude towards human beings which totally differ from that of other wild animal species and every tourists who visits the mountain gorilla experiences mystical sense of recognition which is not the case with other wild animals.
The magical one hour visitor can spend with the Rushegura Gorilla Family while on his gorilla safari in Uganda will enable the visitor to know the interesting history of the Rushegura gorilla group. The history begins with the name Rushegura which is the place where the Rushegura gorilla group separated from the larger family of Habinyanja in the month of February, 2002. The separation was caused by the Mwirima’s efforts to start up a stable new family and he decided to take with him seven gorilla individual members and at the time they started they were 12 members involving even the 5 female gorrillas. By the year 2010 the group members increased to 19 members which are currently occupying the Rushegura gorilla group. Currently Mwirima with the age of around 27 years is the dominant silver back in the group and always fights with the other wild gorilla groups in order to protect his group.
Uganda gorilla safaris present to visitors the opportunity to trek the Rushegura gorilla group which used to be adventurous and therefore could cross to Congo side but currently it settled and peaceful now enjoys the beautiful natural environment of the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Having time with this calmest gorilla family which mainly live in the areas of Buhoma village is the most memorable time visitor will never forget. The members of this peaceful gorilla family especially the youngsters can be even watched some times in the lodge gardens of Gorilla Forest Camp and they do not always fear visitors and what is more interesting they like so much to get better look.
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The Basoga push for the royal sites return – Uganda safari news

Busoga located in the east of Uganda right from the shores of Lake Victoria, the margins of the Mabira rain forest extending to the Far East has got impressive heritage with the potential to attract world travellers to undertake safari tours to Uganda.
The Busoga Cultural and heritage sites range from the famous source of the Nile, Kazimbula, Nenda and the Mpumwiire and Igenge hills some of which are always encountered by travellers on Uganda safaris and tours.
The Basoga elders and other stakeholders in the monarchy embarked on this move in order to avert the continued depletion that is occurring at these sites. The Prince Patrick Izimba Gologolo who is the Chief of the Chiefdom of Kigulu notes the failure of the sites is contributing to their depletion as the Government which is currently responsible for them has neglected them.
The Busoga Kingdom has got a feeling that they can take better custody of these sites that can be visited by Uganda safari undertakers more than the Government because they are the ancestral owners.
The Chief of Bunhole, John Ntale Nanhumba supports the move and notes that their desire to build a glorious Kingdom might be difficult if the royal sites are still in the hands of Local and Central Government. The Kingdom’s spokesperson for the interim committee, Andrew Ntange notes that the push for the assets return is a positive step in re-establishing the monarchy.
However, the Government represented by Grace Aulo who is a Director in Tourism Ministry is reluctant to commit its self to such move as some of the sites are already International tourist attractions that pull crowds of travelers to undertake Uganda safaris.
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Saturday, 21 February 2015

memorable encounter with the Habinyanja Gorilla Family in Bwindi impenetrable Park-uganda gorilla safaris

bwindi-gorillasUganda gorilla tracking safari in Bwindi can be carried out in the four gorilla tracking places that have been partitioned in the park and among these include Buhoma gorilla tracking area were Habinyanja gorilla family is located and hence booking your gorilla trekking safaris and tours to Uganda will enable you to have a memorable experience of  tracking the Habinyanja gorilla groups in the Buhoma gorilla tracking sector ranging from Kahororo to Rubona.
Encountering this habituated group on Uganda gorilla safari tour is interesting because the group has 17 individuals’ members with 2 silverbacks inclusive and this offers great chances for a group of 8 trekkers easily view the gorillas in their natural form other than other habituated groups which have few members of the gorillas. The great enjoyment is derived when the gorilla opens its wide big eyes to look at the tourists direct in the eyes and through the physical encounter each other’s keeps on learning the other party very well.
The leader of the group always encountered on gorilla safaris in Uganda is called Silverback Mizano and he was habituated in the year 1997 and it was first visited by tourists in year 1999. The wonderful name “Habinyanja” was derived from the Rukiga speaking people who were first seen living next to a swamp in the park boundaries .The word “Nyanja” in Rukiga means “a place with water”.
During the time of habituation the Habinyanja group was first led by the common Silverback Mugurisi, the name which means “Old man”. After failing to live past these days due to old age, the two brothers known by the names of Mwirima and Rwansigazi shared leadership of the group but unfortunately the two never had something in common and hence they couldn’t continue sharing power. The only chance that Rwansigazi had over his counterpart was that the Rwansigazi was adventurous gorilla hence liked travelling from one area to another , whereas Mwirima only preferred to stay at one place. It was therefore unavoidable that in year 2002 the two silverbacks decided to part ways, without any conflict. The group that followed Rwansigazi maintained the name Habinyanja and the members who stayed with Mwirima came to be known as the Rushegura gorilla group. Later, Makara took over leadership from Rwansigazi, Makara who is now the current silverback leader of the Habinyanja gorilla group. Sometimes, both groups still come across each other but co-exist rather peacefully. The interesting bit of this gorilla group is the wonderful succession history that it holds and when narrated to you by the experienced guide while on your gorilla trekking safari in Uganda.
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Public train service launched in Kampala city – Uganda safari news

uganda -trainPublic transport is one the most important aspects that are always considered especially in terms of urban tourism. The urban centers have got rich heritage centers and recreational attractions that present visitors in such cities to take a short time visit to those areas as a break from their business deals and workshops. For example the Uganda’s city of Kampala is a re-known tourist destination with cultural, religious, historical and recreational attractions which always impress travellers on Uganda safaris and tours.
Connecting from one point to another with in the city is very important. There must be easiness in terms of connections and travellers like those on Uganda safari should not face difficulty in making these connections as most of them want to utilize the limited time to maximize their experience,.
From the past, it is known that Kampala has always had issues with its public transport. Besides, unspeakable traffic jam, the public transport services like Buses, trains among others have been a story with the field dominated by commuter taxis which are unfortunately in poor conditions and this in turn has always hindered travellers to undertake Uganda safari tours to Kampala city.
With the efforts of the Kampala City Authority (KCCA), various changes have been made and initiatives considered. For example the public bus service has started to operate in the city but most interestingly is the introduction of public train service.
The Public train service which has been launched will for the start be operating between Namanve to Kampala at a sum of 3,400/= for a return journey service. This is seen as a positive move to reduce traffic congestion and enhance easy transfer of travellers on Uganda safari that would wish to visit the industrial area at Namanve.
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Taking a birding excursion in mabamba swamp – Uganda tours news

mabamba-shoebillMabamba swamp is one of the famous birding hot spots that is always encountered by birders on birding safaris and tours in Uganda. Positioned on the shores of Lake Victoria in a narrow bay fringed by counts of papyrus, Mabamba wetland lies within the Mpigi district.
The Mabamba swamp is dominated by Cyprus and Miscanthus species however there is a narrow strip of open water and a patch of Nymphea caerulea. The Mabamba swamp also has Cladium mariscus areas and drifting islands of papyrus islands which makes it lovely to encounter on Uganda safari tours. The Mabamba swamp is part of the Waiga bay south west of Nakiwogo lying in the west of Entebbe International Airport where travellers on safaris and tours make their first step in Uganda.
Listed among the Important Bird Areas of Uganda by the Birdlife International, its close proximity of the swamp to Kampala provides a perfect excursion for time constrained birders to have a glimpse of Ugandan specials including the vulnerable shoe bill stork which is the most highly sought bird on Uganda safari tours.
Besides the shoebill stork, Mabamba swamp also has other impressive bird species like the migrant Blue Swallow, White-winged Tern, Gull-billed Tern not forgetting Papyrus endemics like Papyrus Yellow Warbler and Papyrus Gonolek. The range of other species like the goliath heron, waders, Squacco Heron, Spur-winged Goose, Lesser Jacana, and thrive in the swamp and can form part of your excursion experience.
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The stray lion killed by Uganda wildlife authority in isingiro district – Uganda safaris news

isingiro -lionThe lion one of the precious Uganda safari attractions which had set the rural communities of Ngarama Sub county in the district of Isingiro in a horrific moment after attacking and injuring three of their members, was brought to the end of its life on Wednesday by Uganda Wildlife Authority members in a bid to save the residents lives.
The origin of the species usually encountered by travellers on Uganda safaris and tours is not yet clear with speculations inclined to northern Tanzania as it made its way to Lake Mburo National Park. The life of the lion came to an end following a gunshot as it approached the Kyakabindi trading center with counts of the local people who were running after it.
Following its attack on the residents of Ngarama Sub-County, a call was made to Lake Mburo National Park one of the visited parks by travellers on safaris in Uganda where a team of rangers under the lead of the Assistant Warden in charge of Problem Animals were dispatched onto the area to take charge of the situation. Upon the arriving of the squad at 1:00pm, the situation was out of hand with the locals running after the lion armed with spears, stones, machetes and sticks and the efforts to calm the mob automatically fell on deaf ears since it had already injured the three of their community members.
The animal later rested in a thicket which caused bit of calm though the continued interference from the locals as they kept on throwing sticks and stones made it to embark on the move. Here, a group of Veterinary experts that were sent from Queen Elizabeth National Park to dart and locate the lion to the park could not arrive in time and yet the crowd had also embarked on the chase of this beast which is among the big five of land animals that are highly sought after by travellers while planning safari tours to Uganda.
The situation become dangerous as the lion approached Kyakabindi Trading Center as more people increasingly chased after it creating ground for more possible danger. This prompted the Uganda Wildlife Authority rangers to put the lion down in order to avert any possible deaths and more injuries. The carcass was then transferred to Lake Mburo National Park for post mortem and preservation.
However, this incident was welcomed on protest by various conservation players who claim that more would have been done to save this Uganda safari tour product – the lion rather than killing it. Experts were not involved in the attempt and the players continued to discredit UWA over failure to have a Vet expert in Lake Mburo National Park.
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what to encounter while at ntoroko game lodge – Uganda safari news

ntoroko-game-lodgeNtoroko Game lodge one of the best Uganda safari lodges in western Uganda is closer to Semuliki National Park and provides a perfect escape from the urban stress. One would wonder about various activities that he/ she can participate in while staying at the lodge.
The travellers on Uganda safaris and tours staying at Ntoroko Game Lodge can encounter the famous Sempaya hot spring. Classified as the most popular attraction in the National Park of Semuliki usually encountered on safaris in Uganda, the Sempaya hot springs comprise of the Male spring Bintente and the female one called Nyansimbi with a boiling geyser of over 103 degrees Celsius of which its bubbling water can spur up to 2 meters high.
Staying at Ntoroko Game lodge also opens your doors to have thrilling game viewing in the Toro – Semuliki Game reserve with 53 mammal species of which 27of these are large mammals. The interesting rare species like the pygmy antelope and the two flying squirrel species can also be encountered while on this safari tour in Uganda. The Semuliki River is a haven for Nile crocodiles and Hippos.
For those with keen interest in Primates, Ntoroko game lodge provides a perfect base for undertaking the Semuliki Primate walk exploring a range of chimpanzee, black and white colobus monkeys among others. The birding encounters in the park where a range of bird species thrive with good counts of the Albertine rift endemic species also combine to provide impressive activities that you can engage in while at Ntoroko Game Lodge.
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Gorilla trekking Experience in Rwanda –Rwanda Safari News

Rwanda gorilla safarisThe country which is described to be small and also gifted by nature . Rwanda is positioned in the Central and Eastern Africa. Besides the a thousand Hills as is well known for, the beautiful country is also endowed with the world’s rare species of the Mountain Gorillas. It’s anticipated that of the 800 gorillas, almost half of these unique species can be got in the Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park. It is upon this that the country of thousand hills becomes one of the Africa’s exceptional tourism destinations because it provides one of the best places in Africa for visitors to have gorilla trekking experience.
Gorilla trekking in Rwanda is the best memorable experience tourist should not miss because taking gorilla trekking safari to the volcanoes national park offers visitors the opportunity to interact with the habituated groups of gorillas in the five small volcanoes .Having face to face encounter while looking at the large eyes of the silverback gorilla is something very rewarding especially to visitors who decide to trek gorillas in Rwanda.
Paying visit to the precious Virunga Mountains that lie in the boarder of Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda avails the visitor the chance of having full time experience of trekking the ten gorilla groups which are habituated and set aside for Rwanda gorilla safaris.
The Virunga Mountains that straddle the borders of the three countries of Rwanda, DRC and The Pearl of Africa -Uganda, are habitant to an estimate of 480 rare mountain gorillas, which is almost more than half of the world’s total population (the rest live in Forests of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda). In Volcanoes National Park, the Rwandan part of the Virungas, a total of ten gorilla families are being habituated for gorilla safaris which cannot be found anywhere else in Africa and the world at large.
The most interesting bit of trekking gorillas in Rwanda is that Mountain gorillas found in Volcanoes national park are close human relatives surviving in the Virunga Mountains. The mountain gorillas almost share the same genes for example they own personal finger prints, and also show moments of anger and happiness like human beings. The most impressing experience is finding out that gorillas relate in sign language especially when explaining a painful story about how its parents were killed.
Gorilla trekking safaris and tours in Rwanda provides a magical memorable encounter that will remain in the minds of tourists for the rest of their life time on planet Earth. The magical experience comes when the tourists spends one hour with the gorillas and in the process the gorillas eye at tourists with an intelligent gaze, a thinking, and mindful that human beings are more less like them. This making the tourists to reduce or sweep away the fear that they might have had when trying to trek the gorillas.
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