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Encountering river semliki in the west of Uganda - Uganda safari news

semliki safari lodge-ugandaRiver Semliki is among the notable Uganda safari attractions located within the Albertine rift to the west of Uganda. The Semliki River flows for a distance of 140km arising from Lake Edward and the snow glaciers of Rwenzori Mountains to Lake Albert.
Flowing in the west of Rwenzori Mountains noted earlier as the mountains of the moon by the ancient Greek geographer Ptolemy in 150 AD and always encountered on Uganda safaris and tours, the Semliki River meanders through the territory of the Democratic Republic of Congo marking its eastern boundary with Uganda making the river a feature of political and geographical significance.
The River course has always changed due to increased snow melting from the Rwenzori Mountains and the erosion caused by overgrazing in areas close to its banks. This has made Uganda to lose about 10 meters of land every year as a result of erosion while the silt eroded is continually filling the southern end of Lake Albert. Congo also faces the same issue at some sections of the Semliki River. These changes have become a matter of concern to a range of environmentalists and some have planned safaris to Uganda to have an encounter with such occurrence physically.
The River Semliki starts its flow close to Ishango in Congo to the north of Lake Edward before passing through the Virunga National Park continuing to the north in the west of Mount Baker before empting in Lake Albert. It is noted to be a contributory source of the waters of the Nile River which is the longest in the whole world and one of the great features that for a strong ground for Uganda safaris and tours.
The local communities like the Batuku and Basongora inhabit the Semliki Valley and carry out extensive pastoralism while the Bamba and Bakonzo on the foothills of Rwenzori Mountains also utilize the river for livelihood. These tribal groups have impressive traditional practices that are attractive to encounter while on safari in Uganda.
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