Friday, 17 March 2017

The historical journey of Sheraton Kampala hotel – Uganda safari news

sheraton , uganda tours , wildlife safarisSheraton Kampala Hotel is one of the remarkable oldest five star hotels offering accommodation to the up-class travelers in Uganda including those on Uganda safaris and tours.
Operating in Uganda for the last fifty (50) years following its opening on October 8th 1967, Sheraton Kampala Hotel has experienced several managing company operators up to the present day Constellation Hotels & Resorts which runs it under franchise of Sheraton. This upmarket facility popular among the affluent business travelers and the Uganda tour undertakers was first named Apollo Hotel generating the name from Dr. Apollo Milton Obote the then Prime Minister of Uganda and later became Kampala International Hotel following the overthrow of Obote by Amin before it was renamed back to its former name after the fall of Amin in 1979.
At the launch of the Kampala Sheraton Hotel Golden Jubilee celebrations, the General Manager Jean – Philippe Bittencourt applauded the facility for making it through all these years and disclosed its interest in capitalising on its experience strength to be the leader of innovations and memorable service delivery to the guests including those on holiday safaris in Uganda.
In a bid to commemorate the Jubilee year, Sheraton Kampala Hotel came up with various activities including Art exhibitions, Vintage Car show, Food & Cultural Festivals, Special days’ celebrations including Christmas, Easter, Eid Al Fitr among others and the helm of these jubilations will be in October and will be officiated by H.E The President of the Republic of Uganda.
This historical hotel features a total of 236 rooms categorized as Executive rooms, Club rooms and Diplomatic Suites and enjoys a wide range amenities including conference centers, swimming pool, wedding venues including the lush extensive gardens, lounge, bars and restaurants among others.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

The black-headed gonolek; birds of Uganda – Uganda safari news

birding , uganda birding safarisAlso referred to as Laniarius erythrogaster, the black-headed gonolek is among the exciting bird species explored by travelers on Uganda birding safaris.
Belonging to the Malaconotidae family, the black-headed gonolek thrives in the countries of Cameroon, Burundi, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Chad, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Nigeria, Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda where it is encountered while on birding safaris in Uganda.
The habitats of black-headed gonolek include; dry savannah, tropical or sub tropical shrubland along with flooded or wet grassland. It is marked by distinct colours with red under parts and black upper parts and can be easily spotted at a distance while on bird watching safari in Uganda.
The black-headed gonolek feature a distinctive call and communicates simultaneously with the partner. The call of a male gonolek is loud and clear like a bell sound and the female would immediately respond the male’s call with a harsh grating response as at times heard of Uganda birding tours.
Regarding conservation, the black-headed gonolek is listed as species of Least Concern on the red list of the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Black bee-eater; birds of Uganda – Uganda safari news

bee eater , uganda biring safarisScientifically referred to as Merops gularis, the Black bee-eater is among the popular bird species explored on birding safaris in Uganda.  Belonging to the Meropidae family, the Black bee-eater thrives in the tropical parts of Sub Saharan Africa majorly at margin of the rain forest and secondary woodland.
The black bee-eater stretches to 20cm in length and features mainly a black color, scarlet throat and chin, pale blue eye brow, streaked breast, under tail coverts and rump, blue belly and rufous primaries as viewed on Uganda birding safaris and tours.
It is distributed in a range of African Countries including Cameroon, Angola, Central African Republic, Ivory Coast, Democratic Republic of Congo, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Ghana, Guinea- Bissau, Nigeria, Liberia, Togo, Sierra Leone and Uganda where it is always sought after by birders on Safari in Uganda.
Regarding conservation, the black bee-eater is listed as species of Least Concern on the red list of International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

Kyambura gorge; the natural wonders of Uganda – Uganda safari news

kyambura gorge , uganda safarisTo the East of the Uganda Safari destination of Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kyambura gorge - a great natural feature that stretches to 100m in depth below sea level thrives.
Kyambura gorge also referred by the Valley of Apes supports populations of Chimpanzees which are recorded to be among the Great Apes and among the closest relatives of man in terms of DNA. The lush tropical forest within the gorge acts as an oasis in the desert as it is the only habitat in the verdant savannah landscape of Queen Elizabeth National where the Chimpanzees can thrive. This has made Kyambura gorge among the popular sites explored by travellers on Chimpanzee trekking safaris in Uganda.
Extending to about 1km in width and 100m in depth, Kyambura gorge stands as an amazing scenic feature suitable for sightseeing experience. It has narrow steep walls which makes down hike and up hike challenging but memorable to especially the travellers on Africa adventure vacation safari in Uganda.
On the gorge floor, there lies the majestic Kyambura River with populations of resident Hippos which make it very exciting to explore. The tropical forest also supports counts of birds and other wildlife like Black and white colobus and red tailed monkeys. These combine to make the nature walk activity through the gorge while on Uganda tour worthwhile.

Hilton group loses out on pearl of Africa hotel to Rezidor – Uganda safari news

uganda safari , safaris in ugandaThe Hilton Hotel Chain has for all along believed that it would take over the operation of the AYA property once the construction is done. To many people’s surprise, Rezdor Hotel Group has instead taken over this multi-million property that is anticipated to offer accommodation to a range of travelers including those on Safaris in Uganda after opening to operations.
The property which has taken on the name Pearl of Africa Hotel is located on top of Nakasero Hill and enjoys the all round views of Kampala which is currently the major starting and ending point for Uganda tours.
Rezdor Hotel Group is known to be managing a range of luxury hotels globally under the Quorvus Collection brand and by taking over the management of Pearl of Africa Hotel, it joins a range of other International hotel chains already operating in Uganda like Sheraton, Protea, Serena and City Blue serving a great deal of local and international market among which are Uganda Safari undertakers.
The Hotel which is anticipated to open up for business at the beginning of March 2017 has been under construction for over ten (10) years. The construction of this 23-Storey facility commenced in 2006 with the aim of accommodating the delegates of CHOGM in Nov 2007 but things did not go as planned due to funding and administrative challenges.
Pearl of Africa Hotel features about 300 rooms, 740 m2 ball room, two (2) board rooms, nine (9) meeting rooms, three (3) food and beverage outlets, business center and Health club which qualifies it as an upmarket hotel with the capacity to serve affluent travelers including those on vacation holidays in Uganda Africa.

Uganda set to celebrate the world wildlife day - Uganda safari news

wildlife day , uganda safarisUganda will on March 3rd join the entire world to commemorate the World Wildlife Day which raises the awareness and celebrates the global flora and fauna including that explored on Uganda Safaris and tours.
Running globally under the theme “Listen to the young voices”, the 2017 World Wildlife Day will focus on the global youth with the intention of drawing them to the world of Conservation. The destination Uganda will mark her celebrations at the Uganda National Museum under the theme “Mainstreaming the youth in wildlife conservation”.
The World Wildlife Day Celebrations in Uganda will feature a week long events in which the natives and travelers on Safaris in Uganda can participate in. Among these include; the Wildlife Marathon on Feb 26th, Wildlife Exhibition at the Uganda Museum from March 1st –3rd, Wildlife Street Launch along Kira Road on March 3rd after which the Official Celebrations will be marked at the National Museum.
About 1.8 billion people which close to the one quarter of the global population is between 10 – 24 years according to the United Nations Population Fund. This is the age category that the United Nations considers to be youth. However, there has been concern about the youth attitude, behavior and beliefs towards environment which threatens the conservation of environment and wildlife in particular. Thus, centering this year’s wildlife celebration among the youth aims at stimulating responsibility and grooming a generation that can safeguard the offers of nature.
The World Wildlife Day was declared by the United Nations General Assembly on Dec 3rd 2013 and besides celebrating the benefits generated from conservation, the day acts as a reminder towards strengthening the illegal wildlife trade and poaching
Uganda features a range of ten (10) National Parks and over twelve (12) game reserves which support a myriad of wildlife including the critically endangered species like the Mountain Gorillas explored on gorilla safaris in Uganda, classic big game including African Big five and the lush flora.  The country is also home to 1057 bird species comprising 50% of the Africa’s bird species and 11% global species forming a stronghold for birding safaris in Uganda.

Pearl of Africa tourism expo is on – Uganda safari news

uganda africa tourism expo 2017Running for the third time, the Pearl of Africa Tourism Expo has already kicked off with the pre-expo activities that include familiarization trips for the hosted buyers now on going. This event which is categorized among the MICE Uganda tour products plays a significant role in bringing together a range of tourism sector stake holders to shape the future of individual and destination travel business.
The actual expo which will run for three days from Feb 17th – 19th at Kampala Sheraton Hotel Gardens under the Theme “Tourism is everybody’s business” will be showcasing a range of products including Uganda Safaris and tours along with presenting a good platform where the business to business and business to customer networks can be developed.
Besides transport, attractions and accommodation, the Pearl of Africa Expo will also feature ancillary services including Insurance, banking and tourism related technology which is always required to enhance the comfort of travelers on Safaris in Uganda.
The participants will include; tour operators and travel agencies like Prime Uganda Safaris & Tours Ltd, hotels and lodges, National Parks and game reserves under Uganda Wildlife Authority, Conservation Agencies and Airlines among others. The Expo has attracted over 150 hosted buyers, media and exhibitors from various parts of the world including; Austria, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Russia and United Kingdom.  Participants from African continent include; Kenya, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Rwanda, Ghana, South Africa and Nigeria.
The Pearl of Africa Tourism Expo will then be crowned with Uganda Tourism Excellence Awards on Feb 19th at Sheraton Hotel Rwenzori Ball room where individuals and organisations will be recognized for their contribution towards the tourism sector development in Uganda.