Monday, 23 November 2015

The Rwanda development board takes mantle at the pearl of Africa tourism expo

rwandaThe Rwanda Development Board the national agency responsible for the development of Tourism in Rwanda including popularizing the Rwanda safaris received great recognition at the concluded Pearl of Africa Tourism Expo which was held in Kampala Uganda.
The Rwanda Development Board was among the group of exhibitors that showcased their products at the event. Organized by the Uganda Tourism Board, the travel expo brought together a range of tour operators including those that package Uganda safari, travel agents, destination managers and other providers of tourism services exposing their various offers to the world.
The Rwanda Development Board decorated its stand in colors of Rwanda National Flag namely; yellow, blue and green. The lay out of the stand and the display of the exhibition materials made it to attract attention from the public including the travelers on safaris in Uganda that visited the expo.
The Pearl of Africa Tourism Expo presented another landmark opportunity where the operators of tourism businesses interact with new clients, undertake the networking and do market their products not forgetting crafting partnerships which would in turn prosper individual companies, nations and the region at large.
The expo facilitated the move to support the vision of building a sustainable regional industry and promoting the East African region as a single travel destination. The region is re-known destination with rich tourism resources ranging from wildlife to scenery and culture and heritage which if combined possess great potential to tourism success marked by increase in tourist arrivals.
The opportunity presented by such expose is increasingly being tapped and the interaction is going beyond the exchange of business cards to engaging in exact business. The distinction that exists between these countries presents an opportunity for business even between the operators between these states. A case in point is the use of the Rwandan travel companies by Ugandan based tour operators to secure the gorilla permits for Rwanda for their clients undertaking Rwanda gorilla safaris. The Ugandan counterparts also at times help the Rwandan based tour operators to ground handle their clients on Uganda wildlife safaris.
The operation of Single tourist Visa that allows travelers to explore the three nations of Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda with one entry priced at $100 also enhances disconnectedness and promotes the region as a single destination.
Therefore the shinning of Rwanda Development Board at an expo organized in Uganda is a step to harmonious promotion and marketing amongst the regional states.

Friday, 20 November 2015

The African golden jackals / wolfs terrorize the ibanda community Uganda

jackalThe African Golden Jackals which have been studied of recent and name change proposed to African Golden Wolf due to their closeness to the Wolf other than the jackal is among the impressive Uganda safari products that make the wildlife safaris in Uganda rewarding
However, though these species form an impressive tourist product, it would be better if they remained in the protected areas. They have extended their wrath to the Ibanda Community and have so far brought to death to more than 100 domestic animals along with 2 people.
The personnel from the Uganda Wildlife Authority along with the Uganda Police have been on the search for these golden jackals but in vain. The entire community is increasingly getting concerned and as a result an emergency meeting was conducted at the headquarters of Nsasi Sub County on Friday last week to find a solution to the problem.
The converged members agreed to call for the support of the Uganda Peoples Defense Forces to undertake the jackal hunting. At the time of the meeting, the a range of 10 goats and sheeps had been killed in the morning in the sub counties of Nyamarebe and Nsasi
The Uganda Wildlife Authority Coordinator for the Ibanda sector Diao Ecume notes that jackals are challenging to hunt because they are swift sprinters. These species are actually killing more than what they can consume and like to undertake the hunting at night, early morning and within heavy rain and these are the times that people are always in their homes.
These golden Jackals are speculated to have strayed three weeks back from Lake Mburo, Queen Elizabeth National Parks and Katonga Wildlife Reserve which are among the re-known sites for Uganda Safaris.
The African golden jackal features the general appearance of grey wolf though it has light weight, small size, short legs, elongated torso and a short trail. The body of Male golden jackal measure between 71 – 85cm in length, 44.5 – 50cm in shoulder height and a weight of 6 – 14kg. The golden jackal greatly thrives in humid reeded areas, the flat shrub lands and floodplains.

The lions of kidepo valley national park regaining health from a strange disease

????????The lions are notable Uganda Safari products which are among the highly sought after species by the travelers visiting Uganda. In Mid this year, the lions of Kidepo got struck by a strange disease that affected their general health and aroused concern among the conservationists and the travelers on safaris in Uganda
The efforts to neutralize the occurrence were undertaken and the lions got sprayed in the month of August and it is impressive to hear that the health of these species is steadily improving though the Laboratory tests are not yet released.
The Uganda Wildlife Authority the public body responsible for the wildlife protection and management within and outside protected areas acknowledges the improvement in the lion’s health following their spray in August. The lions are noted to have reduced in weight, appeared emaciated as well as weak.
The cause of this strange situation among the lions is still speculation with some attributing it to decrease in the number of prey thus facing starvation or being attacked by a strange starvation. The right occurrence will be ascertained when results from the samples from the lions that were taken for analysis are released. This definitely restores hope among the nature lovers and the tourism developers as Kidepo is among the remarkable destinations that have been pulling a range of world travelers to plan safaris to Uganda.
The Medical team has since been undertaking the close monitoring on ground and is satisfied with the trend that the health of the lions is taking. The Park also features four cubs whose mother died after their birth but now fortunately surviving after being fed on special diet.
The samples were taken abroad and the process could not be in anyway easier because of the export and import restrictions set on wildlife by the Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species. As further remedy, Kidepo features big mammals which are a challenging prey to the lions. As a result, Uganda Wildlife Authority intends to trans-locate over 100 antelopes from Murchison Falls National Park another Uganda safari tour destination to Kidepo so as to neutralize the issue of starvation.
Kidepo Valley National Park features a count of 132 lions standing among the parks in Uganda with great counts of lions and interestingly with a steady increase in the lion population compared to other destinations. Be part of the lions’ heath regeneration by exploring Kidepo Valley National Park while on safari in Uganda.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

The pearl of Africa tourism expo exposes Uganda past borders

chimpanzeeUganda is part of the East African Federation and one of the remarkable tourist destinations in the region with rich attractions and exciting activities worth of influencing world travelers to undertake safaris in Uganda
As a way to showcase her beauty, Uganda organized the Pearl of Africa Tourism Expo that has been running from Nov 17th up to today 20th Nov pulling a wide range of participants from within the country and across borders most of which included the sellers of Uganda Safari products.
Having run successfully for four days at the famous Kampala Serena Hotel, the Pearl of Africa Tourism Expo which was opened by H.E Edward Ssekandi the Vice President of the Republic of Uganda brought together over 300 tourism exhibitors including the Kenyan Tourism Board, the Rwanda Development Board, the Zimbabwean Tourism Board and the South African Tourism Board.
The Expo marks a land mark contribution to the exposure of the travel products that can attract travelers to plan safaris to Uganda. The range of exhibitors that interacted one on one with the hosted buyers and the visiting public forms a strategic awareness enhancement not only for the travel products of Uganda but the region at large.
Uganda features both natural and man-made attractions. It is a geographically and ethnically diverse destination that is by all means worth exploring. Ranging from the world’s critically endangered mountain gorillas in her habitats of Bwindi and Mgahinga to the classic wild game including the Big five in her savannah habitats of Murchison, Queen Elizabeth, Lake Mburo, Ziwa Sanctuary and Kidepo Valley National Park not forgetting the intact prehistoric forests like Kibale, Budongo, Semliki and Kalinzu that support a great population of Chimpanzees coupled with abundant lakes and rivers like Victoria and Nile respectively, the towering highlands like the snowcapped Rwenzoris, the Volcanoes of Elgon, Muhabura, Sabyinyo and Gahinga along with the fascinating Kigezi Highlands, one can conclusively note that Uganda is naturally endowed.
The diversity of 65 tribal groups spread in different parts of the country most of which feature different ethnic backgrounds but harmoniously thriving together keeping their culture and traditions intact is a firm ground for the exploration of the typical ancient Africa that has been a wish to many of the travelers that originate from the modern world.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

The discounted gorilla permits for 2016-17 a little higher

????????The Uganda Wildlife Authority has for long been extending discounted gorilla permits to the Uganda gorilla safari undertakers willing to travel in the months of April, May and December. This promotional offer has not only facilitated the low income travelers to realize their dream of encountering the mountain gorillas that are critically endangered but also assisted the country to neutralize the low season gap that used to prevail in the past.
The idea of these promotional permits is not yet to the end as the Uganda Wildlife Authority further announced it for the years 2016 / 2017 but with a little increment in price. The travelers on gorilla safaris in Uganda in the mentioned months have been paying $350 for the nonresident foreigners but with the new arrangement a sum of $450 will be paid bringing along the $100 increment.
The Foreigners residing in Uganda with a valid work permit have been paying $300 to undertake the gorilla trekking in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable and Mgahinga National Park but with the new arrangement, the gorilla permit for the subsequent years of 2016 and 2017 will increase to $400 bringing along the $100 rise too.
The official Communication was passed by the Director of Tourism in the Uganda Wildlife Authority Mr. Raymond Engena while presenting at the Annual Tourism Forum held at Hotel Africana. However, Uganda Wildlife Authority did not come with the increment only. The body has offered a promotion for the Chimpanzee Permits in the Kibale National Park. The travelers who will be undertaking Chimpanzee trekking safaris in Uganda in the months of April, May and November will be able to secure their respective permits at $100 other than the $150.
The extension of the promotional discount to the Chimpanzees as well presents a balanced cost spread favoring the world travelers that wish to explore the primates of Uganda at a low cost. This is anticipated to in turn increase the arrivals of Uganda safari undertakers.
For the Uganda Wildlife safari sites like National Parks and the game reserves, the Uganda Wildlife Authority intends to maintain the fees that have been in operation in the year 2015. Interestingly, the Vehicle entry in the protected Areas has for long been paid in Shillings but the body has fixed $15 for each Van’s entry this assisting the travelers to pay in the currency of their choice. The self-drive travelers on safari in Uganda would definitely benefit from this arrangement as it eases their travel and access to the parks.
The discounted gorilla permits in Uganda are supposed to be paid in full and they are non-refundable. This requires for keen choice of travel dates by travelers other than acting out of speculation so as to avoid the loss of their hard earned money.

Gorilla trekking in uganda; a rich source for foreign exchange

bwindiThe gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda take you to the forested habitats of Bwindi and Mgahinga all positioned in the south west of the country. Trekking up the steep hills marked by dense jungle intercepted by deep valleys in search of the critically endangered mountain gorillas is always challenging but a rewarding endeavor in the wild.
To many, this marks the path to ancestry and reunion with species of common ancestry. It is a life time journey to discovery and adventure in the intense wild that gorillas still call home. The Impenetrable forest of Bwindi affirms its name. It is thick with dense undergrowth and with tall trees marked by a forest canopy. At some points, it is completely dark during the broad day light while at other points the ranger will have to use a machete to craft a way through for the travelers on gorilla safari in Uganda to realize their quest for these giant apes. This makes the journey in the mist above ordinary.
To the government, the Uganda gorilla safaris form a rich source of foreign exchange. The breathing hope for infrastructure funding, the education standard overhaul, the security strengthening, better health care, the increased employment opportunities and a perfect alternative for natural resource use that is actually more sustainable than any other.
The gorilla permit in the high season goes for $600 for the foreign travelers that are non-resident. For the resident foreigners, a sum of $500 is paid while for the East African citizen, 250,000/= payment is made. In the low season, the Uganda Wildlife Authority tends to extend discounted permits to the travelers intending to undertake gorilla safaris to Uganda during those months. And the non-residents would pay $350 which will increase in 2016 to $450, the residents pay $300 while the non-resident pay 150,000/=. This combined presents a perfect ground for the generation of foreign exchange that in turn nourishes the national economy.
Though the numbers of Uganda gorilla safari undertakers do fluctuate like any other tourist product, the gorilla destinations over the years have maintained a steady level of visitation that is by all means positive to the national development. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park takes a considerable share of these arrivals while the adjacent Mgahinga take the remainder. Bwindi features four gorilla trekking regions each with different gorilla groups. From Buhoma in the north with the gorilla families of Mubare, Habinyanja and Rushegura to Ruhija in the east with the gorilla groups of Oruzogo, Bitukura and Kyaguliro, Rushaga in the south with gorilla groups of Bweza, Busingye, Mishaya, Kahungye and Nshongi and eventually Nkuringo with its single Nkuringo gorilla family, Bwindi stands as a perfect haven for gorilla trekking safaris and tours in Uganda.
The country features a sum of 104 gorilla permits where 96 of these are in Bwindi and the rest in Mgahinga. Now, with the habituation other two gorilla families in Bwindi, the permits will increase to 120 per day.

Friday, 13 November 2015

The pearl of Africa tourism expo on the door steps

tourThe destination Uganda is arranging the remarkable Pearl of Africa Expo named after her crown that was bestowed to her by Winston Churchill in the year 1908 after his safari in Uganda. Thus International Expo is set to run from the The global tourism fraternity has begun arriving for next week’s Pearl of Africa Tourism Expo in Kampala.
The expo is expected to show case Uganda as a country that has turned the page after years of dormancy in letting the world discover its un marched attractions.
Stephen Asiimwe confirmed that several high profile guests including hosted buyers, international media, marketing agencies started arriving over the weekend and have all hit the road to see the Mountain Gorilla enclave of Bwindi impenetrable national park, Kidepo national park dubbed the purest form of Africa like it was 200 years ago and Murchsion Falls- the home of the mightiest falls on River Nile.
“It is going to be a week of great activity and business, this is to make Uganda a preferred destination,” noted Asiimwe. So far several states including Kenya, Botswana, Iran, Rwanda, Tanzania, South Africa, Nigeria have all confirmed participation.
The country has a series of high profile activities lined up before the year ends.
The arrival of the tourism fraternity coincides with the revival of tourism cluster activities across the country.
There are 12 clusters spread across the country including Buganda, Ssese, Busoga, Eastern, Lango, Acholi, West Nile, Bunyoro, Greater Ankole, Kigezi and the Rwenzori cluster.

Pope’s coming to Uganda; the rich ground for religious tourism

Pope-Francis-is-comingThe world’s famous head of the Roman Catholic Church Pope Francis is nearing the days of making his visit to the Pearl of Africa an Internationally recognized safari destination that have for long been attracting world travelers to plan safaris to Uganda.
The Pope’s Visit slated to take place on 27th – 29th November 2015 will join the moments of history that the nation Uganda has had an opportunity to experience. The Pope’s visit to Uganda is viewed as not only as of national significance but also of regional and the continent’s value. Uganda re-affirms her position as a significant home of the world believers with much basis on the 45 Uganda Martyrs that were killed in cold blood during the reign of Kabaka Mwanga of Buganda at the inception of western religion and eventual colonization in the year 1886.
The Namugongo Martyrs Shrine stands as a living testimony of what transpired during those days and the chief executioner Mukkajjanga’s post still stands in history forming one of the important Uganda safari attractions that religious travelers have always wished to spare part of their precious time for.
Religious Tourism is beyond leisure. It is a personal encounter with own spirit and what he / she believes in. It draws one closer to what he believes in and not only reinstates ones faith but also acts as a favorable ground for renewal and cleansing. The grounds where the counts of these Ugandans resolved to lose their lives for the sake of religion are by no means ordinary when it comes to the Pilgrimage factor and it is from this background that the potential for religions tours in Uganda is more than what one might actually be estimating.
The Uganda martyrs by all means have position on the world scale in terms of the religious significance. Importantly, they cut across the Roman Catholic Church and the Anglican Church who still form a considerable number of Christian population in the world. Establishing the strong ground and making them known to the world would easily generate fruit as market is already there. The Uganda Tourism Board – the marketing agency of Uganda aimed at increasing the numbers of world travelers undertaking Uganda safaris has already capitalized on the potential of Namugongo Martyrs Shrine to tap into the niche of religious travelers.
The body aims at rising the visibility of Uganda in terms of religious products to the fifth position globally following the first four namely; Israel, Saudi Arabia, Italy along with Jordan that are currently holding the mantle of faith based tourism.
The Pope’s travel to Uganda is a great factor to the realization of faith based tourism in this country. Regarding the publicity alone, the Pope is expected to travel with more than 200 Journalists from a range of media houses globally thus their coverage is itself a big step to publicize Uganda world over as a rich religious tourism destination. This comes after the assurance to the world that Uganda is indeed worth traveling to. The site which is known to pull over 2 million Pilgrims every year from both within and across borders will by all means reap big from the forth-coming visit of Pope Francis

Uganda wildlife education Centre (uwec) continues to win global awards

UWECThe Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC) initially referred to as the Entebbe Zoo and one of the popular Uganda safari sites of recent acquired an International award from the World Association of Zoos and Aquaria which is an international body that brings together all aquariums and zoos on the global scale.
James Musinguzi the Executive Director of Uganda Wildlife Education Center notes that the award to the body arises out of excellence in using the educational materials that are biodiversity related to support the United Nations Biodiversity decade starting from 2011 – 2020. This biodiversity decade aims at creating awareness among the people to appreciate the biodiversity value along with the steps that can be taken to ensure its conservation and sustainable use including being explored on safaris in Uganda.
The Uganda Wildlife Education Center attained this remarkable award in United Arab Emirates when the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums was conducting its annual general meeting and Conference. The education center is credited for being the only one on the continent of Africa to effectively utilizing the Uganda’s eco system approach.
The World Association of Zoos and Aquariums which is a notable member of the Convention of Biological Diversity (CBD) initiated a project of producing the communication materials for conservation education that include; posters, CDs and Mobile App that aims at enhancing biodiversity awareness among the visitors to zoos and aquariums including those on Uganda safaris. The Ugandan based zoo decisively utilized the tools innovatively at a range of events including Miss Tourism Uganda campaign in the video halls, the Zoo entrance, Entebbe Zoo animal exhibits along with workshops and local television.
This International award is an addition to the one that was extended to it by the Pan African Association of Zoos and Aquariums in the month of March when it emerged the best Zoo in the East, West and Central of the African continent. The continuous accumulation of these accolades is considered significant for increased publicity and visibility of UWEC thus making it a favorite spot for world travelers planning safaris to Uganda.
The trend to visit the Zoos is increasing and over 700 million people are noted to be visiting the zoos and aquariums globally per annum. These visitors are then brought in contact with environmental education that eventually sticks to them and they appreciate the biodiversity value and the reverence for its continuity.

Queen elizabeth national park emerges the best attraction in east Africa

queenQueen Elizabeth National Park in the south west of Uganda stands as one of the famous Uganda safari destinations whose popularity has been rising overtime enabling it to gain position as the best destination in the East African region.
The world's famous travel platform – the Lonely Planet listed Uganda and her famous National Park of Queen Elizabeth National Park as among the valued destinations and attractions respectively that the world travelers including those planning safaris to Uganda should look out for in the year 2016. Other country destinations in the region featured include Kenya and the neighboring Tanzania.
The East African region ranks the third on the 10 annual hot-list of affordable destinations suitable for world travelers in the year 2016 according to the largest travel guide publisher in the World – the Lonely Planet. With the phrase “…Africa is a massive continent so you’ll be doing yourself and tourism in East Africa a favor if you take advantage of the cracking deals on offer to Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania and the rest of the region.”, the Lonely Planet presents an immeasurable marketing support to these countries and re-affirms their remarkable beauty that these destinations have held since time immemorial. This is considered as a rich ground for increasing safaris to the region including the Uganda safaris.
The Lonely planet following the same accolade features the famous gorilla trekking which form the ground for gorilla safaris in Uganda, the amazing scenery of the Rift Valley along with the squeaky-sand beaches as among the great wonders in the world that travelers should endeavor to experience.
Queen Elizabeth National Park is teeming up with counts of tree climbing lions, the African elephants and over 600 species of birds that make it the first in the region in the number of species. The park offers guaranteed sights of a range of wildlife along with real intersection of open and woodland savannah, wetland and forested landscapes and not overwhelmingly congested.
The accolade is an addition to the range of others that the destination Uganda has gathered overtime and this helps to build confidence in the travelers’ decision to choose the Pearl of Africa – Uganda as their ideal next destination
The wildlife product featured in Queen Elizabeth National Park along with other 9 National Parks of Uganda is complimented by people and culture, events and conferences, remarkable scenery, mountains and water bodies to present Uganda as a memorable safari destination for people originating from different corners of the world.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Hilton kampala hotel set to open in december 2015

hiltonThe Hilton Hotel Kampala positioned on Nakasero Hill with all round views of Kampala city stands as one of the largest accommodation establishments in Kampala that have the potential of providing a considerable overnight stay for the range of travelers on safaris in Uganda.
Despite the numerous construction delays in the finishing of Hilton Hotel which was started with the aim of accommodating the dignitaries during the 2007 Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, the hotel has eventually come to accomplishment and the officials believe that it will open in December generating a minimum of 2,000 jobs and present additional up class accommodation to the Uganda safari undertakers.
The Aya group boss Mohamed Hamid has confirmed the official opening of Hilton Hotel in the month of December 2015. The proprietors believe that the hotel will enhance the hospitality image of Uganda which would in turn attract more travelers to plan safaris to Uganda.
Uganda still features low bed count and limited upscale accommodation units which partly affects her tourism and hospitality sector. Now, with the opening of such International chains of hotels like Hilton, Uganda is on the move to better her industry standards. The limited accommodation facilities results into increased accommodation tariffs that have always put the image of Uganda as an expensive destination which in turn affects the bed occupancy rate.
Hilton Hotel will stand as a fine luxury 5 star hotel in Kampala featuring a palm lined road leading to a domed five storey atrium along with 22 sculpted storey tower. Hilton Hotel features 272 luxury suites and the guestrooms presenting a range of facilities including three (3) restaurants, two (2) entertainment bars, an extensive health and beauty spa along with meeting and conference facilities taking over 1,000 delegates not forgetting the ballrooms for the private functions which will be open to all intending visitors including those on Uganda safaris.
The Hilton Hotel features a floor area of over 32,000m² and 23 floors. Uganda will come second to Kenya to possess the Hilton brand in the East and Central of Africa. Hilton Hotels & Resorts feature a range of over 550 hotels and resorts in over 80 countries in six (6) continents. Therefore, its opening in Kampala brings a lot of expertise and popularity not only for Kampala but for Uganda in general which will in turn increase the safaris and tours to Uganda

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Ugandan locals to be trained about taping into tourism revenue

waterfallsThe Tourism bodies of Uganda have unleashed the move to embark on the training of communities that neighbor the Uganda safari sites as a strategic effort to curb wildlife poaching
The Ministry of Tourism Wildlife and Antiquities along with its agencies including the Uganda Tourism Board and the Uganda Wildlife Authority have already built Rwere Community Training Center worth $280million at the famous Uganda gorilla safari destination of Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in the district of Kisoro.
The newly built center according to Dr. Andrew Seguya the Uganda Wildlife Authority Chief intends to equip the residents of the area with the artisan skills like making of crafts such as ports and the portraits which attract the travelers on safaris in Uganda to buy.
The government aims at making these communities benefit from the travelers on safari in Uganda to enhance their individual livelihoods. This in turn will make them appreciate the significance of conservation and wildlife and desist from poaching.
The training center in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park is just the beginning of the initiative that will roll to other national parks to implement the similar purpose. Seguya highlighted about this during the find raising dinner arranged at Kampala Serena Hotel where a sum of Ten (10) million shillings were gathered out of the required a hundred (100) million shillings that is required to equip the center that will open next year in February.
Considering the fact that wildlife still holds over 90% of the Uganda tour arrivals and yet poaching remains a significant issue, undertaking such initiatives is vital to craft a sustainable way of reducing poaching and ensure the continuity of species.
Additionally, the initiative is seen as a perfect means to development of community tourism where the local people penetrate the tourism circle and build the product by themselves and deliver it themselves which in turn is vital for the enhancement of their livelihoods and general transformation of their respective communities and the nation at large.

The USAID donates $1.6million road equipment to Uganda wildlife authority

roads in murchisonThe United States Agency for International Development (USAID) a re-known International Aid Agency championed by the American people offered road equipment worth $1.6million to the Uganda Wildlife Authority a body that is responsible for the management of wildlife including those in protected areas that are explored on safaris in Uganda passing through her Uganda Biodiversity Programme that is effected by the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF)
The road equipment donated include the bull dozer, grader, an excavator, two tippers, a vibro roller along with one low-bed transporter which all together are valued at $1.6million approximately 5.9billion Uganda Shillings after taxes.
The finances used to purchase the equipment are noted to be a portion of the $10million fund intended to support the biodiversity conservation in Uganda by the government of America extending for four years that will come to an end in the month of August next year according to the USAID / Uganda senior Biodiversity Programme Officer Sam Mwanda. This support towards Uganda’s biodiversity conservation is seen as a considerable move to its continuity and the continuity of Uganda safaris and tours as well.
The Uganda Biodiversity Programme under the USAID commenced in the year 2012 with the aim of addressing the Uganda’s biodiversity threats through supporting Uganda Wildlife Authority and National Forestry Authority in enhancing their capacity to developing and managing their respective protected areas’ infrastructure for the biodiversity monitoring and threats reduction.
The program which aims at achieving sustainable biodiversity conservation along with local economic growth in the National Parks of Lake Mburo, Kidepo Valley and Murchison Falls as well as forest reserves of Kalinzu and Budongo is considered a positive move by a range of stake holders including the Uganda safari undertakers as it gives an assurance for the thriving of biodiversity which is still the core of Uganda’s tourism product.
The donated equipment is intended to enhance accessibility to and within the National Parks which will also make the monitoring and deployment easier. This comes at a time when Uganda Wildlife Authority had for a decade not received any brand new equipment for road construction which had subjected the body to incur high costs of maintenance.
The UWA Chief Dr. Andrew Seguya notes in appreciation of the equipment and acknowledges the central role that the equipment will play in increasing accessibility for easy monitoring and patrolling in the National Parks particularly Murchison Falls and Kidepo Valley where cases of poaching are still high. The equipment will also be used to curb fire outbreaks, build trenches around National Parks to reduce human wildlife conflict and construct dams which can act as water sources for animals in the dry seasons.
It can be noted that the National Parks in Uganda are positioned in the wild some of which are remote and at times challenging to access. Therefore the receiving of the road equipment comes at the moment when travel to and within these parks have to be made easier to the conservationists and the leisure travelers on safari in Uganda.