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rwandaEbola is one of those deadly viral - disease that can hastily bring person’s life to an end. Considering its effects in West Africa where it has taken root, the threat is already being felt in the East of Africa as some travellers including those who were planning safaris to Rwanda have started to cancel their trips due to Ebola scourge thinking that it all over Africa.
Though this is a wrong perception as no cases of Ebola has been reported in the East of Africa and taking into account the distance in between these two regions, Rwanda has beefed up the efforts to prevent the spread of this deadly virus to her country. In this effort, all travellers including Rwanda safari undertakers travelling from Republic of Guinea Conakry, Sierra Leone, Liberia, USA and Spain or who have travelled through those countries within the past 22 days had been required to give an update of their health status on daily basis by calling toll free 144 and for a minimum of 21 days for long stay visitors. The signs feature fever, Headache, Joint and sore throat.
This strategy was seen as a perfect move to ensure Ebola free Rwanda and better lives for Rwandese and for those on safari in Rwanda. The listed countries  confirmed cases of Ebola with Spain losing two missionary priests that contracted it separately from sierra Leone and Liberia, USA has recorded one death and two confirmed nurses with more 100 being tracked. In Guinea the number is up to 45,000.
However, this could not stand the test of time as the embassy of USA in Rwanda had issued a statement calling the American nationals to reconsider travelling to Rwanda. In return the Health Minister Agnes Binagwaho called off the special screening of USA and Spanish travellers and apologized for the inconveniences brought about by her singular decision. This followed unpopular support for the move even from the Rwandan Head of State Paul Kagame and when she reversed it, the President applauded her noting that she has sometimes acted first and though later which should be the other way round. Thus, travellers from Spain and USA who had been planning safaris to Rwanda including gorilla safaris, cultural tours and Wildlife safaris should go ahead without any limitation.
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Wednesday, 29 October 2014


Tuganda safarihe European Investment Bank has always supported companies across East Africa and Uganda inclusive through offering investment capital. This support is directed at Small Medium Enterprises including tour and travel companies that are aimed at increasing safaris to Uganda. As part of this initiative, the European Investment Bank of recent approved UGX 45 billion about EUR 13million for the second time through the Housing Finance Bank for the support of local firms.
This new credit initiative is targeting the companies involved in agriculture, manufacturing and tourism sector that deals in safaris in Uganda. During the signing of this joint venture between the European Investment bank and Housing Finance Bank, the Managing Director of Housing Finance Mr. Mathias Katamba acknowledged the support saying that the support for SME in sectors of agriculture, construction, education, tourism and manufacturing is very important. The Housing Finance Bank’s method of improving its customer value proposition and broadening its network so as to continue delivering innovative and accessible market led financial remedies in Uganda will be invigorated by the 45 billion Uganda Shillings and technical assistance that will accompany it.
The Vice president of the European Investment Bank Pim Van Ballekom noted that Small and Medium enterprises need to invest so as to broaden the employment base and venture into more business opportunities. Tourism for example contributes a great percentage to global jobs so if the same case is replicated in Uganda taping the expenditure of Uganda safari undertakers, it would definitely create more jobs and enhance revenue. With this continued initiative, it can be noted that Europe is interested in supporting economic transformation in Uganda. The attempt by European Investment Bank will definitely benefit Ugandan companies which will complement the past support to infrastructure and clean water supply in Uganda.
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gorilla groupsRwanda is gifted to be among the three countries that possess mountain gorillas in the whole world. Rwanda alongside Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo contain the 880 mountain gorillas that are currently thriving in the wild of Virunga massif shared among the three and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda. This has formed a stronghold for gorilla safaris in Rwanda and the adjacent countries of Uganda and Congo. In Virunga massif where the Rwanda’s Volcanoes National park is a component, there dwells 480 mountain gorillas. Volcanoes National Park found in the north west of Rwanda has 10 habituated gorilla families that have attracted various travellers to undertake gorilla trekking in Rwanda.
The gorillas in Rwanda are split into two categories including research groups and trekking groups. The research groups include Pablo’s Shida and Beetsme with enormous members. The gorilla trekking groups include;
The Susa A group which is  difficult to trek is named after the Susa River that runs through their dwelling place. It has 28 gorilla members with 3 silverbacks. Being a challenging group to trek, the conservation trackers make sure that they know where it has slept the previous day to tracking. The twins of Byishimo an Impano makes this group thrilling to trek during Rwanda safari visit. It also contains poppy, born in 1976 and is one of the first gorillas to be habituated by Dain Fossey.
Karisimbi Family (Susa-B). This split from the Susa A and has 15 members. It dwells in the Mount Karisimbi slopes thus its trek involves active hiking.
Sabyinyo Gorilla Group. This is led by the powerful Guhonda as the silverback and is the largest silverback in all gorilla families in Rwanda. It has 8 individuals with 1 silverback. The main rival Ryango has been driven to solitary life.
Amahoro Gorilla Group. This has 17 members with 1 silverback. As the name suggests, the Amahoro group is very peaceful which has made the silverback – Ubumwe to lose members to Charles of Umubano gorilla family.
Umubano Group. This has 11 members with 1 Silverback. It broke off from Amahoro after the disagreement between the silverbacks Ubumwe and Charles the current leader of Umubano.
Group13 (Agashya Group). At the time of habituation, the gorilla family had 13 members which formed its name. Agashya is known for taking his family members up the volcano in case of danger. He has increased the group members to 25.
Kwitonda Family. This gorilla family has 18 members and the name literally translates to the humble one. It has 2 silverbacks and it is known for having migrated from the Democratic Republic of Congo which makes it to stretch to far distances posing an extended trek.
Hirwa Group. The Hirwa gorilla family arose from the merging of members from the groups of Sabyinyo and Group 13. This gorilla family has 9 individuals with 1 silverback.
Bwenge Family. This has 11 members with 1 silverback. It dwells on the slopes of Karisimbi Mountain and is led by Bwenge who formed the group in 2007. With two successful births, the group is growing stronger recovering from the loss of its 6 infants. Its trek is a bit strenuous hiking up to 600m.
Ugenda Family. This has 11 gorillas with 2 silverbacks and is known for its constant movements. Thus, its trekking while on gorilla safari in Rwanda could be challenging too.

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Air-UgandaNational Carries play a vital role not only in re-enforcing national identity but also in facilitating easy transfer of travellers between several countries. Uganda was one of those states that were proud to own a national carrier in the names of Uganda Airlines that served among others the transfer of Uganda safari undertakers from their places of origin to Uganda before running bankrupt 14 years ago.
After a couple of years, the private owned Air Uganda positioned its self to fill the vacuum that had been left by the defunct carrier and has for some time served well on a regional level. Unfortunately, Air Uganda of recent lost its operating license due to safety concerns stipulated by the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority in line with International Civil Aviation Organization.
Though Air Uganda had helped to facilitate the transfer of passengers in the region and those on safari in Uganda, its license revocation can be taken as an advantage to revive the national carrier. This has been hastily thought of by the respective agencies including Civil Aviation Authority and the line Ministries of Works and Transport and Finance.
Assuming the successful attempt regarding this endeavor, the proposal could see its way to parliament so as to be included in the budgetary plan of the next financial year. However, it has to be noted that the attempt requires massive public investment for it to take off though the benefits in terms of national pride and increase in safaris to Uganda can help to neutralize this expenditure in the long run.
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wildlifeTourism is apparently the chief export earner for Uganda with great income receipts got from those that undertake safaris in Uganda and the establishments that facilitate their movements and stay in their respective destinations. Uganda has a huge tourism resource base with diversity of nature including mountain gorillas, wild game, unique flora, water bodies and a wide range of cultures that combine to form aground for gorilla trekking safaris, cultural tours, adventure and wildlife safaris.
The tourism base especially natural attractions dwell in protected areas that were gazeted against the interests of the indigenous inhabitants of such areas. As a result, the resource use conflict arose and the relationship between the parks and the communities became sour which partly threatened the existence of these protected areas. In a bid to harmonize these relationships, the Uganda Wildlife Authority introduced the revenue sharing scheme where 20% of the park entrance fees was destined to the local communities to facilitate in a range of development projects and as a result the local people have started to realize benefits from these protected areas and the attitude about them has started to change positively.
The people of Koch Goma Sub County in the district of Nwoya are in jovial mood with the returns that they are realizing from the neighboring Murchison Falls National Park. The Koch Goma Secondary school has got a hostel that is valued at Shs 136m. The money is part of the Shs 448m that was generated from the revenue sharing scheme of 20% that was charged on Uganda safari travellers that visited Murchison falls national Park in the year 2013/14.
This is not the first time for Nwoya to benefit from this scheme. The district received 81m in 2010, 107m in 2009, 100m in 2008 which was used to construct an elephant trench in Koch Goma to desist elephants from crossing to peoples’ farms. Related projects are being done in Amuru and Purongo sub counties. This move is seen as a perfect endeavor that will harmonize the relationship between these two entities to ensure the thriving of wildlife that will in turn attract more travellers to plan safaris to Uganda leading to more revenue and development.
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rwanda safarisEbola is one of those deadly viral - disease that can hastily bring person’s life to an end. Considering its effects in West Africa where it has taken root, the threat is already being felt in the East of African countries as some travellers including those who were planning safaris to Rwanda have started to cancel their trips due to Ebola scourge thinking that its all over Africa.
Though this is a wrong perception as no cases of Ebola has been reported in the East of Africa and taking into account the distance in between these two reins, Rwanda has beefed up the efforts to prevent the spread of this deadly virus to her country. In this effort, all travellers including Rwanda safari undertakers travelling from Republic of Guinea Conakry, Sierra Leone, Liberia, USA and Spain or who have travelled through those countries within the past 22 days are required to give an update of their health status on daily basis by calling toll free 144 and for a minimum of 21 days for long stay visitors. The signs feature fever, Headache, Joint and sore throat.
This strategy is seen as a perfect move to ensure Ebola free Rwanda and better lives for Rwandese and for those on safari in Rwanda. The listed countries have already confirmed cases of Ebola with Spain losing two missionary priests that contacted it separately from sierra Leone and Liberia, USA has recorded one death and two confirmed nurses with more 100 being tracked. In Guinea the number is up to 45,000.
The initiative will help the travellers in Rwanda to enjoy their safari encounters including Gorilla safaris, Chimpanzee trekking safaris, cultural tours and wildlife safaris.

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uganda safarisKampala, the Uganda’s capital city has a rich heritage ranging from religious to history and culture which has many times attracted the interests of Uganda safari undertakers. The religious sites like the Baha’i Temple which is the only temple of the Baha’i faith in Africa, the Gadhafi National Mosque which is the second biggest on African continent justifying the Pan-African spirit of Col. Muammar Gadhafi, the Namirembe and Rubaga cathedrals for Anglican and Catholic denominations, the Namugongo Martyrs shrine where Uganda martyrs were executed on the orders of Kabaka Mwanga and the Hindu temple combine to make faith based tourism to thrive in Kampala city. The historical sites like the Amin’s torture chambers, national monuments and Uganda National Museum combined with cultural sites like the Kasubi tombs, Kabaka’s palace and the Kabaka’s lake offer great tourism product to those on safari in Uganda.
However, Kampala has got more tourist products more than what has been mentioned above and one of these include its night life. The city of Kampala has been regionally branded as the city that never goes to sleep with bustling night clubs, Casinos, movie nights, cultural nights and with busy night business ladies that can be spotted in several corners of the city. In a bid to diversify the tourist encounters in order to increase safaris to Uganda, it has seemed wise to tap into this potential.
It has been noted that most of the travellers mostly business and conference travellers tend to have busy day time and free night periods seeking out something that can occupy them and offer them a routine break. Additionally, other travellers including those on gorilla safaris and wildlife safaris tend to spend overnights in the city thus can equitably participate in this night tour package. The encounter features night clubs like Guvnor, Angenoir and other bustling spots in Kabalagala, Energetic cultural nights at Ndere troupe center, Street life dotted with “ladies of the night”, Casinos like Kampala Casino and Mayfair Casino among other spots.
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uganda culture toursOn 29th October 1885, Bishop Hannington lost his life in pursue of Christian mission to Uganda. He was murdered at Kyando 13km in the south west of Mayuge town, Busoga region on the orders of the then Kabaka of Buganda - Kabaka Mwanga. The site where he was murdered at has been considered to have a great religious significance and has in turn attracted the interest of faith-based Uganda safari undertakers. Considering the time of his execution, Bishop Hannington has been recorded as the first Uganda Martyr to have died of religion and is said to have contributed to great spread of Christian faith in Uganda as noted in his journal that “I have purchased the road to Uganda with my blood”. Uganda being one of the African countries that responded positively to gospel after the invite of missionaries by the then King of Buganda - King Mutesa I, many missionaries were inspired to come to Uganda including Bishop Hannington. After the failed first attempt, Bishop Hannington made it Uganda on the second attempt and entered from the East after launching his pioneer mission on the foot hills of Mount Kilimanjaro.
Unfortunately, there was a popular local belief that the enemies of Buganda will approach it from the Eastern direction. Thus when the Bishop arrived using the eastern route, it was terrifying news for the King who immediately ordered for his execution in defense of his Kingdom. This was later followed by the mass killing of the Uganda Martyrs one year later who had taken up the Christian faith. They were executed at Namugongo on the orders of the same King and the site is currently famous and is always visited by those on safaris in Uganda.
Considering this rich history, the Busoga Tourism Initiative in conjunction with Busoga Diocese have resolved to rehabilitate the site so as to tap into its tourism potential that can in turn increase safaris to Uganda and Busoga in Particular. Other projects are to be set up in memorial of Bishop Hannington including; water processing plant that will process water from well that is believed to be holly, Vocational Institute and Theological training school. Other advancements will feature modern accommodation facilities, paramedical school, hospital, swimming pool, trading center and a minor game park. This will help to diversify tourism products in Uganda from the traditional gorilla trekking safaris and wildlife safaris.
The Bishop Hannington Memorial Day will be celebrated on 29th October, 2014 at the very site where he was murdered.
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uganda  safarisUganda and Rwanda are one of the prime destinations that are usually visited by Uganda safari and Rwanda safari undertakers respectively. They share in common in terms of tourism resources more especially the critically endangered mountain gorillas that dwell in the Virunga massif and Bwindi Impenetrable National park that has in turn gave rise to gorilla safaris in the region.
Considering this background, the Uganda Tourism Board – a specialized marketing public body that aims at increasing safaris to Uganda
in conjunction with the High Commission of Uganda in Rwanda arranged a tour operators workshop in Kigali with the motive of bridging the gap between the tour operators from both sides that will in turn see the countries being sold as a single destination.
The current efforts of regional Integration have a significant effect to the tourism industry since it is seen as an opportunity through which travellers including those on safari in Uganda and Rwanda can move harmoniously to enjoy cross boarder attractions. The interstate travel is seen as one of the strategies through which the East African integration can be achieved as it is very important for people to know each other before living in mutual alliance. The attempts to establish the railway line as reached upon by the 7th Northern Corridor Summit which sat in Kampala of recent can also be considered as an opportunity through which tourism can tap to flourish.
The Uganda Tourism Board highlighted a range of Uganda safari attractions in the presentation that was made during the event including culture and heritage, special events and natural attractions that mostly exist in her 10 National Parks and numerous wildlife reserves like Mountain gorillas, tree climbing lions, Big 5 land animals among others.
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uganda martyrThe Uganda martyrs are remembered for having accepted to be killed for the sake of religion. Dating back in 1885 in the reign of Kabaka Mwanga of Buganda, the missionaries had started to form roots in Uganda and many people were converting from the traditional religions to embrace the western religion based on the teachings of the Bible. The King took it as disloyalty to him which prompted him to order their execution. As a result, 22 Catholic and 23 Anglican martyrs were executed at Namugongo with the use of fire – which has made this site to pull numbers of Uganda safari undertakers.
This historic religious site has to be kept up to date which necessitates a museum to provide custody of this religious heritage that will be needed by next generations and which would increase tourist products that can be encountered while on safari in Uganda. This provided a ground for the Uganda Martyrs museum whose construction has seen its start with the President Yoweri Museveni laying a foundation stone and contributing shs.410m regarding its set up.
The church leaders have great hopes that the complex to be built will enhance the value of this historical site that see thousands of pilgrims plan safaris to Uganda every year to mark the 3rd June Martyrs day which has a central significance of Christian faith.
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miss tourismUganda is not only gifted by nature but also her great people that are beautiful and hospitable which makes travellers undertaking safaris in Uganda to feel at home. These people hail from different cultures that inhabit various regions of the country with unique patterns and settings which have got the potential to augment traditional products like gorilla trekking safaris, wildlife safaris and Chimpanzee safaris. And, since thriving in this contemporary world is enhanced by tapping any opportunity that comes by, Uganda has ushered herself to tap the potential of her people to increase safaris to Uganda.
In this regard, the annual Miss Tourism Competitions were invented and for this year, a Kyambogo University student and Central region representative, Patricia Babirye Ntale has taken up the mantle as Miss Tourism Uganda 2014/2015 at the recently concluded beauty contest at Kampala Serena Hotel – a center which also provides an ideal accommodation for upmarket Uganda safari undertakers.
The contest which has run across the country with the foundations based at regional levels has seen a number of regional representatives qualify to Kampala for the National Miss Tourism contest. The contestants were passed through training exercise that boasted their knowledge about tourism in Uganda at Uganda Wildlife Education Center in Entebbe. It was on Friday 17th October, 2014 when 20 year old Patricia Babirye Ntale demonstrated her competence when she answered all the questions at the brink of an eye proving that she had all the information about Uganda safari products at her figure tips. As a result, she was crowned Miss Tourism Uganda with Busoga's Roberta Jean-Marie Magooba coming in second position and Gulu's Norah Atim in the third position. The winner is meant to popularize Uganda as a tourism destination both domestically and internationally. She will also represent Uganda at the World Miss Tourism to be held in December in Malysia. The first runner up will participate in the travel exhibition in London while the second runner up will participate the famous International Trade fair in Berlin in next year’s February.
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chimpanzeeUganda Tourism Board informs all Uganda safari undertakers both domestic and international that the Health status of the country is okay contrary to some media reports.
On 28th September 2014, one case of the Marburg hemorrhagic fever was reported and the people closest to this individual were immediately quarantined. Results after screening them confirmed negative of the Marburg virus and they still remain under the watch of health professionals. Thus, should not worry those on safari in Uganda.
As a country, we pride in the safety of all our visitors, tourists and nationals both in safety and health issues. To this effect, the Ministry of Health has urged members of the public to avoid unnecessary body contact such as handshakes.
We further wish to reiterate that Uganda is Ebola-free and to-date not a single case has been reported within our borders. This serves to arrest the worries of International travellers that had started to cancel their safaris to Uganda.
Whereas we pledge to keep all our visitors and travelers informed about the situation in the country, we also urge the media to report accurately and encourage visitors to come to our country for gorilla trekking safaris, wildlife safaris and Chimpanzee safaris among other Uganda safari products.
Reference: Uganda Tourism Board (UTB)
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gorillaUganda is endowed with a range of bio-diversity stretching from wild game like lions, leopard, elephants, Rhinos, giraffe, buffalo, Antelopes and zebras to primates like mountain gorillas, Chimpanzees, monkeys and aquatics like Nile crocodiles and Hippos which are always encountered by Uganda safari undertakers. The majority of this bio-diversity thrives in a number of protected areas including ten (10) national parks of which Bwindi Impenetrable National park the home of the critically endangered mountain gorillas is among.
Mountain gorillas are powerful apes that have got common ancestral backgrounds with Chimpanzees and humans. Unlike their counterparts – the eastern lowland and western lowland gorillas that thrive in expanses of lowland jungles of Democratic Republic of Congo and West Africa in big numbers, the Mountain gorillas only dwell in the Virunga massif and Bwindi Impenetrable national Park which contains 400 out of the 880 mountain gorillas that currently exist in the wild without any member thriving in captivity. It is from this basis, that gorilla safaris in Bwindi do not come by serendipity.
Bwindi Impenetrable National park has 11 gorilla families that have been habituated purposely for gorilla trekking encounter. These 11 families are distributed in four regions of Bwindi including Buhoma, Ruhija, Rushaga and Nkuringo. Though these regions have varying terrain and different experiences, they are all accessible and the gorilla trekking is carried out harmoniously. Buhoma in the northern section of Bwindi has three gorilla families including; Habinyanja, Mubare and Rushegura and is normally liked by travellers on Uganda gorilla safaris due to its proximity to Queen Elizabeth National Park, easy connection from Kampala and wide range of accommodation facilities. Ruhija in the eastern section of Bwindi has two gorilla families including Bitukura and Oruzogo. The research group Kyaguriro also thrives in Ruhija sector. Rushaga in the southern section of the park has many gorilla families in the whole of Bwindi. There are 5 gorilla families including; Mishaya, Bweza, Busingye, Kahungye and Nshongi. While, Nkuringo in the western part of Bwindi has one gorilla family called Nkuringo. Nkuringo area offers the most strenuous gorilla trekking encounter that you can ever have in Uganda.
The gorilla region to track is indicated on your gorilla trekking permit and if interested in particular region, it is better to let your booking agent know by the time of making a reservation. Its allocation will definitely depend on its availability as eight (8) are only allowed to trek each gorilla family per day.
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The foreign commissions of Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya in Ankara, Turkey launched a promotional photo exhibition that is due to take two weeks period featuring flora and fauna in these three countries including those usually encountered on safaris in Uganda.
The initiative is being executed in partnership with YABANCI TV, ANKAmall which is the largest shopping center in Ankara, DEV Belgesel a re-known production company in the field of academia, documentary and content development. The purpose of the photo exhibition is to enhance awareness about tourism, trade, culture and investment in the East African region which can be easily tapped by the introduction of the single tourist visa. Among these include the thrilling gorilla safaris in Uganda and Rwanda, wildlife safaris, cultural encounters and the rewarding Chimpanzee trekking.
The embassies are credited for their initiative of continuing to organize a range of activities that would lead to increase in the number of travellers in the region including those that plan safaris to Uganda. Interestingly, the northern border neighbor South Sudan, is also participating in the exhibition. Other exhibitions will be set in other cities of Turkey like Antalya, Istanbul and Eskisehir.
The East Africa single tourist Visa was launched in February, 2014 and it allows the tourists to traverse destinations of Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda with only one document. This initiative is seen as a positive move to arrest the worries of travellers in terms of enjoying various cross boarder attractions including Uganda safari products and a move towards saving a great deal of travellers limited time.
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lionAkagera National Park is one of the famous Rwanda safari parks with a great deal of tourist potential. Found in the eastern side of Rwanda, Akagera National Park is a home to a wide range of wild game including elephants, buffaloes, zebras, waterbuck, leopard, kobs and giraffe which make it ideal for wildlife safaris in Rwanda.
However, it can be noted some other prominent land animals like lions currently none exist in the park. The story being their absence dates back to effects of Rwanda civil war of 1990 – 1994 with its genocide. When the Tutsi returned to Rwanda, they encroached the park and threatened the lives of wildlife including lions that proved dangerous to them. Most of the wildlife ran away while others were killed which explains why lions cannot be seen in the park while on safari in Rwanda.
Considering the country’s efforts to maximize her tourism potentials, the recent information from Rwanda Development Board (RDB) indicates that there is an ongoing process to re-stock lions in Akagera National Park by 2015. There have been several attempts to import lions from Kenya though it did not materialize due to opposition from Kenya conservation bodies.
The plan is to have lions with a DNA that can easily blend in the environment of Rwanda and this explains why the efforts to import lions have been rotating with in the region. Apparently, the efforts are featuring Uganda and Botswana. Though the process of transferring wild animals from one country to another is very hard, the Rwanda Development Board is more determined than ever before with the option of buying them from individuals if all fails.
Once the lions are re-introduced, Rwanda will have diverse wildlife and extended tourist products that goes beyond gorilla trekking and Chimpanzee trekking. This will definitely increase safaris to Rwanda.
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Tuesday, 14 October 2014


uganda safari tourTourism in Uganda has for long been built on aspect of nature. Most Uganda safari undertakers have always been buying packages that feature wildlife safaris and gorilla safaris. This has made other tourist products particularly from culture and heritage to remain untapped.
From this regard, the tourism planning and developing bodies like Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) have identified the dark Uganda’s past as one of the products that can be developed to diversify tourism sector and in particular augment nature tourism which can also be encountered while on safari in Uganda.
The dark history of Uganda that is to be included in this initiative includes; the remains of the reign of Idi Amin Dada, re-known war lord Joseph Kony and the infamous cult leader Joseph Kibwetere. Amin Daada ruled Uganda from 1971 – 1979 and his reign was characterized by great bloodshed and tyranny. He is also known for having expelled the Asians from Uganda within a period of 90 days in 1972. Joseph Kony is a re-known war lord who led the infamous Lord’s Resistance Army, a rebel group that operated in northern Uganda for two decades committing horrible atrocities against humanity. While Joseph Kibwetere is known for his religious cult that hoodwinked people that Jesus Christ was coming back in the year 2000 and thus people should sell off their belongings and assemble at his church awaiting the coming of Jesus Christ and the end of the world.
These three prime dark products have capacity to be included on the lists of those planning safaris to Uganda once they are developed, presented and marketed for tourism. The developing of Amin’s torture chambers both at Nakasero and Lubiri, setting up Joseph Kony memorial and Joseph Kibwetere memorial is one of the strategies through which dark tourism can be maximized in Uganda.
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rwanda safariThe traditional Inyambo cows are one of the remaining creatures that live to testify the beauty of Rwandan traditional society which is always fancied by travellers undertaking safaris in Rwanda.
One could be hearing about cows or has ever seen them but the Inyambo cows in the Nyanza King’s palace pose a great distinction from other species. Physically, noticeable by their long horns with different patterns, their cultural and historical significance qualifies them to be included on the must see list while planning your safari to Rwanda.
The Inyambo cows served a central role in the traditional Rwandan Monarchy particularly in honor of the ruling King. The breeding of the Inyambo cows was unique because of their destined life mission. The Inyambo cows were taken through some traditional practices like submitting them to amazi ahiye – a salt like beverage which ensured that they produce similar calves. The one year old calves were sent for training in the King’s palace by a competent cattle keeper. Inclusive of the training package was listening to the songs of the trainer like amazina y’inka and amahamba not forgetting following his movements. The Inyambo cows would do a stately parade on royal functions and would be decorated in expensive jewellery. This decoration can still be seen today on Rwanda safaris.
Apparently, this traditional exercise is exercised by Rwanda Agriculture Board and from 2008 about 30 Inyambo cows have been sent to the Kings palace in Nyanza which serves as a cradle land of Rwandan traditions. The cows are trained of the similar traditional aspects and thus can parade for those on Safaris in Rwanda though at a fee of Rwf 100,000 and Rwf 200,000 in case of filming. With the introduction of the Inyambo cows in the Kings palace Museum, the visitor arrivals have gradually increased to 32,012 Rwanda safari undertakers. The Inyambo cows fascinate the visitors mostly because of their longhorns and elegance.
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raftingJinja is one of the prime Uganda safari destinations commonly known for its adventure experiences including white water rafting and bungee jumping. Its great product stems from the flowing Nile River that makes its way out of Lake Victoria traversing through varying terrain including impermeable rocks that present an obstruction to the river flow leading to the formation of water falls and rapids. One of re-known features was Bujagali falls here a series of rapids obstructed characterized the Nile forming a perfect ground for adventure activities for tourists on safari in Uganda.
It is quite unfortunate to note that this magnificent feature is no more. As it is believed that man was created to be the master of other creatures, he has continued to exercise his role in modifying the earth landforms. The famous Bujagali falls was altered after the construction of electricity dam that led to the submerging of the falls and rapids. As if that is not enough, the government is planning of doing the same on Isimba water falls – something that has put the adventure Uganda safari products in Jinja at stake.
This does not only rise worries of the adventure tourists planning safaris to Uganda but also threatens the residents of Jinja whose livelihood has been centered on tourism. They had capitalized on the opportunity presented by these features and they had ventured in things like tour guiding, restaurant operation, craft shops, transport, lodging among others. Thus, the initiative of power generation that is steadily consuming all tourist sites is seen as a threat they livelihood.
Jinja has grade five rapids thus offering world class rafting that is unavailable in other neighboring countries. It is noted that kayaking and rafting attracted over 19,300 Uganda safari travellers. Thus, it can be stated that the tourist activities in Jinja provide a perfect complimentary to the Uganda’s primary products of gorilla safaris, wildlife safaris and Chimpanzee trekking safaris. They provide a competitive advantage over other countries like Rwanda and Kenya which have got gorillas and wildlife respectively.
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Thursday, 9 October 2014


independenceIt is 9th October, a day when Uganda celebrates her independence from the colonial rule. It was the same date when Uganda was declared independent by the British colonialists in 1962 after a series of negotiations and struggles by Ugandans who had offered themselves to fight for the independence of their country. This is an all-round event that features not only the political aspects of the society but also the economic and socio-cultural aspects. The national celebrations are always held at Kololo grounds which attract many revelers including those undertaking safaris in Uganda.
Uganda is a country that is gifted by nature considering its rich natural wonders that range from scenery and wildlife not forgetting her most hospitable people that surpass the expectations of Uganda safari undertakers. The natural offerings like the endangered mountain gorillas, large populations of habituated Chimpanzees, snowcapped Rwenzori mountains, source of the World’s longest River Nile , powerful Murchison falls and the world’s largest mountain caldera on mount Elgon have generated a range of leisure activities including gorilla safaris in uganda, adventure tours among others.
Uganda at 52 years has seen a gradual transformation in all national aspects and the tourism industry in particular. Apparently, the tourism sector is the largest foreign exchange earner for Uganda topping remittances from abroad and coffee which had traditionally dominated the scene. This shows that there has been an increase in the quality and quantity of those who plan safaris to Uganda. With the current stability in the country both politically and socially, one can project that the tourism industry is still holding the mantle until the recent discovered oil riches are exploited. Government, private bodies and other players are working tirelessly to advance on the country’s infrastructure and facilities so as to ensure the satisfaction of those that undertake safari in Uganda.
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lake-albert-safariDating back from the earlier explorers who undertook safaris in Uganda in search of the natural wonders particularly the source of River Nile, Lake Albert got its name from Sir Samuel Baker who named it after Prince Albert the consort of Queen Victoria in 1864. Lake Albert which has passed through a series of nomenclature including; Albert Nyanza and Lake Mobutu Sese Seko is by no means an ordinary lake. It is the seventh largest lake in Africa and holds 27th position in the whole world by volume which makes it stand among Africa’s great lakes playing a significant political role because of its boundary position between Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda.
Lake Albert 160km in length and 30km in width is the first lake in the Albertine rift valley that contains a range of endemic species including the critically endangered mountain gorillas which have provided the base for gorilla safaris in Uganda. It forms the joining point between the Victoria Nile and Albert Nile and acts a destination for River Semuliki waters.
Besides national parks that are always encountered on Uganda safaris like Murchison falls, Queen Elizabeth, Kibale which is famous for Chimpanzee trekking, Rwenzori Mountains National Park, Bwindi Impenetrable National park among others, Uganda also has a number wildlife, game and community reserves with a lot of flora and fauna like Kabwoya wildlife reserve that lie on the shores of Lake Albert. Kabwoya has thousands of Kobs among other wildlife that make travellers on Uganda safari to get mesmerized with enormous Kob congregations with their ears quivering before taking off .taking along with them bushbucks, duikers and range of birds. Buffaloes also exist in numbers while over 460 bird species including bee-eaters, sun birds and birds of prey exist in the reserve.
It is with in these environs that Lake Albert Safari Lodge with its 12 cottages is perched. The Safari lodge overlooks the lake and the Congo’s Blue Mountains. Its rooms are not heavily furnished featuring double, twin and option for extra bed. Mosquito nets are available and inverter batteries provide the lighting while hot water is generated by solar water heaters. Wi-Fi internet is available at the lounge with a swimming pool in the gardens. The meeting room though small arrests the worries of business Uganda safari travellers while meals are prepared at the lodge. The flat screen is available while night fires are lit to have perfect African nights.
With its position which is 1 hour drive from Hoima, 3 ½ from Murchison as well as Fort Portal and 5 ½ from Queen Elizabeth, Lake Albert Safari Lodge provides a perfect overnight stop over or even day lunch break between these destinations which makes it suitable to be included on the list of those planning safaris to Uganda.
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Monday, 6 October 2014


gorillaTourism in Uganda is currently the lucrative sector generating highest returns in terms of country’s exports. Due to multitude of safari products like gorilla trekking, chimpanzee trekking and wildlife safaris, many travellers have decided to plan safaris to Uganda.
However, for tourism to flourish at any destination there must be a clear guideline in form of a plan that can guide developments to harmonize the aspects of economic, environmental and socio-cultural impacts of tourism. Thus, it is upon this back ground that Uganda has always worked hard in drafting the ten year master plan to direct her tourism industry developments to ensure the satisfaction of those that undertake safaris in Uganda while maximizing the returns from the sector to the local economy.
Hon. Maria Mutagamba, the Minister for Tourism Wildlife and Antiquities unveiled the next 10 year master plan (2014 - 2015) which is centered at addressing the aspects of Marketing, developing potential tourist resources and human resource development so as to realize greater returns from the Uganda safari undertakers.
The tourism planners and developers at Meso and Micro levels are called upon to draft policies and Budgets that are in line with the Macro master plan. This is to ensure consistency at all levels which will in turn ensure balanced tourism growth and ultimate memories for those on safari in Uganda. The coordination among the tourism stake holders is considered as a pivotal aspect for the realization of these set targets among which include increasing safaris to Uganda.
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In the contemporary world, one of the great challenges that have characterized societies is cultural erosion. The young people have eagerly embraced the international pop culture at the expense of the traditional cultures while those that are struggling to get back to their roots, little is remaining for them to explore and equip them with their background in detail.
Considering this background, Derek Blair and Yves Niyonshuti have decided to preserve the culture through a mobile based technology named Jifunza. This Jifunza’s app locally named Menya which means knowing.This was designed to help people including those interested in taking safaris to Rwanda to learn the local language from where they will be.
It has been noted that a cross section of travellers would wish to learn local African Languages but absence of digital resources has frustrated many of these including Rwanda safari undertakers. African children in the diaspora who have interest in learning their parents’ language have been curtailed due to absence of such easy knowledge transfer. It is against this background that the Menya idea was born so as to bring people closer to their roots – something that can enhance the selling of Rwanda safari products.
The application is seen as a perfect ground through which parents, teachers and children can share the held cultural values. The application is costed at $1.99 for the iPad users while other versions are availed for free. The advertisements and partnerships with Tourism Boards of African Countries among others are part of the finance sources for this app. The Jifunza app is seen as a step to cultural tourism development, enhancement of root tourism in Rwanda and easy cross cultural encounters among the Rwanda safari undertakers and the local people.
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rwanda_The transport aspect is considered as a pivotal component in the tourism industry as it facilitates travelers including Rwanda safari undertakers to transfer from the origin to the destination via the transit zone. It is a contributory factor to the tourist overall experience as it is considered part of the trip. Though transport role range from being a transit facilitator to becoming a tourist product itself like scenic trains, it can generally be regarded as a pivot to tourism growth at a given destination and enhancing its visitation like increasing safaris to Rwanda.
Rwanda is by no means an ordinary safari destination considering her tourist activities that include; gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park, Chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe National Park and wildlife safaris in Akagera National Park. Thus, the role of transport is greatly appreciated in Rwanda. It is against this background that Rwanda is embarking on the rapid expansion of transport infrastructure particularly the aviation sector which closely linked with tourism. Rwanda has considered the upgrading of the following airports to facilitate the easy transfer of those on safaris in Rwanda; Kigali International Airport, Kamembe regional Airport and Bugesera International Airport. The efforts to upgrade Kigali Airport are set to be realized by next month while Kamembe regional Airport is set for March 2015.
Rwanda Civil Aviation Authority figures shows an increase in passenger traffic at Kigali International Airport at 30% that is from 377,327 in 2011 to 488,903 in 2013 among which include Rwanda safari undertakers. This figure gives average weekly flight traffic at 300. The efforts to cope up with this increase will see the terminals increased from two to six while the runway will be extended to 4.2km from 3.5 km. The Bugesera International Airport is set to reduce the traffic concentration at Kigali Airport and its first phase of construction is undergoing expected to end in 2017 at a cost of $600 million of which upon completion, will be able accommodate 1.8 million passengers annually including those undertaking Rwanda safari while the upgrade of Kamembe Airport will enhance the connection of travellers on safari in Rwanda to Nyungwe National Park and Congo’s Bukavu area. This expansion in infrastructure is seen as a big step towards increasing safaris to Rwanda and eventual expansion in the tourism sector and the economy of Rwanda in general.
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Thursday, 2 October 2014


uganda martyrsThe current move by the Church of Uganda to set up a museum featuring collections of Christians mainly the victims of the ruthless King Mwanga of Buganda during the early colonial times in Uganda can be considered as a great move in uplifting the image of the Uganda Martyrs site that will in turn increase safaris to Uganda.
The planned uplift of this rich religious site is estimated at Shs. 39bn covering the all aspects including architectural establishments that will enhance the image and bring out the fading picture of this Uganda safari heritage site for the benefit of pilgrims and leisure travellers.
The developments would include the Mukajanga’s command post who served as a chief executioner, the firewood pot; the torture tree of Ndazabazzadde, the prison, the burning spots and the re-known Matyrs memorial church which is custody of the martyrs’ remains. These establishments would be made in a way that brings out their traditional attachment by the Uganda safari travellers. This will strengthen the significance of Namugongo as an epitome of Christian faith in Uganda. The Uganda Matyrs Museum will also bring out the works of the contemporary church leaders such as Bishop Hannington and Janani Luwum who contributed a lot to strengthening of Christian faith in Uganda.
The Namugongo Martyrs site redevelopment features a magnificent tower; Martyrs spring well, Recreation Park and modern lavatories which will interest religious travellers and other travelers on safaris in Uganda. This development coupled by the 10km martyrs trail already developed by Uganda Tourism Board will see the religious tourism in Kampala and Uganda in general rise to the maximum leading to increase in safaris to Uganda and eventual returns from tourism.
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