Monday, 27 June 2016


uganda wildlifeThe Uganda Safari tour National Park of Kidepo of recent received $42000 approximately 143,850,000/= for the 2015 / 2016 financial year to undertake the implementation of livelihood projects in the area.
The submitted funds were released by the Kaabong District administration and it is generated from the 20% revenue sharing scheme with the park as entrance receipts. This total amount had accumulated for the last three (3) years until they were eventually released. The 20% revenue sharing is provided for in the Uganda Wildlife Act to enable the community realise the significance of conservation and the Uganda Safaris and tours.
According to Johnson Masereka Conservation Area Manager of Kidepo Valley National Park, there are three (3) sub counties set to benefit from the scheme and these include; Kawalakol, Kamion and Karenga. The Sub counties submitted a range of projects and the District government had to undertake keen vetting and endorsement was reached for the following projects;
The Karenga Sub County resolved to put up a cultural centre with an estimate cost of 46million Uganda Shillings located at Opot Pot while in the Sub county of Kawalakol a similar project was endorsed at Moruita at an estimate cost of 45 million Uganda Shillings. For Kamion Sub County will get solar power system at a cost of 21 million at Lwakwakaramoe primary school,  Lwakwakaramoe health center II at a cost of 10 million Uganda Shillings and eventually a grinding mill in the Parish of Morungole at a cost of 15million Shillings. These new cultural centers would definitely bring the unique culture and heritage of the Karimojong for the exploration of the travelers on safaris and tours in Uganda.
The Supervision cost shared at Sub County and District level stands at 6,850,000/= and is part of the total sum remitted. Supervision and Monitoring is in line with the guidelines of the revenue sharing scheme.
The Kidepo Conservation Area Management at the very function disclosed another 116,362,841/ = set to be utilized in the year 2016/17.   The general District management applauded the Uganda Wildlife Authority initiative and called upon the community to make proper utilization of the remitted funds and gain a wider picture towards conservation and utilization of protected areas like Kidepo Valley National Park for sustainable development.

Saturday, 25 June 2016


tourismA unique tourism experience has emerged in the southern part of Uganda that is naturally endowed and has also been dubbed the Ugandan tourism hub.  Originally referred to as the Switzerland of Africa, the region is home to the beautiful lake Bunyonyi that winds amidst numerous hills and valleys giving it an adorable 360 view. The region is also home to the endangered mountain gorillas which have turned out to be Uganda’s tourism trade mark forming a rich base for gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda.  The region is home to the Virunga mountain ranges that are shared also by Rwanda and democratic republic of Congo not forgetting Lake Mutanda and the echuya bamboo forest reserve.
Inside all these natural beauties, Uganda has kept all the wonders, history and cultures and communities that have varied beliefs, norms and everyday life which are worth learning about.  Uganda’s gorilla Safari tour is one exquisite adventure that is well packaged with all the wonders of south western Uganda however this experience also prioritizes community tourism. The gorilla experience is a combination of activities which include community visits, canoeing, island hopping, forest walks and home stays and here you get to know the history and culture of the energetic Bakiga farmers over generations.
The other interesting side in this region for traveler on safari in Uganda is the island hopping using the dugout canoes to connect to myriad of Islands on Lake Bunyonyi. This lake is often calm and this renders it calm for both swimming and canoeing. The islands on this lake have got history behind them that is worth seeing and listening to. The bwama island also known as the ‘’leper’s island’’ was an isolation center for leprosy patients in the region and it was still on this island that they were treated by doctor sharp a missionary health worker who was residing in this area.
Amidst this lake lies the punishment island which is a tiny patch of a small forest where young girls who got pregnant before marriage were dumped to die as this was referred to as an abomination. However men who couldn’t afford the high bride price were free to rescue the ‘’dumped’’ girls and take them on as wives.
Have a tour to the Batwa communities and have an insight in the different worlds of civilizations and cultures. The Batwa guide will lead the team for a nature walk through the echuya bamboo forest reserve and in your journey the guide describes the Batwa way of life before they were relocated from the forest their key hunting grounds. Community tourism has been a bold step towards bridging the gap between the communities and the tourists.
Prime Uganda safaris is privileged to give you company to Uganda’s tourism hub as we strengthen communities and cultures through partnering it with the gorilla experience.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016


NYORE HILLSIDEThe Nyore Hillside Retreat is one of the recent additions to the list of Uganda Safari accommodation units in the peri-urban environments. Positioned in the district of Mbarara at 16 miles along the Mbarara – Kabale Road, the Nyore Hillside Retreat presents a lush tranquil accommodation for those interested in a serene experience away from the urban hassle of Mbarara town.
The Accommodation at Nyore Hillside Retreat is featured in lush en suite cottages crafted in traditional setting with grass thatch which are tranquil and suitable for the stay of travelers on safaris in Uganda wishing to break the journey to or from the south western destinations of Bwindi, Mgahinga or Queen Elizabeth National Parks. Every cottage is impressively designed by expert local artisans featuring African antiques along with customized furnishings bringing in a profound connection between heritage, nature and modernity.
The four Cottages named Mango Cottage, Ovacado Cottage, Peanut Cottage and Family Cottage feature King sized beds, en suite shower and toilet, lounge equipped with a leather Sofa, Mosquito Nets and clothing and storage facilities. The Honey moon features a relatively larger space compared to other cottages and contains a bar thus ideal for couple on holiday safari in Uganda.
Nyore Hillside Retreat leaves no one in inadequacy as it also features well set Restaurant, Bar, curio shop, extensive exotic flower garden tranquil for relaxation, laundry service, adequate outdoor parking, pitches and tents and the cribs for infants.  For those interested in outdoor activities, the Nyore Hillside present remarkable bird watching encounters, community walks and camping. The Nyore’s panoramic location also presents impressive sightseeing experience on Uganda tours.


MOUNTAIN GORILLAFor all along the world travelers on gorilla safaris in Uganda have been primarily engaging in mountain gorilla trekking which provides for only one hour of direct encounter with these species. The introduction of mountain gorilla habituation is seen as a detailed encounter which many have been waiting for so long.
Unlike the gorilla tracking, the travelers on Uganda gorilla safari interested in gorilla habituation have got the opportunity to last four complete hours with the giant apes in their natural habitat as they forage, play and socialise among other behavioural aspects.
The Mountain gorilla Habituation is apparently still limited to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park conducted only in its southern region of Rushaga where five habituated gorilla groups of Bweza, Busingye, Kahungye, Mishaya and Nshongi are found along with other two groups of Bikingi and Bushaho which are still under habituation.
The gorilla habitation is just like gorilla trekking is controlled by Uganda Wildlife Authority and as a result its permit can be obtained at Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) Headquarters along Kiira Road Kamwokya at a cost of $1500 per permit. The travellers interested in this activity on gorilla safari tour in Uganda can book direct with UWA or through a tour agent like Prime Uganda Safaris and Wild Gorilla Safaris.
Mountain gorilla Habituation is a profound endeavour because even the existing habituated groups had to undergo the same encounter before people were allowed to visit them. Habituation commenced in 1991 in Buhoma and by 1993, the Mubare gorilla group had started to receive the visitors. The Uganda Wildlife Authority continued with the process and now, Uganda features thirteen (13) habituated gorilla groups of which twelve (12) are found in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park while the remaining thrive in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park – Uganda’s second gorilla refigium. All these can be explored on Uganda gorilla tracking safaris and tours at a cost of $600 per permit.
The Mountain gorilla habituation activity is guided by expert researchers from the UWA’s Department of Research and Monitoring and offers in-depth understanding of these worldly critically endangered species than ever before.

Thursday, 9 June 2016


RwenzoriThe destination Uganda is one of the popular spots on the continent of Africa and the Uganda Safaris and tours have risen considerably to compete on global scale.
Stretching from towering snow-capped Mountain ranges of Rwenzori and the extensive savannah landscapes of Kidepo and Queen Elizabeth National Parks teeming with a myriad of wild game to the diversity of 65 tribal groups featuring unique cultures, Uganda is a true paradise in the east of Congo’s Equatorial jungle, west of Indian Ocean, south of Sahara and north of River Limpopo making the safaris to Uganda must undertake lifetime journeys.
The ancient Afromontane forests of Bwindi have provided adequate and safe habitat to the critically endangered Mountain gorillas while the deep gorge of Kyambura, the tropical forests of Budongo, Kibale and Kalinzu are home to the endangered Chimpanzees.  The Big five thrive in the savannah stretches of Ziwa, Murchison, Kidepo and Queen Elizabeth with populations of lions including the tree climbing lions, Buffaloes, African elephants and Leopards while other wild game including Rothschild Giraffes, Impala, Burchell’s Zebra, Defassa waterbucks, Uganda Kobs, Spotted Hyenas among others call Uganda home and are always explored on safaris in Uganda.
The range of the tribal groups feature impressive customs, practices, festivities and traditions including the ancient ways of food preparation, the architectural structures, art and craft, worship and religion, monarchs and chiefdoms, settlement patterns among other aspects that form a broad base of culture and heritage tours in Uganda.
This ancient natural provision and the creation of the historical mankind would richly form the root for the development in Uganda. The world travelers are increasingly getting interested in authentic experiences exploring the destinations in their original form and willing to spend more for insight exploration of the already existing. Therefore, the country should aim at maintaining and utilizing the root sustainably to further national development.

Sunday, 5 June 2016


TRIPADVISOR has rose of recent to be one of the famous safari advisory sites based on real experiences that world travelers have always had at certain destinations and with a range of travel organizers. Prime Uganda Safaris and Tours Ltd is such a gifted travel company that it is again receiving the trip advisor certificate of excellence having got the same in 2015.
Prime Safaris and Tour has since its inception maintained a professional conduct and kept its dedication to serve according to the expectations of Uganda Safari undertakers including those on safari in Rwanda which in turn has won it considerable positive reviews on Trip Advisor.
With a count of seventy nine (80) authentic reviews of which sixty five (66) are graded as excellent and nine (9) graded as very good on its TRIPADVISOR Page, the 2016 Certificate of Excellence awarded to Prime Safaris is by no means an ordinary one. The company sells Uganda Tour and Rwanda Safari packages along with accommodation reservation and vehicle hire service.
The dedicated consulting team at the head office led by Sam, Cate and Simon would work 24/7 to ensure fast response to the travelers’ interests while the guiding team led by Dennis, Mark and Joseph work devotionally to surpass the expectations of any traveler on safari in Uganda with Prime Safaris & Tour Ltd.
The comfortable safari vehicles equipped with Air conditioning, pop up roof for open viewing and uninterrupted photography, First Aid kit and battery recharging extension always make the short and long drives on smooth and rough country side roads a memorable experience of its own.
The range but keenly selected hotels and safari lodges for the stay of our esteemed travelers in all travel categories of budget, midrange and luxury contribute greatly to this ranking as well. The service quality and the quality of the facilities form the center of our lodge selection. The guests’ dietary requirements are keenly taken care of while customized service may not be missed at our selected lodges.
Explore Uganda and Rwanda with experts! Prime Safaris & Tour Ltd is your gateway to these destinations and whether you are interested in gorilla safaris, wildlife tours, adventure travel or culture and heritage tours feel free to send your inquiry to the team of experts for ultimate consideration. Your satisfaction will be evidenced by an astonishing review on TRIPADVISOR.
By Siima Simon Peter

Thursday, 2 June 2016


visaUganda which is among the five countries that comprise the East African federation charges a Single Entry Visa fee of $100 from non visa exempt foreigners entering Uganda including those on Uganda Safaris.
This Visa fee which is of the same amount with the East African Single Tourist Visa is seen by many as comparably high and probably worth revision. The Uganda’s main marketing body – the Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) is also joining the move of calling upon the government to rethink about the Visa fees.
Considering the fact that the neighboring states charge the Visa fees not exceeding $50, Uganda under the current arrangement is bound to lose some of the potential world travelers that would have considered safaris to Uganda to the neighboring destinations if they find it cost effective.
While speaking at the Joint Tourism Approach meeting held at Bunyonyi Overland Resort, the Senior Marketing Officer of the Uganda Tourism Board Ms Sylvia Kalembe decried of the Visa Fees which she thinks could be scaring away Uganda tour enthusiasts. The Joint Tourism Approach aims at selling East Africa as a single tourist destination and encourages the Single East Africa Visa system where the traveler pays once upon entering any of the three states (Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya) and travels smoothly throughout.
The cost effectiveness of a given destination is among the significant factors that determine its competiveness and this includes a lot of aspects like accommodation rates, entrance fees to the sites of interest, Visa fees, the Airport taxes, transport fares and guiding fees among others. Uganda already has disadvantageous policies like the 18% VAT on accommodation which makes the packages expensive and absence of a national carrier which makes travel connection difficult and fares to be high. Therefore maintaining the Visa fees at $100 could be worsening the situation and threatening the sustainable arrival numbers of Uganda Safari undertakers.


park view lodgeThe Park view Safari Lodge is one of the newly added Uganda Safari lodges in the destination of Queen Elizabeth National Park. Positioned in Kyambura Area, the Park View is mid-range or call it standard that is best placed to serve the middle income travelers on safari in Uganda.
The lush en suite cottages are nicely placed in natural ecosystem setting crafted using natural materials and fitted with canvas that blends with the surrounding. The cottages are thatched with local grass presenting cool atmosphere suitable for relaxation while on Uganda Safaris. The bath tubs and showers overlook the wilderness equipped with both hot and cold running water while the private wooden decks offer uninterrupted views of the park savannah while lighting by electricity.
Park View Safari Lodge is considerably rich in facilities including restaurant with an extensive menu providing for both local and international food, Library and reading area where you can learn more about conservation and the Queen Elizabeth National Park in detail, gift shop where one can secure a souvenir to commemorate the Uganda tour, extensive swimming pool offering a deep bath after an extensive game drive, Laundry service, internet connectivity that keeps one connected in the outside world and well stocked bar.
Besides the lush Cottages, Park View Safari Lodge also features well built rooms set with concrete materials providing a rather affordable accommodation to the price sensitive travelers on safaris and tours in Uganda. The guests in these rooms fortunately have access to the swimming pool, the restaurant among other facilities at Park view Safari Lodge.
The lodge presents a good base to visiting the park and undertaking a myriad of activities including game drives in Kasenyi, Mweya peninsular, crater area and the excursion to Ishasha sector, river safari along Kazinga Channel, Chimpanzee trekking in either Kyambura gorge or Kalinzu forest Reserve and a forest walk in Maramagambo forest.