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The bisoke mountain hike – Rwanda safari news

bisoke -rwandaStanding in the north west of Rwanda, the Bisoke Mountain is part of the greater Virunga Mountain chain which comprises of eight (8) volcanic mountains that contributes greatly to the tourism products that are always encountered by travelers on safaris in Rwanda.
The Bisoke is as of now an extinct Volcano and is shared by Rwanda and the neighboring Congo though its summit is in Rwanda. On Rwandan side, the mountain is protected by volcanoes National Park which is famously know as a home of the critically endangered mountain gorillas that have formed a rich ground for gorilla trekking safaris in Rwanda.
More to that, the Bisoke Mountains provides shelter to the site of the historical Dian Fossey named the Karisoke Research Station where she based to carry out extensive studies about the Mountain gorillas and advocate for their conservation. This site is perched in a valley to the west of the mountain and it is among the famous Rwanda safari products.
Towering to 3700m, the Bisoke Volcano boasts of an impressive typical shape that denotes an actual representation of a volcanic mountain. The Bisoke Mountain with its height and configuration does not pose a challenge to the mountain hikers on safari in Rwanda but like any other mountain, hiking it cannot be like walking in the plains.
The hike to Mount Bisoke can stretch from five (5) hours to the whole day depending on the capacity of the hikers in terms of speed and strength to neutralize the mountain not forgetting the number of stops made in the process. The hike to the summit basically takes three (3) hours.
In the year 1957, there occurred a violent eruption which resulted into the formation of two (2) cones to the north at 11km from the summit and the walk around this rim is very rewarding. The Lake Ngezi crater thriving at 3000m presents remarkable scenic views. The hike to Bisoke Mountain takes you through impressive vegetation that occur at varying zones commencing with Bamboo forests through Hagenia - Hypericum forest and eventually Senecio - Lobelia bush near the summit.
The hike to Bisoke Mountain is given at $75 per person for the travelers on safaris to Rwanda and this incorporates the guide allowance. The encounter commences at 7am and the Park headquarters from where the participants drive to the starting point to embark on this remarkable experience.
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