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gadafi mosqueOne can note that New York has got the Statue of Liberty, London has got the London Eye, Paris has got the Eiffel tower while India has Taj Mahal but Kampala has got the Gaddafi National Mosque that is spread across the old Kampala hill shaped by strong concrete over 12 acres of land worth encountering while on Uganda safaris.
Gaddafi National Mosque is not only the largest mosque in Uganda but also the headquarters of Muslim faith in Uganda. Its gigantic size makes it second in Africa after King Hassan Mosque in Casablanca, Morocco. It is a two storied building with the mosque on the second floor while the ground floor houses the offices.
The construction of this Uganda safari offer commenced in 1972 with the formation of Uganda Muslim Supreme Council by the then Ugandan government headed by Idi Amin. Unfortunately, the mosque (known as Old Kampala National mosque by then) came to a standstill in 1976 until 2001 when Sheikh Shaban Ramadan Mubaje drew closer to Gaddafi the then president of Libya asking for assistance of completing the Mosque – something Gaddafi is credited for having fulfilled.
The works commenced afresh in 2004 with the demolition of the old foundation and in a couple of years the Mosque was over and officially inaugurated in 2008 by its funder Col. Muammar Gaddafi along with other African Heads of State. The Gaddaffi National Mosque takes 35,000 worshipers at ago and the number can double during Muslim festivities – attracting Muslims from other countries to plan safaris to Uganda.
The personality of Col. Gaddafi and the Minaret which offers great scenic views of Kampala city combine to make the Gaddafi National Mosque famous and attractive, the architecture is very unique and the interior décor is very standard and splendid. The well trained and informative guides make you feel at home while encountering Gaddafi Mosque on your Uganda safari tour.
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murchison fallsPositioned in the north west of Uganda, Murchison falls National Park is one the best Uganda safari attractions that can be visited with curiosity. Marked by different living and non-living features, Murchison Falls National is a convergence of a range of attractions that most travellers undertaking safaris in Uganda are always in quest for. These include; the historic River Nile, the powerful Murchison Falls, the famous Rabongo forest, the rolling savannah combretum that supports counts of wildlife including the big five of land animals except Rhinos that got extinct in 1983 though were re-introduced for breeding in the adjacent Ziwa sanctuary in the year 2005.
The largest national park in Uganda and the second most visited park on Uganda safaris and tours, Murchison Falls National Park has got great counts of wild game that range from cape buffaloes, savannah elephants, Rothschild Giraffe, lions, Jackson’s Hartebeest, leopard, Oribis, Uganda kobs, water bucks among other wildlife species which at times have prompted travellers to plan safari tours to Uganda.
The impressive game drives that are best done in the morning starting at 6:30am or 7:00am or in the evening starting at 4:30pm local time stretching for 3 – 4 hours with in the northern section of the park that is marked by open savannah landscape allow the travellers on Uganda wildlife safaris to explore the above range of wildlife. The tracks including; Albert track, Victoria track and Buligi track are well designed to enable you explore the park in detail.
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RwandaThe nation of Rwanda is considered one of the success stories in Africa that emerged from the worst past to build one of the competitive economies on the African continent. The strength of Rwanda has not appeared in agriculture or industrialization but a strong tourism industry which is currently fetching the greatest revenues from Rwanda safari tour undertakers. The rise of gorilla trekking safaris in Rwanda championed by the American Primatologist Dian Fossey was a new dawn into the Rwanda’s tourism and economy in general.
However, besides gorillas and a range of wildlife that formed the foundation for wildlife safaris in Rwanda not forgetting the primates of Nyungwe of which chimpanzees are among forming the base for chimpanzee trekking safaris, Rwanda has rich cultural heritage whose potential has for long been untapped until of recent.
Dating back to the pre-colonial era, Rwanda had a well centralized Kingdom and the palace of the last two Kings is in Nyanza, Butare in the Huya District southern province of Rwanda. The demise of the monarchy did not take its heritage with it. The heritage remained and is currently encountered by travellers on safaris in Rwanda. The cultural heritage of Rwanda is not only presented in living forms like the famous Kinyarwanda language, Intore dance, values and customs but also in non-living forms like the magnificent traditional huts’ architecture, impressive works of art such as those gathered at Rwesero Art gallery and protected landscapes such as Huye Mountains which are noted to be the legendary ancestral dwelling of Nyagakecuru, a prominent woman who dominated the area in the ancient times. The combination of these is prompting range of travellers to plan safaris and tours to Rwanda.
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makerere -imageEstablished in 1922, Makerere University is the second oldest institution in Uganda after Katigondo Seminary in Masaka and is apparently the greatest institution of higher learning in the south of Sahara, north of River Lipompo, east of Equatorial Jungle and the west of Indian Ocean which is usually encountered by Uganda safari undertakers.
Makerere University has gone through series of transition that have shaped its heritage most especially in its core field of academics. It currently operates under a semi-autonomous collegiate system which is visibly seen as a form of decentralization aimed at breaking the bureaucratic process that had taken toll at this mighty University commonly referred to as the ivory tower, the epitome of understanding, the pinnacle of intellectualism and the summit of wisdom. Its intellectual prowess has attracted a range of students from within and abroad to have their studies there and at the same time attracting the attention of academicians all over the world to plan safaris to Uganda in order to get in touch with this historic institution.
The great buildings with very unique architecture like the Main building have stood for years and  have got rich significance not only to the University but to the country in general. While the range of monuments and sculptures that appear at road junctions, main library, student resident halls and gazetted squares featuring various world events and personalities of great caliber credited for their works in shaping the history of the African continent are one of those magnificent attractions that travellers can ever encounter while on Uganda safaris.
Settling on one of the seven hills of Kampala and extending over a vast landscape, Makerere University does not only offer all round scenic views of the city of Kampala but also its forested landscapes are habitat to a range of biodiversity including monkeys and a range of bird species which makes it rewarding to encounter while on safari tours in Uganda.
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maramagambo forestSituated in the western arm of the East African rift valley across the Kichwamba escarpment, Maramagambo forest is a mature tropical forest that is worth encountering by travellers on safaris in Uganda.
The name Maramagambo like most of the African tracts has got a legendary connotation. It was derived from the an incident when the children got lost in this gigantic forest for counts of days after failing to trace their way back home and on returning, the children could not speak anything as they were in a state of bewilderment and completely worn out thus the locals said that “ekibira eki ni imara magambo” literally loosely translated as “this forest makes words disappear” thus the name Imaramagambo forest. This nomenclature has popularized it and invigorated various travellers across the world to plan safaris to Uganda in order to encounter this forest.
Maramagambo forest stretches from the escarpment of Kichwamba across to the shores of Lake Edward and has rich bio-diversity concentration including; Black and white colobus monkeys, L’Hoest’s Monkeys, Chimpanzees, Baboons, Blue Monkeys, Vervet Monkeys as well as Red Tailed Monkeys. Maramagambo forest also has other Uganda safari products like two species of nocturnal i.e. Pottos and Bush babies.
Maramagambo forest is also an ideal destination for hiking and nature walk encounters that range from 1 ½ hours to the whole day exploring the forest covered by lush canopy and surrounded by a range of bird calls which in turn generates lasting memories of your safari tour in Uganda.
The bat cave explorations, encountering matching soldier Ants that are at times in 6m wide and 100m long columns and kayaking encounters at Lake Kyasanduka combine to make encountering Maragambo forest while on Uganda safari holiday memorable.
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uganda -entebbe highwayConnecting from Entebbe to Kampala is only 40kms but on a busy day, it can take traffic including those on safaris in Uganda over 2 hours due to presence of one highway connection. Entebbe is the main air entry point to and from Uganda which creates a lot of traffic on the only route that connects to it. Additionally, it is where the state house is situated along with residences of other dignitaries that travel with convoys. This has always made Entebbe transfers difficult and uncertain.
Fortunately, the government came up with the initiative of constructing the Entebbe express that is in form of bypass, passing through southern end of Kampala avoiding the city with the capacity to provide Uganda safari tour undertakers a quick connection that will be free from traffic and vehicle queuing. The government of Uganda in conjunction with the government of China have come together to implement the project.
The Entebbe Express will improve tourist satisfaction and experience in that they will not be at risk of missing their flights due to traffic jam and will be transferring easily to their safari destinations in far distances like the gorilla trekking safaris destination of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and the Wildlife safari destination of Kidepo valley National Park.
The Entebbe Express will boast the transport network on Kampala city and will enable it to join the club of other cities where such networks already exists. And since transport is among the main components of the tourism industry, the Entebbe express will enhance the tourism and travel sector in Uganda.
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rwenzori coffee cafePerfectly situated in the Mount Rwenzori foot hills, the Rwenzori Art Center, Sculpture Gallery and coffee bar is a must-see place for the discerning Uganda safari tour undertaker in western Uganda. Conveniently placed at 11km from Kasese along a great tourist road that connects Queen Elizabeth National Park and Fort Portal, Rwenzori Art Centre, Sculpture gallery and Coffee bar can be easily traced while on safaris in Uganda.
This spectacular award winning complex sits in harmony with its recently restored natural landscape and makes inventive use of recycled local materials whilst also providing a dynamic modern space for seeing the carvings. Terrace of the coffee bar provides a cozy place to relax and enjoy panoramic views of the famous mountains of the moon – the Rwenzori Mountains which also attracts a range of travellers to plan  safari tours to Uganda.
The gallery boasts a unique connection with the only foundry in Uganda solely dedicated to casting sculpture. Visitors are treated to a stunning display of works cast in the studios by talented crafts men. Pure white Ugandan marble carvings rub shoulders with soapstone and bronze sculptures by a diversity of talented local artists which leaves a traveller on a safari tour in Uganda to ultimate amusement.
Specially commissioned for the center, a series of over 30 clan totem animals are also on show permanently featuring iconic species like; elephant, lion, colobus, buffalo and series of elusive species like otter and pangolin some of which are seen live in their natural habitats in the Uganda safari parks.
The center’s wonderful attempts are motivated by wildlife, culture, people and beauty of Uganda and make the perfect memento to mark an unforgettable journey of your safari holiday in Uganda.
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equator-imageUganda is vast geographical spread and her macro tourist destinations are scattered all over the country stretching from Kidepo Valley National Park in the extreme north east to Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in the extreme south west not forgetting Mount Elgon in the extreme east vis-à-vis Mount Rwenzori in the extreme west and a range of others that attract travellers to plan safaris to Uganda.
Connecting to these destinations form the man gate way of Uganda - Entebbe International Airport and Kampala city which are positioned on the shores of Lake Victoria, it automatically presents long journey transfers some of which require the whole day drive like the drive to the gorilla trekking haven of Bwindi and Mgahinga or the drive to the wildlife safari destination of Kidepo which even takes up to two days.
These long journeys are made in wilderness areas and rural environments that are deprived of decent stop centers that would enable travelers on safari in Uganda to have stops and ease themselves, relax, have a cup of coffee before embarking on their transfer journeys to the respective destinations.
The status quo shows that travellers on these routes find trouble with the congested and substandard toilets which at times forces the Uganda safari undertakers to resort to bush toilets which also comes along with its dangers. Thus, in order to achieve a flourishing tourism sector where the economy will generate good revenues and the travellers deriving ultimate satisfaction, Uganda has to embark on establishing stop centers along these routes and public private partnership would be the ideal way of executing it.
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IUGANDA-gorilla-IMAGEt is such a moment of wonder when starts to think of crafting a gorilla trekking safari to Uganda in far horizons of this planet some of which take two days flight transfers. It is just the imaginations and some tourism scholars have described it as the beginning of the tourist experience which is its self the product.
The series of arrangements are made such as reserving gorilla permits and other trip components like accommodation and transport which is normally done through travel agents or going ahead to buy an inclusive package from the tour operators to oversee the delivery of the tourist product while the client is on gorilla safari in Uganda.
The flights are booked and everything is set and you board to Uganda at the famous Entebbe International Airport on the shores of the gigantic Lake Victoria the largest tropical lake in the world, largest lake in Africa and the second largest fresh water lake in the world where you are welcomed by a courteous guide from Prime Uganda safaris who would take care of all your trip arrangements up to departure.
It is a new chapter in your life to meet new but very hospitable Ugandans that have been credited internationally as you traverse the urban landscapes of Entebbe and Kampala before heading to country side areas as you transfer to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Enjoying the eco-accommodation establishment where you arranged to spend overnights while on Uganda gorilla safari retiring after the long day drive through some sections of bumpy roads that have been nicknamed African massage.
The morning comes and you wake up very early for your breakfast to catch up with the gorilla trekking briefing that starts at 8:00am at any of the UWA headquarters in the respective region where you booked the gorilla permit. It is just a short session before you look at gigantic dense forested hills of Bwindi and the heart tells you about re-considering the activity. It is just adventure and hiking those hills is part of the experience that  form the mystery of gorilla trekking tour in the impenetrable forest of Bwindi.
The forest that you used to read about marked by dense undergrowth, mature trees not forgetting steep hills with narrow valleys of which the canopy is covered by mist with cold temperatures, on your gorilla safari and tour in Uganda, it becomes a reality.
The hike may not be certain but it depends on the gorilla mercies and if they have foraged from distant places, the gorilla tracking duration can stretch from 2 – 8 hours. At times, you might be prompted to think that you will not see gorillas but it is close to that moment of you losing hope that you see a smile on the face of the ranger guide as he hears about them and in a minute you are with them. You are with your dream; something that you had in your imagination not believing that it will be a reality. The faces of these gigantic apes with their frightening eyes and impressive fur with the silver lining on the back of mature gorillas referred to as Silverbacks and not avoiding the playful young ones as they swing through the tree branches and the energetic youthful gorillas consuming as much vegetation as they can. The encounter can lure you in a state of excitement which may leave your camera space used up full of mountain gorilla pictures that will take you back in memories of your Uganda gorilla safari encounter in Uganda.
The trek back to the lodge and your departure and the subsequent days, your memories will be filled of the fulfilled mystery of gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda.
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bahai temple-image
The only temple of the Baha’i faith in Africa, Uganda Baha’i Temple is positioned on the crest of Kikaya in Kawempe division, north of Kampala and is usually encountered on Uganda safari tours.
Standing out from a distance and viewed from different hills of Kampala, the Baha’i Temple is one of the rich tourist attractions that the city of Kampala has got to offer to a range of Uganda safari undertakers. Established in January 1958 and dedicated in 1961, the Baha’i temple was designed by Charles Mason Remey.
The Baha’i faith like most other religious denominations in Uganda were banned in Uganda during the Amin’s era following the killing of Enoch Olinga the founder of the Baha’i faith in Uganda but received its renaissance in the country after the over throw of Idi Amin.
The Baha’i Temple is 130feet (39m) in height and 100m (13m) in width while its roof is 124 feet (37m) in height and 44 feet (13m) in width which makes it a gigantic structure that should not be missed while on safaris in Uganda. Its foundation is 10 feet (3m) entrenched in the underground making it strong to withstand the worldly earthquakes.
Besides the magnificent temple structure, the Baha’i Temple has got lush gardens that are spread across the hill with cool winds passing through the lush trees and flowers which makes it a perfect picnic site to encounter and worth visiting while planning your safari to Uganda.
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impaga -imageThe vast tea landscape that fronts you as you draw into deeper areas of Fort Portal along Kampala – Fort Portal road present an amazing scenic landscape that is worth encountering on Uganda safari tour.
Operating under a public Limited Company, Mpanga Tea Growers discovered the potential in tea growing and processing which has in turn boasted their revenues, generated jobs and contributed to scenic landscape of the area. Fort Portal has been known for the crater lake fields, Amabere g’ Nnyinamwiru caves and Kibale National Park where the Chimpanzee trekking safaris in Uganda take place but the time to diversify the regions tourist products has come.
The tea estate cyclic in Mpanga estate is a new activity that has been invented to maximize the experience of Uganda safari undertakers in the area. The guests are given the mountain bikes to cycle through designated trails along the undulating hilly landscapes exploring the beauty of the estates, the alignment of the gardens and also have an opportunity of mixing with the locals as they harvest the tea.
The tea grown is processed at the local factory and a tour to this factory is part of this activity to enable you learn the process of tea production and how the tea leaves are turned into finest substance (tea leaves) which you will at time be served in any of the restaurants or lodges while on your Uganda safaris.
The tea estate cycling in Mpanga estates is an active community activity tour that would broaden your knowledge about Uganda as a destination and maximize your experience if included on the list of activities to undertake while planning your safari tour to Uganda.
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ankole-imageAnkole part of South western Uganda is traditionally known for its pastoral significance other than any other practice. The inhabitats of Ankole were referred to as Banyankole falling in two sub groups i.e. the Bairu and the Bahima. The Bairu were primarily cultivators and thrived in fertile and rain fed areas to ensure the thriving of their crops while the Bahima mostly thrived in the dry savannah grassland areas where they lived a semi-nomadic life and were primarily pastoralists. This setting still exists in some areas of Ankole and can be encountered while on safaris in Uganda.
The rangelands of Ankole are somehow dry landscapes that receive minimal amounts of rainfall through out the year and they are beautiful flat terrain characterized by savannah grass land and marked by acacia woodland and are celebrated for offering a perfect grazing field for the Ankole long horned cattle the unique species of the Bahima which are apparently among the key Uganda safari products.
This form of land setting occur in the area currently occupied by Lake Mburo National Park which is a destination for wildlife safaris in Uganda and the adjacent areas that form the greater Nyabushozi county. The rangelands are now inhabited by the former pastoralists who abandoned their traditional nomadism and apparently practice settled farming. They have impressive mixed breeds of Friesian and Ankole long horned breed while others have decided to maintain the two as separate quality breeds thus matching with development but without abandoning their heritage. These rangelands have formed beautiful farms with artificial dams that look like small lakes which are dug by the locals to harvest as much rain water as possible to enable them through the long dry spells that characterize the area. This makes them worth encountering while on Uganda safaris.
Due to their closeness to Lake Mburo National Park, it is not surprising to find cattle grazing along zebras and Impala justifying the harmonious living that these people had with the wild animals even before the area was gazetted as a national park.
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zina forest-imageLocated along Entebbe road 23km from Kampala, Zika Forest is a relatively small forest with quite mature trees and lush undergrowth with thick canopy formally called the upper storey which forms a perfect stop ground for Uganda safari tour undertakers.
The Zika forest extends over 12ha containing a range of bio diversity of forest types, grasslands, forest edge types and swamps that stretch to Lake Victoria. This biodiversity include; 135 species of woody plants, 62 species of sphingid moths, 38 species of saturniid and 40 mosquito species making it worth encountering while on safari in Uganda.
The Zika forest also acts as a virus research field station for the Uganda Virus Institute and has got a 120 feet steel research tower which was initially in Mpanga forest but was relocated to Zika in 1962 with the funding of World Health Organization. The tower has provided a ground for an extended behavioral research and ecological studies with the forest. This narrow metal tower also allows the travellers on Uganda safaris to enjoy the monkey’s and bird’s eye view of the Zika forest Canopy.
This intact forest presents a perfect escape from the urban life in Kampala and Entebbe not forgetting its picnic potential for the natives or corporate retreats in Uganda. Zika’s potential qualifies it to be included on the list of areas to visit when travellers are planning their safaris to Uganda. The forest has got a rich educational significance for study groups and also leisure travellers. No wonder, the former president of United States Jimmy Carter visited the forest while on his bird watching safari in Uganda.
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murchison fallsPositioned among the Nile River in the north west of Uganda in the mid of Murchison Falls National Park which is usually encountered on wildlife safaris in Uganda, Murchison Falls is the powerful water fall in the world.
The whole Nile River which is the longest river in the world squeezes its self to pass through a ravine that is below 8m wide before falling 43m below the Devils Cauldron forming a plume of spray and a thunderous roar marked by a trade mark rain bow forming one of the wonders that travellers on Uganda safaris and tours should never attempt to miss.
The Murchison falls is the greatest fall in Uganda and has never been explored in terms of water rafting adventures until of recent when a team of Russians planned an adventure safari tour to Uganda to carry out most risky adventure activities in Uganda and rafting on the Murchison falls was among.
The historical Murchison Falls derives its name from the President of the Royal Geographical Society Sir Roderick Murchison who had commissioned the big game hunter Sir Samuel Baker to go on the search for the source of Nile from the north who was to encounter the falls on 14th March 1864 and named it after his boss. The grand children of Baker have of recent undertaken a Uganda safari tour to explore the legendary journeys of their ancestral father.
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Namugongo-uganda safari-imageLocated at 15 km in the eastern side of Kampala - Uganda’s capital, Namugongo Martyrs shrine is one of the rich Uganda safari products that the country has got to offer to the visiting world. Namugongo was like any other place until June 1886 when the then King of Buganda, Kabaka Mwanga turned against his people who had abandoned their traditional religious practices in favor of the western Christian religion and subjected them to live execution at Namugongo following their refusal to denounce the new religion.
On 3rd June every year, many people included those from outside world plan their safari to Uganda to pay pilgrimage to a number of Ugandans who allowed themselves to be burned to death for the sake of religion. In October 18, 1964, these people were canonized as the saints by the Pope after the locals had prayed through them against the small pox epidemic and got healed. A church in form of a traditional Buganda hut was constructed and the Pope Pau VI consecrated it on 2nd August 1969. It is known as Basilica and has good impression if encountered on Uganda safari tours.
The Namugongo Martyrs shrine has got a small lake and beautiful gardens that presents an ideal environment for prayers, meditation and pilgrimage while on safaris in Uganda. The site is positioned in Kyaliwajara ward, Kira Municipality in the district of Wakiso on the geographical coordinates of 0°23'43.0"N, 32°39'57.0"E.
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Namirembe cathedralAlso referred to as St. Paul’s Cathedral, Namirembe Cathedral is positioned on Namirembe hill in Rubaga division and is one of the iconic Uganda safari attractions that is located within Kampala city. Namirembe Cathedral is about 2 km west of Kampala off the road to Natete.
Namirembe cathedral is the headquarters of the Anglican faith in Uganda and it is among the most magnificent colonial style buildings that still thrives in Uganda up to today and can be encountered by travellers on safaris in Uganda. Literally translated as a place of peace, Namirembe was regarded as a peace paradise in the pre-colonial Buganda.
The initial building was completed in 1903 built by the local builders under the British missionary supervision. In 1910, the building was brought down by lightening prompting the building of the current cathedral which was completed in 1919.
The architectural setting of Namirembe cathedral is something to wonder of while the backyard of this very cathedral has a cemetery where various religious historical people lay in rest including Sir. Albert Cook, Bishop Hannington among others and can be encountered by travellers on Uganda safaris.
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nakayimaPositioned on Mubende hill approximately 3 ½ hours’ drive from Kampala – the Uganda’s capital, Nakayima tree is a rich heritage site that should not be missed by travellers on safaris in Uganda.
Dating back to the Chwezi era, the Nakayima heritage site has got great connotation to Ndahura and the entire great Chwezi fraternity that have other sites of historical significance across Uganda such as Bigo By’ Mugyenyi which pull various travellers to plan safari tours to Uganda.
The Fig tree derives its name from the lineage of princesses belonging to the royal family and is a worship center where traditionalists come and pray for whatever they want and is given to them. The tree has got huge buttress roots and is estimated to be 650 years old following the tests that were carried out in 1989 by researchers. The large tree roots form 18 rooms of which four of them are noted to have belonged to Ndahura and can be seen while on safari tour in Uganda.
The traditions have it that before the coming of the Bachwezi, a muhima sorceress named Kamawenge migrated from Butiti and settled at Mubende hill with her two sons who later became dominant as local leaders and turned the hill into a significant center which later attracted the interest of the Bachwezi and the residence of their last leader Ndahura.
Following the emergence of small pox and the collapse of the Bachwezi rule, the hill reverted to its former state as the sorceress abode though with a distinction. The Ndahura’s memory who had become defied as the god of small pox was perpetrated at the site through this woman who then took up the name of Nakayima (Nyakhima) giving every successive priestess that name other than own name up to the last holder (Nyanjara) who faced the demise in 1907.
Over the centuries, Nakayima and always a Muhima had great power and was recognized across the borders of Bunyoro - Kitara and the when the priestess distributed water from the well, It was believed to heal small pox. This entire heritage that is summarized in the ancient Nakayima tree in Mubende can be encountered while on your Uganda safari.
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leopard-imageThe tourism sector is apparently the chief export earner for Uganda leading the remittances from abroad and coffee revenue. This comes along with increase in the number of Uganda safari tour undertakers that form the ground for the travellers expenditure and multiplier effect resulting into increased returns from the tourism industry. It is in year 2014 that the tourism sector of Uganda has attained this position.
The issue of Uganda tourism and travel industry was further put in the world news by the Uganda’s President H.E Yoweri Museveni after making remarks that Uganda was better than Spain in terms of travel destinations. This inspired various players including the U.K based Guardian to run an opinion poll on the matter and interestingly Uganda emerged the first with 79% against 21% for Spain which showed that many travellers had interest in planning safari tours to Uganda.
The marketing efforts have tried to intensify with the budget to Uganda Tourism Board increased to 6billion since 1990s. The world Channels like CNN have gone ahead to interview individual entrepreneurs in the tourism sector while the communities around the Uganda safari parks have been sensitized to appreciate the value of tourism and position themselves to reap from it.
The tourism strategic plan was launched which outlined the structure of Uganda’s tourism industry for the next ten years. The plan featured various attractions and most especially those that have the potential and should be taped for tourism development. The plan forecasts tourism receipts increase to $1.4billion per annum with the possibility of generating 150,000 extra tourism jobs. The value of tourism towards national development was also recognized in the National Development Plan 2010 – 15.
The work done by the tourism police and their current police strategy of community policing has set the ground for safety of travellers while on safaris in Uganda. The emergency lines have been put for tour companies to call in case of emergence.
The Uganda’ tourism industry has also had the bad in the year 2014 for example; the outbreak of Ebola, passing of anti-gay bill and the destruction of forest in different parts of the country without intervention of the National Forestry Authority. The Ebola issue was mistaken for being in the whole of Africa prompting travelers to cancel their safaris to Africa including safaris to Uganda. The Ugly side was that there was conflicts amongst tourism players thus there was failure to reach consensus and tackle challenges as a team which prompted the big players to keep quiet denying the young operators from learning from them. The terrorist attacks in Kenya and also reported planned attacks on Entebbe International Airport had a considerable effect on Uganda’s tourism.
The efforts towards improving Uganda’s tourism have been featuring the formation and strengthening of regional tourism clusters so as to boast domestic and regional tourism. Whereas the prospects of 2015 include increased popularization of Uganda abroad through hiring of Public Relations forms. Proposals include; constructing a political museum that features historical leaders like Idi Amin, planting and conservation of trees, community empowerment, product development, increased promotion and formation of Uganda Tourism Authority that will bring together all the tourism bodies including UWA, UTB, UWEC, Export Promotion Board and Presto under one roof and harmonize their relations and responsibilities. These proposals are thought to increase efficiency with in the sector and eventually increase safari holidays to Uganda.
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uganda safarisThe regional political climate is a very significant factor when it comes to destination choice by various safari undertakers including those that undertake Uganda safari tours. It is a critical factor since many travellers want an assurance of their safety while on holiday.
Holding the clients aside, the issue of tourism investment cannot be ruled out. A range of investors both from within and abroad come to the region to invest in tourism related entities like Hotels and developing products that are visited by travellers including those on safaris in Uganda provided there is stable political and economic atmosphere that favors their investments.
The private sector which champions various investments including the tourism related entities tend to minimize the risk factor. Thus in a situation where the region is unstable, the efforts to invest in it might be minimal and vice versa. The establishments like Hotels and resorts that provide accommodation to travellers including those on Uganda safaris require minimum bed occupancy for them to keep functioning.
The tourism products and micro destinations that exist in the remote areas with in individual countries like Kidepo National Park famous for its wildlife safaris in Uganda and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park famous for its gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda require a stable political climate and security within such areas and along the routes that connect to them or they risk not to be visited. Therefore, with the above argument one can note that regional stability has got a considerable effect on the development of tourism.
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buffarosBuffaloes together with lions, elephants, leopard and Rhinos form the Big five cluster of Land animals which are usually encountered by travellers on while on safari in Uganda. The buffaloes are such huge creatures that appear like bulls and thrive greatly feed on grass a reason why dwell mostly in the savannah landscapes of East Africa including the grassland areas of Uganda where they are usually seen while on Uganda safaris.
These species of recent terrorized the residents of the Sub-county of Kapelebyong in the district of Amuria where eight (8) of them invaded the mentioned village. The Uganda safari species which are thought to have strayed from Kidepo Valley National Park in the region of Karamoja invaded the people’s rice gardens which were ready for harvesting.
The villages that were visited by the buffaloes include; Akulonyo, Omokor and Okoboi in the sub-county of Kapelebyong. The animals are thought to have followed water from River Ongorikipi which flows to Teso from Karamoja.
The buffaloes though they appear as reserved species, they are dangerous wild animals that can even kill humans. Thus their invasion of the communities is something that has to be handled by respective Authorities like Uganda Wildlife Authority for safety of the people and the buffaloes themselves so as to ensure the thriving of safari tours to Uganda.
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Friday, 19 December 2014


murchison-elephantMurchison Falls National Park which is the largest Uganda safari park is composed of greatly rolling savannah combretum that covers greater part of the northern section than in the south. Bisected by the mighty River Nile that is also highly sought by travellers while on safari tours in Uganda, Murchison Falls National Park  lies in two sections that is in the north of the Nile and the south of the Nile.
The park which is accessed by traversing the flat landscapes of Nakasongora and forested landscapes of Budongo, it is such a thrilling wilderness area that was once home of big five land animals before the rhinos were hunted to extinction in 1983. Apparently, the rhinos were re-introduced in the nearby Ziwa Sanctuary thus the park still offers the opportunity of spotting the big five which prompted travellers to plan safari holidays to Uganda.
Apart from the lions, elephants, leopard and buffaloes that join with the rhinos to form the big five, Murchison Falls National Park has got other wildlife species that can be encountered while on wildlife safaris in Uganda. The Rothschild giraffe, Jackson’s hartebeest, Oribi, waterbuck, Uganda Kobs thrive in the park while the water environments of River Nile supports counts of Hippos and Nile crocodiles.
The existence of the most powerful waterfalls in the world – Murchison Falls coupled with 460 species of birds among which include the rare shoebill stork combine the wildlife species mentioned above to derive ultimate safari memories for travellers on Uganda safaris.
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gorilla-trekkingUganda gorilla safaris saw their inception in 1993 when the Mubare gorilla family was formerly introduced for tracking following two years of habituation in the Buhomna sector with n Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.
The gorilla safari tours in Uganda were then realized as cash cows after great amounts of dollars that were generated in the subsequent years. This prompted the government to habituate more gorilla groups that would add value to conservation and promote appreciation of these species among people that would enroll themselves for gorilla tracking encounter.
Apparently, the gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda are conducted with in the four regions of Bwindi namely; Buhoma with its three habituated gorilla families, Ruhija with also three gorilla groups, Rushaga with five gorilla families and Nkuringo with one gorilla family. The Mgahinga Gorilla National Park which adjoins the greater Virunga massif also has got one gorilla family called Nyakagezi that has been habituated to be encountered by travellers on Uganda gorilla tours.
The gorilla safari packages are arranged by various Uganda tour operators including; Prime Uganda Safaris and Tours Ltd and gorilla trekking permits can be acquired from the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) directly or indirectly through an agent. Whatever mode one chooses to use, the gorilla safari tours in Uganda are such memorable encounters that derive a memorable experience that you will hardly get from any other destination.
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Thursday, 18 December 2014


uganda safaris -guidesUganda is one of the prime safari destinations in the region of East Africa with great safari packages that range from gorilla trekking safaris, cultural tours, Uganda birding safaris, wildlife safaris, adventure tours and chimpanzee trekking safaris among others. These packages have ensured the thriving of tourism and travel industry in Uganda.
However, selling such packages is a responsibility of a range of players that include the marketers who vend the product, the sales personnel call them tour consultants who respond and confirm clients’ inquiries and eventually the safari guides who delivers the package to the satisfaction of the client including Uganda safari undertakers. And since the tourism product is just an experience, the combination of all these players’ interaction with the tourist determines the outcome.
Uganda Tourism Board which derives its mandate from the Uganda Tourism Act (2008) to enforce and monitor the tourism sector standards by registering, licensing, inspecting, classifying accommodation establishments, travel agents, tour operators, tour guides and stand-alone restaurants has gone ahead to set the exams for the Uganda tour guides so as to enhance quality with in the industry that will in turn derive ultimate satisfaction to travellers on safari tours in Uganda.
The initiative which is aimed at licensing the tour guides began with registration and 265 tour guides were registered and sat the national tour guides exams that ran from 16th – 18th December 2014 at Imperial Royale Hotel Kampala. The exams featured tourist driving, birding, wildlife, culture, mountaineering, butterflies, reptiles and languages.
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uganda  cultural safariUganda is endowed with 65 tribal groups most of which have got diverse and unique traditions worth of encountering while on safari in Uganda. These tribal groups settle in varied landscapes of the country and practice different livelihood practices. Ranging from the nomadic Karimojong in the semi-arid landscapes of the north east to the Batwa forest people that thrive in rain forests of south west, Uganda has got a wide range of cultures some of which are related while others differ greatly thus forming a diverse ground that would leave a cultural traveller on Uganda safari mesmerized.
Previously, Uganda has always been known for gorilla trekking safaris and wildlife safaris including chimpanzee trekking safari with little consideration for cultural tours and yet it is the most diverse country in Africa with people living in harmony. The organized Kingdoms of Buganda, Bunyoro, Toro and Ankole date back in the ancient times before the coming of the colonialists while other chiefdoms also spread across the east and northern reins all with great heritage that still live up to today in form of artifacts, stories while others are still functioning which is very interesting to encounter especially in this era of globalization while on Uganda safaris.
The heritage roots of the historical Chwezi people who were thought to be semi-gods that ruled the large expanse of the great lakes region and left great counts of landmarks thrived in Uganda and their center was at Bigo-bya-Mugyenyi in Ntutsi which is very thrilling to include on your itinerary while planning a safari holiday to Uganda.
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Wednesday, 17 December 2014


solar clipse-imageUganda which is listed among the famous safari destinations in Africa can be dubbed the home of eclipses. Its wonders do not stop on the great deal of mountain gorillas that form the ground for gorilla trekking safaris or large number of primates that from the ground for chimpanzee trekking safaris or the diverse wild game that form the basis for wildlife safaris but also her position along the equator.
It is this factor that has won her the dub of being the home of eclipses. Contemporary Uganda safari undertakers and other people might think that the 3rd November, 2013 eclipse was the first of its kind in Uganda something that earns them a big zero. The 2013 total eclipse that occurred in Pakwach in the north west of Uganda was actually the second of its kind with the first of its kind estimated to have occurred in 1520AD at Biharwe 12km from Mbarara town in south west of Uganda.
These two eclipses are apparently commemorated by two respective monuments that can be visited while on a safari tour in Uganda to take you back in time when such natural landmarks occurred on this planet. The 1520 AD eclipse has got a very big historical attachment to the local people of Ankole as it occurred at the time when they were experiencing famine after losing all their cows to the invading Banyoro. The Banyoro under the kingship of Olimi had extended to invade Rwanda and on their return, the total solar eclipse befell upon them at Biharwe and since an eclipse was a taboo in the Banyoro traditions, they abandoned all the cows that they had gathered in Rwanda at the site and ran straight to Bunyoro and when the eclipse was over, the locals found great number of cows in the area and thought that they had come from heaven. They referred to them as enduga mwiguru or empenda y’ munoni. This enabled the locals to repossess the cows and start up their pastoral lives again. The monument has been constructed in commemoration of this and can be encountered en route to Bwindi on your Uganda gorilla safari. The monument in Pakwach can be incorporated in your Uganda wildlife safari tour in Murchison Falls National Park.
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birding safari-imageUganda is a rich birding destination ranking as number one on the African continent which prompts range of birders to undertake birding safaris in Uganda. Uganda which equals the size of the United Kingdom contains 1,057 species of birds which constitute 50% of African birds and 11% of global birds. No wonder the country is listed as having the two of the top ten birding sites in Africa with Bwindi Impenetrable National Park also a gorilla trekking safari destination ranking as number one and Murchison falls National Park also a wildlife safari haven ranking as number nine.
The birding to Mabamba involves birding en route with great deal of species that can be encountered by travelers on this safari in Uganda including; cattle egret, grey crowned crane common bulbul, hammerkop, long – crested eagle and grey plantain eater among others. Mabamba which is 48km from Kampala is a ramsar site that always prompts birders to undertake safari tours to Uganda in search of the rare shoe bill stork.
Mabamba depends on small engine-powered canoes that are used by birders on their birding expeditions. Mabamba is a naturally beautiful place that offers great scenic and unpolluted landscapes overlooking the Entebbe Airport and state house while the extensive swamp marked by narrow channels offers a great deal of eco-encounters on Uganda safaris.
The sights of shoebill stork, kingfishers, weaver birds, a long tailed cormorant, white winged terns which migrate from Europe arriving in August escaping the winter conditions and tend to stretch up to may before going back to Europe. Mabamba stands with about 215 species of birds in its 16,500ha along the shores of Lake Victoria. It constitutes part of Waiga bay in the south east of the bay of Nakiwogo in the west of Entebbe International Airport.
Politically, it is positioned in the districts of Mpigi and Wakiso in Kasanje and Kamengo sub-counties and can be reached from either Kampala or Entebbe depending on the location of Uganda safari tour undertaker. Branch off from Kampala – Entebbe highway at Kisubi to the left heading to Nakawuka after which you will make a left turn at Kasanje driving for more 10km. The route from Kampala involves taking the Masaka road for 30km and then branch off to the left following a road to Buyege driving for more 22km through Kasanje to Mabamba swamp.
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uganda safaris and tours ltdGolf which is considered to be fast growing aspects of tourism and travel in other destinations like United States along with other countries like Portugal, Morocco, UAE, Scotland and Ireland could be the new niche for Uganda ‘s tourism to increase safari tours to Uganda. Golf and tourism are seen as complimentary.
The construction of the golf courses attracts other tourism investments like clubs, hotels and tourists themselves to undertake safaris in Uganda. This in sight was highlighted upon at the opening of a new privately owned golf course in Kihihi, south west of Uganda. The sport which is usually associated with upmarket people is seen as a niche kind of initiative in travel industry that would increase luxury products that are encountered by upmarket travellers on Uganda safari.
The new golf club owned by Musinguzi Garuga who is a famous local business man will host a golf tournament that will be conducted in honor of Late Ngororgoza Paulo who was remarkable elder in Kigezi region and is credited for having done numerous things among which include the resettlement of the Bakiga at the helm of land fragmentation and over population.
The golf course is located close to the second longest airstrip in Uganda- Kihihi Airstrip, Uganda safari park of Queen Elizabeth famous for the tree climbing lions, the gorilla trekking safari destination of Bwindi Impenetrable, Lake Bunyonyi and splendid scenic standings of Virunga ranges among other attractions in the area.
The golf tournament initiative is supported by Uganda Tourism Board and Uganda Golf Club and it might not only attract the local players but also international golfers to Uganda.
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