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Facts about Habinyanja Gorilla Family in Bwindi –Uganda Safari News

habimanya gorilla-familyHabinyanja group of gorillas is one of the interesting three Gorilla groups thriving in the famous Buhoma gorilla trekking region in Bwindi Impenetrable national park. This outspoken gorilla troop in Buhoma can be accessed by trekkers on Uganda gorilla safaris from Nyamishaba village where the trail head is positioned.
Habinyanja Gorilla Family was first habituated in 1997 and received its first time trekkers in 1999. Habinyanja Group was named basing on Rukiga word “Nyanja” which literally means “a place with water”. The reason is that, it was first sighted next to the swamp ponds in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park .The regular members of Habinyanja family include Makara, Rwansigazi, Kisho, Maraya, Nabukye, Binyonko, Rugyendi, Nyamuhango, Elsa, Hamusini, Hakato, Gacyaro among others.
During the time of habituation, the group was led by the dominant Silverback Mugurisi, which means “Old man”. After his death, the two brothers Rwansigazi and Mwirima shared leadership of the group. However, they were so different that they couldn’t proceed. Rwansigazi was an adventurous gorilla and so much preferred traveling, while Mwirima liked to stay at one location. It was therefore unavoidable that in 2002 the two prominent silverbacks decided to part ways without any power struggle. The gorilla members that followed Rwansigazi retailed the name Habinyanja and the members that stayed with the unadventurous Mwirima came to be identified as the Rushegura gorilla family.
After some time, Rwansigazi silver back surrendered leadership to Makara who is now the lead silverback of the Habinyanja gorilla family. In some instances, the two Gorilla groups still meet each other and they spend some time peacefully.
The Habinyanja gorilla group is characterized of power struggles, intrigues within the group coupled with individual members who are willing to fight for their individual interest at the expense of group interests. Trekking this particular gorilla family while on your gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda will offer you life time experience of encountering these world endangered species of Mountain gorillas.
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What to Know about Ecotourism in Uganda - Uganda Safari News

safari life in ugandaEco-tourism is a new form of tourism in the world as well as Uganda and it dates back in the 1990’s. It involves such activities like Nature guided Walks, Village/community Walks, Bird Watching, forest walk, sport fishing, mountaineering climbing, butterfly watching, Mountain Gorilla tracking, game viewing, Chimp tracking, boat cruises, canoeing, caving, scenery viewing photography, primate watching, and any other aspects that relate to Natural, Cultural and Rural tourism. The main tourism destinations in Uganda-the pearl of Africa include all the ten protected national parks as well as wildlife and game reserves, forest reserves, events/cultural centers, community wetlands, Theme parks, resorts, and important bird areas.
As many safaris to Uganda to day combine nature and wildlife, it follows that sustainability would be significant issue for visitors exploring the unique Eco-tourism destinations in Uganda. Uganda conservation efforts and tourism have increased in the past years, and currently many Uganda safaris are tailed or organized around different communities and natural environment.
Eco-tourism safari to Uganda
does not mean paying high a mounts for top-of-the-line green products but it involves having affordable Uganda Eco-tourism safaris while still being mindful of conservation efforts. It also involves Visitors traveling with maximum respect of the local cultures and keeping an open mind when planning a safari tour to Uganda.
Currently Uganda is well-known as safe Eco-tourism destination in the world but there is need to plan correctly all the Eco-tourism activities and destination .This can lead to a more personalized experience for travelers as well as one that is authentic to the respective communities they are visiting.
The most significant thing visitors planning for safaris to Uganda should do is to go local when they are under taking safari to Uganda. They should make sure that they use locally owned hotels and services and pay close attention to relevant travel destination news in order to prepare for new regulations or opportunities that may negatively affect the Eco-tourism experience that they would get on Uganda safaris. Ultimately travelers need to do what is best and safest for them, but they must acknowledge how their actions are affecting their destination areas.
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Hotel Africana-Uganda’s Premier Hotel in Kampala-Uganda Safari News

hotel Africana-ugandaKampala the Capital City of Uganda has a modern set of premier hotels offering first-class accommodation services to visitors on safari tour to Uganda’s Capital city. Among the many hotels, lodges in Kampala, Hotel African set just 3 minutes’ walk from the city Center, is the only premier hotel where visitors on Uganda safaris should opt to spend night while on their stay in Kampala. The hotel is set in a serene location offering panoramic views of the city skyline and surrounding hilltops.
With total of 233 rooms distributed as 5 suites, 103 deluxe rooms and 117 twin bed rooms and 8 Apartments, Hotel African offers wonderful accommodation facilities at fordable prices. Just to note, all the rooms at the hotel are fully equipped with an individually controlled air condition system, attached with a full private bathroom, a balcony overseeing the spectacular view, satellite television, fridge, wire and wireless internet access. The hotel rooms are designed in this way mainly to ensure that visitors on Uganda safaris enjoy their stay in Kampala.
The hotel consists of Restaurant with a seating space of 120 people, fully air-conditioned, well-furnished and ideal venue for dinners and medium-scale wedding receptions. There is a wide choice of tasty dishes ranging from western and traditional African delicacies to oriental. These dishes are served to visitors under splendid atmosphere. At the Coffee shop visitors on safaris in Uganda can enjoy a hot beverage and sample a flavorful variety of snacks and pastries 24 Hours a day.
In regard to conference and events facilities, the hotel has over 14 fully furnished well air-conditioned conference halls with seating capacities ranging from 20 – 3000 participants. The conference rooms are Internet ready with a dedicated high speed wireless connection to the internet and other features in the conference rooms Include Writing pads, flip charts, pens & pencils, overhead projector, internet services, printing & typing services, faxing & binding and much more.
For visitors interested in health fitness services, Hotel Africana boasts of its modern health club comprising of sauna, massage, steam bath, gym and aerobics and all visitors on safaris to Uganda while staying at the hotel are entitled to free access to health facilities apart from massage. The hotel gym equipment is ideal for everyone’s health fitness and the professional instructors ensure you receive total workout satisfaction.
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Bird Watching in Mabira forest – Uganda Safari News

birding safaris in mabira -ugandaFor many decades, big game has been the dominant attraction drawing visitors to Uganda and it still is. However in recent years, there has been an increase in the number of people under taking bird watching safaris to Uganda. . A potential for bird watching safari tours in Uganda was established in the late 19th Century by Sir Frederick Jackson, former Governor of the Ugandan Protectorate who nick named Uganda as a "Hidden Eden and a wonderland for birds".
Today, bird watching is done in different destinations and among the many bird watching areas involves Mabira forest located in Buikwe District, between Lugazi and Jinja along the highway connecting Kampala to eastern part of Uganda. Mabira Forest is the only largest rain forests left in Central Uganda covering an  estimated area of about 306 square kilometers.
With an estimated total of 315 species of birds including the endangered species like the Nahan's francolin, Yellow and grey long bills, Tit Hylia, Purple-throated cuckoo shrikes, Illadopsises, Jameson's wattle eyes, Mabira forest is a true birding destination where visitors on Uganda safaris can enjoy bird watching activities. The forest is endowed with 46% of Uganda's forest
The interesting bird species in the forest are enjoyed through forest walks through the designed forest trails. During the forest walk, visitors can enjoy the sights and views of different bird species such as Nathan’s francolin, purple-throated cuckoo shrike, paradise fly catcher, and sooty boubou to mention but few.
The forest has well organized trails that include the Red-tailed Monkey, Turaco and the Buttress trails .These are easily by bird lovers on safaris to Uganda to look for Nahan’s Francolin bird species which is an IUCN Red list’ endangered species, White-spotted Flufftail, Afep Pigeon Cassin's Hawk-eagle, Grey Parrot, Black-shouldered Nightjar as well as Dusky Long-tailed Cuckoo, Black-shouldered Nightjar and Sabine's Spinetail, among other prominent bird species.
In addition to the birds, one can also encounter different species such as butterflies, different tree species as well as unique primate species such as vertvets, gre-cheeked mangabeys as red tailed monkeys among others.
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The schools set to tour the route of Islam in Buganda region – Uganda safari news

islam in ugandaThis year as the country and the world in general gather to celebrate the lives of Uganda Martyrs one of the iconic Uganda safari tour products, the Uganda Tourism Board has embarked on inviting all institutions with a Muslim foundation along with other well-wishers to undertake walk on the Special Trail that brings out the emergence of Islam in the region of Buganda.
This was made in conjunction between the Uganda Muslim Teachers Association heads and the Uganda Tourism Board in a press conference that was held jointly on May 23rd 2015 at the Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) offices in Kololo Kampala. Uganda Tourism Board is charged with the responsibility of promoting Uganda as an ideal destination thus increasing the numbers of travelers undertaking Uganda safaris and tours.
The Islam religion is noted to be the first religion to arrive in Uganda with the Moslems known to have arrived in Buganda from Sudan and Egypt as early as 1832. The traders had started coming to Uganda by that time and they brought with them their religion thus spreading the seeds of Islam in the region. There are a range of historical sites in Kampala that are associated with the coming of Islam in the region among which include the Wamala Tombs where the Kabaka Suuna II welcomed the first Arab traders. Wamala Tombs is also among the cultural and heritage sites in Uganda that attract travelers to plan safaris to Uganda.
The Uganda Tourism Board in coordination with Uganda Muslim Teachers Association and Uganda Muslim Supreme Council has gone ahead to identify a range of sites that will form points to connect the trails for Islam in Kampala. The pupils and Students have got a strong role to play towards participating in this trail and raising awareness about the product thus attracting travelers on a safari in Uganda to also participate.
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The Best Sites to Enjoy Chimpanzee Trekking in Uganda-Uganda Safari News

chimpanzee safari tours -ugandaChimpanzees trekking is one of the main tourist’s activity enjoyed by visitors on Uganda safaris and these are mainly done in various destinations such as Ngamba Island out from Entebbe, Kibale Forest national park in south western Uganda near Fort Portal, Kyambura George in Queen Elizabeth National Park and Budongo Forest in Murchison Falls National Park.
Ngamba Island suited in Lake Victoria is one of the famous destinations where visitors on chimpanzee trekking safaris to Uganda can enjoy the views of the orphaned chimpanzees protected in the 100 acres forested Ngamba Island. A visit to the sanctuary will offer you a unique chance to watch the chimps when they are being fed.
Kanyio Pabidi eco-tourism site which forms part of Murchison Falls National Park is one of the finest places in Uganda where one can easily trek and watch the sights of chimpanzees. Kanyio Pabidi is habitat to an estimated 500 chimps and a wide –range of birds and butterflies. The forest reserve has been protected in its natural state with no or little impacts of Illegal human activities and hence your chimpanzee trekking safari to the forest will enable you to see the various trees especially mahogany. In addition to Chimpanzee trekking experience, you may also partake in forest walks in order to experience the beautiful natural forest.
Kibale Forest National park situated next to Fort Portal is a fantastic destination in Uganda where visitors on chimpanzee safari tours to Uganda can enjoy the highly rewarding chimpanzee trekking experience. The dominant activity in Kibale starts from Kanyanchu Visitors Center at 08.00. It involves trekkers moving in the thick forest trails of Kibale when searching for the Primates and when they meet the chimpanzees, they are allowed one hour with the primates. During the time of trekking, the experienced ranger guides will show you pittas as well as other bird species and will also explain to you more about the different plant species within the forest.
In addition, Kyambura Gorge in Queen Elisabeth National Park is a unique experience above chimpanzee trekking because it goes an extra mile to teach you more about the primates. As you walk down into the George from the flat plains of Queen Elisabeth National Park when searching for chimps, you will meet other interesting primates and bird species. The gorge is 16km long and about 100 meters deep and is natural habitat to chimpanzee, black & white colobus monkeys, olive baboons, red tailed monkeys and variety of birds. In the Center of the gorge, one meets a small river where hippos splash in the clear waters as the blue-bellied kingfisher and black bee-eater flutted above. The riverine forest offers the feeling of a vanished world as one marvel at the different species of birds and animals.
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The Uganda tour companies set to benefit from matching grant facility – Uganda safari news

The Uganda Private Sector Foundation (PSFU) is the body that is charged with the responsibility of overlooking the Private sector operations in country including the tour and travel companies that arrange packages for travelers that wish to undertake safaris in Uganda is setting to benefit Small Medium Enterprises with its Matching Grant Facility.
The PSFU Executive Director Mr. Badagawa Gideon notes that the Matching Grant facility is set to boost the private sector operations especially in the sectors of information and communication Technology, horticulture and Tourism among other sectors. The Matching Grant Facility can be described as a cost sharing arrangement under the umbrella project of Competitiveness and Enterprise Development which aims at enhancing the capacity of the enterprise by extending a hand to the beneficiaries.
The section of the proposed funds will be dedicated to enhancing the branding and product packaging to meet the standards of the European Union. The service industry of which tourism in among has to be developed in terms of capacity to ensue that the travelers on Uganda safaris and tours from Europe have standard services that contribute to their satisfaction.
The matching grant facility which looks at Value Chain and the bottlenecks that are encountered therein, incorporating tourism is one of the wise decisions as it is one of the industries with great value chain and multiplier effect arising from the amount brought in by the Uganda safari undertakers.
The Matching Grant Facility is not a loan in any way and the priority sub sector can acquire up to $100,000 in the duration the depending on whether the funds are available. The private operators set to apply and gain from this initiative have to be fully registered operators. For the sake of tour operators, they need to be licensed by the Ministry of Tourism Wildlife and Antiquities and the members of Association of Uganda Tour Operators (AUTO).
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The zeal to the life time dream; an aged Canadian dies in quest for gorillas – Uganda safari news

gorilla uganda-canadianThe need to fulfill your life time dream is one of those foundations that shape your daily plans to see that you reach there. Getting there may not be all that easy and once you are there, it is a lifetime memory, call it life satisfaction. The gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda is one of the memorable dreams that transform from dreams to reality once attained.
Encountering the critically endangered mountain gorillas on your gorilla safari in Uganda can be narrated well by those that have ever attempted to undertake it. The hills of Bwindi are worthy undertaking providing a thrilling adventure to form a lifetime memory but never ideal for the aged and unhealthy travelers. Yes, these are challenging to hike because of deep valleys and steep slopes. Thus traveler with serious heart complications, extreme blood pressures and serious breathing complications can reserve the hike and may be to be carried by porters to & fro to have a smooth gorilla trekking activity.
It is unfortunate to note that an aged Canadian lost his life in the zeal to achieve his life time dream in the hills of Bwindi. The 75 year old man who was on a gorilla safari in Uganda is noted among those that have lost their lives in the quest of the most rewarding adventures of lifetime. The traveler was on the trek of Bweza Gorilla family in Rushaga sector in the Impenetrable Bwindi where he collapsed and lost his life.
It can be described that such acts have extremely been rare in the previous times and this comes in a shock. And though there is no age limit set by Uganda Wildlife Authority and the tour operators that sell Uganda gorilla safari packages, the rules are clear the a person with health complications should excuse himself from participating in the exercise. The travelers in good health conditions with a considerable physical fitness are the only ones recommended for the gorilla tracking experience.
The Uganda Tourism Fraternity including the Uganda Wildlife Authority has already extended condolences to the bereaved family, relatives and friends.
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What to know about Uganda’s Own Paradise Island-Bulago Island in Lake Victoria-Uganda Safari News

bulago-island-ugandaBulago Island is an equatorial, tropical island strategically located on the Lake Victoria, only 10 miles east of Entebbe International airport and 18 miles south of Munyonyo, a lakeside perturbation of Kampala, Uganda’s capital city. It’s an exceptional island with a wide- range of flora and fauna. The island’s location is ideal for visitors on Uganda Safaris, less than an hour by boat from Kampala or Entebbe or an eight minute flight from Entebbe airport.
The north-east part of this marvelous island is covered by small portion of rainforest and a larger forest is situated along the southern shore. The eastern shores of the island are less fertile and are covered with savannah-like grassland.
The beautiful Island is composed of two hills, one with a thatched viewing point where sun downers on safaris to Uganda can enjoy the safari. The kilometer long airstrip located in the Island can take planes up to caravans in size. There are 12 kilometers of white beaches along the coasts of the island with palm trees that produce delicious coconuts and hence the Island is a safe haven for adventurous tourist on Uganda safari tour. Organic farming thrives throughout the island with citrus, fruit orchards, sweet bananas and flourishing vegetable gardens.
One of the great pleasures of the island which can be enjoyed by visitors on safari tour to Uganda is the sheer range and diversity of walks, runs and bicycle rides along the numerous well-maintained paths and tracks. The views from the two dominating hills are magnificent.
In addition, the Island is also the best site where Bird watchers on safaris to Uganda can enjoy the views of 400 different species which are housed in the Island. Bulago is home to myriad of butterflies, monitor lizards, spotted necked otters, hippos and even the odd porcupine.
Bulago has an Aerodrome licensed by Uganda Civil Aviation Authority; the aerodrome is 20 meters x 900 meters, day VFR only. It was designed so that it could be licensed as a day/night VFR runway and could be lengthened to 1,000 meters easily and out to 1,500 meters if the runway was extended into the lake.
In nut shell, it’s hard to believe that such a strikingly beautiful gem of an island is not located in the Pacific Ocean, but right here in Lake Victoria and hence the best way to explore the island is under taking safaris to Uganda.
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All about the true African Wilderness-Kidepo Valley National Park-Uganda Safari News

uganda -kidepo-safarisPerfectly situated in the rugged, semi-arid valleys of the remote Karamoja region on the extreme border with Sudan and Kenya, Kidepo Valley is Uganda’s most splendid national park, for it ranks among Africa’s true Wildernesses. The Park was Gazetted as a national park in 1962, it has a profusion of big game and hosts over 77 mammal species as well as around 475 bird species.
Sprawling on 1,442square kilometers of land, Kidepo is Uganda’s most isolated national park and its seclusion lends the park a certain air of peace and tranquility in which visitors on safari tour to Uganda can enjoy its majestic scenery. Kidepo’s exorbitant vistas, largely unrestrained by woodland and forest, are the sequel of the open tree savannah habitat that covers the largest portion of the park. Hill top areas of the park have been occupied by dry mountain forest while some watercourses support Acacia forests. Many of the hilltops are capped by rock kopjes which provide habitats for klipspringer and give panoramic 360 degrees views.
The park has undoubtedly the most varied fauna of any Uganda safari parks. With over 77 species of mammal, several of which are only found in the Kidepo and Karamoja region, the park also has circumscribed carnivores such as the bat-eared fox, cheetah, striped hyena as well as caracal and aardwolf. Other carnivores supported in the park area are lion, leopard side-striped jackal, spotted hyena, and black-backed. The rarely ungulates species include the lesser and greater kudu, chandlers Mountain reedbuck, klipspringer and Guenther’s dikdik among others. Other large ungulates include elephant, Rothschild’s giraffe, Burchell’s zebra, bush pig, warthog, Capped buffalo, eland, bushbuck, hartebeest and oribi, Defassa waterbuck, Bohor reedbuck, Jsckson’s hartebeest and oribi. Five pronounced primate species are recorded in the park including the endemic Kavirondo bush baby.
The park has unique record of 475 bird species, making it second only in Uganda to Queen Elizabeth National Park. A few species of note, at least in Ugandan standards include the Ostrich, Kori Bustard and Karamoja Apalis, secretary bird, carmine, little green and red-throated bee eater, Abyssinian scimitarbill, yellow-billed and Jackson’s hornbills and the Karamoja apalis. Kidepo is also notable for its birds of prey. Of the 56 species recorded, 14, including Verreaux’s eagle, Egyptian vulture and pygmy falcon, are believed to be endemic to the Kidepo and Karamoja region. All these explain as to why the park is a safe haven for birders on Uganda safari tour.
The park has a semi-arid climate with one long rainy season which runs from February to June and short rains last from September to December, leaving just three dry months. The rains are rather erratic, though the wettest months are usually April and November. July and August are the hottest months. The average temperature is 27.5°C with daily variations from 21.5°C to 34°C. The valley of the Narus River in the south of the park receives some 89mm of rain per year while just 635mm of rain per year falls in the Kidepo valley to the north. Both rivers are seasonal, and dwindle and disappear in the dry season. During these months, the only water source in the park is situated in remnant pools and wetlands along the southern Narus valley near Apoka and as a result, wildlife is concentrated in this area. This concentration, amalgamated with the valley’s open, savanna habitat, makes it the park’s prime area wher visitor on safaris to Uganda’s Kidepo can enjoy game viewing. Indeed it is possible to sight a wide range of fauna simply by scanning the valley with binoculars from the comfort of the Apoka lodge.
The park is surrounded by Karamojong and Masai people who are pastoralist’s surviving on nomadic life style entirely depending on Cattle. However, these are adapting slowly to changes to their traditional way of life. Interested tourist who under take Uganda safaris to this part of Uganda may be able to explore Karamajong manyattas (homesteads) to see traditional customs, spears, stools, head dresses and knives, bows.
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How much does a Gorilla Safari Cost in Uganda-Uganda Safari News

safaris in uganda gorillaHow much Gorilla Safari Costs, is very vital question which is often asked by most of travelers planning for gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda and according to our opinion, which is meant to act as guide line when you are planning for your Uganda gorilla safari is that, the total cost for gorilla Safari will require you budgeting the cost of following items;
Cost of Gorilla permit which will give you the opportunity to trek the mountain gorillas. The current cost of each permit is at USD600 during the high season (June to September, December to February) and USD350 during the low season (April, May, November).
In addition to the permit, is the cost of Transport .You need to budget and plan for transport from Kampala/Entebbe to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park where gorilla trekking is done. The minimum days to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park by road are three days. Therefore you need to budget for three days. The first day is for transferring from Entebbe/Kampala to Bwindi and the next day is for moving around Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. You need Vehicle to transfer you to and from the starting head trails of your gorilla trek in Bwindi and the third day is to drive back to Entebbe/Kampala. Hence traveler needs to budget for a tourist vehicle with guide per day and then fuel to cater for the long drive distance of 527kilometres from Kampala to and from Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Please kindly contact prime Uganda Safaris and Tours for the best rates of Tourist vehicles for hire. Travelers can as well opt to fly to and from Bwindi Impenetrable National Park as some companies such as Aerolink operate scheduled flights to and from Kihihi which is the nearest Air Field and as such, you need drive transfers from the Air strip to your choice lodge.
When trying to ascertain cost of cost of Gorilla safari, you also need to budget and plan for your accommodation for at least two nights. The first night is when you arrive in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and the second night is after your gorilla trekking experience. It is possible to trek mountain gorillas and depart Bwindi to Kampala on the same day but it is highly recommended that tourists on Uganda Gorilla trekking safaris to Bwindi budget for additional night after trekking the gorillas as they will never tell whether they will encounter the gorillas after what period of time. The price of the accommodation will depend on the type of lodging facility because all the four gorilla trekking regions of Bwindi Impenetrable National have Luxury lodges, Mid-Range and budget. Hence the choice of lodge to stay will depend on traveler.
Traveler to Uganda gorilla trekking safaris are highly recommended to calculate the cost of hiring porters because these individuals help to carry your bags and when you are up-close to gorillas, they will remain with your packed lunch and all the other things you might not need at that time of interaction with the Mountain gorillas.
Besides the ones mentioned, you also need to sum up the Cost of Tips. Tips are an appreciation of good service rendered to you by your safari guide, gorilla trekking guide, waiters and porters. It’s not a must that you have to do this. On top of the above costs, the company puts between 10-20% of the total cost as fixing or service fee.
In conclusion, total gorilla safari cost will require you to budget and plan for gorilla permit, book and pay for you choice accommodation, pay for your transport to and from Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, you also need to budget for porter, among other requirements. In order to make your Uganda gorilla trekking safaris success, you need to contact us the number one gorilla trekking safari planners in Uganda the pearl of Africa.
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Meet your adventure experience at Lake Victoria in Uganda -Uganda Safari News

lake victoria-uganda toursLake Victoria is the biggest fresh water body in Uganda and the whole of East Africa region. It’s considered to be the third largest lake in the world with approximately 68800square kilometers. This famous lake was named after being visited by explorer John Hannington Speke who was on his Uganda safaris when searching for the source of River Nile in the year 1858 and from that time to date, various travelers and explorers have been undertaking Safaris to Uganda the pearl of Africa to follow the footsteps of the first explorer who discovered the lake.
Perfectly situated in the heart of Uganda, Lake Victoria is an interesting wonder where visitors on safaris to Uganda can meet memorable adventure experience while on their safari tour to Uganda the pearl of Africa. The popular Lake Victoria has different beautiful Islands which are dotted in various parts in the lake for instance the magnificent Ssese Island, Ngamba islands. These Islands provide best relaxing grounds and centers for visitors interested in different adventurous activities such as swimming, boat cruising, among other activities. In addition, the Islands also have beaches, Resorts where leisure seeking visitors can spend good time while on their Uganda safaris. The varied Victoria Island are endowed with the stunning nice looking sandy beaches and resorts, lodges campsites, served with calm, cool atmosphere coming from the lake especially in the evening and morning hours. The lake is the only place where one can maximally enjoy his or her adventure safaris in the pearl of Africa because taking cruise ship in the victoria’s waters is so marvelous with rewarding scenic views of different Eco-systems surviving in the bank of the lake.
Besides the lake its self, visitors to this world’s wonder will also enjoy views of a variety of wildlife species that can be found with in the lake and among these include the water habitant Crocodiles as well as interesting Hippos without forgetting the unique bird species which swim in the lake waters, feed in the nearby areas. Embracing safari to Uganda will also enable visitors to enjoy different tourist’s activities such as spot fishing in the waters of the lake, kayaking and boat cruising among others. Therefore for any visitor, who was looking for any interesting and pleasure like place to include in his or her Uganda safari, please do not leave out the largest lake in Africa.

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Tourism in Uganda is an untapped goldmine-Uganda Safari News

tourism potential -ugandaThe future of tourism in Uganda holds great potential, but its growth and its progress will mainly depend on better transport infrastructure – including airline connections, roads connection from town areas to remote areas where most of Uganda safaris are done and railways – in addition to open borders, and improved marketing to niche sectors such as adventure, culture and Eco-tourism.
“While Uganda’s current growth rate is 3.1 percent, while the world average is 1.2 percent, it receives only adot from tourism. “To maximize Uganda’s tourism untapped potential, critical investments are needed in key infrastructure sectors for instance transport, energy, water and telecommunications.” If this is done, the country will increase on its number of travelers undertaking safaris to Uganda.
Uganda is home to some of the fastest-growing economies, and revenues from tourism in Uganda already shows more than double the amount of donor aid. Huge opportunities exist to further expand tourism sector in Uganda, yet challenges remain. The need for improved infrastructure, in the form of good roads linking visitors on safaris to Uganda to different attraction site, for better airline connections to connect travelers planning safaris to Uganda from generating areas, and in-adequate marketing are a few of the reasons limiting Uganda’s tourism sector to take off.
Tourism in Uganda is focused on Uganda's landscape and wildlife. It is a major driver of employment, investment and foreign exchange, contributing 4.9 trillion Ugandan shillings (US$1.88 billion or €1.4 billion as of August 2013) to Uganda's GDP in the financial year 2012-13. The economic potential of tourism is remarkable, with direct and indirect impact on employment. In Uganda, tourism companies employ people directly as drivers, guides, secretaries, accountants etc. These companies sell products to tourist for example art and crafts, traditional attire. Tourists attractions in which are not exploited in Uganda include national game parks, game reserves, traditional sites, natural tropical forests. Traditional occasions like Mbalu in eastern Uganda, boat riding, waterfalls among other.
Uganda’s tourism future looks bright given the expansive growth in adventure and eco-tourism in potential in Uganda, coupled with the countries’ rich cultural heritage and natural beauty, several airlines from the European Union, Africa, USA and the Asian countries should run to invest in the tourism sector in Uganda.
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Exploring Gaddafi National Mosque in Uganda –Uganda Safari News

gaddafi-national-mosque - ugandaNew York has the Statue of Liberty, London has the London Eye, Paris has the Eifel Tower India has the Taj Mahal and Kampala has the Gaddafi National Mosque. Situated on the top of Old Kampala Hill, Gaddafi Mosque is one of the interesting attractions which can be explored by visitors on Uganda safaris to Kampala.
The mosque is the head administrative Center of the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council the organization which takes care of all Islamic affairs in Uganda. It’s a two fabled building and the mosque is on the upper floor while the offices are on the ground floor.
The Construction of the famous mosque began in 1972 after the emergence of the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council by the Government of Uganda. It was then called the Old Kampala National Mosque. Construction came to a standstill in 1976 and it wasn’t until 2001 when the Mufti of Uganda Sheikh Shaban Ramadhan Mubaje, approached the President of the state of Libya Colonel Muammar Gaddafi when he was on his safaris tour to Uganda, asking him for assistance to complete the construction process of the Mosque which Gaddafi accepted. (A mufti is the head of the Muslim community. According to the Islamic dictionary, he is described as a person who presents laws of the scholars to people who ask for them. The word Mufti is derived from the word “fatwa” or opinion and it means ‘one who gives opinions’.)
Ground work began again in 2004 when the old unfinished establishment was demolished. It was officially opened and inaugurated in 2008 by the late Colonel Gaddafi himself who was on Uganda Safaris to attend the event that was attended by several African heads of state.
Gaddafi Mosque can accommodate 35,000 worshipers and the number doubles during the holy month of Ramadhan and on special Islamic days when even some Islamic brothers under take safaris to Uganda. On holidays like Eid when Muslim travelers in Uganda Safaris are flocking to the mosque, it accommodates about 200,000 people.
The popularity of the Mosque is attributed to the late Colonel Gaddafi who left a landmark on international politics so whenever people both locals and foreigners hear that he did such a thing as constructing a National Mosque for Uganda, Safaris to Uganda’s Gaddafi Mosque always increase because many visitors come to witness for themselves if actually it exists”
This minaret which is open for viewing by the general public has a staircase of three hundred and four stairs. It is completely built from reinforced concrete and the view of Kampala City on top of this minaret is breath taking. It is a favored spot by professional photographers and tourists on Safaris tours to Uganda who want to get a scenic view of Kampala City.
Tourists on Uganda gorilla safaris tours are welcome at the Gaddafi Mosque and should dress modestly. Women should wear loose fitting clothes covering to the wrist and ankle and cover their heads. Coverings are available at the reception for those who need them and should be returned after the visit. Men should wear trousers, shirts with sleeves.
There are two parts of the mosque; the ground floor which is open at all times and the first floor which is only opened on special occasions like Eid or weddings. The minaret is always closed but opened on request when accompanied by a guide. Foreigners are charged 10,000 UGX for viewing the inside of the mosque and going up to the minaret with a guide but it’s totally free for Ugandans.
For visitors undertaking safaris in Uganda, Gaddafi national mosque, is one prime spot in Kampala one must not miss. There are well trained guides at the mosque that offer to take you around with a great a smile.
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The food of Uganda; a rich tourism potential - Uganda safari news

uganda -bugandaUganda is one of the world’s re-known destinations with great counts of tourist offerings in form of nature and human aspects that have always prompted world travelers to undertake safaris to Uganda. Located in the Eastern part of Africa at the point of meet between the East African savannah and the West African Jungle, Uganda is a biodiversity hot spot with great concentration of flora and fauna not forgetting the rich fertile soils that have for long provided the ground for the production of organic food stuffs.
Being one of the most and diverse heterogeneous nations on the world with her count of 65 tribes spread its four regions; Uganda has got a range of food stuffs some of which are distinct to particular regions and tribal communities. Food is among the selling prepositions for various destinations around the world and considering its availability and diversity in Uganda, it should be tapped as product that can attract travelers to undertake safaris and tours in Uganda.
It can be noted that Uganda has tried to present its self as a jack of all trades and though a master of none and this has risked its marketing strategy as it loose in focus. Considering the fact that Tanzania and Kenya have presented themselves as a big five destinations, Rwanda as a gorilla trekking safari and genocide destination, it is time for Uganda to identify hers. For many years, the county has been trying to run several slogans both internationally and locally but as a result of lack of focus and fraternization have been noted as just optimistic rather than successful. And because of absence of focus, the country has partly lost some of the main factors that would make a desired destination for world travelers.
The one of these distinct factors that travelers would consider before choosing a destination is food but one can say that this has been neglected in Uganda. Despite the continued recommendations from arrange of travelers on Uganda safaris about the foods in Uganda, little attention has been accorded to them. The food tourism has got great potential that needs to be tapped for the development of tourism in Uganda. Such attempts have succeeded in destinations like Italy, France, California and Mexico. Though assertions that these destinations have the advantage of famous restaurants, some countries have done well with the promotion of their social cuisines. The United Nations World Tourism Organization released a recent report indicating that world travelers are increasingly getting attracted to the local cuisine and the destinations are strategizing accordingly.
The restaurants are considered as front-line representatives of destination promotion and foreign traveler education about the destinations culture. It has to be noted that the contemporary tourist is more into culture compared to 20 years back and as a result the local culture is central to his product while holiday including a safari in Uganda.
The counts of local foods that are noted in various regions of Uganda include; Luwombo in the central, Malewa in the east, Eshabwe and Firinda in the east and the Marakwang and odi in the north.
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The long marches posing a positive effect to Uganda’s tourism – Uganda safari news

uganda -namugongoUganda is worldly re-known for being a home of the Uganda Martyrs that were executed by the then King of Buganda Kabaka Mwanga for converting from the traditional religious practices To Christianity after the arrival of European missionaries. The converts were put to execution at Namugongo under the command ship of the chief executioner Mukajanga and the order of the King making Namugongo a great site of significance in the Christian faith prompting a range of believers local and international to plan safaris to Uganda to step at this holy ground
The Uganda Martyrs were accorded on the 3rd June every year as their commemoration day following their declaration as saints by the pope in 1964 October 18th. The day pulls a range of believers from different part of the country and beyond borders to come and participate in the pilgrimage. Travelers on safari in Uganda also take time to have an encounter at the site.
The Tourism promotional bodies in the country have come up to tap the potential of this date to boost the country’s tourism and with partnership and support of various tourism boards in the region, the event has gained great visibility and market in the their respective countries prompting them to do Uganda safaris to pay attribute to these remarkable martyrs.
The coming 3rd June has already gained momentum and a range of pilgrims from all over the country have already embarked on their long marches to Namugongo. Apparently the notable ones are over 300 pilgrims that are on the move to cover 335 km to Kampala. Others are coming from other parts of the country. These pilgrims are committed Christians and they walk to seek the blessings of the divine saints intervention in their lives and the world. These long marches surprise the tourists on Uganda safaris and tours when they meet them along the routes to other tourist sites.
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An international safari company taps into Rwandan market – Rwanda safari news

gorilla safaris and tours in rwandaThe travelers undertaking safaris to Rwanda can now ably chose from a range of tour companies to organize their preferred Rwanda safaris including gorilla trekking safaris and wildlife safaris in Rwanda.
The new firm of Botswana origin has been spanning in the tourism industry for the last 30 years and has functioned in a range of national destinations on the continent of Africa. The Wilderness Safaris declared its exploration to the Rwandan market in the course of this week where it will invest in two lodges that will also serve as projects for conservation. And like in many other areas where this firm has extended operations, the aim is linked to conservation and improving the livelihoods of the local people. For Rwanda, this would mean increased benefits from the travelers undertaking safaris and tours in Rwanda.
Apparently the plan to set up a one of the two proposed lodges is complete and the arrangements for the second one are undergoing and these two facilities are meant to commence operations in the coming year. This would by all means increase the number of bed capacity in Rwanda thus providing adequate accommodation for travelers on a safari in Rwanda.
One of the lodges is called Bisate and is  located close to Volcanoes National Park in the district of Musaze where gorilla trekking safaris in Rwanda are carried out. The facility will also implement the conservation and community development initiatives with it first project being the re-afforestation of 64acre site. This project will be implemented in collaboration with the 320 member newly established Tuzamurana Cooperative.
This foreign direct investment has been attracted by favorable investment climate presented by welcoming people, government and the thriving Eco-tourism industry.
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Budongo Forest-the best birding destination in Uganda-Uganda Safari News

birding safaris - uganda safarisSpanning on an area of 42800 hectares of land, Budongo forest is composed of diverse natural habitat such as wood land, savanna vegetation characterized with semi deciduous verdant forests as well as being located in rolling landscape. The nature forest is also supplied with water by the three small rivers surrounding the forests and among these includes Sonso, river, River Waisoke and also Bubwa River. All these different natural habitats in the forest have favored the thriving of exclusive bird species in Budongo forest and hence making the forest the best place were travelers on Birding watching safaris to Uganda can enjoy their birding Uganda Safaris.
This eminent Eco-tourism site in Uganda is wonderful birding destination situated on the fascinating escarpments lying in the northeast direction of the famous Lake Albert. Among the various bird species that have been recorded in this forest are 360 species that will certainly reward you with a very amazing birding Uganda safari experience in this great forest in Uganda. Besides the bird  the forest is also endowed with total of 290 species of butter flies as well as 130 species of moths, all which can be found in the forest.
Under taking bird watching Safaris to Uganda’s Budongo forest will avail you with the chance of watching the special two species of birds which are endemic to only the Budongo forest. The two endemic species cannot be found elsewhere in East Africa. According to the Ugandan ranking, the forest is considered second birding destination after the mighty Semliki National Park located in western part of Uganda. One of the best reasons as to why Budongo forest is ranked among the best birding destination is that the forest is blessed with the rare species which cannot be seen in other forests in Uganda and among these species include Ceratogymna fistulator, Zoothers camaronensis as well as, Neafrapus cassini and Batis ituriensis
Being diversified forests, tourists under taking safaris in Uganda can also enjoy the different five main forests that make up the Budongo forest and these include Cynometra-mixed, swamp-forest, as well as Cynometra. The existence of various forests offer guests chance to carry out other activities such as identifying tree species, tracking chimpanzee, forest walks among other activities.
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The Entebbe international airport begins its expansion process – Uganda safari news

entebbe arirportFollowing almost 4 years of upgrading and expanding the Entebbe International Airport which is the main entry point to Uganda by a range of travelers including those in safaris to Uganda, the Airport’s main Authority – Civil Aviation Authority is making a progress.
The Authority on Friday last week demonstrated the interest in recruiting an expert consultant who would undertake the supervising and designing the expansion and upgrading of Entebbe Airport that last had uplift prior to the Common Wealth Head of Government Summit in 2007.
The interest expression request made by Civil Aviation Authority depicted that they had secured necessary funding for the consultant to undertake the construction role. The objective of the ring the consultant is to provide sufficient engineering services in all fields according to the civil engineering standards practice.
The Civil Aviation Authority earlier in January this year unveiled its master plan that indicated the upgrading of the International Airport of Entebbe in three (3) consecutive phases between 2016 and the year 2033. The apparent phase is aimed at constructing a new passenger terminal complex to handle the ever rising passengers among which include travelers on safaris in Uganda and the phase also include a new terminal for Cargo. The to be hired consultant is meant to also oversee the two runway strengthening, aprons rehabilitation and installing a new fire water system among other aspects.
The Entebbe International Airport up grading is expected to start in the financial year 2015/16 and the consultant will be accorded three (3) years to finish the work. The to be hired consultant is required to have completed a related project with $200m value in the last eight (8) months.
This is seen as a positive move to the refurbishment of the critical national infrastructure that forms a strong ground for national development and destination image. Once completed, Uganda would have a basis for attracting a range of world travelers to undertake Uganda safaris and tours.
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Shopping experience in Kampala - Uganda Safari News

kampala- ugandaKampala being the capital city of Uganda, it has plenty of modern and western style shops with a feel of western typical malls with luxury goods and fast food outlets. While on your uganda safari tour to Kampala, you can visit different local and upscale shopping places like local markets for fresh foods, supermarkets, boutiques and departmental stores. In some parts of the city there are shopping complexes offering designer labels, computer equipment and other wide range of goods available let it be specialist or luxury. From colorful and bustling markets to newly developed shopping malls, Kampala now has all what you would wish to buy while on your Uganda safari tour.
Kampala is well known by most visitors on safari tours to Uganda for its intoxicating overcrowded markets, streets and arcades with upscale goods and services. Very chaotic but with worthwhile experience, Owino market dubbed Balikuddembe market is the most admired local market in Kampala. Spanning around Nakivubo stadium, Owino is full to capacity with everything from manufactured goods to traditional medicine. Sound for its second hand clothes locally called “Ebikadde” in Luganda, new clothes can be made as well by local tailors after making a selection for a piece of cloth material. Visitors are bound to spend much time here not because they are having much fun but once you are inside it’s really difficult to find your way out.
Apart from these local markets, Kampala is endowed with shopping centers with a feel of typical western styles and among the best places for shopping are 5 big shopping centers; for any visitor on safaris to Uganda and he or she is interested in luxury goods especially the American and European brands. This is your best bet because you are likely to do your shopping in one place from one of the following malls; Lugogo shopping mall, Acacia mall, Garden city, and Freedom city. Shopping places indoors include; big
There are several sophisticated craft shops around the national theater and Uganda crafts 2000 limited that sell locally made Arts and crafts. Original and smart local items like bark-cloth clothing, drums, wood carvings, sandals, basketry, beaded jewelry and Muzungu t- shirts plus other items from all over Africa are sold. Look out for many cheaper crafts at park headquarters and the nearby communities, Entebbe airport, Garden city and Lugogo mall. Pieces of valuable handcrafts are available at relatively low prices compared to imported crafts; therefore don’t hesitate to snap a chance. Your purchase of arts, crafts, souvenirs and gifts impact the lives of ordinary Ugandans.
While on your Uganda safaris to Kampala, look out for the best places for English language publications, with the great selection of books like novels and as well as Uganda at very reasonable and affordable prices. The best place is Aristoc, where books are stocked up to satisfy the customers’ needs. Get a reading material before heading on to long road trip. You can also have second hand books with a good selection of novels at a bit cheaper price down town. Bargaining is acceptable and the way to the business. You can bargain for better prices especially on souvenirs and your bargaining power determines what you pay in the end.
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