Monday, 21 March 2016

The President Of The Wildlife Conservation Society Commends Rwanda’s Conservation Efforts

Dr. Cristián Samper, the Wildlife Conservation Society President commended the Rwanda’s government efforts regarding the conservation of wildlife and the promotion of Rwanda Safaris.
Samper has been on a five (5) days safari in Rwanda visiting the range of attractions that the country has to offer including Nyungwe Forest National Park and Volcanoes National Park where Rwanda Chimpanzee trekking safaris and Rwanda gorilla trekking safaris take place respectively.
The conservation chief along with his team called for the regional effort combination as regards building of sustainable tourism. The rising conservation challenges would definitely require cross border collaboration and consultation to ensure the continued survival of endangered species like the mountain gorillas always explored on gorilla trekking safaris in Rwanda along with other wild game.
The increasing demand in the tourism sector requires concerted efforts or else the conservation efforts will be compromised. This was according to the President’s observation. However, Rwanda won his impression and he called upon other countries to borrow a leaf from the Rwandan model. The destination Rwanda is doing well in matters of Peace and Security which is very crucial as regards the Rwanda Safaris and the hospitality development.
Rwanda features a range of protected areas including Nyungwe Forest National Park which generates the 40% of the water used in Rwanda, a home to the endangered species including the Chimpanzees and has succeeded in community collaboration and increasing the community conservation benefits. With its success, the Wildlife Conservation reaffirmed the continued support to the conservation initiatives in the park.
Unlike in other global destinations where the cases of severe poaching and smuggling are rampant, Rwanda registers a low wildlife pressure even when the issues like high population figures, inadequate expert human resource and absence of proper infrastructure still exist.
The Wildlife Conservation Society commenced its operations in Rwanda in the year 1959 and has from then been providing financial and technical assistance up to today. The organization is global and operates in 60 countries.

Rwanda To Host The Africa ’s Continental Aviation Summit

rwanda-air-summitThe destination Rwanda is bound to host a range of 400 experts from Aviation and key stakeholders in her city of Kigali to craft the means of boosting the African continent Airline business which is central to the tourism business including the Rwanda Safaris and tours.
The Aviation Conference will be the fifth of its kind running from 7th to 9th May 2016 with the interest of ensuring dialogue and strengthening sustainable networks in the airline business supply chain all over Africa. The conference is also directed at establishing a competitive environment for the Africa’s Aviation industry according to the Rwanda Civil Aviation Authority Legal Affairs Director Eustache Ngoga.
The African Aviation conference comes to Rwanda for the first time and the range of people are expected to take safari to Rwanda to participate in the summit. The Aviation Summit is being arranged by the African Airlines Association (AFRAA) in conjunction with RwandAir and the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure.
Considering the fact that Africa is set for a 4.4% passenger growth and a strong expansion in its Air connectivity basing on the 20 year Passenger forecast of International Air Transport Association (IATA), the summit is seen as a strategic move to realizing this potential. The growth in the Cargo and Passenger travel is believed to be stimulated by growing economies and expansion of investment on the continent of Africa.
Apparently, the Aviation industry in Africa avails 6.9 million jobs generating $80 billion in GDP thus justifying the reason for its attention on the continent. Building sustainable partnerships to mutually benefit from the sector is inevitable and would definitely assist the Airlines to fully utilise the opportunities available on the continent and overcome a myriad of challenges that characterize the continents Aviation sector.
The Secretary General of AFRAA Dr. Chingosho notes that the body attempts to create a ground where the aviation product and services suppliers along with the buyers gather at one point to network, exchange knowledge, negotiate business and craft win-win business deals. Rwanda is pleased to host the summit according to John Mirenge the Chief Executive Officer of Rwanda Air since it does not only demonstrate the country’s commitment to the Aviation expansion but also contribute to the country’s visibility and hence the count of safaris in Rwanda not forgetting Conference tourism.
The Conference will run under the theme "Winning Together through Innovation and Collaboration” and it will feature a range of presentations and panel discussions on the current trends in the Aviation sector. The exhibition of various products, services and solutions by the aviation suppliers will also take place.

Monday, 14 March 2016

Tracking Rwanda’s Mountain Gorillas From le Bambou Gorilla Lodge

le-bambou-RwandaAccommodation just like the gorilla permit is an essential component of any overnight Rwanda gorilla safari. On the base of the Volcanoes National Park – the famous Rwanda gorilla habitat, there lies a good midrange / standard Lodge which presents an ideal ground for the mountain gorilla exploration.
Le Bambou Gorilla Lodge as the name suggests features the name gorilla which lures you into the gorilla rhythm from the moment you check in for the next day’s encounter. The lodge is close to Kinigi the main gathering point for all the travelers on gorilla safaris in Rwanda for gorilla family allocation and briefing which makes it easier for the guests to connect to this starting point.
Put together using the very materials that are in the gorilla habitat including the Bamboos, the Le Bambou Gorilla Lodge offers the gorilla trekkers an opportunity to sleep like gorillas themselves feeling the touch of nature thus increasing the anxiety for that awaiting life time moment in the gorilla sanctuary. The local workmanship gave it a local blend in terms of design and the lodge’s continued working relations with the local people has maintained the local people’s benefit from the establishment such as providing dance performances at the lodge.
Accommodation at Le Bambou Gorilla Lodge is presented in three (3) room categories namely the Single rooms, double rooms and twin rooms. These rooms feature Mini refrigerator, Private bath, fire place, running warm water, coffee maker, security safe, Bed, Wardrobe, Chairs and Hair dryer which are considered good for travelers on gorilla trekking safaris in Rwanda. Each cottage room present clear view of the Volcanoes from the balcony and assures the guests of the 24/7 electricity.
Gorilla tracking in Rwanda is considered apparently to be the best Africa safari activity and the count of ten (10) habituated gorilla families thrive in Volcanoes National Park – the Rwanda’s side of the eight Virunga Mountains where the 480 mountain gorillas are known to live. Mountain gorillas are known to be only 880 in numbers with the remaining thriving in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in the neighbouring Uganda.

The Fusion Of Culture And Wildlife; Acca Centre At Its Best

uganda safaris ,wildlife safaris in uganda ,uganda tours ,gorilla tracking in uganda Africa On the rim of Rwengunju hill overlooking the magical savannah landscapes of Lake Mburo National Park, there seats one of the magical Uganda safari sites whose potential is beyond the ordinary.
The Ankole Cow Conservation Association (ACCA) Center started as a gathering for the unique breed of Ankole long horned cattle whose survival was realized to be at stake but has expanded overtime to go beyond the cows. It was realized that in the past, the Ankole long horned cattle and its herders had co-existed peacefully with the wild game except for the carnivores. The pastoralists were not interested in wild meat and as a result had no reason to hunt the wild animals but only needed enough grazing land. But following the park gazettion and with the growing land pressure, these people opted to rear the exotic breeds to maximize returns from their small land pieces which in turn put the survival of the former at stake.
It is from this background that conservation activists encouraged the local people to gather some cows for conservation purpose something that led to the formation of Ankole Cow Conservation Association (ACCA). Little did these people know that such simple move would result into a powerful site that would blend wild life and culture to the consumption of travelers on safaris in Uganda as it is today.
Considering its location, the range of wild game regardless of the time of the day are within reach from the Center grazing on the plains of park including the Burchell’s Zebra, the beautiful Shy elands, the Impala antelope, the Warthogs, Olive Baboons along with the Vervet Monkeys. These wild game views are combined with the culture and heritage encounters at the center including the experiential Ankole cow activities like milking, the cow treating, cow watering, rearing along with house hold work like churning, milk pot smoking, preparing sauce without fire (Okurunga Eshabwe) among others to lure the travelers on Uganda Safaris into remarkable excitement.
The 260km2 Lake Mburo National Park is the smallest savannah park in Uganda and the closest to Kampala of all the ten (10) National Parks featuring impressive acacia savannah vegetation, open savannah and wetland system presenting a diverse habitat for range of wildlife species along with birds. The park is a home to 350 species of birds among which are keenly sought after by the birders on birding tours in Uganda like Red faced Barbet and the African Fin foot.
The surrounding landscapes are magical in terms of appearance and heritage attached. The ancient Precambrian rocks date back to over 500 million years back with great heritage and some regarded as sacred places, the rolling hills feature unique names that were emanating from certain things known to those that named them while the open stretching grassy plains are ancient grazing fields of the traditional pastoralists and their long standing breed of cattle – the Ankole long horned cattle. Visiting the ACCA centre is a remarkable move to the world of culture and wildlife and would definitely generate profound memories of one’s Uganda tour experience.

Friday, 11 March 2016

East African Wildlife Photo Competition Begins

????????The East African wildlife photo competition that is aimed at bringing focus to the threats facing Wildlife and environment in the region began on the 3rd March 2016. The competition provides an interactive way in which people from all walks of life can show their desire for nature by sharing photographs taken by them. The competition is annual and comes along with a prizes such as 2 nights for 2 people at sosian lodge in Kenya; Professional photograph courses and other prizes. With the photograph submission ending on the 31st May 2016, it calls for people to be a part of Uganda safaris and other safaris in East Africa in order to take their desired wildlife photographs. The competition is open to all gender and age. The photographs must be taken within East Africa  show casing its beauty and rich bio diversity. The categories for the photographs include mammals, birds, underwater, people in action, flowers, sunset, selfie, landscape, forest and trees. The East African Wildlife Society (EAWLS) is a non-government organization that came into existence in 1956, with a merger of Kenya and Tanzania. Later in 1961, Uganda was added to the merger.
The East African Wildlife Society’s main objective is promoting interactive and fun ways in which people from all walks of life express their love and desire for nature by taking and sharing their photographs. It is in East Africa where the largest fresh water lake in the world is found; which is literally the source of the longest river in the world, River Nile; East Africa is home to the highest and 3rd highest mountains in Africa, Mt.Kilimanjaro in Kenya and Mt.Rwenzori in Uganda respectively. There is also a wide diversity of tribes in Uganda with different culture such as the famous Batwa and Karamajongs in Uganda, Maasai in Kenya and many more. Uganda is also home to Mt.Elgon which is literally a mountain with the largest volcanic base. Uganda gorilla tracking safaris expose one to about 420 Mountain Gorilla’s, which are literally almost half of the world’s total Mountain gorilla population of about 880 individuals. Uganda also has the highest concentration of bird species which total to about 1,000 highest number of Rothschild giraffe’s which total to about 820 and other wildlife. According to the terms and conditions of the competition, each photographs submitted must not be more than 2MB, and must be received by the EAWLS by midnight East African time on the 31st May 2016. Those who wish to submit their photographs are advised to submit them at Judging of all photographs submitted on time will begin in June 2016 and the overall winner will be announced on the 16th July 2016.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Elephant’s survival can be promoted through safari tourism

????????Elephants are noted to be among the African Big five and are among the notable Species of Wildlife that attract a range of world travelers to plan safaris to Africa including the safaris to Uganda.
However, the cases of elephant loss have been on the rise on the African continent including Uganda with issues like poaching claiming a considerable number of these species. For examples in the year 2012 alone, a total of 35,000 elephants were killed on the continent.
In Uganda, there are two elephant categories namely the Forest Elephant and the Savannah Elephants distinguished by the size of their body, the body structure and the color of the fur. The forest elephants are brownish in colour with small and elongated bodies to enable them traverse the forests while the savannah elephants feature large bodies as they move freely in their natural habitats as always explored on safaris in Uganda.
The savannah elephants are common in Kidepo Valley National Park, Murchison Falls National Park and Queen Elizabeth National Park while forest elephants are common in Kibale National Park and Semliki National Park. However, these two species can at times be found in the similar locality even cross breeding with one another.
The aspect of Safari tourism being capitalised on to promote the elephant survival is a good proactive measure to the elephant conservation. The Uganda Safari packages designed to incorporate the destinations where the elephants are viewed from, first of all, give the travellers including the domestic and International an opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the species and the same opportunity to the locals to realise the significance of the species
Safari Tourism is beneficial to all. The National Governments gain from the revenues collected from the sale of Visas, the taxes from lodges, transport suppliers among other related units, the local communities where these protected areas are located are able to benefit from the Revenue sharing scheme, market for their produce sold to the accommodation units and art and craft, employment priority in the running of those protected areas, the entire national population gains from the multiplier effect and increased job base while the travelers themselves have their travel lifetime dreams fulfilled. With all of the stakeholders benefiting from it, the efforts will be combined to ensure that this precious species thrive an extra day.
Conservation is a combined effort. This explains why the Participatory approach has had a considerable effect than other traditional conservation methods. The international wildlife traffickers have at times disguised as travellers on safari in Uganda and have thus utilised the opportunity to identify gaps and utilized them effectively. The people around these elephant habitats are at times used to poach and gather ivory to be given something in return while the park Authorities have at times relaxed to enforce the protection of such species as a result of poor facilitation in terms of finances and machinery. Therefore bringing all these people on board to appreciate the continuity of elephants and their potential as regards the safari tourism and its likely benefits would be a strategic move to ensure the elephant’s continuity.
Uganda still feature a count of 5,000 elephant population according to the Wildlife Conservation Society and thus boosting the safari tourism would base on this to build a sustainable number.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Uganda To Host The Prime Minister of Israel For The Operation Thunderbolt Anniversary

isrealBenjamin Nentanyahu – the Prime Minister of Israel is arranging a historical Uganda Safari to mark the 40 years following the Entebbe raid that occurred on July 4, 1976. This visit is noted to be the first of its kind made by the Prime Minister of Israel to the Sub Saharan Africa ever since the Yitzhak Shamir paid a visit to the four (4) West African states in the year 1987.
The Entebbe raid came as a result of the plane hijack by the German and Palestinian terrorists in the city of Athens. The Air France flight 139 was on the way to Paris from the Israeli’s city of Tel Aviv on 27th June 1976 before it was diverted to Entebbe International Airport under the Umbrella of Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).
Isreali Prime Minister Netanyahu notes that the visit is both of national and personal interest. He noted that the 40th Anniversary was the ideal time for him. He made the remarks following the Kenyan President invitation to take a Uganda tour and also Kenya.
The hijack was followed by a week long or deal with the Prime Minister of Israel Yitzhak Rabin trying to negotiate with the then Ugandan President Idi Amin Dada. But after this failed, a remarkable rescue named Operation Thunderbolt was conducted. The hostages were successfully rescued apart from the three and the Commander of the Operation Yonatan Netanyahu – a brother to Benjamin who lost their darling lives. The mission also saw the counts of Uganda Soldiers who were manning the Airport along with the seven (7) terrorists lose their lives.
Ever since the raid day, the July 4th is historical day of remembrance in Israel and the Operation was renamed Jonathan in honour of the fallen Commander. The site of the raid has also become a historical point of exploration by the concerned travelers on safaris in Uganda.
The range of films have dramatised this Entebbe raid and among these include the Victory at Entebbe (1976) which was directed by Marvin J. Chomsky, the Raid On Entebbe (1977) which was directed by Irvin Kershner and Academy Award-nominated Operation Thunderbolt (1977) which was directed by Manahem Golan. The range of books also featured the raid including the Ninety Minutes at Entebbe by William Stevenson and the Yoni’s Last Battle: The Rescue at Entebbe written by Iddo Netanyahu.
The Uganda’s Civil Aviation Authority has always proposed to turn the Control tower of the Old Entebbe Airport into an Aviation Museum which will feature the transport story of Uganda and the raid on Entebbe as well. This will in turn add on the attractions that pull people to take safaris to Uganda. The site is noted to be a popular site for the Israeli traveling community and now the coming of Benjamin Netanyahu as the Prime Minister will enhance its significance.
The destination Uganda also features a section of the Jewish community to her east commonly known as Abayudaya who are keen on observing the Jewish customs just like the people of Israel. They have celebrated Sabbath along with other festivities of the Jewish calendar as a family for the past four generations. Therefore it would be ideal for Benjamin and his team to spare some time to visit these people as well.