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fort-murchisonNestled at the northern boundary of Murchison Falls National Park overlooking the Albert Nile, Fort Murchison is a legendary Uganda Safari lodge that dates far back to the times of the Arabs.
Fort Murchison indeed stands as a carefully maintained serene out post formed at the time when the Arabs traders along with European explorers took up Africa Safaris including safaris to Uganda in search of profitable goods and unique physical features respectively.
The lodge is distinguished by a massive tower, an earth colored walls and the Swahili touch with a unique roof top terrace offering panoramic views of the world’s longest River Nile and extensive savannah of Murchison. The roof top is perfect for a sundowner after a long day in the park doing game drive and river safari.
The accommodation at Fort Murchison is offered in mid market and budget setting so as to serve the diverse travelers on wildlife Safaris in Uganda. The Mid market accommodation is provided in rooms counting to twelve (12) in number all en suite with solar heaters. These rooms feature enough space, cozy bed, private balcony and a writing desk.
For Budget arrangement, the accommodation is provided in tents non en suite marked with two (2) single beds equipped with mosquito nets, power out let and bed side table. The tents share a communal ablution with flushing toilet and showers. Interestingly, the lodge provide linen and towels.
The main restaurant at Fort Murchison serves a four course dinner amidst the lush decor of Swahili inspired origin and the drawings of the ancient explorers’ experience.  The restaurant serves fresh food got from own garden and Kampala.
 Fort Murchison is 5km to Tangi gate thus providing a good ground for early morning game drive activity in park with the gates opening at 7am.  The lodge can as well work as a base for evening and night game drive activities on one’s Uganda Tour.


topiAlso referred to Damaliscus lunatus jimela, the Topi is one of the popular antelope wildlife species viewed by travelers on wildlife safaris in Uganda. Physically, they share a lot in common with the Hartebeest but they possess a dark coloration and do not have sharp angled horns.
The topis are marked with elongated heads, hump at the base of the neck, mask like dark coloration in the face, reddish brown bodies while the upper legs feature dark purple patching. The coats of Topis feature shiny short hairs as viewed on Uganda Safaris and tours. In terms of size, the Topi stretch from 68 – 160kg while the body length can be 150 – 210cm and the tail is 40 – 60cm. Their shoulder height is 100 - 130cm making them tall species.
 Topis thrive in grassland habitats which include open plains, savannah woodland and arid landscapes. They prefer to feed on green grass of medium height and would dwell more in places where such green grass push into the dry season especially close to water. They are selective feeders and thus they utilise their elongated muzzle and the flexible lips to extract the freshest plants and while foraging, they take in small quantities but at a very fast rate. These antelopes are common in lowland areas below 1500m and normally stand on termite moulds to gain view of the surroundings including their predators. They exist in herds and thus would be many in the area or absent as scattered individuals are prone to death. Topis also migrate for pasture as it has been observed in the East Africa Safari tour destination of Serengeti National Park moving along with Wildebeests, Gazelles and Zebras.
Regarding the social organisation, Male Topis establish territories which pull a range of females to join them and the size can stretch to 4km2. The Males are always determined to defend their territories and the female prefer to mate with the dominant males and those that they had an intimate relationship before but for males, they aim at mating with as many new females as possible.
The Topis tend to give birth from October to December but it is much common in the month of October. The calf can follow the mother at the point of birth like the blue wildebeest but can also separate from their mothers and find secure hiding place.
The Topis are listed as least Concern on the red list of International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and apparently thrive in countries of Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. The predators of Topis include; Lions, Spotted Hyenas and Jackals which majorly prey on newborn. Topis can easily be explored in Queen Elizabeth National Park and Lake Mburo National Park while on a safari in Uganda.


zakayoThe history of Zakayo is very touching while its appearance and behaviour mark one of the exciting moments that can be explored on Uganda Safaris and tours.  Dating far back in time when he was kidnapped from his initial family and eventually surrendered to Government after the “owners” could not withstand it due to his aggressiveness; Zakayo has passed through the thick and thin including surviving in the run down zoo during the turbulent times of Amin.
Amazingly, Zakayo is still living and now enjoys comfortably his evening years with his fans treating him to an exciting birth day event with a cake every year which is not only a moment of joy to him but also a move to raise awareness about Chimpanzee conservation and their significance among which include attracting world travellers to plan safaris to Uganda.

On Thursday Oct 27th in the lush green of Budongo Island in the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC) the former Entebbe Zoo; the Zakayo was treated to a sumptuous fruit cake amidst loud cheers from the patrons singing birth day song to commemorate his special day. The key cutting moment followed a conservation poem recite by Zoe Tushabe from Entebbe Education Centre and after Zakayo was through with his cake cutting moment, the patrons also cut their cake at the Budongo Island Pavilion with the UWEC Executive Director Mr. James Musinguzi and Mayor of Entebbe Godfrey Kiryowa taking lead.

This Male Chimpanzee that retired from its Alpha position five (5) years ago is noted to have been rescued on June 10th 1964 in the Uganda tour destination of Semuliki National Park by a white man who attempted to raise him until June 19th 1976 when he handed Zakayo to Government. Though the soldiers used to tease the chimp at the zoo with alcohol and cigarettes, it is very fortunate that it did not acquire lung cancer which gives it hope for more years.
It is recorded to be the first leader of Budongo Chimpanzee group which today boasts of Sixteen (16) members before it was succeeded by Matooke and Onapa respectively. Zakayo, according to Jimmy Awany – the Curator, is a caring chimpanzee and at times adopts juveniles creating a favourable environment for integration.  During his reign, Zakayo is recorded to have sired Shaka.
Uganda is among the countries in the world with high Chimpanzee Populations thriving in her lush tropical forests of Budongo, Kibale, Semuliki, Kalinzu, Kyambura Gorge and the Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary. The Chimpanzee trekking and Habituation are among the most sought after activities by travelers on Primate Safaris in Uganda Africa.


 mount-rwenzori110 years down the road, Italy still bears the memories of the Mount Rwenzori summit by their Duke of Abruzzi in 1906.
Rwenzori Mountains rising to 5,109m above sea level is noted to be among the historical legendary physical features that pulled the European explorers to undertake safaris to Uganda Africa. The Luigi Amadeo di Savoy who lived from 1873 to 1933 was born in the city of Madrid to then King of Spain who abdicated the throne and retreated to Italy few weeks after the birth of his son. Luigi was given Italian Navy at the age of six (6) and attended only Military schools before leading the first ascent to the 5,484m Mount St. Elias in 1897 at the age of Twenty four (24).
In the year 1906, Luigi planned an Africa adventure Safari in Uganda to the famous Rwenzori Mountains which the ancient Greek Geographer Ptolemy had earlier in 150AD called snow capped legendary Mountains of the moon and anticipated to be the Source of River Nile -  the world’s longest.  Luigi made history by summiting Margarita (5,109m) along with extensive exploration of the Mountain range which is actually the highest Mountain range on the continent of Africa.
At the event to mark the 110 years of this historical expedition, the Uganda’s Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Defence teamed up with the Italian Embassy to commemorate it. Two military Officials from Italy attached to the Alpine Training Center of Aosta in the names of Corporal Major Jules Pession and Marshal Giancarlo Graziosi were joined by four (4) Officials from the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF) to trek Mountain Rwenzori and were able to reach the peak on October 22nd 2016.
This Uganda Safari holiday adventure exploration was made known to the general public on October 26th during the Press Conference at Uganda Museum where the Hon. Ephraim Kamuntu – the Uganda’s Minister of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities was in attendance.


safariAs part of the World Tourism Day celebrations that were held in Mbarara, the Uganda Wildlife Authority took the initiative to incorporate in the disbursal of 175 Million Shillings to the local communities around the Uganda Safari destination of Lake Mburo National Park under the revenue sharing scheme.
The 20% of the entrance fees collected from the travelers on wildlife safaris in Uganda at the park gates is supposed as per the Uganda Wildlife Act of 2000 to be shared among the local governments touching the boundaries of the park every year.
The event which was presided over by Rt. Hon. Ruhakana Rugunda – the Prime Minister of Uganda along with Prof. Ephraim Kamuntu the Minister of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities and his State Minister Hon. Godfrey Kiwanda saw the 175 million Shillings for the year 2014 / 2015 handed over to the local leaders in cheques amidst great excitement.
The three of the beneficiaries namely; Mbarara Municipal Council, Kiruhura District and Isingiro District received 11,033,390/=, 89,369,900/= and 74,963,193/= respectively to facilitate various project developments for community empowerment and livelihood improvement that will in turn strengthen community conservation and appreciation of Uganda Safaris and tours.
In the District of Kiruhura, the funds will be utilized to facilitate water dam construction in Akaku and Rushororo in Kanyaryeru Sub County, Rwabarata – Kakunyu community access road opening in Rwamuranda parish, supporting self help projects like; Poultry scheme in Kiribwa, bull fattening in Nombe II, goat rearing in Kigarama all in Sanga Sub county, piped water in Byembogo Cell, fencing of valley tanks in Rurambira Nyakashashara Sub county and Akatoma Primary school construction in Nyakahita
In Isingiro District, the projects include; the classroom block completion at Rukuuba Primary School, Kyenjojo road maintenance in Rwentango Parish, goat rearing in Ihunga Parish, heifer project in Kyarugaju Kabingo Sub County and Office and classroom block at Kiretwa Mixed Primary School among others.
In the previous year, 455,957,607 Uganda Shillings was disbursed under the same scheme benefiting the surrounding communities.  The funds are disbursed as per the guidelines of revenue sharing scheme and the projects supported must be in line with these guidelines.
Lake Mburo National Park is noted to receive a range of 26,000 Uganda tour undertakers every year earning about 200 million Uganda Shillings. And as per the Uganda Wildlife Act, the 20% has to be disbursed to the surrounding communities under the collaborative management approach that aims at mitigating human wildlife conflict. The surrounding communities are always victims of problem animals and animal encroachment on private lands.


gorilla-forest-campPositioned in the Buhoma sector to the north of the Uganda gorilla safari destination of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Gorilla Forest Camp is a top notch facility that offers up class accommodation services in the wilderness.
Gorilla Forest Camp is inside the Mountain Gorilla Forest close to the park and the starting point for the Uganda gorilla trekking safari activity presenting an easy access for its guests and gentle transfer to catch up with briefing compared to those that would have slept a little far from the briefing site.
The lodge is crafted in natural materials making it environmental friendly. The eight (8) exclusive chalets are very spacious equipped with two (2) Queen Sized comfortable warm beds and a huge bath tub overlooking the forest ideal for a soothing and refreshing bath after a challenging hiking day to the Mountain Gorillas.
The luxury touch comes along with a majestically set private terrace on each chalet overlooking the forest where possibilities of enjoying the bird sights and songs and the visiting Mountain Gorillas are likely to lure the guests to remarkable excitement generating ultimate Uganda Safari holiday memories.
Gorilla Forest Camp draws its expertise from its multinational operations and thus offers unmatchable service supplemented by the lush facilities like cozy lounge, Dining, Bar, Mini-spa and the fire place that takes you back to the ancient African times. The lodge presents a comfortable and perfect ground for tracking the three Mountain Gorilla groups of Buhoma namely; Mubare, Rushegura and Habinyanja while on gorilla safari in Uganda Africa.


fort-jesusFort Jesus positioned in Mombasa Kenya is one of the Africa Safari man made attractions with rich history and heritage.  The Fort is noted to have been constructed between 1593 and 1596 on the orders of King Philip I of Portugal with the intention of guarding the Old Port of Mombasa.
Fort Jesus was built featuring the shape of a man when viewed from the Air and it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in the year 2011 as among the most outstanding well preserved features of the Portuguese Military fortifications in the 16th Century increasing its significance in the East African Safari tour product portfolio.
From 1631 to 1875, Fort Jesus is noted to have been won and lost nine (9) times by the Imperialist nations that contested to gain control of Kenya. In 1958, the site was considered a historical monument. The remarkable architecture was designed by Giovanni Battista Cairati who was the head Architect of all the possessions of the Portuguese in the East and Fort Jesus is recorded to be the initial European style fort that was built outside Europe with the capacity to resist the cannon fire.
Its Military significance made it a center of contest by the Imperialist forces as it would provide a perfect base for administration of Kenyan coast. The British used the Fort as a prison up to 1958 when it was turned into a historical monument. The monument excavation was headed by James Kirkman from 1958 to 1971.
Fort Jesus walls rise to 18meters following the addition of 3meters by the Oman on top of the 15 meters originally set by the Portuguese. This shows that the Fort features the influence of various nations that took control of it especially the Portugal, Oman and Britain. The Portuguese along with the British are represented by their relevant cannons of 200meters and 300meters respectively while the Oman Arabs are represented by the Koran inscriptions displayed on ceiling beams and wooden door posts. The 5 pillars Muslim tradition is also showcased around the Fort including the pillars of the former meeting halls.
Apparently, Fort Jesus features a range of the historical features including the Oman House – the former Sultan’s house, 76 foot deep well dug by the Arabs and Open water cistern that was set up by the Portuguese to harvest rain water. It is now a host to a Conservation Lab, a range of research programmes, Old Town Conservation Office and an Education Department.
Travelers on Safaris in Uganda Africa can explore the Fort Jesus as an extension to Mombasa. The combined Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania Safaris are also ideal points from which such amazing sites can be explored.


mountain-gorillaThe Mountain Gorilla is members of Great Apes dating far back to the Old world monkey and are apparently the main icon for gorilla Safaris in Uganda and Rwanda.  Thriving at 900km from the Western Low land Gorillas, the Mountain Gorillas limited in range to only three countries in the world namely; Uganda Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo.
Known to have initially belonged to the same group, the separation of the Mountain Gorillas and the Western Low land gorilla groups occurred during the Last Ice age which destroyed the equatorial jungle of Central African basin leading to the growth of savannah vegetation. These gorilla groups could not reunite because the vegetation was not favoring them and though the equatorial vegetation later redeveloped, the groups had taken different directions and could not re-unite.
This historical separation created two groups; the Western Low land Gorillas and the Eastern Low land Gorillas. The Mountain Gorillas are noted to have separated with the western low land at about two (2) million years ago and then with the Eastern low land at about 400,000 years. Due to this separation, these groups developed distinct genetic formation, the body spread and the color as explored on Africa gorilla Safaris and tours in Uganda Rwanda and Congo.
Currently, the known habitats of Mountain Gorillas are the montane cloud forests of the Albertine rift partitioned in two distinct areas namely; the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park with a minimum of 400 Mountain Gorillas and Virunga Volcanoes protected as Mgahinga National Park on the side of Uganda, Volcanoes National Park on the side of Rwanda and Virunga National Park on the side of Democratic Republic of Congo with total of 480 Mountain Gorillas.
The habitats are at an altitude of 2,200 – 4,300m above sea level with dense vegetation at the bottom Mountain layers and sparse at the higher altitude. The gorilla highlands as they are always referred tend to be cloudy, cold and misty which forms the background of slogan “Gorillas in the Mist” commonly used on gorilla trekking safari holidays in Uganda and Rwanda.
 Mountain Gorillas are majorly herbivores and much of their diet features stems, leaves and shoots (85.8%) from the range of 142 species of plants. But they can as well feed on the bark (6.9%), flowers (2.3%) roots (3.3%) and fruit (1.7%) along with minor invertebrates (0.1%).  The availability of these food sources would determine the home range of the Mountain Gorillas thus prompting them to dwell in various zones including Bamboo, Hagenica and giant senecio zone. But they are noted to spend much time in Hagenica where the gallium vines tend to be available throughout the year and would be in Bamboo when the season for fresh shoots is on. These movements also determine the duration of gorilla trekking activity for travellers on Uganda Rwanda Gorilla Safaris and tours.


the-bomaBoma Hotel positioned in Entebbe Municipality is one of the perfect midrange hotels positioned close to Entebbe International Airport thus offering convenient stay for the travelers on Safaris in Uganda on their first and last night’s stay in the country.
Nestled in lush tropical gardens, the Boma Hotel has a traditional touch that dates far back from the colonial era and the influence of  modernity that combine to offer a matching comfortable environment with minimum standards.  The rooms feature great deal of privacy and furnishing with a mix of African and European d├ęcor dating far back to 1940s.
Travelers on Uganda Safaris and tours can choose from the selection of bedding options including King Size double beds, twins, singles, triples and family setting while the baby cribs can as well be provided.
The guests staying at Boma Hotel Entebbe enjoy a wide range of facilities in its rooms including; 24 hour reception, private veranda, mosquito nests, en suite bath room, Satellite TV, Housekeeping, Safes, International Power points along with Wireless connection.  The general hotel facilities are also available for the guest’s comfort including; modern restaurant, well stocked bar, lush swimming pool, gift shop, laundry service and Airport transfer. There is also a complimentary telephone call at the reception and bicycle rental service all availed for the memorable stay of the guests including travelers on gorilla safaris in Uganda Africa.
For those with keen interest in games, Boma Hotel Entebbe has got a lot in stock as regards board games such as dominoes and scrabble and garden games like Croquet and Boules. The Hotel can ably be used as a base to undertake birding excursions to Mabamba Swamp, Lutembe Bay, tour to Uganda Wildlife Education Center, Day Trip to Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Lake Victoria among other close Uganda safari tour destinations.


okapiScientifically referred to as Okapia johnstoni, the Okapi animal is a notable giraffid artiodactyls mammal known to thrive in Democratic Republic of Congo world over where it is explored on Congo Safaris and tours.
It can be noted that despite the possession of stripped marking similar to those of Zebra, the Okapi is majorly related to Giraffe making them (Okapi and Giraffe) the only living members of Giraffiddae family.
The Okapi rise to 1.5m in height and stretch to 2.5m in length while its weight ranges from 200kg to 350kg. It is marked by long neck, wide and flexible ears. The color ranges from chocolate to reddish brown with white horizontal stripes along with rings on the legs and white ankles. The Male Okapis posses horns called ossicones covered by hair stretching to 15cm in height while the females do not have horns as viewed on Wildlife Safaris in Congo.
The Okapi Species are known to be diurnal thus graze during the day but can as well be active for a few hours in the dark. Apart from uniting to breed, the Okapi are majorly solitary and because of being herbivores, they spend time feeding tree buds, leaves, ferns, grasses, fungi and fruits. Following mating, the gestation period takes 440 – 450 days before producing a single calf which remains in hiding with infrequent nursing from the mother. The calf starts to feed at 3 months before weaning at 6 months. The calves are beautiful innocent creatures impressive to view and photograph on Adventure Vacation Safari in Congo Africa.
The Okapi live in canopy forests rising to an altitude of 500 – 1,500m and are endemic to the dense tropical forests of Democratic Republic of Congo across the northern, eastern and central regions. The Okapi is listed as endangered on the International Union for Conservation of Nature red list and the main threats to their existence include increased habitat loss caused by human encroachment for settlement and logging. Illegal mining and hunting for bush meat have also contributed to the decline in their population.
The exploration of this endemic species can be combined in a Congo gorilla safari to Virunga National Park or with adventure hike to Nyiragongo Volcano with the world’s largest and most violent lava lake.

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murambi-genocideAs the hands of time pass, the extreme points of mankind shall remain for the taste of those that will appear after them! Indeed Murambi Genocide memorial a true manifestation of one of the extreme points of man that will forever be felt by many including those on safaris and tours in Rwanda.
Initially known as Murambi Technical School, Murambi Genocide Memorial Site is positioned in the village of Murambi, Remera Cell in the Nyamagabe District’s Gasaka sector at 126km from the Rwanda’s main capital Kigali. And before the genocide, this area of Murambi was under the commune of Nyamagabe in the prefecture of Gikongoro which was an amalgamation of Bunyambiri, Bufundu, Buyenzi and Nyaruguru Communes in 1963.
The region is noted to have had a history of killings from the year 1959 especially in the Bufundu region during the reign of prefect Jean Baptiste Rwasibo who with the aid of the Belgian Authorities crafted a plan to eliminate the Tutsi in the region. Following the plan, the Tutsi were moved to Bugesera and Kibungo desert regions which were re-known for Tsetse fly infestation and no wonder lots of Tutsi could not survive.
Fortunately, some of the Tutsi survived and managed to settle in the new areas but remained a target by the rival Hutus throughout the reign of Kayibanda and Habyarimana before the long held anger exploded during the 1994 genocide.
During the genocide, thousands of refugees gathered at Murambi technical college after they had been promised protection by the French Soldiers and a range of 65,000 Tutsis gathered at the school on April 16th 1994. Regrettably, this was just a plot to gather them together because food and water were cut off with the intention of weakening them and following a few days of defence with the use of stones, on April 21st, the Interahamwe Militia and the army overrun them and attacked the site leaving an estimate number of 45,000 people dead while those that attempted to escape got killed at the adjacent church.
The thousands of these bodies were placed in a range of pits dug by the French Soldiers and then a volley ball court was constructed on top of the mass graves with the intention to cover up what had occurred. Following the genocide, some of these bodies were exhumed and preserved with powdered lime and can be viewed up to today with some fresh on them. This is an awful but a heart touching moment to explore while on Rwanda Safaris.
The Rwanda tour at the site commences with information panels and short films before taking a walk through the rooms looking at the photos and remains of the fallen citizens. Outside the block, there are counts of mass graves before proceeding to the semi-finished classrooms where the hundreds of preserved bodies fill the wooden racks including the women, men, children and infants some of which have frightening appearances like machete fractured skulls.
Murambi Genocide Memorial Site is at 2km from Murambi town and can be visited along the transfer to or from Nyungwe Forest National Park – the popular Rwanda Safari holiday site known for Chimpanzee trekking, canopy walk and Black and White Colobus Monkey Tracking.
By Siima Simon Peter

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ugandaThe destination Uganda will be honoured to make a historical presentation at this year’s Tusk Conservation Lecture to be held on November 23rd represented by a distinguished Conservationist and Health Officer Dr. Gladys Zikusoka Kalema
Popularly known as the founder of Conservation Through Public Health (CTPH), Dr. Gladys has truly demonstrated the linkage between the Mountain Gorillas and Public Health. Standing at the population of 880 world over and found in only three countries, the Mountain Gorillas are considered critically endangered and are listed among the must see creatures for many safari enthusiasts including those on Gorilla Safaris in Uganda.
The Communities living around the Mountain Gorilla habitats are noted to be among the most struggling on the continent of Africa marked with limited social services while the high population growth puts them in resource use conflict with the Mountain Gorillas including encroaching on their habitats – something that would result into transmission of diseases.
Gladys Kalema Zikusoka, will at the event give a captivating talk about her move to establish CTPH after realizing that fatal scabies skin disease outbreaks in the Mountain Gorillas had spread to people thriving around Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and yet these people had limited health care.
The primary aim of the Gladys’s Conservation Through Public Health was to ensure biodiversity conservation through enhancing co-existence among wildlife, people and livestock by improving the health and the livelihoods of the people surrounding the Africa’s protected areas including the Uganda gorilla Safari tour site of Bwindi.  This therefore, puts the organisation at the centre of preventing and controlling the transmission of disease at the interface of wildlife, human and livestock while instilling the positive attitude among the local communities towards public health and conservation.
Through the Tusk Trust funding, the CTPH was able to put up a Gorilla Health and Community Conservation Center providing a permanent base for programmes, more laboratory and clinical work rooms not forgetting community education center where the locals sensitized about the beauty of public health and Mountain Gorilla Conservation including tapping the benefits brought in by travelers on Gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda Africa.
The Conservation Through Public Health intends to strengthen the strategic research partnerships with other research institutions and the Universities in order to evaluate and improve the One Health and Conservation approach impact after which the model can be expanded to incorporate other protected areas on the continent of Africa including; Congo’s Virunga National Park, Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park, Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve and Mount Elgon National Park.
Tusk is a charity Organisation focusing exclusively on African continent and has spent over twenty five (25) years investing into the protection of wildlife and community development all for the benefit of African people.


cantsbeeThe news of Cantsbee disappearance was reported on October 10th 2016 when the trackers belonging to Dian Fossey Fund could not trace this mighty Silverback from its gorilla family on their daily monitoring routine.
Due to his Old age and considering the fact that the gorilla group was characterized by lots of traveling, the trackers first thought that Cantsbee could have remained behind which prompted them to thim that he may return the next day and still found him no where despite a lot of searching. Since then, several tracking groups have been undertaking extensive searches in the volcanic highlands – a popular destination for Rwanda Gorilla Safari undertakers but painfully no single trace of Cantsbee has been identified.
As a result of Cantsbee disappearance, his gorilla group Pablo has started to sub group and that a range of adults could not be seen with the entire group couple of times which is a common phenomenon among various Mountain Gorilla Families that lose such a dominant Silverback.
Cantsebee close to thirty eight (38) years of age had exceeded the average Mountain Gorilla life expectancy and is noted to be one of the last Silverbacks that thrived during the Dian Fossey era and is credited for holding the longest dominance reign following its takeover of Pablo group from Pablo Silverback in the year 1995. The group was able to maintain the name Pablo and due to his old age, his son Gicurasi has been like the leader of the family for the previous years.
The Karisoke Research team anticipates that the disappearance of Cantsbee might result into sub-grouping of Pablo and that a new group is likely to emerge following the new leadership. This will definitely mean an increment on the gorilla groups in the Volcanoes National Park – the center for Gorilla Safaris and tours in Rwanda Africa.
Cantsbee has been a responsible and active father known to have sired over 30 off springs throughout his period of stay.  He is also credited for his selfless protection of his family including saving the infants from snares.  The Dian Fossey Fund promises to keep the search for Cantsbee on and closely monitor the changes that might occur in the Pablo Gorilla group.
Pablo Gorilla Group is basically a research group and is not among the listed groups for gorilla trekking safaris in Rwanda. Volcanoes National Park has ten (10) habituated gorilla groups dedicated for tracking and is part of the Greater Virunga landscape which supports 480 Mountain Gorillas shared between Congo, Rwanda and Uganda. Other Mountain Gorilla Populations (a minimum of 400) thrive in the adjacent prime Uganda gorilla safari destination of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park putting the global Mountain Gorilla population to 880.
By Siima Simon Peter


cantsbeeThe news of Cantsbee disappearance was reported on October 10th 2016 when the trackers belonging to Dian Fossey Fund could not trace this mighty Silverback from its gorilla family on their daily monitoring routine.
Due to his Old age and considering the fact that the gorilla group was characterized by lots of traveling, the trackers first thought that Cantsbee could have remained behind which prompted them to thim that he may return the next day and still found him no where despite a lot of searching. Since then, several tracking groups have been undertaking extensive searches in the volcanic highlands – a popular destination for Rwanda Gorilla Safari undertakers but painfully no single trace of Cantsbee has been identified.
As a result of Cantsbee disappearance, his gorilla group Pablo has started to sub group and that a range of adults could not be seen with the entire group couple of times which is a common phenomenon among various Mountain Gorilla Families that lose such a dominant Silverback.
Cantsebee close to thirty eight (38) years of age had exceeded the average Mountain Gorilla life expectancy and is noted to be one of the last Silverbacks that thrived during the Dian Fossey era and is credited for holding the longest dominance reign following its takeover of Pablo group from Pablo Silverback in the year 1995. The group was able to maintain the name Pablo and due to his old age, his son Gicurasi has been like the leader of the family for the previous years.
The Karisoke Research team anticipates that the disappearance of Cantsbee might result into sub-grouping of Pablo and that a new group is likely to emerge following the new leadership. This will definitely mean an increment on the gorilla groups in the Volcanoes National Park – the center for Gorilla Safaris and tours in Rwanda Africa.
Cantsbee has been a responsible and active father known to have sired over 30 off springs throughout his period of stay.  He is also credited for his selfless protection of his family including saving the infants from snares.  The Dian Fossey Fund promises to keep the search for Cantsbee on and closely monitor the changes that might occur in the Pablo Gorilla group.
Pablo Gorilla Group is basically a research group and is not among the listed groups for gorilla trekking safaris in Rwanda. Volcanoes National Park has ten (10) habituated gorilla groups dedicated for tracking and is part of the Greater Virunga landscape which supports 480 Mountain Gorillas shared between Congo, Rwanda and Uganda. Other Mountain Gorilla Populations (a minimum of 400) thrive in the adjacent prime Uganda gorilla safari destination of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park putting the global Mountain Gorilla population to 880.
By Siima Simon Peter


nileJinja is in the enchanting mood as the hopes of developing the Source of the Nile – one of the famous and strategic Uganda Safari tour sites have eventually met the reality. Mr Yong Wan, the Mayor of Chinese City of Wuhan in his recent visit promised support in terms of infrastructure as regards the beautification and development of the this site.
Interestingly, Wuhan and Jinja have got a remarkable similarity since they are both gifted with lush flowing water bodies in their neighbourhood.  The City of Yuhan is positioned at the convergence of Han and Yangzi Rivers in between Beijing and Guangzhou. The Wuhan City is composed of three (3) towns including; Hankou, Wuchang and Hanyanga overlooking one another across the majestic rivers but connected by bridges.
Due to these similarities, Mr. Wan derives his motivation to collaborate with Jinja Municipal Council to develop the town of Jinja commencing with infrastructural support that will see the source of the Nile among the great natural attractions in the world that will definitely prompt world travelers to plan safaris to Uganda
The plan is to develop the source of the Nile without distracting the natural flow of River Nile – the world’s longest River which is the same model that Wuhan followed to establish a vibrant city. This means that the cultural and historical identity of Jinja will be preserved for the benefit of the local people and those on Africa holiday trips in Uganda Rwanda.
The Collaboration agreement was reached on by the Jinja Municipal Council leaders and Mayor of Wuhan City to guide the developments. This was in reiteration of the visit by the Jinja Municipal leaders to Wuhan in September where an agreement was reached to collaborate in a range of aspects including investment and tourism. The construction of a five star hotel along the Source of the Nile was proposed to be the first project in the infrastructure development agenda.
Besides the Source of the Nile, Jinja features great adventure possibilities including White water rafting, Bungee jumping, quad biking, fishing, kayaking, horseback riding among others that combine to generate lasting experience for the Uganda tour enthusiasts.


blyde-river-canyonPositioned in Mpumalanga to the north of Drakensberg escarpment, Blyde River Canyon is one of the fascinating Africa Safari tour sites in the Republic of South Africa. Stretching to 25km in length, the Blyde River Canyon is indeed among the impressive scenic places of Africa. The Canyon is marked by red sandstone and the canyon’s highest point is Mariepskop rising to 1,944m (6,378 feet) above sea level whereas the lowest point is slightly below 561m (1,841 feet) above sea level putting its depth at 1,383m (4,537 feet).
Though it can be challenging to compare canyons world over, it can be noted that the Blyde River Canyon is among the world’s largest Canyons and is believed to the largest green canyon considering its luxuriant subtropical foliage as always viewed by travelers on Africa Adventure Vacation holidays.  The Blyde River Canyon is recorded to be the second on the continent of Africa after the Fish River Canyon and is truly considered among the amazing natural wonders on the continent.
The Three Rondavels present the most fascinating view in the whole canyon appearing as huge rocks with round shape believed to the housing remains of the indigenous people. The Bylde Canyon is known to be a section of the Panorama Route which starts at Graskop town through the God’s Window, Bourke’s Luck Potholes and the Pinnacle.
Blyde is a Dutch word meaning happy or glad which dates far back to the year 1844 when the Hendrik Potgieter along with others came back safely from the Bay of Delagoa to join their fellow trekkers who had considered them dead during the voortrekkers’ expedition.  Regarding the flora and fauna, the Blyde River Canyon features a range of fish, Hippos, Crocodiles, greater and lesser bush babies, Samango Monkeys, vervet monkeys, Birds like African Fish Eagle, Cape Vulture, white-rumped vulture, African emerald cuckoo, olive bush shrike among others which is always impressive to explore by travelers on Adventure Africa Safaris in South Africa.
The Africa tour to Blyde River Canyon can extend to incorporate an adventure experience in the famous Drakensburg Mountains. This amazing scenic feature can be compared to the 100m deep Kyambura gorge or the less than 7m ravine of Murchison Falls as explored on safaris in Uganda Africa.
By Siima Simon Peter


gorilla-trekkingGorilla trekking in Rwanda is one of Africa’s most interesting safari activities as it attracts more visitors in this country than any other activity in Rwanda. Rwanda has the second largest portion of the total mountain gorilla population in the world after Uganda. Many travelers prefer going to Rwanda especially for primate watching safaris and this is the reason why the country has greatly improved when it comes to tourism. Also referred to as as the land of a thousand hills; Rwanda offers the best atmosphere for tracking mountain gorillas.
The only national park in Rwanda where mountain gorillas can be tracked is Volcanoes National park in the northern parts of the country about 85km from Kigali capital city. Volcanoes National park records the highest number of visitors and these come specifically to track these primates.
Volcanoes National Park covers an area size of 130km² covered with scenic and forested mountain ranges and also 6 volcanoes. The park is a home to the endangered mountain gorillas harboring about 300 of them, making it one of the most populated national parks with the gorillas.
One of the things that have made Volcanoes National Park popular is that it is where the iconic and legendary mountain gorilla conservationist, the late Dian Fossey. Today, her grave is found at the heart of the park and has turned out to be a Rwanda safari tourist attraction. Many tourists especially those interested in learning more about her history have come over to view it.
The main reason for picking a Rwanda gorilla trekking safari instead of others is that it is less strenuous and the gorillas in this park move around the whole park making it easier for tourists to encounter them. The wonderful scenic views of the volcanoes are also breathtaking and give better views for taking spontaneous photos. A Rwanda gorilla trekking safari is much easier because in Rwanda travelers purchase gorilla permits which allow them to trek any gorilla family of their choice in Volcanoes National Park.
Just Like in Uganda, a traveler intending to go gorilla trekking in Rwanda is required to obtain a gorilla permit which is issued by the Rwanda Development Board, Rwanda’s tourism governing body costing $750 per person.


tourismExperts in Uganda’s tourism industry have advised Uganda to utilize its great history about their former presidents like the ferocious dictator Idi Amin Dada and the Namugongo Christian martyrs as one of their selling points to draw in tourists Africa safaris into this nation.
Uganda’s economy has been trying to launch a dominant tourism sector through marketing its wildlife and amazing nature to the world, however, Uganda has been cautioned that it might be challenging to sell Uganda as one of the Wildlife destination considering that other nations such as Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania already have a step in this as well.
Almost all travelers on safaris to Uganda have heard about Idi Amin, just as the Apartheid in South Africa as well as the legendary Nelson Mandela. Because of what happened during his ruling time as a Ugandan president during the 1970s, Idi Amin Dada was termed as the ‘Butcher of Uganda’ and is one the most famous of all past independence dictators in Africa.
Idi Amin took over power through a military coup back in 1971 and he governed Uganda for 8 years. However in 1979, he was thrown out by Ugandan activists and after that he left for exile to Middle East and in 2003, he passed away in Saudi Arabia.
With regards to the Namugongo Uganda martyrs, Uganda’s tourism industry stakeholders think that in case they are fully promoted, they have a possibility of turning the country into the leading religious tourism destination especially for holiday-makers interested in Faith-Based Tourism.
3rd June of every year, thousands of pilgrims travel to Namugongo to pay homage to Uganda martyrs who died between the years of 1885 and 1887. Uganda martyrs are the best thing that can draw religious tourists into Uganda and Uganda possesses the smallest Christian church on the planet earth that is Bethel church, in Nebbi that seats no more than 3 people.
Uganda also has the 2nd largest mosque in Africa, the Old Kampala Gadhafi mosque which was greatly financed by the former Libyan leader the late Muammar Gaddafi during its construction and the largest church within the East African region that is Liberty Worship Center in Rubaga division in Kampala that seats over 15,000 people.
Uganda has the sole Baha’i temple on the African continent in addition to the black Jews Abayudaya found in Mbale. Faith-based tourism is getting momentum internationally and for that reason, it is important to come up with strategies that attract faith-based countries like Italy, Morocco, France, and Israel among others.


culturalUganda boasts of over 650 designated cultural sites and monuments identified as significantly valuable, with 2 UNESCO world heritage sites, and 8 sites still pending for approval. One of the favorites is the Entanda Traditional Hunting and Cultural Encounters, which lies 60km to and from  Kampala city Center and offers experiences that can’t be found anywhere.
From a distance, visitors on cultural Uganda safaris can hear the sounds of the African drums, which become louder as you draw nearer to Entanda village. The traditional music, with local people dancing along with it gives a very warm and exciting welcome to the visitors who come Entanda. People of Entanda offer buffets of fresh and organic fruits from their own gardens as part of the warm welcome.
Everything is delicious ranging from jackfruit, watermelon, guavas, passion fruit, paw-paw, yellow bananas and sour-sop fruits and visitors are encouraged to pack some as well.
Visitors on their safari in Uganda also enjoy the local traditional games like bow and arrow shooting competitions,  shooting learn how to play the “sekitulege” a local musical instrument that is over 6 centuries old.
Visitors are also taken to the hills, wetlands, forests and homesteads, searching for animals to hunt. The local people show you on how everything is done from carrying hunting spears, machetes and horns. The local people will identify the animals found but there is no killing and this is to allow the animal populations recover after several years of hunting.
While men are out hunting, female Uganda safari visitors stay behind with local women who take them to the gardens to harvest food. They prepare the local food together with the visitors using traditional methods and cook it as they wait for the husbands to return from the field.
As food cooks on the fire, visitors are guided by the “ssenga” (auntie) to the bush to learn about marriage and home management affairs. She teaches visitors traditional ways of looking after a husband, how to use certain local herbs to treat the sick people, and how to manage a home in a typical “Kiganda” tradition. Bed matters are also thoroughly discussed here.
When the men return from hunting, tired and hungry, food is served hot and steaming and everyone sits on the floor and uses bare hands to eat. After the lunch Kojja (uncles) talk about marriage issues and bed matters with the men.
After lunch visitors can also choose to learn more about local herbs or wine processing and testing or even join the herdsmen for an afternoon grazing of animals and milking cows. If the Uganda safari visitors can form a football team, the final activity is always a foot-ball match with the local people. For fairness, ladies and gentlemen are free to team up. If the visitors win the match, they are provided with goats to roast while they party with the local community.

Thursday, 27 October 2016


Uganda is one of the most sought after tourist destination for this year and the years to come and has been ranked among the best African countries to visit. Many people visit Uganda give tell us that it is because of its diversity and is among the 3 countries where the endangered mountain gorillas can be trekked today.
In today’s write-up we look at Uganda beyond gorilla trekking only in the two parks of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga gorilla national park. We bring to your understanding other Uganda safari tourist activities and attractions that you can go for or combine with gorilla trekking in Uganda.
Winston Churchill in his write ups named Uganda as the “pearl of Africa” meaning that this country offers a lot beyond gorilla trekking safaris. There is no doubt that gorilla trekking is one of the most sought-after activity in Uganda but beyond gorilla tracking, Uganda boasts of a number of national parks, rivers, lakes and forests .
Uganda is also famously known as the “primate capital of Africa” and beyond gorillas, you can track chimpanzees of Kibale Forest National Park, Kyambura Gorge in the southern part of Queen Elizabeth national Park, Kalinzu forest and Budongo Forest.
Golden monkey tracking in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park and as such there is much you can do while on a Uganda safari and that’s why at prime Uganda safaris gives you tailor made Uganda tour packages that are just way beyond gorilla trekking.
One can also enjoy wildlife in national parks of Queen Elizabeth, Murchison Falls, and Lake Mburo on a game drive or boat cruise on water bodies in these National Parks.
Many people come to Uganda for gorilla trekking and also continue to Rwanda, Congo and Tanzania for game safaris. Prime Uganda Safaris combines both gorilla trekking and Uganda wildlife safaris to make your stay memorable.
For the mountain climbing lovers, Uganda boasts of a number of mountains like the volcanoes of Muhavura, Sabinyo, Mgahinga in  southwestern  Uganda and mountain Elgon in eastern Uganda. You can also hike to the top of Mountain Rwenzori that is 5901m above sea level which is also the longest block mountain range in Africa.
Beyond gorilla trekking in Uganda, Uganda is one of the African countries with the most hospitable people on the African continent with over 65 tribal groups with amazing cultures and norms. Contact Prime Uganda Safaris for more details on how to organize your gorilla tour in Uganda combine it with other tourist Uganda safari activities for those ultimate African memories.


nyungweNyungwe forest is in the southwestern parts of Rwanda bordering with Burundi to the south, Lake Kivu and Democratic Republic of Congo to the west. The forest is one of the best of all the reserved mountain rain forests in central Africa region.
The forest is located between the River Congo basin and the Nile River basin to the east. It is believed that in the east side of Nyungwe forest, there are the branches of the river Nile sources.
The national park was gazetted in 2004 and it covers an area size of 970km of rain forest with bamboo, grassland and swamps. This exclusive national park has attracted many tourists who come in for chimpanzee trekking safaris in Rwanda and many other Rwanda safaris.
Nyungwe forest national park has a big number of wildlife species which have made it a concern for conservation in Africa. The forest is situated in a region in which large scale bio-geographically zones meet and variety of terrestrial biomes provide a great span of micro habitats for many wild species of plants and animals.
The park hosts 13 primate species, 275 bird species, 85 mammals, 1068 plant species, 32 amphibian and 38 reptile species.
The number of endemic wildlife species found in this park is greater than in any other forest in the Albertine Rift Mountains.
This rain forest reaches an altitude of 3000m above sea level and is of particular interest for the presence of the colonies of Chimpanzees and Angola colobus. The other primate species in this forest include; Silver monkeys, L’Hoest’s monkey, Golden Monkey, Hamlyn’s monkey, Red tailed Monkey, Olive Baboon, and the grey checked Mangabey.
This national park has got many more tourist activities which can be engaged in by the tourists on Rwanda safaris and these include; canopy walk, guided walks, golden monkey tracking, chimpanzee trekking and habituation, nature walks, bird watching safaris in Rwanda and many more.


safariUganda is one of the top African safari destinations on the African continent. A  Uganda tour to beautiful and friendly African country is one of the memorable experiences one can get from Africa.
Queen Elizabeth National Park with its fantastic scenery and wildlife truly gives you reason why Uganda is the best Africa safari destination to visit today. Uganda boasts of being the only destination with almost half of the world’s remaining elusive mountain gorilla population.
Uganda is also a captivating destination given its sum of tourist attractions that a single Uganda Safari cannot be big enough to discover all wonders that Uganda has got to offer.
Uganda has got magic of the mountain gorillas in south-western Uganda, wildlife, fauna and climate that is all favorable through-out all year round. PRIME UGANDA SAFARIS & TOURS LIMITED gives you the chance to discover Uganda with its hidden beauty in style. Prime Uganda Safaris & Tours Limited offers both scheduled tours and customized / Tailor made Uganda safaris.
We arrange safaris and tours that include gorilla trekking safaris, bird watching safaris, chimpanzee trekking, wildlife and game viewing tours, mountaineering excursions and other guided tours.
On our safari in Uganda, We not only care about safety but also needs and aspirations of our clients. Our Uganda safaris are cost effective and cater for all budgets with our prices being quoted basing on budget, mid-range and luxury basis especially with your accommodation.
We also extend Safaris to other countries in Africa that is whether you want to include Congo safaris, Tanzania Tours with in your, we are ready to serve you!
Our tour packages cater for both budget travelers and high end travelers. During your stay, you do not have to worry about accommodation since we book take you to the best safari lodges and hotels in Uganda.
Feel free to browse through the following Prime Uganda safari website tour packages that have been prepared by our travel and tour experts.


uganda-tours-uganda-safaris-gorilla-safaris-in-ugandaFor families with dreams of visiting the Pearl of Africa, taking children to this amazing is just incomparable. Watching these youngsters astonishingly up close with their first elephant encounters in the wilderness or even spotting prides of lions lying on a hot day under the acacia trees or even going water rafting along the world’s longest river, going gorilla trekking for those who are above 15 years creates everlasting memories in these youngsters’ mind and they will come to appreciate and cherish their childhood stages so much.
We at Prime Uganda Safaris have broadly dealt with such activities in Uganda, so we realize and understand the expectations of children of all ages when arranging a Uganda safari. We are well informed on where to go for real Uganda cultural tours, which engage the young ones and the national parks that truly welcome children. We guarantee that you will have the kind of encounters which will make your family life-changing and a memorable one.
Since occasionally most national parks, we suggest the best safari camps and lodges that offer perfect Uganda safari activities for the youngsters.
We also direct you about specific camps or destinations that we feel they are not a perfect match for your family tour to Uganda, regardless of how reviewed they may be.
The fact is that we won’t offer a safari or something else unless we really trust it’s the right get away for our clients. We also have composed group tours of 3-30 people and everyone has been individual and remarkably custom-made to be astonishingly delightful.
An excellent safari to Uganda based company specializing in gorilla safaris and tours with tourist activities like water Rafting, Chimp tracking, Horse-back riding and Bird watching excursions.
With our experience of over 7 years of highly safari circuits, our safari guides are fully experienced and conversant with all circuits made for you and are also experts in guiding and many clients who tour Uganda have recommended them to the many people who book with us.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016


Positioned to the East of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, the Uganda gorilla safari region of Ruhija features three (3) habituated gorilla families that are explored daily by any visitor with valid gorilla permit and meets the required health and age standards.
Initially, Ruhija sector had two Gorilla groups that were available for tracking and these included; Oruzogo and Bitukura. The third group though it was habituated, was dedicated for research before it was also introduced for tracking putting the total of gorilla permits per day at twenty four (24). This is because only eight (8) travellers on gorilla safari in Uganda can be allowed to track each Mountain Gorilla group.
Unlike Buhoma, Ruhija came later in the gorilla trekking phenomenon but due to its good location, it is gaining an incredible momentum as regards the very activity. Positioned between Buhoma region to the north of Bwindi and the Kabale town to the south, Ruhija is easily accessed from both the northern and southern routes. The Uganda Safari tour undertakers connecting from Queen Elizabeth National Park cover only 218km to reach Ruhija allowing them ample time to do an en route game drive in Ishasha sector in search of tree climbing lions. From Kampala, the guests are able to drive smooth tarmac up to Kabale and then branch off a few kilometres past the town to cover a short rough murram to Ndego gate.
Due to its less presence on the limelight, there is no much competition for Ruhija’s gorilla permits. And as a result, it is not surprising to secure a gorilla permit in Ruhija at the last minute though they can as well be sold off completely especially during the peak season. This also makes it one of the regions where travelers on Mountain gorilla tracking safaris in Uganda can enjoy a less congested trek.
Besides Trekking Gorillas, Ruhija sector is an ideal birding destination in the whole of Bwindi and it is the only area where the African Green Broadbill can be explored making it a must visit place by birders on Uganda birding safaris.  The region is also 52km to Lake Bunyonyi – the fascinating lake of a thousand Islands thus offering a perfect recreation and relaxation environment with a canoe paddle and local Batwa cultural tour after a long day trek in the hilly forested landscapes of Bwindi.
Accommodation in Ruhija is not so developed but has Broadbill Forest Camp which is a good budget camp and Gorilla Mist Camp for the mid market travelers. The affluent travelers can stay in the luxury lodges of Buhoma like Gorilla Forest Camp and Buhoma Lodge and transfer early in the morning to catch up with Gorilla Trekking in Ruhija starting at 8am.


ugandaTulambule a local Luganda word literally meaning “Let us Tour” is the most recent campaign that has been added to the Uganda tour drive portfolio mainly targeting domestic travel.
Noted to have kicked off on September 23rd at the onset of 2016 World Tourism Day Celebrations in Mbarara, the Tulambule Campaign aims at enhancing awareness about the Uganda Safari tour adventures and destinations and calls upon everyone to be part of this initiative.
The Government initiated drive is set to run in the last week of every month exploring the Uganda’s main destinations including the ten (10) National Parks where Uganda Wildlife Safaris and gorilla safaris in Uganda are carried out. The Uganda National Parks include; Bwindi Impenetrable, Kibale, Kidepo Valley, Mount Elgon, Mount Rwenzori, Lake Mburo, Semuliki, Murchison Falls, Mgahinga Gorilla and Queen Elizabeth.
The Government including UTB and UWA came up with an itinerary to be followed and then partner with the private sector in provision of transportation, accommodation, entertainment, security and safety. The apparent tour plan for the Tulambule campaign is September for Mbarara (just concluded),  October for Jinja, November for Hoima and Masindi, December for Entebbe and Kalangala, January for Mbale and Karamoja, February for Kasese, March for Gulu, April for Kabale, May for Arua and June for Fort Portal.
The Uganda’s State Minister for Tourism Hon. Kiwanda Godfrey stands as the spear header of this initiative and the venture seems to be offering a long awaited group adventure escape for the locals and foreign residents in Kampala.


lake-albert-safari-lodgeIn Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve to the west of Uganda, Lake Albert Lodge stands with a typical touch of wilderness suitable for traveller’s stay on Uganda Safaris and tours.
Lake Albert Lodge opened its doors to guests in the month of September 2006 following one year of construction. It is impressively designed enjoying a perfect location with the views of Lake Albert – one of the main lakes of Uganda and the Congo’s Blue Mountains presenting a fascinating stay for the travelers on Safaris in Uganda.
Put together by as many local materials as possible, Lake Albert Lodge features beautiful main lodge, the lush swimming pool and the thatched Cabanas that are well furnished to the comfort of the guests.  The lodge features ten (10) lush Cottages with the views of the surrounding fascinating physical features including the Albertine rift valley.
In the middle of Murchison Falls National Park and Kibale National Park, the Lake Albert Lodge offers a journey break point for those that would wish to avoid long day drives. But interestingly, this stop comes along with a range of rich encounters including the amazing wild game of Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve that include; Waterbuck, Uganda Kob, Duiker, Oribi, Buffalo, Warthog, Olive Baboon, Black and White colobus Monkeys among others and birds such as African Pygmy Kingfisher, Black Shouldered Kite, Brown Parrot, Little Bee-eater among others. These would definitely add on the Uganda Safari holiday memories.
Lake Albert Safari Lodge can arrange exciting activities like Night and day game drive, horseback riding, fossil hunting, nature walks, birding among other wilderness adventures.  It offers a complete get away from the urban life and can serve as good location for team building initiatives and exclusive conferences.
The Lodge is named after Lake Albert which is positioned at the northern end of the western rift valley arm stretching to 160km in length and 30km in width not forgetting the depth of 51m and surface height of 619 above sea level noted to be the lowest point in Uganda.


Whether you intend to drive or hike to the top, the Murchison Falls presents an exciting adventure vacation safari tour experience in Uganda Africa.
Known to be the World’s most powerful water fall, Murchison Falls is the most fascinating natural feature that thrives along the Nile River Course. Positioned in between Lake Kyoga and Lake Albert along the Victoria Nile, the 300 cubic meters released per second from Lake Victoria squeeze to pass through a narrow gap of less than 7m before falling 43m to what many have termed as the devil’s cauldron generating a complete magical wonder worth encountering on safaris in Uganda.
The falls named after the former President of the Royal Geographical Society Sir Roderick Murchison following its first European discovery by Sir Samuel and Florence Baker on March 14th 1864 form the naming for the largest Uganda tour National Park that surround it which supports a myriad of wildlife including Elephants, Lions, Buffaloes, Leopards, Jackson’s Hartebeest, Defassa Waterbuck, Oribis, Nile crocodiles, Hippos and Vulnerable shoebill stork among others.
To explore the Murchison Falls, there are two options that include; hiking to the top of the falls which is the most adventurous one and the drive to the top of the falls which is suitable for travellers interested in gentle encounter. The hike commences at the bottom of the falls after a thrilling boat cruise from Paraa with likely sights of Hippos and Nile crocodiles before traversing the steep slippery narrow trail up the falls. The sights and sounds of the Nile River are fascinating including the plume of spray and the trademark rainbow. The trail eventually makes way to the top of the falls where you join up with the driver and the vehicle to connect back to the lodge with lasting Uganda safari memories.
Murchison Falls National Park can be accessed direct from Kampala at 311km about 5 hours transfer or through other adjoining routes if you are already on the Africa adventure tours in Uganda connecting from either Kidepo Valley National Park or Kibale National Park.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016


gately-on-nileStanding as one of the lush boutique Uganda tour lodges in Jinja, Gately on Nile is a bed and Breakfast establishment that is masked with an environment of serenity, tranquillity, customized service and lush comfort.
Gately on Nile Hotel enjoys the fresh breeze from the Africa’s largest Lake Victoria with the accommodation availed in the main lodge, lake side lodge and the adjoining Cottages serving the diverse interests of the travelers on safaris and tours in Uganda. The Lake Side Cottages present extra comfort ideal for honeymooners and Vacationers.
The Hotel guests are treated to the lush of extensive tropical gardens overlooking the freshwater mass, remarkable a’ la carte Hotel Restaurant with sumptuous Continental Breakfast, Garden Teas, Lunch and Dinner, Terrace Lounge perfect for Sundowner, Free Wi-Fi, customised service, dry cleaning and laundry along with 24/7 security that would definitely generate remarkable memories for travelers on Uganda Safari Holidays.
Gately on Nile Jinja enjoys considerable years of operation having commenced in April 2000 as an expansion of the sister hotel Gately Inn Entebbe which gives it expertise to offer unmatchable service.
Jinja is a popular destination to the East of Uganda with remarkable sights of among others; the Source of the World’s longest River Nile, the Bungee Jumping adventure, White Water Rafting, Kayaking, adventurous wild jet experience, horseback rides, the Quad biking encounter and culture and heritage encounters in the adjacent Kagulu Hill. In fact it has been nicknamed the Adventure City of East Africa and stands as one of the perfect spots for Africa Adventure Safaris in Uganda Rwanda.
Though many consider exploring these adventures in Jinja by taking an excursion, the overnight stay is recommended if one intends to participate in a range of them or is on a continuous safari trip to the Far East of the Country.


Uganda, land gifted by nature stands as a magical wondrous destination endowed with remarkable bio-diversity. Common Chimpanzees are among the counts of Primates that have for long made the Uganda Safaris and tours colorful.
Considered among the Big Apes just like the Mountain Gorillas always explored on gorilla safaris in Uganda, the Common Chimpanzees have very fascinating body features and behavior and dwell in the dense moist tropical forests to the West of Uganda.
Ranging from the mature Budongo  Forest Reserve to Kibale National Park, Semuliki National Park, Kyambura gorge and Kalinzu Forest Reserve, the Common Chimpanzees have for over the years found an ideal home with plenty of food and intact shelter for their protection. The touch of these ancient African tropical forests some of which are noted to have survived the last ice age is very natural and breathtaking not only to the Chimpanzees but also to the Uganda safari undertakers.
Chimpanzee Trekking is among the prime activities that pull travelers to plan tours to Uganda and it is both featured in specialized itineraries and other combined itineraries including wild game viewing and Gorilla Tracking. The popular spots for Chimpanzee trekking safari tours in Uganda have for long been Kibale National Park also referred to as the Primate Capital of the World with other 12 primate species, Kyambura Gorge – the 100m deep gorge with lush tropical forest to the East of Queen Elizabeth National Park and Kaniyo Pabidi Sector of Budongo Forest Reserve.
However, other destinations like Kalinzu Forest Reserve and Semuliki National Park have had pools of habituated Chimpanzees and thus providing a ground for this activity though the later is not yet established.
The Chimpanzee trekking involves one full hour with these exciting cousins but more hours will be spent trekking through the forest in search of these species. Chimpanzee Habituation lasts a whole day exploring the Chimps as they forage, socialize, patrol and undertake a range of other exciting behavior.