Tuesday, 30 September 2014


rwanda airportThe Rwanda safari destination is destined for touching the sky when the efforts of upgrading Kamembe Airport in the western province materialize. The sum of Rwf 5.1 billion has been already earmarked to facilitate the commencement of this exercise in November, 2014. This is targeting the expansion of the Airport runway from 1.5km to 2.2km in order to enable the big crafts carrying those coming for safaris in Rwanda to land and also to decongest the Airport which will in turn create conducive atmosphere for the Rwanda safari undertakers thus winning their first impression.
Tourism is seen as the main reason behind this upgrade in that the government of Rwanda is determined to making the up country tourist sites accessible. With consideration that Rwanda is a land locked country, it is very significant to enhance air travel so as to enable easy transfer of those planning safaris to Rwanda.
The sixth month Airport up grading project is to be executed by the China Road and Bridge Corporation Company which will resurface the runway, upgrade the taxi way, mark the apron and air field so as to make the airport attractive and secure. The Tunisian company STUDI in conjunction with Gasabo 3D Limited will supervise the project.
However, it can be noted that the same initiative will hamper the Rwanda‘s tourism industry in the short run since the Rwanda safari flights to the Airport will be temporarily halted with the beginning of November. This inconvenience is thought to be neutralized by high returns that are expected out of this project in the long run.
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Monday, 29 September 2014


tourismTourism is basically a set of activities of persons traveling to and staying in places outside their usual environment for not more than one consecutive year for leisure, business and other purposes. The term usual environment is intended to exclude trips with in the area of usual residence, frequent and regular trips between domicile and the work place and other community trips of routine character. People have been undertaking safaris to Uganda on such purposes thus leading to tourism development in the country.
Interestingly to note is that currently, tourism is the leading export earner for Uganda taking over the traditional earners like remittances from abroad and coffee as per the August 2014 monetary policy statement by the Bank of Uganda. This automatically shows that there has been substantial increase in the number of those undertaking Uganda safaris. The tourism sector generated $1.4bn in the financial year 2013/14 rising from $1.1bn fetched in the year 2012/13. The other earners like remittances followed with $800m while coffee followed with $415m. This ranking in turn shows the potential of the tourism sector as a great economic treasure for Uganda.
Considering all spheres, Uganda is a beautiful country dotted with amazing hospitable people and their cultures over 65 tribes, great scenery like the snowcapped mountains of Ruwenzori and the Albertine rift valley, rich fauna including the endangered mountain gorillas that pull great numbers of gorilla trekking safari undertakers, chimpanzees which form the basis for Chimpanzee trekking safaris, golden monkeys, tree climbing lions, white rhinos, savannah and African elephants, impala, zebra among others which form the basis for wildlife safaris. The remarkable flora that range from the Savannah landscapes of Kidepo, Murchison, Lake Mburo and Queen Elizabeth to equatorial forest landscapes of Kibale, Semuliki and Maramagambo, Afro montane lowland forest landscapes of Bwindi without forgetting the montane flora of Rwenzori, Elgon and Virunga volcanoes stand to surpass the expectations of Uganda safari undertakers. Remember, Uganda is a center where the East African Savannah meets the West African jungle.
However, it should be noted that despite this great potential, little has been realized so far compared to other destinations like Kenya. This therefore, necessitates a combined effort particularly to do with investment in the tourism sector. Infrastructure has to be developed to the standards of those undertaking safaris in Uganda while marketing efforts have to enhanced, policy and legislation has to be favoring the tourism sector while political stability should be given priority. With these, the tourism sector has the potential to even surpass the fore thought gains from the oil industry.
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On 27th September, 2014, Uganda joined the rest of the world to celebrate the World Tourism Day – an annual event that is jubilated worldwide. The celebrations were to mark the contribution of those who undertake safaris in Uganda since they form the wheels that keep tourism in Uganda moving.
The celebrations were conducted in Mbale with Tourism and Community Development as the theme. This features the contribution of tourism to development of sustainable livelihoods among the locals at the destination. The local communities have to take advantage of tourism that brings for them jobs, market for their produce and cross cultural interaction with Uganda safari undertakers.
The celebrations for World Tourism Day in Uganda are arranged on regional basis to enhance community awareness of the significance of tourism and encourage them to exploit their potential so as to benefit from those that plan safaris to Uganda.
It is against this background that animals were seen parading in Mbale including the King of the jungle – Lion, ostriches, leopard, monkeys, peacocks, crocodiles, bushbucks and pythons some of which are prime products that are always sought after by those on Uganda safaris.
Alongside these animals, culture and heritage attractions of the eastern region were exhibited during the event. And more interestingly, the hot air balloon also operated flights across Mbale town during the event – something unique to the revelers.
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Thursday, 25 September 2014


lake mburoThe Uganda safari National Park of Lake Mburo is located in the traditional rangelands of the Bahima pastoralists who inhabited the area right from the pre-colonial era. The area is comprised of an open savannah landscape dotted with scattered species of acacia wood which provided a perfect grazing ground for the Ankole Long horned Cattle, the unique breed of the Bahima which can be seen while on safari in Uganda.
Nshaara area like the whole of Ankole was hit by the Rinder pest epidemic which led to the massive loss of livestock and the resultant famine that claimed the good number of human lives. The decreased grazing pressure that resulted from decrease in cattle numbers led to the regeneration of vegetation and bushes in particular which ultimately resulted in the outbreak of tse tse fly infestation of 1910. The combination of these led to migration of the people particularly the Bahima pastoralists to other areas abandoning their traditional rangeland.
As a result, the colonial government established part of this wilderness area as a controlled hunting area in 1935 though regulated hunting and traditional human activities were allowed in this gazette. Unfortunately, after ten years another epidemic broke out with combination of Glossina morsitans which spreads Nagana to cattle and Glossina palpalis that spreads sleeping sickness to humans forcing the remaining populations of the people to vacate the area. The colonial government respondent by passing a decree that every wild animal in the area should be exterminated to starve the blood sucking tsetse fly which would lead to its extinction and its final eradication. This was during 1950s. It should be noted that this strategy did not yield positive results since elusive animals like bushbuck and the duiker could not be totally exterminated thus providing food for tsetse flies.
In return, the authorities adopted another strategy which included eradicating all the shady bushes and trees to get rid of tsetse fly hideouts and this resulted in to cutting and burning of substantial square kilometers of bush in this area however the quick establishment of secondary undergrowth rendered the strategy useless. Determined like never before, the colonial authorities declared that every inch of Ankole should be spread with insecticide and teams of local people were employed to do this which eventually resulted in the extermination of tsetse fly species in the Mburo area though at a great cost to the ecology since the insectivorous birds, small mammals and other insects could not with stand the killing power of the applied chemicals.
In return, the Bahima pastoralists started to come back to their traditional beautiful place which they had dubbed Kaaro Karungyi – the beautiful settling land. The Authorities recognized that the remaining wildlife had to be protected and the area was up graded in to Lake Mburo Game Reserve though the pastoralists were allowed to access the water points in the park that is Lake Mburo which is the only permanent water source in the area - which apparently provides a boat recreation activity for Uganda safari undertakers.
The conservation efforts in Uganda at that time were very weak which made the communities to encroach greatly on the game reserve resources. The wildlife that was recovering from the previous massacre were now being poached by the farming communities mostly from Koki while the lions were at cross roads with herds men over their cattle and for their long standing fame as man eaters that had terrorized the locals in 1960s. In fact one re-known male lion locally known as Kamuhegyeyo claimed the lives of about 80 people during that time and thus with this back ground, the locals were not ready to dine with them again which resulted into their extinction – a reason why they cannot be seen in Lake Mburo National Park while on safari in Uganda.
When Obote returned to power in 1980, he evicted 45,000 families that had re-settled in the reserve without compensation in 1983 and he upgraded the reserve to Lake Mburo National Park maintaining the boundaries of the former reserve. Unfortunately, enforcing this move was too difficult since it was a turbulent time when the NRA bush war had reached its peak and by 1986, the Lake Mburo National Park was more less like any other community and was fully resettled to the maximum leading to the destruction of park infrastructure and intended poaching with the aim to exterminate the wild animals which the locals viewed negatively to have caused their suffering.
After the change of guards in 1987, the NRM government degazetted the park by 60% to accommodate the people that were displaced by the war. The new boundaries of the park were established and the people continued to roam around it with illegal grazing and poaching. All this happened because the locals were not aware of the importance of this protected area and viewed it as a waste land.
The turning point came in 1991 with the establishment of Lake Mburo Conservation Unit with support from Africa Wildlife Foundation when a representative from every neighboring parish was appointed to participate in crafting of the future of Lake Mburo National Park. This was the beginning of community approach in the management of Lake Mburo National Park.  From then, the revenue sharing scheme was introduced with 20% of the Park entrance collections going to the surrounding communities which has contributed in building of health centers and schools which can be evidently seen in Rurambira while on Uganda safaris. The local people have been incorporated in the park management and have been given priority in the recruitment of tour guides and in decision making, controlled resource use is permitted like medicinal herbs collection and access to water points in the dry seasons is allowed through the designed corridors. This in return has changed the perception of the local people about the park and one can say that the future of the park is much brighter than it’s past.
Visiting Lake Mburo National Park is one of those rewarding decisions that you can have while planning safaris to Uganda. Its amazing populations of Zebra, Impala, Eland, Bush buck, duiker, buffalo, amazing birds like African fin foot, Crested crane, great scenic landscapes dotted with great acacia species and the entire heritage that surround it vested in the protruding ancient rocks like Ruroko and Rwakobo combine to make your Uganda safari memories a remarkable treasure. The park can also be visited alongside your gorilla trekking safaris to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Chimpanzee trekking safaris to Kibale National Park or wildlife safaris in Queen Elizabeth National Park.
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Clouds-Mountain-Gorilla-Lodge Positioned in Nkuringo area of the gorilla trekking haven of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, the Clouds Mountain gorilla lodge is an upmarket facility that has set its self to arrest the worries of the upmarket Uganda gorilla safari undertakers.
Standing at 2,000 meters in elevation, the Clouds Mountain Gorilla lodge has got the stunning views of the Virunga volcanoes that stretch from Democratic Republic of Congo through Uganda to Rwanda famously known to inhabit the world’s endangered mountain gorillas alongside Uganda’s Impenetrable National Park of Bwindi.
The clouds mountain gorilla lodge is a distinguished luxurious accommodation unit with magnificent architecture, spacious villas coupled with the ultimate friendly staff, the cozy atmosphere both internal and external all of which combine to satisfy the interests of travellers on gorilla safaris in Uganda.  The modern bar and restaurant serving three course meals, fire place, health spa, spacious lounge and internet connection are all designed to ensure the comfort and ultimate holiday relaxation for those who have chosen to do their gorilla tracking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda.
Being closer to Nkuringo tracking region, the clouds Mountain gorilla lodge provides a perfect ground to trek gorillas on this side of Bwindi.  Therefore, while planning gorilla trekking safari to Uganda, this lodge should not miss out on the list of your overnight units in Uganda.
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gorillaThe Virunga massifs that comprise of various volcanic ranges have been set as a gazette of Virunga Conservation Area by interstates of Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. The area is covered by the National Parks of Mgahinga in Uganda, Volcanoes in Rwanda and Virunga in Democratic Republic of Congo.

Not only are these areas known for the populations of mountain gorillas which have formed the base for gorilla trekking, the Virunga area is also known for sheltering the rare and endangered golden monkeys that only exist in this area which have also formed the basis for golden monkey tracking.
The golden monkeys are descendants of ancestral monkeys and belong to the group of primates. They are endowed with stunning golden skins and unique nose structure which always leave travellers on safari in Rwanda who wish to do golden monkey tracking in state of happiness. The golden monkeys dwell mostly in the bamboo zone on the slopes of these volcanic highlands which are slightly easy to reach than some of the gorilla families that dwell in the higher slopes of Karisimbi which tend to pose a challenge to those trekking gorillas in Rwanda .
The golden monkey tracking is well developed in Uganda’s Mgahinga National Park and the Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park. In Rwanda it starts at the Park headquarters – Kinigi at 08:00am and tend to go for 4 hours. It can be done alongside gorilla tracking , Dian Fossey hiking, Karisimbi mountain climbing, Twin lakes walk, caves walk or can be incorporated in the general Rwanda safari tour alongside Chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe National Park and Wildlife safaris in Akagera National Park.
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Wednesday, 24 September 2014


raftingThe wholesalers of Uganda safari products – call them tour operators have petitioned the Speaker of the Parliament of Uganda, Rt. Hon. Rebecca Kadaga over the building of Isimba Dam project. Under their Umbrella Save Adventure Tourism in Uganda (SATU) – one of the leading associations that are meant to champion the adventure safaris to Uganda, the tour operators have remarked that the project that is to be set up between Jinja and Kayunga districts would greatly impact on the adventure safaris in Uganda.
In this regard, the tour operators recognize the significance of electricity generation and its role in the national economic development but also put in consideration the harm that this project could pose to the adventure tourism in Uganda.
Thus, to balance the two, the tour operators in their petition propose that the government consider downsizing from the set dam level of 1: 1055 masl to 3: 1043 masl. The  government proposed level would affect the Uganda safari activities like white water rafting in Jinja according to the tour operators while their proposed level could have little effect on these activities and the people that derive survival from them.
Jinja which used to be a land of water falls has been undergoing change loosing much of these natural features due to power developments which has had an effect on various Uganda safari products particularly adventure activities. It is upon this back ground that Uganda tour operators under the body Save Adventure Tourism in Uganda have decided to undertake this move so as to ensure long-term sustainability of safaris to Uganda. The Isimba power plant is set to be accomplished in three years to deliver 183 megawatts and is estimated to consume 57 million dollars.
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Saturday, 20 September 2014


mv-kalangalaThe Ssese islands are among the magnificent Uganda safari holiday islands that are found within the fresh waters of Lake Victoria.  Accessing the Ssese islands has been all along by water and the relevance of MV Kalangala ferry cannot be skipped regarding its transfer role.

The fate of this ferry that used to transfer travellers undertaking safaris in Uganda to Ssese islands is surrounded by mystery after its grounding for close to one year at Mwanza port in Tanzania. What to worry about is that the ferry was supposed to be there for three months for repairs but unfortunately it is coming to a year without returning home.
People allege that the engineers were demanding a lot of money inform of debts from the Government of Uganda prompting their reluctance over the ferry repair. However, the authorities say that the ferry requires more new parts as it had been worn out than the initially expected which prompted the government to first undergo the process of procuring these parts from distant places like Europe thus contributing to its delay.
Whatever the cause, it should be noted that the MV Kalangala’s absence has hampered the flourishing of Ssese island tourism as the transfer of Uganda safari visitors have had a serious problem. The ferry which has been operating between Nakiwogo in Entebbe and Lutoboka in Kalangala since 2006 had prompted many travellers planning safaris to Uganda to include Ssese islands on their itinerary due to easy and reliable transfer.  After its grounding, the arrivals plummeted from over 30 tourists a week to 5 tourists according to Chairman of Ssese Islands Tour Guides Association – Abraham Thompson.
This in turn calls for immediate intervation from the respective authorities to quicken the process of repairing MV Kalangala such that the travel between these two points can flourish again which would ultimately increase safaris to Uganda and lead to the betterment of the lives of the Islanders.
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Friday, 19 September 2014


kagulu hillPositioned in the district of Buyende 30km from the town of Kamuli, the Uganda safari feature of Kagulu hill stands high above other ordinary hills at an elevation of 10,000ft above the sea level. Kagulu hill is such a stunning feature that any traveller on safari in Uganda would be gifted to undertake provided he/she is chanced to know about it. Traditionally standing with in the principality of Bugabula in the Kingdom of Busoga, the huge protruding rock has got a rich cultural significance to the people of Busoga as evidenced by the existence of the caretakers that have lived on its foot hills for centuries past. This Uganda safari adventure site is noted to have been the first settlement center for the migrant Basoga who the folks have it that they entered Uganda via the East.
The rock has got some disposition to the Chwezi heritage and sometimes the caretakers receive supernatural interventions from the hill top and get visions to share with other local people which would be a remarkable encounter if luckily encountered while on safari in Uganda. The Kagulu hill is such adventurous activity and climbing it to the top is by no means an easy activity particularly for the first time climbers on Uganda safaris. However, it such a rewarding encounter and can be incorporated as part of Jinja adventure tours, gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda, wildlife safaris or Chimpanzee trekking safaris.
Upon reaching the hill top, the magnificent views of the waterfalls flowing down the rocks, sights of ancient caves that were explored by King Olimi I of Bunyoro in 1686 who used to seek sanctuary on this hill and the overlooking views of Lake Kyoga plus the meandering Nile River combine to appreciate your decision of including Kagulu hill while planning safari to Uganda.
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RUHIJA GORILLALocated in Ruhija region of the gorilla trekking haven of Bwindi impenetrable National park, Ruhija Gorilla Safari lodge stands in a calm scenic and beautiful natural environment of the pre-historic forest of Bwindi thus providing a perfect overnight stay for travellers on gorilla safari in Uganda. Not only does the Ruhija gorilla safari lodge offer great scenic views of the forest, it is a ground through which any Uganda safari undertaker can enjoy the melodies of birds, insects, butterflies and the unexpected visits of mountain gorillas and monkeys.

The lodge is in Ruhija which is about 50 km from Kabale and about 58 km from Buhoma – the northern sector which is another famous region for gorilla tracking in Bwindi. The region is a home to the gorilla groups of oruzogo and Bitukura that are well habituated to track while on gorilla safaris in Uganda thus staying at Ruhija Gorilla Safari Lodge provides a ground for this lifetime adventure.
The lodge has modern facilities to make your stay memorable including; internet, DSTV, modern bar, restaurant, laundry, water heaters, car parking space and winery that combine to define its luxurious class. Its accommodation is offered in its four superior room cabins with 8 people capacity, four deluxe rooms with 8 people capacity and six standard rooms with 12 people capacity. These rooms feature en suite facilities, beddings, hot water bottles, luggage storage cabins, side bed lamps, trash cans among other offers to travellers who will spend there an overnight on their gorilla trekking safari in Uganda.
Interestingly, Ruhija gorilla safari lodge allows major credit cards and it is in preparation to introduce Sauna and Steam bath.  Therefore, if one is to do gorilla tracking in Ruhija, the Ruhija Gorilla lodge is one of the fine places to spend an overnight.
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gorillaThese precious apes that are always encountered on gorilla safaris in Uganda comprise the eponymous genus Gorilla, the large sized primate genus in terms of physical expression. Gorillas are predominantly land dwelling animals which largely forage on vegetation and no wonder they inhabit the forest tracts of Bwindi and the Virunga Volcanoes – the world’s re-known gorilla trekking destinations. Belonging to the Subspecies; Gorilla. beringei beringei, Species; Gorilla beringei, Genus; Gorilla, Family; Hominidae, Order; Primates, Class; Mammalia, Phylum; Chordata, Kingdom; Animalia, Mountain gorillas – the current prime Uganda safari products are posterities of ancestral monkeys and apes that dwelled in the vast lands of Africa and Arabia at the onset of the Oligocene epoch approximately 34 – 24 million years ago. The fossil evidence to support the existence of hominoid apes in East Africa date back to over 18 – 22 million years ago which shows that the flourishing of gorilla safaris in Uganda and Rwanda is by no means a surprise venture.

The Mountain gorillas and other gorillas in general share the same ancestor with humans and Chimpanzees – commonly encountered on chimpanzee trekking safaris in Uganda of which it is noted that these three groups separated from their common ancestor about 9 million years ago. It is this separation that led to the emergence of genus gorilla and though its early relative is not well known, theories say that proconsul africanus – the earliest ape could be the one.
At about 400,000 years ago, the mountain gorillas which are encountered on gorilla trekking tour in Uganda separated from the eastern lowland and these two subspecies separated from the western gorillas over 2 million years ago. Though the debate about the classification of mountain gorillas that are usually seen on Uganda gorilla tour is still unresolved, they were first regarded as Troglodytes in 1847 and later returned to gorilla in 1852. In 1967, Colin gloves suggested that all gorillas should be considered as one species Gorilla gorilla with Gorilla gorilla gorilla, gorilla gorilla graueri and Gorilla gorilla beringei as the three sub species. In return, the IUCN conducted a review that classified gorillas into two species Gorilla gorilla and Gorilla beringei in 2003.
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Wednesday, 17 September 2014


singleAt the onset of 2014, the three East African countries of Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya reached an arrangement to position themselves as a single tourism destination by launching a single tourist Visa though little was detailed on how the line implementers would achieve this.
Upon this background, the tour and travel operators met last week in a meeting championed by the leading hotel investor in the region – The Serena Hotels, and the national carrier of Rwanda – Air Rwanda to boost their understanding and knowledge of the attractions in the region including those encountered on Uganda safaris. This was aimed at diversifying the knowledge of the travel and tour agents regarding the safari products that are offered in the three countries of Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya among which include; gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda and Rwanda, Chimpanzee trekking safaris, Wildlife safaris and cultural safaris such that they can expand beyond borders.
The single tourist visa stands at $100 paid once in any of these three countries while previously the travellers who wanted to undertake safari in Uganda paid $50 as well as Kenya and those on Rwanda safari paid $40. This initiative helps the tourists to save and explore a wider destination of East Africa and since the tour operators are the vendors of the tourist products, it is very significant gain empowerment on how to market this destination and tap the arising opportunities.
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rubonaRwanda is one of the African countries that are frequently visited by tourists due to its multitude of attractions and activities that range from gorilla trekking  wildlife safaris. The range of protected areas such as Nyungwe, Akagera and Volcanoes give Rwanda safari undertakers a memorable safari in Rwanda.
However, despite of the recorded tourism developments, a lot remain unexploited among which include the rich historic sites such as the Utubindi Twa Rubona. These Rwanda safari offers are situated in Tubindi village, Gatsibo district 4 km off the road to Nyagatare from Kayonza.  The Utubindi Twa Rubona is pot-like holes without necks and rims and appears in cluster form. These amazing features that can be seen while on safari in Rwanda date back to the pre-colonial Rwanda and are thought to have been made by King Ruganzu II Ndoli as he was coming back from Karagwe – northern Tanzania. It is reported that when the King and his entourage reached at this place after a long trek, they wanted water which was nowhere to be seen which prompted the King to excavate the hard rock with his spear which finally filled up with water that quenched everyone’s thirst.
Interestingly to add is that adjacent to the holes on the same rock, there appear two features that are thought to be King Ruganzu’s footprints with the marks of arrows and bows which is also an amazing feature to encounter on Rwanda safari.
The Utubundi Twa Rubona is one of the many heritage sites in Rwanda that can be included on your list while planning safari to Rwanda or can be incorporated in your gorilla safari in Rwanda, Chimpanzee safari in Rwanda or Rwanda wildlife safaris.
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mbaleThe eastern region of Uganda is one of the destinations that are always encountered on Uganda safari. There are various tourism products ranging from Mount Elgon National Park with its range of wildlife, amazing landscapes, bird species and vegetation to Sipi falls, the ancient caves that are found in the area; cultural encounters like the Imbalu festival an ancient practice of the Bagisu and the Ndorobos with their bull fighting events all which combine to satisfy the interests of those on safari in Uganda.
The tourism week is celebrated worldwide marking the contribution of tourism to the world economy that is expressed in terms of foreign exchange generation, market for local products, job opportunities among other aspects and since Uganda is one of those prime destinations with gorilla safaris, wildlife safaris, Chimpanzee trekking safaris, adventure tours, cultural safaris among others which has made tourism the country’s chief export, it is worth joining other world countries to celebrate the value of tourism.
This event will stretch from 20th Sept – 27th Sept. 2014 and those Uganda safari undertakers who will be around by that time will be privileged to utilize the opportunity. Interestingly, this event comes at a time when the famous Imbalu circumcision festival will be at the climax thus providing an opportunity to encounter it. Other adventures will include; climbing Mount Elgon, hiking Wanale hills, Sipi falls adventure, Bull fighting encounters and the final crown on 27th will see the showcasing of the Tourism master plan and Miss Tourism Uganda contesters.
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Tuesday, 16 September 2014


fastjet-ugandaFast Jet one of the re-known African low cost airlines has launched flight links between Julius Nyerere International Airport in Tanzania’s Dar-es Salaam and Entebbe International Airport – the main gateway to Uganda.
This is great move towards increasing safaris to Uganda since transport is considered among the main components of travel industry and holiday undertaking. The launch of such low cost carrier to operate a direct link between these two nodes which has not been in existence before at a fare of $50 and can be regarded as a great move to cheap transport for those wishing to undertake safaris in Uganda.
Commencing its operations in this month of September, the Fast Jet will be operating two times a week namely; Tuesdays and Thursdays for the start but will subsequently increase to four flights in a week from 29th September, 2014 thus increasing the transfer of Uganda safari travellers. The launch of Fast Jet is believed to stimulate tourism in the region which will complement other International carriers like British Airways, Qatar Airways, Brussels Airways, KLM, Fly Emirates, Ethiopian Airways, Kenya Airways, Rwanda Air, South African Airways among other carriers that have always ensured the connection of passengers who wish to undertake gorilla trekking safaris, wildlife safaris, Chimpanzee trekking and other Uganda safari encounters.
Fast Jet is re-known for its cheap flights and no wonder it was ranked as Africa’s cheapest low-cost carrier and fifth in the world by Which Airline.com a flight comparison site.
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Saturday, 13 September 2014


rwanda safarisThe Iby’ iwachu cultural village is a famous Rwanda safari center where the travellers undertaking safaris to Rwanda are able to encounter the Kinyarwanda Culture. Located in Musaze district in the cell of Nyabigoma adjacent to the gorilla trekking haven of        Volcanoes National Park, the Iby’ iwachu cultural village encounter is regarded as an extra activity that is always incorporated in the Rwanda gorilla safari.

Established to derive an alternative livelihood for the former poachers and the communities surrounding the Volcanoes National Park while enhancing conservation and cultural preservation, the Iby’ iwachu cultural village has lived to achieve this dream as many people of which some were former poachers are engaged in a range of activities including making of handicrafts, pottery, visitor guiding, among other things of touristic interest which in turn sustains their lives without looking for survival in the adjacent protected area that is a home of the endangered mountain gorillas which inspires travellers to plan safaris to Rwanda.
The Iby’ iwachu cultural village is a complex center where the three ethnics of Rwanda namely; the Tutsi, Hutu and Twa blend together to deliver the true experience of the traditional Kinyarwanda culture. This experience involves a guided community walk that exposes the Rwanda safari undertakers to the facsimile of the Kings house where the stories of coronation and its practices are encountered, traditional ceremonies, architecture, traditional dances – the famous Intore dance among other encounters that combine to make your safari in Rwanda a memorable one.
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Saturday, 6 September 2014


lionsRwanda is located in east central Africa with a blend of Central African Jungle and the East African savannah. Rwanda has three National Parks including; the Volcanoes National Park well known for gorilla trekking safaris, Nyungwe National Park – well known for Chimpanzee trekking safaris and Akagera National Park – well known for wildlife safaris. These National parks are the most hot spots that are always encountered by travellers while undertaking safaris in Rwanda.

Lions form the Big 5 land animals and these unique and threatening species used to inhabit the Akagera National Park and used to among the prime Rwanda safari products before they faced extinction whose cause has been a question of the time. It can be noted that by 1990, Rwanda had about 300 lions as noted by An American conservationist, Charlene Jendry who had made a safari to Rwanda during that time. On her return in 1995, Jendry notes that the protected area had changed and the Big cats’ number was on a rapid decline forging the way to extinction as she notes on her second Rwanda safari tour.
The question is what could have caused this unfortunate abrupt lion disappearance. The extinction of these Rwanda safari products in Akagera National Park is surrounded by the crisis that hit Rwanda from 1990 – 1994. After the infamous genocide in Rwanda which did not only leave 800,000 people dead but also reduced drastically the numbers of people undertaking safaris to Rwanda, the good number of refugees who had been dispersed by the crisis and even that one of 1959 returned home of which some were cultivators whole others were pastoralists. This meant that there was great need for Land in this small country that is slightly smaller than Maryland which ended up causing land struggles and led to encroachment. In response, the government degazetted part of the Akagera National Park from 2500 to 1200 square Kilometers and distributed it to her citizens. This in return paved way for human – wildlife conflict since animals including lions were attacking people’s property like cattle due to their close proximity to their habitats which generated anger in the hearts of the surrounding communities that were later to hatch the plan of exterminating the lions. The local people tried various ways including hunting the wildlife but did not yield a lot in return which prompted them to resort to poisoning. The pastoralists started poisoning the carcasses which in turn claimed the lives of a range of lions and they finally got extinct in 2000.
The government of Rwanda has had various efforts to restock the lions which include the failed importation of lions from South Africa and the present arrangement with Kenya which is also being opposed by the Kenyan conservation Authorities claiming that Rwanda has not cleared the issues that caused the extinction of their own Lions.
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gorilla safari toursThe Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) a public body responsible for managing the protected areas and ensuring their sustainable use has announced the amazing discounted gorilla permits for the month of November for the Uganda safari undertakers that could be interested in gorilla trekking safaris.
Gorilla trekking permits are a requirement for all gorilla safari undertakers who wish to visit the mountain gorilla havens of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National Park all in south western Uganda. It is a card issued at the Uganda Wildlife Authority Headquarters on Kira Road, Kampala or at the Park Headquarters for the case of Mgahinga which allows you to participate in the gorilla tracking activities.
For all along, the permits for gorilla trekking in Uganda stand at a cost of 600USD each for Foreign Non Resident, 500USD for foreign residents and 250,000 Uganda shillings for East Africans. Therefore it is quite interesting to hear that the gorilla safari permits have been reduced for the month of November to 350USD for Foreign Non Residents, 250USD for Foreign Residents and 100,000/= for East Africans. This is a great move as it will enable travellers to keep planning gorilla safaris to Uganda even in the low season and will also enable the low income Uganda safari undertakers to have a chance of undertaking gorilla tracking activity.  Rwanda, however has maintained the permit for gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park at 750USD.
Mountain gorillas are great Ape species that only thrive in the Bwindi Impenetrable National park in Uganda and Virunga Mountains which are shared by three protected areas of Mgahinga National park found in Uganda, Parc Nationale des Volcans found in Rwanda plus Virunga National park in Democratic Republic of Congo. Due to this coupled with other factors, Mountain gorillas are considered critically endangered by the world Conservation bodies like IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) thus encountering them on your gorilla trekking safari in Uganda is a memorable encounter to have in a lifetime.
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uganda tourismTourism is the main export earner for Uganda thus being considered as one of the major drivers of the economic growth and development in Uganda. Tourism takes pride in the number of Uganda safari travellers that undertake various activities like gorilla trekking, wildlife safaris and Chimpanzee trekking. There are various ways through which the government is applying to increase the returns of tourism partly through increasing safaris to Uganda. Getting Miss Tourism Uganda and Miss Tourism in deferent regions is seen as means to develop tourism basing on regional clusters.
This Saturday, the regional town of Jinja is in a hot encounter as it hosts the final gala first of its kind regarding Miss Tourism Busoga pageant. This event is one of the lively events that the eastern region will ever have and no wonder it has pulled the interests of Important people such as the Speaker of Ugandan Parliament Rabecca Kadaga who also serves as the Patron of the Busoga Tourism Initiative (BTI), the Minister of Tourism, Wildlife & Antiquities, Officials from Uganda Wildlife Authority, Uganda Tourism Board, Uganda Tourism Association & Association of Uganda Tour Operators and other officials from the region of Busoga.
The girls to participate in this event have fortunately undergone a range of preparations for seventeen days with encounters to different Uganda safari sites including National Parks and cultural sites. The move commenced on 12th Aug. where they encountered the whole Busoga tourism Circuit to gain in depth knowledge about the Uganda safari offers in Busoga region such as the source of the Nile, Headquarters of Bugembe Kingdom, Itanda falls, Igenge palace, Bishop Hannington Memorial Site, St. Maria Mulumba Memorial site, Kyando and the famous Kagulu hill some of which are always encountered by those on safaris in Uganda.
The Winner of this Miss Tourism Busoga event will get herself a brand new car valued at 30m and will have an opportunity to represent Busoga on the national Miss Tourism pageant this year at Kampala Serena Hotel on 17th October. The first runner up will get an ipad while the second run up will get a Samsung smart phone. The Miss Tourism Busoga event will take off at 6:00pm at a fee of 20,000pp. It is a memorable event to attend including those undertaking safaris in Uganda.
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By Siima Simon Peter

Friday, 5 September 2014


gorillaNkuringo gorilla family is found in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park – one of the prime destinations highly sought on Uganda safari. The family is found in Nkuringo area and consists of 19 members and 2 silverbacks. It started receiving visitors on gorilla tracking activity in 2004 after 2 years of habituation. It is one of the challenging gorilla families to track while on Uganda gorilla safaris in Bwindi.It is unfortunate that Nkuringo gorilla family has lost one of its family members called Karibu.
Karibu, a young silverback is said to have   passed on at the village of Kahurire after sustaining injuries that he acquired after a fight with fellow gorillas as reported by the area porters.From this encounter, Karibu acquired a respiratory infection which wild gorilla doctors administered him with anti-biotics and anti-inflammatory medications before he resorted to solitary life.The name Karibu comes from his behavior of alarming visitors with thumbs on his chests and hoots as a method of welcoming visitors undertaking gorilla trekking activity.
The loss of this splendid young silver back is a challenge to the management and conservation bodies in the Impenetrable park of  Bwindi plus the general gorilla tracking activity in Uganda.
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BY Siima Simon Peter

Thursday, 4 September 2014


gorillaThe Officials from the Parliament of Japan have promised promotional support to Uganda as an investment and tourism destination provided the nation is willing to alter her image that has been characterized by the ill acts of the LRA rebels  for two decades in northern Uganda that have always affected the number of those undertaking safaris in Uganda.

This comes out after the Uganda safari tour that was undertaken by the two Japanese Members of Parliament Mr. Daishiro Yamagiwa and Mr. Asahiko Mihara who acknowledged that Uganda is a rich country full of opportunities and potential. The potential and opportunities were greatly seen in the tourism sector and agribusiness.
The Japanese delegation noted that the image of Uganda has been greatly affected by the war in northern Uganda and the terror attacks of the Al shabaab which in return have limited the number of tourists wishing to plan safaris to Uganda. They used an example from their country that if someone mentions Uganda in Japan, the Japanese would think of LRA war and insecurity which is not the case apparently.
However, the government has already made attempts to alter this bad image as 6billion Shillings have been identified to promote Uganda in Germany, USA and UK which is anticipated to generate positive results thus increasing safaris to Uganda.
Uganda is a great safari destination with various tourist attractions and activities ranging from gorilla trekking,cultural safaris which always leave Uganda Safari undertakers in a considerable satisfaction.
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By Siima Simon Peter


uganda toursThe Uganda’s tourism fraternity is in a harmonious contact following the liaising of Uganda Tourism board and the Uganda Tourism Association to turn Uganda into the Mecca of Africa i.e. by increasing safaris to Uganda. This move was exposed during the cocktail celebration to commemorate the launch of the 2014 – 2019 Strategic Plan at Kampala Serena Hotel.

Uganda is a great safari destination with various tourist attractions and activities ranging from gorilla trekking, Chimpanzee trekking, wildlife safaris and cultural safaris which always prompt travellers to undertake safaris in Uganda.
The five year strategic plan is a great road map that will structure the way for engagement and coordination in the tourism sector since the Private sector led by the Uganda Tourism Association has been equally engaged into the formulation of the strategic plan which will ultimately increase efficiency and the satisfaction of the Uganda safari undertakers.
The strategic plan would definitely form a basis for decision making on various tourism priorities and the attempts that are needed for tourism in Uganda to accelerate so as to realize social inclusion, economic growth and preservation of environment.
This comes at a time when tourism has been recorded as the highest foreign exchange earner for Uganda thus noting its great significance towards economic development, realization of vision 2014 and attainment of Millennium Development Goals. Interestingly, the five year strategic plan acknowledges that the need for private sector efforts is very significant which implements it and directly handle the Uganda safari undertakers.
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