Monday, 28 November 2016


little-bee-eater-uganda-safaris-prime-safarisThe little bee-eater also referred to as the Merops pusillus is one of the unique bird species sought after on Uganda birding safaris and tours on Kidepo Valley National Park.
Belonging to the family Meropidae, the little bee-eater thrives greatly in Sub Saharan Africa. It stands as a bright-colored slender bird marked with yellow throat, green upper parts, black gorget and brown upper breast as viewed on birding safaris in Uganda.
The wings of little bee-eater are brown and green while the beak features a black color. They stretch from 15 – 17cm in length making it the smallest bee-eater thriving in Africa. Both female and male are the same. The Little bee-eater breeds in open country marked with bushes and close to water. They consume majorly insects mainly bees, hornets and wasps as explored on Uganda tours. They hunt in low perches of around one (1) metre. It removes the sting from the bees by hitting it repeatedly on the hard surface.
The Little bee-eaters differ from other bee-eaters as they are solitary nesters creating tunnel in the sandy banks or at the entry of the den of the Aardvark.   Four (4) – six (6) white eggs are laid and these are taken care of by both female and male birds. They feature communal roosting as at times explored on Uganda Safaris.

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