Monday, 23 October 2017


Initially named Apollo Hotel, Sheraton Kampala Hotel is one of the high end facilities offering accommodation for the range of visitors in Kampala including those arriving for UgandaSafaris and tours.
Sheraton Kampala Hotel was officially opened on October 8th 1967 and has since gone through the test of time including the unstable political climate that the country experienced after independence. Its names were changed severely with almost the fall of each regime. For example, when Amin took power in 1971, its name was changed to Kampala International Hotel and after his overthrow; it reverted to its former name Apollo Hotel which was later dropped for the present one.
Following the government liberalization policy, the Investors from Middle East secured the lease to run the facility in 1991 for the next 25 years. They acquired franchise of Sheraton Hotels and Resorts and hence the Sheraton name.  Of course, the series of renovations have been undertaken with time to keep the facility at International standards serving world class travelers including the high end travelers on holiday Safaris in Uganda.
The fifty years of Sheraton Kampala Hotel is indeed a remarkable journey with broad history that is itself a special feature to associate with. This is a common characteristic especially for travelers that prefer to experience the heritage of the destinations that they visit.  Moreover, Sheraton Kampala Hotel is at heart of Kampala city where Uganda tour undertakers can explore a range of religious, cultural, historical, educational and other sites of significance.
The event to commemorate the fifty (50) years was officiated by H.E Yoweri Museveni the President of the Republic of Uganda who appreciated the efforts of the Hotel proprietors along with other investors in the country’s hospitality sector as regards to the development initiatives that they have undertaken. The Gala Dinner to mark this event was attended by a range of historical personalities including the wife of the former President Dr. Apollo Milton Obote whom the Hotel had initially been named after.
Sheraton Kampala Hotel now sits on 7 acres with lush gardens, swimming pool, modern restaurants and bars, various room categories including executive and club rooms along with Suites which include the Presidential Suite.  The Hotel is now under the management of Constellation Hotels & Resorts and earns $1.25 million per month.

Because of its convenient location, the luxury guests on safari in Uganda tend to use as base to start their respective trips in the country. 

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