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Top Uganda Self Drive Safari Packages You Must Look At Before Your Safari Uganda!

You may be wondering if you can enjoy a self-drive safari in Africa on your Africa safari ! The answer is absolute Yes , it’s absolutely possible! Are you now looking for the best the destination to partake a self-drive car hire safari , look no further, book with us a self-drive car hire safari in Uganda ? Prime Safaris & Tours Ltd is one of the best cars hire Uganda companies where one can hire a self-drive car to use on his safari Uganda with his family, as a couple, as a group or as a solo traveller. Driving in a new destination like Uganda on your Africa safari tour is really challenging. There are a big number of things to note before you hit the road for your Uganda wildlife safari , Jinja city tour, Kampala city tour , Uganda gorilla safari, chimpanzee trekking safari Uganda , short Uganda wildlife safaris , Long Uganda wildlife safari , Uganda gorilla tours , short Uganda gorilla safaris, Uganda cycling safaris , and many more depending on the destination

Experience Eye Catching Tanzania Birding Safaris & Wildlife Safari Spots

When one hears about Tanzania, the first thing that comes in their mind is the Serengeti National Park famous for its wildebeest migration wildlife safaris in Tanzania . However, don’t be blinded about the wildlife in tours Tanzania because it has lots of other Tanzania safari attractions including birds. With a resident population of about 1,388 different bird species, inclusive of the migratory birds from Europe and Southern Africa, Tanzania is definitely one of the greatest places on in the world for birders interested in Bird watching safaris in Tanzania . Interested in Tanzania wildlife safaris ? It is possible to enjoy Tanzania birding tours alongside the Tanzania wildlife tours for they all take you to these remarkable African safari destinations that boost a bird list of over 100 species. From the gigantic Marshall eagle to the delicate sunbird, the elusive Shoebill to the omnipresent Marabou, there is certainly something to please anyone looking out for them on their

Facts You Must Know About The Amazing Grey Crowned Crested Crane!

The world hosts over 15 different species of cranes, however only four are found in Africa. Christened the Pearl of Africa, Uganda is lucky to be home to one of the crested crane species known as the grey crested crane which it also uses as its National symbol of choice. The grey crested crane is only found in the Eastern and Southern regions of Africa. According to Nature Uganda, currently, crested cranes range between 10,000 and 20,000 left in Uganda out of the 100,000 that have lived here four decades ago. They have reduced in number due to human actions that have led to the habitat loss due to their actions like constructing in wetlands. With these reduced numbers, unlike travellers interested in long birding safaris Uganda , tourists on a 1 Day birding safari Uganda may not get chance to spot it. In Uganda, the grey crested crane also known as the Crested Crane by Ugandans belongs to the most precious cherished birds in the country. In some circles, it is called the Grey C