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Estonian Ministry to Develop Tourism in Uganda-Uganda safari News

The Estonian foreign ministry is a foreign agency that has come up with the love and decision of supporting Uganda’s tourism sector so as to have more safaris to Uganda .   The Estonian foreign ministry has it that Uganda has very many tourist attractions that can attract more safaris in Uganda so as to further develop the country. One board member said the people of Uganda have very many things to market to the tourists so as to increase the number of Uganda safaris. These include the Uganda museum, culture, tradition and so many other unique attractions. However the local people are only marketing the Mountain gorillas that even are also used to leaving the rest behind which can still increase the number of Uganda safari.   It was also said that Uganda is lacking the clear description of its own that has eventually delayed safaris in Uganda . The Estonian foreign ministry has therefore together with Entebbe Municipal Council begun enlisting plans for starting up a touris

Got Moro the attractive Hill in Gulu-Uganda safari News

This is U ganda with very many tourist attractions that you will always discover a new attraction every day. This gives you a reason to have more safaris in Ug anda to watch the beautiful things that will make you wish you were a Ugandan hence having a very good Uganda safari and boosting the tourism sector in Uganda. Here we are with the news about the Got Moro hill in Gulu which is a home to many gods in the area that tourists can approach while on their Uganda safari . This is where people go and give their sacrifices to the gods so as to get blessings and they are always blessed. This has therefore increased more safaris to Uganda so as to safari this area. During the drought season people normally sacrifice a goat to these gods who immedia tely give them rain and more than the goat. This amazes the tourists on safaris in Uganda because they find this a unique experience in only in Uganda however no one is supposed to work on the day of sacrifice. However although

Trekking activities in Rwanda-Rwanda safari News

Th ere are many trekking activities in Rwanda which have attracted many safaris to Rwanda. Mountain gorilla trekking is the most attractive trekking activity in Rwanda that tourists enjoy on their safaris in Rwanda . Tracking takes place in the Parc National des Volcanoes which is a home to 350 mountain gorillas . Dian Fossey also gives you a chance to track the 5 habituated families of gorillas therefore having a good experience on your Rwanda safari. Another t rekking activity is chimpanzee tracking which gives a chance to see many types of chimpanzees in the Nyungwe forest while on your Rwanda safari. While tracking the chimpanzees tourists have   chance to see different wildlife animals, birds and so many others therefore having a good experience on your Rwanda safari . The last activity is Golden monkey trekking which is a very rare activity in the different National Parks in East Africa therefore mostly found in Viru nga Volcanoes. There is the Kabatwa and Muso

Rwanda Volcanic Lakes attracting more safaris-Rwanda safari News

Rwanda has many tourist attractions which have increased the number of safaris in Rwanda . Among the tourists attractions Rwanda has include the volcanic lakes which have attracted tourists to come and safari them. The volcanic lakes are five and they include Akagera, Kivu, Bulera, Gisenyi and the twin lakes which are Bulera and Ruhondo. Each of the attracting volcanic lakes has a different attractive future  that tourists enjoy on their Rwanda safaris .   The twin lakes that are Bulera and Ruhondo give tourists the o pportunity to watch the beauty of Rwanda and also relax from there after their gorilla trekking experience.   At Lake Kivu tourists have the opportunity to watch different towns and some places of history therefore having a nice safari in Rwanda . Akagera gives tourists the opportunity to see the wetlands and the papyrus swamps therefore knowing very many things on your Rwanda tour . Lastly Kibuye and Gisenyi are used for activities like canoeing, swimming, sp

Tourism sites to be renewed in Kalangala-Uganda safari News

Kal angala is one of the districts in Uganda that has attracted many Uganda safa ris . This has many tourist attractions and tourists carry out many activities in this area while on their safaris in Uganda . Here tourists get a chance to experience the beauty of Uganda.   The 84 islands fo und in Kalangala give you the opportunity to watch the unique and attracting sites in Uganda that you will also watch on your Uganda safari . Kalangala is blessed with the ssese forest, the jaana rocks, the banga and Kalaya caves, the waterfalls and so many others therefore giving tourists the best tour in Uganda . However with all those tourist attractions the area lacks a good infrastructure like the roads, network system that therefore serve poor service to the tourists on Uganda safaris . The areas therefore have to be developed so as to provide better services to the tourists hence attracting more safaris to Uganda .  Uganda safaris / Uganda safari News Prime Uganda safaris &am

Special things to carry for gorilla tracking-Uganda safari News

G ori lla tracking is an attracting experience in Uganda and therefore has increa s ed the number of safaris in Uganda as tourists come to track these interesting animals. They are found in the Bwindi and Mgahinga National parks of Uganda therefore making Uganda a tourist destination. While on gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda tourists need porters who will direct you on the different parts of the park and tell different groups of the gorillas. These will help you find your gorilla trekking experience the best. The porters may not be needed but you can hire them just to support their standards of living and also develop the economy. Tourist s need a walking stick which is always wooden and long. This can be provided at the park while your gorilla trekking activity is starting however you can still come with it if you need to. This will help you walk well espec ially in the period where it has rained and the area is slippery. Tourists also need the plastic bags wher

The Launch of Cultural and Tourism sites in the West Nile-Uganda safari News

We st N i le had a chance to have the president of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni launch their cultural and tourism scheme centre so as to have many safaris in Uganda . This happened on Sunday at the Gili Gili centre in the wes t Nile. This therefore made the centre famous to many people hence attracting many people to come for Uganda safaris . The centre is commonly known for its cultural activities and items that attract many tourists for Uganda safaris . These therefore generate more revenues to the government as many tourists are forced to come and buy some items therefore giving in a fee that is collected as revenue therefore boosting the tourism sector in Uganda. The main reason o f launching this tourism and cultural site was to increase the number of Uganda safaris through promoting the culture in this area so that it becomes a place of visit to every tourist on Uganda visits. This will therefore make Uganda a beautiful place to the tourists therefore making it a t

A call to save the Jinja people from crocodiles-Uganda safari News

Ji nj a is a plac e in Uganda that tourists always safari while on their tours in Uganda . This is a place where there are very many tourist attractions that amaze tourist s on Uganda safaris . There is the River Nile which is a place of history in Uganda, the cultural centers, craft centers, traditional sites and so many other   However the a rea has been affected by crocodiles which have so far killed four people and others have been injured by the crocodiles. These have therefore scared the tourists to safari Uganda thinking that they will be eaten by these crocodiles. They are found on the shores of Lake Victoria in jinja yet it is also a tourist attraction.   The local peopl e therefore call upon the Uganda Wildlife Authority to help them fight the problem of these crocodiles so as to attract tourists to come for more safaris in Uganda . This will make the place free for the tourists to safari therefore boosting the tourism sector and increasing the revenue of

Poaching increases in Karamoja-Uganda safari News

D e spite th e fact that the Uganda Wildlife Authority had put strict laws against poaching so as to increase more safaris to Uganda , the people of Karamoja have continued to carry out the act where they kill the animals and sell them to earn a living or for meat at their homes. This has reduced the number of animals in their area and therefore reduced Uganda safaris . The poachers claim there is a lot of hunger and poverty in their area which therefore forces them to poach the wildlife animals so as to get what to eat. This is taken as survival to the poachers but a negative effect to the tourism sector therefo re needs to be stopped so as to promote the tourism sector through attracting many safaris in Uganda . The poachers were therefore arrested so that others who had intended to carry out the a ct can get a lesson and do not even try to. This will therefore help conserve the wildlife animals in the National parks of Uganda so as to increase more Uganda safari tours .

Appointed Board for Cultural Promotion-Uganda safari News

U gan d a has a lot of cultural things that needs to be marketed so as to have more safaris in Uganda . This is mostly found in the Buganda Kingdom. However it has not been pro moted so as to make Uganda and especially Buganda Kingdom the best tourist destination on Uganda safaris . This has therefore hindered the development of the tourism sector to some extent. The cultura l sites to be marketed in the Buganda Kingdom include the Kasubi tombs, Nagalabi cultural site, Kabaka’s palace and so many others that can attract more tours to Uganda so have a unique experience. However more emphasis has been put on th e Kasubi tombs which have just been renovated therefore a better place for tourists to safari . For the development of the tourism sector the Kabaka that is the king of the Buganda Kingdom together with the Katikkiro Mr. peter Mayiga has appointed a board so as to take good care of the most liked Kasubi tombs so as to promote more Uganda. The Ka tikkiro says the board

Foreign Tourists pursue Uganda Tourism-Uganda safari News

The foreign tourists who have been coming for safaris to Uganda have appreciated the tourism sector in Uganda because of its unique experience that they find in the country. They are happy with the good weather and favorable climate of the country which has also attracted them to come for more Uganda safaris . The tourists enjoy seeing the adventures in Uganda, the mountains, and National parks with a lot of activities like the game drives, gorilla trekking , chimpanzee trekking , boat cruise, the natural walks, hiking, sport fishing and so many others. These are so much enjoyed by the tourists on safari visits in Uganda therefore boosting the tourism sector.   The tourists also enjoy the visits to the cultural centers like the Kasubi tombs, visits to the Uganda museums, the drum makers center, craft centers, Equator and so many others. These give tourists a chance to explore the beauty of Uganda and hence make Uganda a top tourist destination therefore attracting m

Rwanda Gorillas safe despite the Congo War-Rwanda safari News

T he tourism s ector in Rwanda has been put to a standstill due to the war that is happening in the neighboring Congo. Tourists therefore are stopped from going to safari the area because of the increased number of rebels in the area who may hurt them in one way or the other hence reducing the number of gorilla trekking safaris because the Congo is one of the few countries with gorillas. The Virunga Nat ional is next to the Volcanoes of Rwanda which had threatened the tour operators in Rwanda thinking that their gorillas may also be hurt which would reduce gorilla tracking safaris in Rwanda . Fortunately the tour managers in Rwanda were so happy to hear from the Congolese people who had gone to the forest and had a report that the gorillas are safe thereby promoting more safaris to Rwanda . The safety of the gorillas has been maintained by the high security which has been increased where the gorillas are found so as to have more gorilla safaris . However there are ma

The attraction in the Uganda Museum-Uganda safari News

T he Ug anda Museum is one of the tourist attractions that tourists safari while on their safaris in Uganda .   This attraction was established in 1908 and is located in Kampala city found in Uganda.   A Museum is referred to as a place where a country’s cultural, art, history and anything about a country is exposed through temporary or permanent exhibitions therefore promoting more Uganda safaris .   Safaris to Uganda give you a chance to see and study the traditional things of Uganda in the Uganda Museum, You also get a chance to see the skeletons of the important animals and  the history of Uganda. This therefore gives you a chance to discover the history of Uganda and indeed get to understand whatever you need on your Uganda safari that you will also go and teach the rest back in your home country. The Uganda Museum exposes you to the different musical instruments used to produce the best music that you listen to while on your tours in Uganda . You can also try usi

Rwanda’s best Hike-Rwanda safari News

D i an Fos sey is a place of remembrance which tourists on their safaris to Rwanda visit to remember the famous and loved Dian Fossey. This was a zoologist from America who sp ecified in studying about gorillas . She usually studied them daily and therefore got to know everything about them with a lot of love and also published a book known as Gorillas in the Mist. She was born on January/16/1932 and was murdered on December/26/1985. She was buried near her gorillas when she died. Dian Fossey also had her last words as ‘When you realize the value of life, you dwell less on wha t is past and concentrate more on the preservation of the future.’ Dian Fossey’s tomb’s headstone has words like No one loved gorillas more Rest in peace, dear friend Eternally protected In this sacred g round For you are home Where you belong This place is therefore a place of history and tourists always come to hike it while on their safaris in Rwanda . The hike gives you a chance to f