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AS SHE CELEBRATES HER 50TH ANNIVERSARY OF INDEPENDENCE, UGANDA REFLECTS ON THE PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE CHALLENGES On the 9th of October 2012 , Uganda celebrated 50 years (anniversary) of independence as a sovereign nation.Many dignitaries majorly from Africa, Great Britain as well as few from Asia such as china graced the function.Millions of Ugandans flocked the Kololo air strip to take part of this memorial event. The biggest question of the day how ever is, to what extent has Uganda has fulfilled/achieved her expectations/obligations as a sovereign nation since her self governance? . In 1962, Uganda`s independence landed in the hands of unprepared leaders to stir the nation to greater heights a task that proved difficult to the then inexperienced leadership. The first 23 years 1962-1985, saw Uganda undergo a series of political up-evils characte rised by military wars of succession.Apolo Milton Obote ceased the Kabaka of Buganda to become the second president o