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The historical journey of Sheraton Kampala hotel – Uganda safari news

Sheraton Kampala Hotel is one of the remarkable oldest five star hotels offering accommodation to the up-class travelers in Uganda including those on  Uganda safaris and tours . Operating in Uganda for the last fifty (50) years following its opening on October 8 th  1967, Sheraton Kampala Hotel has experienced several managing company operators up to the present day Constellation Hotels & Resorts which runs it under franchise of Sheraton. This upmarket facility popular among the affluent business travelers and the  Uganda tour  undertakers was first named Apollo Hotel generating the name from Dr. Apollo Milton Obote the then Prime Minister of Uganda and later became Kampala International Hotel following the overthrow of Obote by Amin before it was renamed back to its former name after the fall of Amin in 1979. At the launch of the Kampala Sheraton Hotel Golden Jubilee celebrations, the General Manager Jean – Philippe Bittencourt applauded the facility for making it through all