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How to Plan an Affordable Uganda Bird Watching Safari Tour; Best Tips Inclusive

Kenya's Beautiful Prominent Birding Safari Destinations You Ought to Know

Lake Naivasha National Park to a bird lover is what Masai Mara National Park is to an animal lover. It’s a glimpse of God’s colourful creations and how they co-exist. While there, you will enjoy this place that gives a bird photographer joy. This is the only opportunity you have to get close to a bird without scaring it. If you are on a boat cruise along Lake Naivasha, at times you get close to them at about 5 meters even! If you love birds, including the pigeons and crows and enjoy watching them soar, fly and glide, you must visit Lake Naivasha National Park for a Kenya birding safari . You will spend about an hour sailing along the lake in your boat. Boat ride on the waters of Lake Naivasha is in most cases an optional activity that can be included on your itinerary as an en-route from Lake Nakuru or Masai Mara where you will take a breathtaking memorable moment. How do you explore Lake Naivasha for a birding safari? The answer is pretty obvious! You will definite

Guide to Acquiring a Visa for a Rwanda Safari Tour

Interested in a Rwanda safari but you’re stranded on how to acquire a Rwanda visa! There is no hustle in acquiring a visa in Rwanda today. All visitors entering Rwanda for Rwanda safaris or Africa safaris can obtain visas on arrival without the huddles. Getting a visa in other countries requires making a prior application. Acquiring visas in Rwanda for international travellers costs $30 dollars and lasts only 30 days. It is possible to acquire a visa from every entry point into the country according to the statement of the new visa regime. Rwanda is one of the most sought after Africa safari destinations because of its mountain gorillas that attract travellers interested in Rwanda gorilla safaris in Volcanoes National Park . The Dian Fossey organization has put in a lot of efforts in the gorilla conservation and now there was an increase in the gorilla numbers. The visa processes were made easy for travellers because the Rwanda government aims at opening doors to Rw

Best Tanzania Safari Travel Guide Tips For Travelers

Close your eyes and have a romantic image about Tanzania, your next Africa safari destination. I know the image already in your head! It’s either the wildebeest drama along Tanzania seemingly endless savannah land in Serengeti National Park , the snow and glaciers of Mount Kilimanjaro , Masaai people and the exotic palm beaches of Zanzibar! Tanzania is one of the continent’s most iconic safari destinations and it is not just the Tanzania wildlife safari migration that’s great in Tanzania although it’s specifically the wild game of the Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater that draws most tourists for safaris in Tanzania . Tanzania is the best haven for Africa safari tour travellers interested in submerging themselves in the marvel of the African bush. Many visitors travel to Tanzania to see the annual Great Migration of wildebeest and zebra, but there are many other reasons to stay including the tranquil beaches of Zanzibar, to the peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro maki

Why Uganda Gorilla Trek Safari Memories Stay With You Long after You Have Left!

Uganda, the Pearl of Africa, is an amazing Africa safari destination flocked by thousands of travellers. One may be wondering it is visited by many! Truth is, Uganda’s nature and humanity inspire tourists during their Uganda safaris . Uganda is home to the most sought after Africa wildlife safari animals including the big 5 game and mountain gorillas, one of the rare wildlife species in the world. Mountain gorillas can only be found in only 3 countries in the world; Uganda Rwanda and Congo. Mountain gorillas can trek in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable National Park Uganda and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park Uganda . When on a Rwanda safari , you can only trek these gorillas in Volcanoes National Park. When you choose Congo for a mountain gorilla safari, book your Congo gorilla trek safari permit in Virunga National Park Congo . Short Gorilla safaris in Uganda Rwanda and Congo Uganda 3 Days Gorilla Trekking Safari in Uganda 3 Days Uganda Gorilla Trekking Safari to Bwind

Reasons For Strict Congo Gorilla Trekking Rules in Virunga National Park

Even with about a total number of 1004 Mountain gorillas left in the wild, there is no doubt that Africa gorilla safaris are the most trending Africa safari activity. As of today, it is the most trending Africa safari tour activity that in most cases doesn’t miss on a Uganda, Rwanda Congo safari tourists’ itinerary. Mountain gorillas were only destined to live in three destinations in Africa; Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. These mountain gorillas live in high steep mountain tropical forests of up to 4,500m above sea level hence acquiring their name. With this altitude, if you are planning to go for a Congo gorilla safari in Virunga National Park , then there’s a need to be physically fit and be ready for the cool environment. There is no difference even when you choose to go for a gorilla trekking tour in Rwanda ’s Volcanoes National Park , or for a gorilla tour in Uganda ‘s Bwindi Impenetrable National Park or Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. Africa gorilla safari pa