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Things You & Family Should Do During Quarantine | Lock Down

With health and government officials urging people to stay home as much as possible in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, We all aware that quarantine has become a necessary part of daily routines due to the spread of coronavirus COVID-19. As concerts are postponed, sporting events are cancelled, schools are closed and tourist hot spots are shut down, experts recommend that even those who show no sign of illness stay home during this time of the global pandemic. Unlike medical workers, those that work in retail, delivery, specific manufacture or other. At the moment, people are not living their dream life. People are not used to being idle and are looking for ways to pass the time during this time when they are practising social distancing and self-isolation. While this is a moment filled with anxiety and uncertainty, Prime Safaris & Tours Ltd has tried all the unbeaten paths to help you seek joy, comfort and distraction wherever you find it. For guidance on where to start,