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This unmistakable stripped horse is common among the wide spread throughout east and southern Africa. Zebras are often seen on Uganda safari in large herds but their basic social unit is the small relatively stable family group which typically consists of a stallion up to five mares and their collective off spring. These Uganda safari offers contain horse like body shape though their manes have short, erect hair, coats stripped and tails tufted at the tip. The shinning coats reflect over 70% of incoming heat and it is believed that the stripes assist these animals to with stand strong solar radiation. This helps them to survive in the hot savannah ecosystems that is sometimes challenging to travellers on safari in Uganda . The back and white setting of the coat act as camouflage titled disruptive coloration which breaks up the body outline. Though highly visible during day time, it can help at dawn and in the evening when their predators are most active. Burchell&#


Rwanda has been well known not only for her natural offers like gorilla tracking in Volcanoes National Park, Chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe forest National Park and wildlife safaris in Akagera National Park but also for her culture. The Rwandese culture is quite stunning and interesting to encounter on Rwanda safari . However, this has always been inadequate for the Rwandan community living in diaspora prompting them to revitalize their culture abroad. The Rwandese in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey with the support of the Rwandan High Commission and the high ranking officials resolved to run a project focusing on Rwandan cultural activities. The main intention is to promote cohesion and encourage the community of different ages to revive their attachment to the Rwandan culture. The projected activities in this venture include; traditional dancing, learning Kinyarwanda, Rwandan Poetry and other instrumental traditional values. The Rwandese in diaspora acknowledges th

Buganda Kingdom’s development to attract many Tourists

Buganda is one of the most honored Kingdoms in Uganda and it has attracted many safaris in Uganda to see the Kingdom. Buganda Kingdom is headed by Kabaka that is King by the names of Ronald Muwenda Mutebi and the Queen is known as Nabageraka. The people of Buganda love their kingdom and always praise it which therefore becomes a must see for the tourists on There are a lot of attractions in Buganda although some like the ‘Amasiiro’ that is the tombs were destroyed by the unknown people. However there are still traditional things that tourists always see while on their safaris in Uganda . Tourists get to know more about the Buganda Kingdom when on their Uganda safari as they are explained to everything they may love to know. The Katikiro (prime Minister) of Buganda Kingdom has therefore fundraised money to put back the destroyed tombs and also build up more attractions in the kingdom. This has and will continuously attract more safaris to Uganda as many people will be


Uganda – the pearl of Africa is not only gifted by nature but also the beauty of her people. The beauty of her people is not only depicted in the physical appearance but also through the highest degree of hospitality that they contain. This is evidently seen on Uganda safari. The drivers of tourism industry have gone ahead to arrange the ways of exposing the beauty of Ugandans to those on Uganda safari or those planning to undertake safaris to Uganda . Therefore, it’s no wonder that Miss Tourism Uganda 2014 is drawing closer today. Titled “the wonders of Uganda”, the forthcoming beauty race will be focused on showcasing attractions that can be encountered while on Uganda safaris . First auditions will be organized at regional level of Busoga, Buganda, Kigezi, Ankole, Bugisu, West Nile among others of which representatives will be selected to the national contest. These regional contests will definitely attract the attendance of travellers on Uganda safari . The boot


Uganda is naturally endowed with natural and cultural attractions that have always made the safaris to Uganda memorable. The natural attractions range from wildlife such as Elephants, Zebras, Mountain Gorillas , and Chimpanzees among others to Mountains like Rwenzori, Water bodies like Lake Victoria and forests like Mabira. The cultural attractions range from Museums and historical sites, Local people and festivities. These attractions are the basis for wildlife safaris and gorilla trekking . Of recent, Uganda has received some attacks particularly in the Bundibugyo region which have resulted into registered killings and posed fear not only among the domestic travellers but also international Uganda safari undertakers thus threatening safaris to Uganda. This has been attributed to inter-tribal crisis between the Bakonjo and the Bamba who inhabit the Bundibugyo region. However this has been brought to end. In a press statement issued by the Minister of Internal affairs,


Karamoja is a sub region found at north eastern Uganda consisting of seven districts that is, Kaabong District, Kotido District, Moroto District, Amudat District, Nakapiripirit District, Abim District and Napak District. Karamoja region has stored very many rich which are great tourist attraction and thus increasing Safaris to Uganda . Kaabong District lies to the Extreme northeast and is a home to Kidepo Valley National Park, the haven of wildlife species. Kidepo valley national Park is the only National Park where tourists on Uganda Safaris can have a chance to see Cheetah. The national park is on of Uganda’s riches national park with diverse wild life and surrounding culture. The region is a semi-arid plain with harsh climate and annual low rainfall. It is largely covered by savannah seasonal grasses and occasional small trees. The climate of the region favours the existence of the savannah wildlife like elephants, buffaloes, lions, leopards among others. Tourists


Mpambire located along the Kampala – Masaka road which continues to the Uganda safari destinations of south western Uganda via Mbarara can be wholesomely branded the epicenter of drum making in Uganda. Mpambire is entirely local and authentic African village with close to 1000 occupants whose life is centered on the activity of drum making alongside crop cultivation for sustenance as it can be seen while on safari in Uganda . Traditionally, Mpambire used to craft the royal drums for the Kingdom of Buganda but as things kept on changing and with opportunities presented by the increased safari visits in Uganda , the local crafts men had to diversify their market to satisfy the interests of Uganda safari undertakers. The concept of drum making is by no means ordinary as it involves high degree of dexterity and keen consideration of the raw materials. No wonder the local craftsmanship skills are admired by everybody on Uganda safari. With its position en route to safari


Mpambire located along the Kampala – Masaka road which continues to the Uganda safari destinations of south western Uganda via Mbarara can be wholesomely branded the epicenter of drum making in Uganda. Mpambire is entirely local and authentic African village with close to 1000 occupants whose life is centered on the activity of drum making alongside crop cultivation for sustenance as it can be seen while on safari in Uganda . Traditionally, Mpambire used to craft the royal drums for the Kingdom of Buganda but as things kept on changing and with opportunities presented by the increased safari visits in Uganda , the local crafts men had to diversify their market to satisfy the interests of Uganda safari undertakers. The concept of drum making is by no means ordinary as it involves high degree of dexterity and keen consideration of the raw materials. No wonder the local craftsmanship skills are admired by everybody on Uganda safari. With its position en route to safari


The world’s second largest antelope is the common or the cape eland which measures over 1.8m in height and which can be bulkier than even a buffalo is one of the most treasured wildlife products on Uganda safaris . First pronounced in 1766 by Simon Peter Pallas, this Uganda safari offer belongs to the family Bovidae and a mature male can stretch up 942 kg. The average range of their size is between 500 – 600 kg for males and 340 – 445 for females making it the second to the giant eland in terms of largest antelopes in the world.  The eland – which can be seen on safari in Uganda , has rather bovine appearance; fawn brown in color with large dewlap and short, spiraled horns and in some cases light white stripes on its sides. Like any other antelope species usually encountered on Uganda safari , the eland are primarily herbivorous with grass and leaves forming their delicacy. Though they live in herds which can even stretch up to 500 animals, they do not designate territ


The Katwe explosion crater is positioned in the Uganda’s prime national park of Queen Elizabeth – the most visited wildlife safari park in Uganda. It is believed that this significant Uganda safari feature came into existence as a result of violent eruptions that took place approximately 8000 – 10,000 years ago alongside other famous crater fields of Bunyaruguru in Kichwamba and Ndali Kasenda crater near Fort portal all in western Uganda and can be evidently seen while undertaking safari in Uganda .  Today these crater fields stand as splendid scenic areas with a range of flora and fauna dwellings around them something worth encountering while planning your safari to Uganda . Regardless of the fellow volcanic feature that were formed as a result of heaping of ash ejected from underground, the explosion craters were as a result of strong eruptions that could sweep the ash far away leaving an open hollows that were later filled with water to form the re-known crater lakes


Located on Kasubi hill over 4 Km from the Kampala city center, Kasubi tombs are a great Uganda safari offer as they stand as an ancient heritage of the people of Buganda and also give a general representation of the traditional setting of the entire people of Uganda. The Kasubi tombs are the burial grounds for the Kings of Buganda of which four Kings lay in rest and these include;  Muteesa I (1835–1884), Mwanga II (1867–1903), Daudi Chwa II (1896–1939) and Sir Edward Muteesa II (1924–196) making it a rich product to be visited while on Uganda safari . The unfortunate thing about this Uganda safari product is that in 2010, it was swept out by fire that is still uncertain up to today. This greatly affected the safari visits to this world heritage site as recognized by UNESCO. It used not only to provide a starting point or an ending point of many Uganda safaris ; it also provided the core product of the Kampala city safari tour. Apparently the site is under construction wi


Gisenyi is a city in Rubavu district in the Western Province of Rwanda. The city features a resort on the shores of Lake Kivu with a number of hotels and three sandy beaches thus an important place for tourists on Rwanda safaris Gisenyi area is also known for water sports and Bralirwa, the only brewery in Rwanda, which manufactures various local beers. Tourists can visit Gisenyi for water sport activities while on their safari in Rwanda . Gisenyi is a small town compared to neighboring Goma in the DRC. But the town has grown quickly with a new multistory shopping mall in 2011. Roads of the town were paved in the same year and now it is one of the tourism cities in Rwanda which tourists can pay a visit while on their safaris to Rwanda . Tourists from Congo who wants to enjoy Rwanda safari can reach Rwanda by road through the two borders with Goma, the Petite Barrire and the Grand Barriere. Rushengeri is a city found in Musanze District in the Northern Province of Rwanda


Uganda has ten National Parks which are homes to diverse wildlife species which is leading to increase safaris to Uganda . Ever since the creation of Uganda wildlife Authority, visitors to Uganda’s national parks have not increased up to this level in 2014. Uganda safaris have an increase in the number of visitor to her protected areas by 17.5% according to Ameso, UWA’s marketing and research officer.  This percentage increase was attributed to the solar eclipse an event that attracted many tourists to Murchison falls National Park. Uganda with her unmatched attractions such as the mountain gorillas and adding the accolades showered on Uganda by the travel magazines including the lonely Planet projected Uganda into the global spotlight and thus increasing safaris to Uganda . Kidepo National Park which was less visited has received an increase in the number of tourist dramatically. The park was listed by CNN among the top 10 parks in Africa to visit. The national park


Uganda is one of the blessed countries with diverse wildlife and culture and she looks to reclaim its position as the leading regional tourist destination. The country continues to attract tourists and mainly, private investors who will set the pace for hospitality and tourism development thus increasing safaris in Uganda . There are a lot of Student graduates with quality skills to work in the tourism sector. But unfortunately, the leading employers in this sector generally overlook Uganda for senior positions. Employing these graduates will enable better provision of services and thus increase in safaris to Uganda Students who graduate from existing vocational courses are limit to working low end jobs because,  they spit their worthy efforts, these schools lack the funding needed to provide facilities and expertise required in the modern hotels, catering and tourism industry. For Uganda safaris to increase, the country must establish an institute of excellence that


Rhinos are one of the Big five land animals alongside Lions, leopard, Elephant and Buffalo. They formed a great Uganda safari product during the 1960s however this was later reversed in 1970s with the rise of the dictatorial government of Idi Amin Dada.  Due to their precious horns, Rhinos were hunted close to extinction in in 1970s and 1980s. In fact white Rhinos got extinct from Uganda as a result of uncontrolled poaching something that partly affected safaris to Uganda . The fate was later changed with the re-introduction of White Rhinos in 2005 in the gazetted Ziwa Rhino sanctuary as part of conservation efforts directed towards increasing safari visits to Uganda . White Rhinos in Ziwa sanctuary provide the Rhino tracking encounter on Uganda safari and are mostly visited en route to Murchison falls national park - the largest wildlife safari destination in Uganda. The Rhinos in Ziwa sanctuary are known by name and are being bred to be later released to wilderness. Rhin


Rwanda is an African country that lies amidst the cross roads of Central and Eastern Africa though this has been cleared by her eventual incorporation in the East African Federation alongside other states of Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and Burundi. Regardless of it being branded as a land of a thousand hills with enormous wildlife that can be seen on Rwanda safari including the gorilla tracking experience in the Volcanoes national park, it has other rich safari product and this is nothing other than its culture. Rwanda primarily has three tribes and they include the Hutu, the Tutsi and the Twa - all unique in their ways prompting their safari visit while in Rwanda. The Tutsi were traditionally cattle keepers who reared the long horned cattle locally known as Inyambo with a lot of attachment to these cows. These people and cows can be seen in the areas of northern Rwanda while on safari in Rwanda . The Hutu were traditionally cultivators and are credited for farming the

New tourist Centre set up in Rwanda-safari news

Rwanda has come up with a new tourist center which tourists must not miss out while on their safaris in Rwanda . This is called Africa Rising Cycling Centre which was opened up on Sunday and is now counted among all the tourist sites in Rwanda. This will therefore increase more Rwanda safaris as many people will be coming in to the country to visit these different and unique attractions. The establishment of the site will help attract more gorilla trekking safaris in Musanze as the main region known for gorilla tracking . Tourists will also use the Centre for relaxing as they view different unique things about Rwanda and also among themselves discussing the experiences they have got from their Rwanda safari . The place will also be used for purposes of Education as any people will be organizing learning lessons from there. The Centre will therefore be able to collect a lot of revenues from people and this will help boost the economy of Rwanda so as to attract more touri

Registered increase in the revenues collected in Rwanda.

The Rwanda Revenue Authority registered an increase in the revenues collected according to the previous years. This will therefore help improve the different sectors in Rwanda like tourism due to more investments. This will therefore boost the sectors like tourism hence attracting more tourists to come for safaris in Rwanda hence increasing Rwanda’s foreign exchange earnings. The taxes collected will help improve the infrastructures of Rwanda such as the roads, hotels, hospitals, schools and so many others so as to increase more safaris to Rwanda . The infrastructures will help provide comfortable journeys and nice facilities to tourists on their Rwanda safaris therefore make Rwanda a tourism destination hence attracting more tourists to safari Rwanda . The Rwanda Revenue Authority is working hard for further increase in the revenues earned in Rwanda so as to meet the goals of the fiscal year. This will therefore further increase the revenues and this will help increas

Game drives in Uganda-Uganda safari News

A game drive is an activity enjoyed by tourists while on their safaris in Uganda . This is used by a car which moves around some National parks that tourists visit. This is also with the help of the game rangers who help you to spot different animals and always tell tourists what the animals are called, where they stay, what they feed on and all information that you want to know about the animals. This will therefore help you get much information while on your Uganda safari . Game drives are done very early in the morning where you will see animals getting out of their homes and this is the perfect time to observe many animals while on your safaris in Uganda . Game drives are also carried out in the late afternoon as the animals are constructing their homes and here you can also see many animals. This is an interesting activity that tourists enjoy as they get photographs of different animals that are unique and some are only found in Uganda. During the Game drives, tou

Nature walks and hiking in Uganda- safari News

Nature walks and hiking are other activities that tourists enjoy while on their Uganda safaris . This is carried out in different trails of different National Parks. While on these walks tourists are guided y the game rangers who help them travel to different parts of the park as they are telling them different history of the parks and the different trails. Tourists carry out hiking as they are walking around the forests since some places are hilly and therefore just hiked. Tourists on U ganda safari also can the chance to see different animals as they are carrying out the nature walks in the forests. These include the zebras, lions, buffaloes, birds and so many others. This is carried out on different trails like the sabinyo gorge Mghainga National Park, kaniyo pabidi and Rabongo forest in Murchison Falls National Park and so many others. This helps tourists to also stretch their legs therefore having good experiences on their safaris in Uganda . Nature walks is carrie

Rwanda to improve its skills -Rwanda safari News

Rwanda has a lot to develop in terms of skills, employment, entrepreneurship so as to make it a better place to live therefore attract many Rwanda safaris . The African Development Bank (AfDB) has therefore sanctioned Rwanda a loan of US $76 million to help Rwanda develop the above mentioned priorities hence creating room for more safaris to Rwanda . This new program will cover up three financial years where a large percentage of Rwanda will be developed. The years include 2013/2014, 2014/2015, 2015/2016 and these will put Rwanda’s development on its climax. The loan will help provide employment opportunities to people through economic growth therefore attracting many investors inform of tourists to come for safaris in Rwanda and invest in the developing economy. The loan will also help improve the skills and labor of the local people who will get involved in different sectors so as to meet the demands of the labor market. The government of Rwanda has therefore highly

New Road promoting Tourism in Rwanda-Rwanda safari News

Rwanda has a lot of tourist attractions that tourists should not miss visiting while on their safaris in Rwanda . These have therefore been attracting Rwanda safaris as very many tourists have been attracted to come and safari the tourist sites. However the problem of roads network has been limiting the safaris to Rwanda hence limiting the development of Rwanda. Rwanda has been privileged to say it out that the problem of roads network has been solved as a new road has been constructed. This connects to the new trail known as Congo Nile trail which is therefore going to attract many tourists to come and safari the area without any problem as they come to enjoy their safaris in Rwanda hence boosting the tourism sector of Rwanda. The road does not only connect to the trail but to also different areas that tourist’s safari while on their Rwanda safari visits . This is therefore an achievement in the tourism sector of Rwanda which is going to make Rwanda a tourist destinat