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The pope acknowledges the Uganda ’s uniqueness

The reigning Pope Francis has just returned from his tour to Africa including Uganda tour and is delighted to announce the uniqueness of Uganda. This trip marks his first step in Africa which according to him was filled with surprise and amusement over the great welcoming sense held amongst the people including Ugandans. The Pontiff returned to Vatican on Monday following the 7 day trip where he traversed a range of countries including Uganda, Kenya and Central African Republic of which among all Uganda appeared unique to him considering the aspect of Uganda Martyrs whose history is a living Uganda safari product worth exploring While responding to a range of questions posed by journalists on the papal plane regarding the visited countries, Pope Francis noted that every nation features a distinctive factor where Kenya is marked by modernity while Uganda is marked by the story of the Martyrs which he explored in detail by visiting both Catholic and Anglican shrines – the p

The mapping of historical sites and buildings in Kampala completed

The map with pictures of Fifty one (51) historical buildings along with sites that were sieved out of the 100 historical sites and buildings was completed and launched in a strategic move to facilitate the development of Uganda safari tours in Kampala city. The historical buildings featured include Bulange which is the Parliament of the ancient Kingdom of Buganda, Twekobe which is the King of Buganda’s palace and the Churches like Rubaga and Namirembe Cathedrals. These buildings and sites are re-known custodians of history and culture which has at times prompted world travelers to plan safaris to Uganda thus worthy of preservation. The Map was of recent launched in Kampala and was an idea of the Cross-Cultural Foundation of Uganda implemented in conjunction with the Kampala Capital City Authority, Uganda Tourism Board, Uganda museum along with the Buganda Heritage and Tourism Board the bodies responsible for management, preservation, promotion and sustainable utilizatio