What can I buy in Uganda?

 After enjoying their Uganda tours, the visitor also thinks of what to bring back from Uganda. There are a variety of unique things to buy in Uganda. Souvenirs are any objects that can be purchased and transported home by the traveler as a memento of their travel to Uganda.

Curio shops/craft shops in Uganda are available near most attractions and in different towns and cities where travelers can buy locally made handicrafts including;

  • Gorilla souvenirs such as a curved gorilla walking stick, Gorilla Bracelets, and earrings, Gorilla T-Shirts
  • African Fabrics such as Kitenge Cloth, a fabric famously know as ‘the communicating textile’ because of several colors, patterns, writings, and symbols which represent moods, feelings, cultures, and traditions of African people
  • Ugandan tribal Jewelry such as beaded necklaces and bungles
  • Sandals; baskets; handbags made from patterns of African wax print, hand-woven sisal and straw bags, and others.

There no set minimum or a maximum cost of souvenirs in Uganda that one is required to adhere to when purchasing a souvenir.

But, etiquette suggests you keep it within a monetary amount that the receiver would not feel uncomfortable with when presented the souvenir. The object itself may have intrinsic value, or be a symbol of experience.

All these items in Uganda take cash only, and, it is strongly suggested that you use local currency. In Kampala, souvenirs can be bought at:-

  • Ndere cultural center-located along Ntinda – Kisaasi road, in the suburbs of Kampala;
  • Uganda National Museum
  • Exposure Africa-located on Buganda road right in the heart of Kampala and other places.

Note: Do not buy things with wildlife bones, fur, hippo teeth, or ivory also so-called Elephant Bracelets, or items made from Giraffe tails.


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